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Reserve a whole day for leisurely play

The cable car ride point should search for Vinpearl Cable Nha Trang, the paradise can really run from morning to night! The water park has waterslides and floating facilities on the sea, which is very fun. The only drawback is that the number of swimming laps is too small. Several waterslides that require swimming laps cannot be played because there are no swimming laps. At breakfast, the hotel staff told us to leave early, so as not to wait for a long time for the cable car and rides, so we started at 8:30, and the cable car was in two minutes. Around ten o'clock in the morning, there were many tourists. When watching the show in the afternoon, the auditorium was full. His Ferris wheel seemed to start operating after dark. The show is quite worth seeing, but if you take the cable car back, because it is only open until 20:00, so the big Tata show is too late to see it.

Dan Wen Yu · 14/03/2021

So amazing and fantastic place. Like all your dreams come true. All staffs are very friendly and helpful. Will back on one day.

Thao · 18/02/2021


Going this time is the second time. There is a little bit of a bowling game

DUC HUNG NGUYEN · 30/12/2020

Fun and cheap

Because there are no other tourists in the epidemic, all the facilities are available!

JUN-RU WU · 27/12/2020

Kkday is slow to process orders

Book kkday many times but this is the first time, hope you will improve in the next time!

Quynh Anh Truong · 15/12/2020

My boyfriend and I enjoyed the amusement park a lot, especially the mixture of both water and amusement rides. We spent half of the time in the amusement park and half in water land. We enjoyed both of it. It was so relaxing to have lunch on the beach, it’s what holiday was all about. For the water maze, we actually found it slightly dangerous as the maze was very slippery and we also came across a jellyfish omg. But overall we enjoyed it

Yan Tung · 29/10/2020

Maintenance not notified

My group went to Nha Trang with the main purpose of going to Vinwonder but was extremely disappointed. There are 8 major games under maintenance and the indoor game area is no longer under construction, but Vin and the ticketing party did not announce this to the customer but still charged the original fare. not worth using

Tu Phan · 09/10/2020


Indoor play areas are closed. The outdoor play area is also playing a few roles

Linh Nguyen · 08/10/2020

The QR code gave us instant access at the gate, without having to queue to buy tickets. The voucher did work, and the friendliness of the staff was great overall. Downside: it was crowded and the hot weather made things worse when we had to queue. The buffet was crowded and overwhelming, people did not respect each other and the staffs. Probably better if there were ways to manage buffet entrance more effectively, and less crowded.

Lam Bach · 30/07/2020

The experienced was nice, lots of activities within a day but a lot of places was under maintenance. The "once in a life time" Tata show was cancelled due to technical issues. There were also complication with the food voucher. I had to wait 30mins in line and after that they told me that the E-voucher needed to be confirmed, which took me another 20 mins. It got solved at the end but it's frustrating, as I'm paying more for an E-voucher to save time, not to waste time. It's better to get a physical ticket, as it costs less and leaves fewer complications. Other than that, I'd 100% recommend visiting the place.

Phong · 15/07/2020


Convenient and very excited when located at Kkday, vinpearl is as beautiful as a real pearl

Hoang Anh Cao · 02/07/2020

What a wonderful day!!! Played all games in the morning, enjoyed water park in the afternoon, then watched 2 beautiful shows at night.

THI NGOC QUYEN · 29/06/2020

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NATTHAWOOT · 12/05/2020

We arrived at the opening at 8:30. Passed inspection (all food and water are left at the entrance). The queue by this time for the cable car was already quite long. The view from the booth was just gorgeous! In general, we really liked VinPearl. I recommend to visit!

IURII · 03/04/2020

This was a really perfect day in vinpearl island! There were really not so many tourists as China so we experienced all the attractions without the lines. One day is not enough for this wonderful island

natalia · 19/03/2020

Overall the experience is great! Very excited. Wish to visit again next time. Due to covid-19, probably this is the reason can avoid the queue.

CHEONG THINK · 12/03/2020

less ppls n less queue which is good for us!the theme park is not bad overall..just 4D cinema n Africa desert on maintenance..not much choices on restaurants. if u in nha trang,this place u must visit!I luv the water dancing show n tata show!!

poh khim · 11/03/2020

Nice park, get there on cable car. Then you have a few sections: water park, theme park, zoo, kids area, beach area with "rides".

