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The food was awesome. The service was good. But can be a little hot in the cable car depending on the weather that day.

De Quan Alex · 15/03/2021

Good experience in cabin car dining! We aboard a normal cabin car from harbourfront to mount faber. Then start our meal from mount faber. The foods are nice! Love it, and the strawberry cheese cake. After the 3 round cable car dining, we walk around the wishing bell corner then take the normal cabin car back to harbourfront station. Super friendly staffs and super nice view! Must go!

Ee Min · 15/03/2021

Was a windy day, initially was a bit nauseous from eating on the cable car but after 15 mins of getting used to it, the spectacular sunset and view was amazing. Food was so-so, got the vegetarian Singapore flavours. Vegetable dish used a lot of starch which I don’t particularly like. Can also take nice pictures off the cable car at the wishing bell area. Went around 5:30pm-6:30pm. Wonder how it would be like slightly later at 6pm, maybe quite nice with the night lights.

Yuu Shuen · 12/03/2021

Well worth money spent on the experience. Book on ndp and manage to see the helicopters flying pass too! Food was super delicious. Also was serve a glass of alcohol before boarding too.

Pua ShuZhen · 12/03/2021

Great experience dining in the air. Recommend that you go after 6pm to enjoy the sunset view as well. Free valet for drivers and good service too. However, dont have too high expectations for the food.

Lucas · 11/03/2021

Booked this for my folks who enjoyed themselves very much. Staff were helpful and courteous. The meal was a little underwhelming but the view was spectacular.

Su Zhen · 11/03/2021

First time experience. Awesome!! We love it so much. The food not bad. Highly recommended. ❤️

Shi Xian · 11/03/2021


We bought cable car rides which was good but the buffet dinner wasn't buffet at all but a 3 course dinner of very poor quality for a restaurant standard.

MD AMIR ALI · 08/03/2021

My family picked the $70/pax Singapore Flavours package. Unlike the more expensive packages, which commonly feature among the reviews for this item on Klook, the food for this package is presented in the form of a large bento set with plastic cutlery, only plain water and canned coconut water with no welcome drink, and no table lighting for ambience. Also, while others will go for three rounds (hence the 90 min touted in the main marketing website of the company), we were allowed only two rounds. It does provide sufficient time for a meal. I suppose for the price, the offerings were decent enough, but I wished such differences were made clearer at the start so that one does not feel the experienced was cheapened when the groups just before or after us had a different treatment. (Imagine seeing the group before being asked for their choices of the welcome drink, and then you were skipped. And the cabin before you had a nicely lit lamp with restaurant-like setup and your cabin is like a park cafe.) The food tasted good generally (thanks to Arbora cafe), except for the cake which was too sweet. I would also recommend about 6pm to start the dinner as 5:30 was still a tad too warm. Overall, I will still recommend this but please note what you pay for. Without expectations and be accepting of comparisons with those who paid more, this will still be a pleasant experience.

Kok San William · 07/03/2021


Nice and amazing wondeeful experience

Jose Noland · 05/03/2021

Celebrated my partner's birthday on that day. Was there before 630pm, manage to catch then sunset while dining. Great service coming from the staff! would surely revisit in the future for other meal options.

Choon Hou · 28/02/2021

Very great experience ! Romantic Dinner ! It’s a good choice to celebrate anniversary

Yang · 20/02/2021

I booked this for my partner’s birthday celebration. The whole experience was great! First it was the free valet parking for diners. Then the welcome drink, I opt for sparkling juice because I don’t drink and it taste great! Food was delicious, view was amazing! We didn’t know that we can turn off the recording that was playing during the ride (the robotic woman introducing the cable car and Sentosa) .. but figure it out halfway and turned it off using the touch screen device on top and played the romantic music from the little speaker provided. However the speaker ran out of battery during the 2nd round and we started to notice the machinery noises from outside .. which was not too bad :) Overall staff were friendly and helpful, and my partner enjoyed himself, definitely good $$ spent.

