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Kinh nghiệm rất thực tế

Mình thấy nước Mỹ rộng lớn, cảnh quan đẹp, môi trường có chiều sâu, cả nhà cảm thấy rất đáng để trải nghiệm tiện ích như thế này, không cần phải đến E-Da chơi, có thể được tìm thấy ở Taipei Breeze Nanshan. Nó tiết kiệm được rất nhiều tiền. Tôi muốn giới thiệu mọi người đến chơi.

亭諠 李 · 14/03/2021

Kinh nghiệm tốt

Một trải nghiệm tuyệt vời; hãy cho tôi biết lại hòn đảo kho báu Đài Loan; lên núi và xuống biển; điểm mấu chốt là hương hoa và mây; thực sự là năm giác quan.

錦松 游 · 14/03/2021

Kinh nghiệm tốt

Một trải nghiệm tốt để hiểu lại hòn đảo kho báu của chúng ta từ nhiều khía cạnh.

錦松 游 · 14/03/2021

Kinh nghiệm tốt

Một trải nghiệm tốt cũng giống như đi xem trực tiếp; lần sau có chương trình mới, tôi sẽ tham gia lại

錦松 游 · 13/03/2021

Kinh nghiệm tốt đẹp! !

Có một cảm giác ở đó; một kinh nghiệm tốt, tôi chắc chắn sẽ liên hệ lại với bạn lần sau khi có một chương trình mới. .

錦松 游 · 13/03/2021

Thật thú vị.

Mặc dù không thể đi du lịch nước ngoài do tình hình dịch bệnh, nhưng trải nghiệm chuyến bay này giống như trải qua các mùa xuân, hạ, thu, đông trên đất Mỹ, thường rất sinh động.

品穎 陳 · 10/03/2021

kinh nghiệm iride của tôi

Đây là lần đầu tiên tôi thử 5D và nó thực sự làm tôi ngạc nhiên !! Đài Loan đẹp quá !!! Tôi đi xe đưa tôi qua Đài Loan trong những mắt cá chân khác nhau. Rất khuyến khích cho bạn để xem vẻ đẹp của Đài Loan ☺️

Cindy Su · 09/03/2021

Nice experience to see the whole taiwan. This is take. Last 2019.

DHAZLE · 06/03/2021

Hoạt động siêu đẩy

Hãy đến và chơi với một sự thúc đẩy lớn. Bạn sẽ không hối tiếc đâu. Thật là vui. Mặc dù mức độ hài lòng có kém hơn một chút nhưng nó vẫn rất đáng giá. Giống như đang soi gương, khen ngợi, khen ngợi, khen ngợi , khen ngợi, khen ngợi

以媗 羅 · 01/03/2021

i-Ride xem Đài Loan

Sử dụng kkday để mua vé tại chỗ, và bạn có thể vào địa điểm bằng cách đổi vé cứng tại quầy, rất tiện lợi và nhanh chóng. Trải nghiệm không chóng mặt và nó là giá trị nó.

律妏 陳 · 28/02/2021

Một kinh nghiệm khác

Một trải nghiệm khác, bạn có thể từ trên cao nhìn xuống, tầm nhìn bao quát, nếu đi được vòng quanh Đài Loan thì sẽ phong phú hơn!

富亦 蔡 · 25/02/2021

It was amazing. The staff are super nice and translated everything. We went on a weekday so it was pretty empty. We saw Taiwan and America and the whole thing lasted about 30 minutes. After we got to watch a 5 min VR clip for free.

Lynn · 20/02/2021

Ghost chaser 5D!! interesting and if you are around the area can give it a try!

Black · 29/01/2021

This is the most easiest way to purchase the ticket for this ride. The ride counter is all the way up on 6F and its not guaranteed you will get a seat to ride immediately, so best book early and get in!

Aditya · 13/01/2021

I took the flights of Taiwan and USA back-to-back. Both were great experiences. Between, I recommend at least taking the Taiwan flight which is a great introduction to many aspects of Taiwan such as cities, mountains, cultures, even underwater.

ChunHeng · 30/12/2020

it is very good experience I enjoy the show it showed the beautiful view of each side of Taiwan I will recommend to my friend

KA HO · 10/12/2020

Very nice ride experience to check out the natural beauty of Taiwan island. I travelled with my 55yo mom and my younger brother and planned this ride for our last stop in Taiwan before leaving this place. Turned out to be a big surprise! Both the senior and junior were satisfied! Aside from seeing the scenery of Taiwan, the movement, smell, and rain sprinkles do a great job during the whole ride! We like it so much that we took a second ride, which is the Attack on Titan version!

Hiu Tung · 10/12/2020

Cool ride experience especially in the theme of Attack on Titan!! Can’t say it’s thrilling as the movement is not violent but with the background music and the story itself, it adds colours to the whole ride experience! The only flaw is the visual and the animation quality is not as good as it is in the anime itself. Do recommend it to a fan of Attack on Titan.

Hiu Tung · 10/12/2020

It's a nice experience but it goes for less than 10 minutes, and the staff force you to take a picture frame (we have to pay extra) and to buy the product's. the actual objective is not satisfied.

BADIGINENI · 17/09/2020

This was really fun. I have been to several of these fly overs and they always impress. Seeing Alishan, Kaohsuing, Sun Moon Lake and going under water too.. .unique twist!

Monique · 13/07/2020

Good experience. Very fictional, and the theme i chose is to save the earth. So exciting! Definitely recommend to everyone

Hsiang Wei · 11/06/2020

Purchasing this at Klook makes it convenient to experience the I-Ride Taipei Flying Cinema by simply showing the voucher! Also cheaper compared to purchasing this upon arrival

ma fatima · 09/03/2020

Loved this ride, didn't realized the I-ride I first did in Canada was actually made from Taiwan. Expectation was high and I purposely asked my wife to join me for this experience. Do try it once and you will know what I mean, looking forward to Japan I-ride on my next trip.