Kesar · 11/03/2020

Its a fun day,, i totally suggesting to all people who go Nha Trang die die u need come here,, costing affordable the experience totally awesome, bring ur family u wont regret it

shafiq · 28/02/2020

Excellent place with a lot of different experiences. New attractions are under construction and would be better after the construction done. The size of the park is just nice for a full day trip.

Zhen Yuan · 24/02/2020

Don't expect much from rides - they're a quite old and not extreme. The main pros of this park - you have a lot of different activities in 1 place. Rides, slides, animals, flowers, beach, theater, dolphins - you have enough what to do for full day. Also don't expect much from restaurants.

Anton · 15/02/2020

Nice and small theme park. I think the theme park is still under construction. In future there will be more and more section available.

Fwu Huah · 12/02/2020

A great place to spend with your family.Fantastic rides and beautiful scenery like japanese garden,greece garden and good dolphin shows.Can spend one day here.

Ho · 10/02/2020

The ride over in the cable cars supplies some of the best views in Nha Trang. The water park is fantastic it would be a great place for families with kids as there are so many water activities included in your entry fee which included the cable car ride over and back. I would definitely recommend it as visit on your list especially if you have kids and spend some time in the water park part

Khye Yang · 09/02/2020

nice place to relax. the price is include round trip cable car and admission ticket. you can spend a full day at here

boon leong · 04/02/2020

I was here at Feb 2020, all experience was awesome. I spend here 12 hours and wasn't enough yo do all what ypu can do here. I highly recommend it.

Cristian Gelu · 04/02/2020

Awesome. We spent whole day at Vinpearl land for visiting around this big island with my family The most time is here with many water games, food is available with good price. It is more nicer in nighttime with lighting. Overall, Vinpearl Land Nha Trang won’t knock your socks off but you get what you pay for, a fun day full of amusement.

May Fung · 30/01/2020

Fun, superduper awesome and great theme park. Will go again. a lot of beautiful scenery. Love the roller coaster ride n alpine coaster.

Norazly · 28/01/2020

I would said this is the highlight of our trip. The attraction and shows were amazing. But be aware of those China tourist who always cut queue, even the worker there also can’t manage to control them.

Pooi Kei · 27/01/2020

I suggest anyone going to Vinpearl to spend the whole day in there. I went early in the morning as I didn’t want to queue for the coster ride. I enjoyed every attractions and shows.

Amirah · 26/01/2020

It was an amazing day. Unfortunately, some of the activities were unavailable during that day due to maintainance. But the overall experience was great. There are also games for family with small kids. The buffet was ok but overcrowded at noon. It was windy in the evening. Take yourself a jacket to avoid catching cold.

Hue Thu Ha · 20/01/2020

Its a great place to spend at on our daughter birthday. However not much ride for her to play since her height is less than 110cm. Most of rides required 110cm to 130cm. Anyhow its a great place we could have been. The world’s longest cable car was awesome!!

Muhammad Afiq · 19/01/2020

VinPearl in Nha Trang is a must go place for tourist. Theme park is super huge. They have dolphin show. And many more attractions. Worth every penny!

Nur Amalina · 19/01/2020

The experience is excellent! You can spend your whole day there. The resort there looks really nice as well. You can take the speedboat in case of super long queue at the cable car.

Mei Yu · 19/01/2020

I just simply love this place. The have fun places for all ages. Whether you want to get a ride, watch the movie or swim. They also got many theme shops on there, so you buy some souvenirs for you friends, family or just for yourself. I think you need to add this place to “must visit” list.

IULIIA · 18/01/2020

Went on Thursday, Q for cable car ride about 2 hours. Very long wait..Park is very big, only played 3 rides as most are long Q. Left at 6+pm but due to long Q at cable car station, they provide ferry back to main land. However ferry also need to wait for 1 hour.

POH LAN · 17/01/2020

Redeem physical ticket at the visitor counter. Because come almost midday the que for cable car take almost 2hours and your bag will be check before ride the cable car as no outside food and drinks allow. The alpine coaster take 2hours queu which is too long and i give up?. Better go back early before the last cable car because we queuing for 1hour to ride the return cable car.

