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The staff are accommodating. Food is awesome and everything is clean. Perfect for relaxing!

Mark Ariel · 22/11/2020

Great quality bath and excellent customer service. Our skin felt exfoliated and more hydrated after, highly recommended!

Minh Tri · 28/09/2020

Clean, good service, swimming pool is awesome. I will return when I go to Nha Trang again

Anh Khoa · 21/09/2020

We visited there on Monday, due to the covid and it was not the tourism time so it seemed like nobody there, just 4 of us. And the service was excellent, we got more than we paid. This was the second time I cam here and in the future I would definetely come back again with any chance !

Xuan Quoc Khanh · 15/09/2020

This activity is highly recommended for all travellers to Nha Trang. This place is fully natural, clean and good for health.

nhi · 07/06/2020

soooooo relaxing and we enjoy it very much!!!!!!!!

VI MAY · 12/03/2020

An excellent way to try what Nha Trang had to offer. It was a rather quiet day but still some crowds. Caught a green taxi there for 140k back was 120k. Mud bath was relaxing and fun, you can either wear your own swimwear or free swimwear provided IF you choose the private hot mud bath package. After the hot mud bath you lay on sunbed to dry the mud for 15 mins then you wash off. Walk through the hydrotherapy jets then proceed to jacuzzi then to the hot mineral pool. From there you are free to roam around the other pools where you spend the entire day going from hot pool to hot pool to the waterfall. You can also have lunch, hope you will be able to find a nice subbed spot as it can get rather busy.

Sheila Ee Mei · 10/03/2020

It was good, bring you a really relaxing day with a good service, too !

Xuan Quoc Khanh · 06/03/2020

I was very satisfied with my last trip, so I went on a trip with my parents. We played well so that life jacket is loaned for free.

MINJEONG · 02/03/2020

A must do in Nha Trang! Way better price on Klook than walk-in. I recommend the private bath over the shared one. Staff very friendly and so easy to spend the whole day here!

Emma · 29/02/2020

worth for value, visited in the morning not much people there, but wonder why towel given to Asian and for foreigners are different

Kai Fen · 23/02/2020

This experience is fun!! We enjoyed the mud bath and soaking in the mineral water. Unlimited usage of the cold swimming pool is an added bonus!

PEI TING · 18/02/2020

good service and have kids enjoy so much..spend an afternoon there

hua Lee · 04/02/2020

A different, relaxing experience, a nice way to spend a few hours..for a reasonable price. Go it was fun!

Bonnie · 04/02/2020

enjoyable experience - very relaxing. there are a variety of swimming pool to enjoy

Celine · 25/01/2020

Very nice and cozy place. For relaxation and good pastime. We visited the hot mud baths 5 times. It is private and quite pleasant. Besides, klook gives a good discount.

Irina · 21/01/2020

Nice place to relax. But a lot of Russians around. Not so comfortable to be with

Ka Chun · 21/01/2020

Clean and private area for an interesting 20-min mud bath xperience. must try for 1st-time visitors to Nha trang. Had a good time at the hydro jets, warm&cold mineral pools and bonus jacuzzi. made my day!

Li Ann · 19/01/2020

Good experience to try once. Not sure i would need to go again. Not as busy as i thought, so it was all very relaxed and the times are not enforced. Our 30 min mud bath turned into 40 mins with no real issue from the staff. We did the private bath, which in busy times would be ideal, as i can see it can be quite busy. THe pools at the end are hot, but if you go to the far pool it is nice and refreshing.

Michael · 17/01/2020

so interesting, and we got the best treatment from mud bath. the jacuzzi is comfortable for our. we can order some food and some drink after jacuzzi

Muhammad Farid Alfa Rizki · 17/01/2020

It was so relaxing and worth every bit. There are many processes just enjoy each one... It's definitely worth the money and people inside are nice and friendly. The restaurant inside is good.

Mahita Reddy · 16/01/2020

Very good, polite manners and on time policy Next time let me use this service surely

Kenji · 12/01/2020

We enjoyed our stay very much. The place is huge. especially if you go during the week, as in our case we had the common mud bath for ourselves. despite being the oldest place in town, it is very pretty and well managed. only criticism would be the opening times, as at 6:30pm we had to vacate the pools. For me hot spring is something nice to do in the evening, with cooler air temperatures. We got in at 5pm and it was JUST long enough.

Volker · 08/01/2020

Go through the mud bath process. Then enjoy chilling out at the warm swimming pool. You can stay there whole day. The food from the restaurant in the facility is great.

Mun Foo · 07/01/2020

It was so good The food was cheap and the mud and swimming pools were good. Westerners are big and thick towels. Asians give me a thin green and reverse towel. When I asked the staff why, I was just sorry. It was a bad experience. Please refer to those who go.

jeong in · 01/01/2020

The experience was good and worth a try if you love spa. Place is clean and well maintained. Staffs are friendly and helpful. Mud bath is good to cleanse your skin after a few days of traveling.We liked the hot spring bath but it could be warmer. Swimming pool is warmed up water (38 to 40C) and it is comfortable to stay in pool or lie by the side for a relaxing day. For food, it will be better to head out because the taste isn't great. But price is reasonable and the staff who take our order is so attentive we feel that she have made up for the lack in food taste. Overall a good experience we could recommend to another.