Danriick · 09/03/2020

Experiencing this kind of ride, you can easily visualize wonderful places. Its fun and entertaining especially for kids and adults.

Michael Angelo · 03/03/2020

This is so worth it! This is a must! Guys please purchase this it has been my favorite experience so far.

Patricia Angela · 28/02/2020

It was new experience and unexpectedly it was so much thrill?, it was fun and a must experience in Taipei!))

Olga · 16/02/2020

Had fun with this new attraction at Taipei. The attraction is very new for tourist which is the reason I guess that my partner and I only get to experience by only two of us. It is best to promote this attraction.

JULIE · 14/02/2020

AMAZING Experience! Something new ❤️ Mall price is $480 NTD :)

Janis Lyle Sioson · 08/02/2020

The staff were great. I was early for the Taipei experience and decided to see the America one. The American one looked pretty dated but the Taipei experience was good.

Christina Marie · 07/02/2020

easy to redeem, we enjoyed much touring Taiwan with this activity. less customer

MICHELLE · 06/02/2020

the experience was awesome for me it was like 2 groups of seated people flying as the screen covered the entire view and the other seated group next to us was inside the screen view which made it feel real. great sound system and even smell of flowers as we flew over the fields we even felt a cool spray as we went through the water

Verity · 03/02/2020

The ride is quite good but could be better. The resolution isn’t perfect and the order of the fly by could be more logical but it’s quite good. Not really worth full price though. The 101 Observatory is good too, sometimes the outside floor is closed due to weather.

Oliver · 28/01/2020

Interesting experience! It’s a good way to see all of Taiwan if you don’t have time to go to the different parts. Our package for 4 people also included a free photo voucher and two bottles of green tea. Quite a nice deal and cheaper than buy tickets at the counter. (Even the ticket seller told us it’s a better deal to buy from here instead of from him)

Yu Ching Jay · 25/01/2020

The location is near to Taipei 101. The i-Ride is one of the highlights of our trip. The experience is beyond our expectation. We enjoyed it very much. We will definitely avail this experience again once we go back to Taiwan.

Carmilyn · 24/01/2020

Interesting. Is more than 4D trill Must try. Look forward to have this in other cities

Diana · 21/01/2020

Very easy and fast to redeem. Really enjoyed the ride. The effects were good. But wished that it was longer! Overall a great flight!

Shan Shan · 13/01/2020

very exciting activity and good for audience of all ages!

denny yan lim · 10/01/2020

A very smart and good use to showcase aerial footage. Normally if you were to watch aerial footage, be it from a drone or Helicopter, it gets boring very fast. However with the added '4D' experience of wind, sound and water, i Ride makes it a very enjoyable experience.

Jason Teik Leong · 09/01/2020

Had a wonderful experience in Taipei i-Ride. It eas very realistic. It was easy to avail. Hassle free. It felt like a I was really flying across taiwan. There is an option to fly across america. Will recommend this to anyone.

Vonn Ehjos · 07/01/2020

Taipei i-Ride real & awesome! Fly through whole taiwan, very beautiful!

KING CHING · 07/01/2020

Once in a lifetime experience especially for the seniors? we enjoyed it so much! Voucher is easy to redeem. Kudos to klook!?

Sarah Suzette · 06/01/2020

This was AWESOME! It was our first time, the kids and even the grandparents loved it. You will feel as if you are really flying all over Taiwan (only for 20 minutes though) but the scenery is beautiful! There will be very light water sprays and scents released to make it more surreal.

Jun Lin · 06/01/2020

Super easy to redeem. I bought through klook right at the entrance of the ride (because it’s cheaper through klook) and redeemed it right away. It was a fun ride. Even my 4 year old daughter loved the ride!

ALELI JILLIAN · 04/01/2020

Exciting for little kids and very nice experience for adults. Right in a shopping mall and the ticket exchange process was easy enough. Staff very nice and enthusiastic.

EILIN · 03/01/2020

Very fun experience and the kids loved it. I wish it were longer, the flight went by so fast we can't even catch a good glimpse of the intricate details. Definitely left us wanting more!

EILIN · 03/01/2020

Advise to check the show time earlier as they might have different shows on. Also, to exchange the ticket earlier if on busy days. It’s with limited seats. The show is exciting in which you feel you do fly over the Taiwan. With very nice visual effects. Nevertheless, the staff in Taipei I-ride theatre is not well trained to conduct the audience in seating. If you go with a family and not to get seats soon together, you might be separated with your kids in different places as the staffs give the free hand to the audience to choose their seats. In which audience begin to fight for the seats.

LI CHIEH · 03/01/2020

Overall experience is great. Staff will serve you hot tea before going in to the theatre - this is really a nice gesture for this cold weather.

Fook Hong · 03/01/2020

The experience was really good and the staff was friendly. It was so close to Taipei 101. that was prefect because then we could walk directly to the building and see the fireworks. there was a briefing station before and before that a photo station. the green screen was one of the iride lifts. the ride moved up into position and then started moving it was shorter than Disneyland's soaring through the sky but it was through a city. overall definitely recommend go there when you come to Taipei

Wilson Kin Shun · 02/01/2020

it's a great experience. If you are the student or the citizen, you can obtain the discount for the ticket. Furthermore, you can obtain a discount of buy one get one free if you go there after 1700 at Monday to Thursday.

NG Chi Kit · 29/12/2019

Realistic and fun. Many instances i ve close my eyes due to fear of heights. Must visit. Only downside is playtime. Almost 8-10minutes only

Sherbert · 27/12/2019

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