NUR ZYELLA · 15/01/2020

we are vietnamese but buying the tickets through klook is still much cheaper and we also can skip a long line of people. high-recommended

Bich · 09/01/2020

Vinpearl land is a fun place to go and worth of the price, with exciting water slides and roller coasters, water world and zoo with many rare animals, and gardens with exotic plants. The cable car and roller coasters need to wait (3hrs wait) if not early. It suits families and people of different perference. The park seems safe, and clean, is easy to walk to diff zones. Food vouchers are given for lunch and snacks. No food/drinks or even water is allowed to bring into the park but the bottle water there is not expensive. Must try experence when stay in Nha Trang.

Wai Tsun · 07/01/2020

MUST GO - both adults and especially children. The area is huge so its best to go early to get all covered. Queue was quite long too so time your journey from your hotel accordingly as to not waste your time. However, theres a Klook counter, just show your eticket and they will enter you in.

Melina Lynn Minos · 06/01/2020

It's a must visit tour if you are visiting Nha Trang I would recommend. There was not much crowd at the ticket counter as stated in many reviews but due to the new year eve there were many people coming in groups so it was crowded in the island so took long time to going in for each ride. You must be as early as around 8AM so that you will have enough time to cover all the places in Vinpearl Land. There are lot of flower gardens and deserts which are still under construction or renovation though I find very less crowd in those parks/deserts i.e. after the bird & animal sanctuary & behind the Sky wheel you can find these places. Underwater world & Aquarium, 4D cinema, Zipline, Alpine Coaster, Mini Adventure these are must try IMO though I missed Sky wheel & Music Fountain show. The Dolphin show was cancelled due to maintenance. Mermaid show was also Ok. The big surprise would be for those who try the cable car for the first time in their life as it's superb one covering the island to the mainland which is about 3KM distance. Enjoy your time in Vinpearl Land via booking with Klook. One thing to Klook - In the Vinpearl Land they told no need to buy two way cable car ticket as return cable car trip is free of cost. I also checked with few guys who bought the one way cable car admission ticket. So we could have saved ~RM 40. Can I get the return?!?

Tamil Selvan · 06/01/2020

No hassle to redeem this Klook voucher. Just show the booking confirmation. Interesting park.. love the cable car. Amazing tulips & ferris wheel.. a bit hot there even at 8.30am but everthing just fine.. love the iced coffee there.

Noorfaridah Binti · 05/01/2020

Very marvelous experience. This package is more than worth it's. We very enjoyed the coaster, zoo, water park, beautiful flower garden. Don't forget to see the wonderful water fountain show.

Sarasate · 04/01/2020

great place to bring family and friends. worth the money. Alpine coaster has a long queue, waited about 2 hours even when I reached at 9. however it was fun, so do go earlier to queue.

Yi Liang · 03/01/2020

Easy redemption of the ticket. Worth to visit, advice to went early to avoid the long queue. One day is not enough to visit the whole park, only manage to play the theme park and water park. Overall, Vinpearl Land is the must visit place in Nha Trang.

Qixiu · 01/01/2020

The Vinpearl land is definitely worth the visit if you have plans to have fun. Both dry and wet activities are available. We only plan for the dry and didn't have enough time to do them all! Views are nice so do the shows. Don't miss the garden of flowers and water musical show (7pm to 7.25pm) before you leave as they are awesome in my opinion. Night view is awesome too!

Yeen Lum · 31/12/2019

park is fun, too much to do for 1 day cable car ride was good you should give a 2 day option for park ticket as well

Ankur · 31/12/2019

it was a awesome place to visit,with klook it was very easy to get physical ticket as there is a very long que for purchasing ticket....thanks klook

Siddharth · 30/12/2019

It was a fun one day adventure for my family. actually one day might not be enough for their amusement park, underwater world, animal safari world, water park and etc. But Vinpearl should have a separate ticket counter for those who had bought tickets online, instead of wasting time again at a long queue for the tickets. The buffet lunch is also so so.

Sze Pin · 29/12/2019

It’s really a great place that I love it.The theme park so big and need early come to play. I really recommend guys to visit it .

Hoi Ling · 29/12/2019

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