Yeen Lum · 01/01/2020

Not so good but not too bad. Trying the mud once in a life time should be enough. I dont think i will make a second visit.

CHANG WOO · 30/12/2019

Very nice experience. The staffs are nice, some are not so friendly at all but it's ok, I still could enjoy the service tho. The location is far from Nha Trang center, but easy to book a grab in both ways (go there and return), it cost me less than 200.000vnd. I love the bath mud, but better get the hot bath mud and private service, there were the Chinese customers came into the same mineral warm water tub with me and I had to move ? The foods are ok and cheaper than I thought, the pool is a warm and large one, very nice to chill there. I've spent the whole afternoon there

Thu Huong · 29/12/2019

it is crowded with Chinese tourist. If you are someone who enjoy crowds of people speaking loudly, it is surely a good activity for you!

KWOK YU · 24/12/2019

Awesome experience, my family like it pretty much.

Teck Kiat · 23/12/2019

It's a bit of a rural road before 10 am, so it's a bit of a country road, but if you can see the Google Map, you can find it easily. We're preparing a common mud, and the mud is not warm but cool. I didn't, but it was about 30 minutes and the swimming pool was warm and the food was generally cheap and delicious.

NAM KYUNG · 14/12/2019

Overall experience is ok.. Just that the location is a distance from the town.. Hard to get grab out there.. The food there is cheap and nice

ZHENG YANG · 06/12/2019

excellent experience and very relaxing. a must visit place in Nha Trang

Umeed · 05/12/2019

The receptionist unable to locate my Klook booking details without giving a phone call to Klook VN and have some chat over it.

Brenda Wei Nee · 03/12/2019

Spent our 1/2 day there. Clean and nice. Food reasonable price and workers good serviced

ai liee · 29/11/2019

super experience niece hot spring .. enjoyed a lot.nice jacuzzi.. must visit place

Malvika · 01/11/2019

super experience niece hot spring.. enjoyed a lot.nice jacuzzi.. must visit place

ponnappa · 01/11/2019

Overall experience is good! checkin process was easy, staff is friendly. Follow the staff instructions, they will let you know the step from the mud spa until the last step. However the cold pool was no as cold as expected, probably due to the crowd there. Good try for those who never experience mud spa before.

See Wai · 05/10/2019

First time try and nice experience. Suggest to go in early morning, less peoples and the staffs will allow u enjoy more longer with the mud bath. Noon time a lot of group tour will coming. And very hot at swimming pool, won’t think will stay there longer and I leave within 5 min. But I’m very weird why they put the soap in the towel, totally can’t clean my body, but lucky i bring my towel.

Yun Peng · 24/09/2019

Overall the experience was good, The mud bath was one of a kind experience. Do note that the mud bath was no where near the Thap Ba Ponogar, so you will need to arrange some transportation, they do arrange shuttle bus to the city but you will have to arrange with them

Zhen Liang · 22/09/2019

A great place to visit and worth its price! The package includes a few activities not only mud bath.

Keat Paul · 06/09/2019

I went there in the morning when it was neither too warm nor too crowded. As a result, we got a bit longer than the prescribed times at each halt, doing the mud bath, mineral bath, hydrotherapy as well as spending time in their pools and rest areas. Despite taking the public bath, I had not more than 5 people join the pools. The place is quite serene and clean. Overall an relaxing experience. Take the shuttle bus if you don't have your own transport.

Kapil Harish · 05/09/2019

It’s clean and employees are helpful. But it always full of people, very annoying

Thuy Trang · 02/09/2019

Hassle free redemption and great fun at the mud spa.

Nareshkumaran · 29/08/2019

Nice place to relax and chill, not to mention there is less tourist from China.

Cody Jun Kit · 23/08/2019

Easy check in process as the staff just need to scan the QR code shown on the phone. Its our first time experiencing mud spa, and it was way more hygienic that what I thought. They will clean up the tub before they filling the mud for new guests. Theres a staff who responsible to let us know whats the next step so we dont need to keep track on the timing in different pool. But the cool swimming pool was not really cold due to the hot weather. Overall, it was great experience.

Jian Bee · 23/08/2019

Really great experience. We did the public mud bath which really wasn’t bad at all. We started off takin a five minute shower in mineral water and then go into our mud bath. We shared one bath with my husband and i and one other woman so it was just a perfect amount of people and not overly crowded. After we soaked the mud into our skin and took another mineral shower to rinse everything off. Once finished we went to the “man made” mineral waterfalls and hot spring pools. They serve food at great prices and overall i had a really great experience there.

Carli · 23/08/2019

I had a great experience. Went alone for the public mud bath but because they were not at full capacity, they let me have the pools to myself (for both the mud bath and the mineral soak). The staff was polite and helpful. It was worth the money. Make sure you have your own transport. Otherwise take the free shuttle (last one to leave the place at 5.30). After that it gets super hard to find a taxi/grab.

Raja Ummi Nadrah · 06/08/2019

would expect the service level at this place would have been better. receptionist just gave us towel and locker thats it. no instructions where to go . there is shower room to wash up but dont expect anything else

REGINA JIA LING · 27/07/2019

Love the place, It is really relaxing and it was our first time trying mud bath. There is food at the end which was a life saver. The place was very clean and systematic.

Kevin Kwan Hung · 19/06/2019

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