Pei Sin · 18/02/2021

Got it at 50% discount so nothing much to complain about! We had the welcome drinks of sparkling wine while waiting in line for our cable car to arrive. Took 15-20 minutes but was worth the wait. Didn't manage to catch the sunset as it was raining and cloudy though. The beef cheek was really tender and juicy, and the salmon was soft too! Really romantic ride.

Valerie · 16/02/2021

I planned for birthday celebration and marriage proposal to my gf 5th Feb. Few days before I sent email to the Mount Faber group team about to coordinate for my birthday celebration and proposal. They did the great job for it. For your guys info, can reach them through this email '[email protected]'. Overall this the first cable car dining experience for us. We both having a good time there. ?

eng soon · 06/02/2021

Great experience. Beautiful panorama. First time having sky dining in a cable car. Enjoyable ride with delicious foods. Perfect location for a date night, enjoy quality time together without distractions.

SANG KEAT · 17/01/2021

Super easy and convenient to book on Klook! Food was awesome and nice! Thanks Klook!

May Ling · 12/12/2020

Redemption was simple, just go straight to level 2, show them the QR code and tell them your name. Don’t have to redeem a physical ticket. Try to reach between 5.30-5.45pm. That’s an optimal boarding time for you to catch sunset! The total time taken was abt 1hr 15mins for 3 courses. It was a great experience and good private dining time spent with my special half.

Jia Min · 02/12/2020

Booked this as a surprise for my parents. “It was everything expected and more. Classy. Romantic. Food was good. View was awesome. Just the right ambience to celebrate my wedding anniversary.”

Czia Jyeah · 30/11/2020

Book for celebration 11th Anniversary ? New experience for us ? Nice view and Nice food ?

PEI LING · 25/11/2020

The ambience and food was fantastic, just that it was raining...A memorial day to remember... =)

Xuan Han Bernice · 23/11/2020

Nice experience. The team worked seamlessly to ensure all is perfect. Just that the weather is not cooperative. Beautiful view for a slow and relaxing dinner.

Guo Hui · 16/11/2020

Food and ambient is nice. We celebrated our wedding anniversary there. Memorable date. The service are good too, with a welcome drink, sparkling wine, I spilled by accident, the operator refill for me without me requesting it.? The wagyu beef so tender and the cake tasted awesome! But the presentation of the wagyu can be improve. There are soft light and music to match the romance too. If u wanted to take pic, make sure onboard early otherwise the pic will be dark and u will need to bring own lighting :) even with Full moon and clear sky! But for those who had motion sickness, suggest to reconsider. A couple in front of us alight at 1st stop and vomited and withdraw the trip. Wasted.

Angeline · 02/11/2020

Pretty amazing experience localy! Its alittle warm during sunset timing but after that is pretty breezy! Redemption is very fast too!

SHULING · 02/11/2020

Outstanding after sale support and great experience rendered. it was a proposal, I requested for the proposal to be written somewhere and they thought to put it on my dessert!!! it was a great arrangement. And so many small arrangement made, a delightful welcome drinks with a wedding bell souvenir from the beginning giving hints, and the crew being so helpful and clapping when I proposed. of course I got a yes!!! The food surprised me, think that the limelight of the right is only dining in the cable car, but the food were of great quality. Tender braised beef and salmon with such great softness. With the wonderful view of the sunset, it really made the evening wonderful. A little warm but that's not the key, you get to see the dolphins swimming in Sentosa!! wonderful bird eye view

Chuan Lun · 30/10/2020

Very awesome experience of scenery, yummy food and wonderful spent on the cable car. Service was good and smooth transition at each interval when they exchange the plates and serve the dishes. Food was better than expected, especially the wagyu beef cheek. Highly recommended!

Meixuan · 20/10/2020

This is one of the best experiences of my life. Totally worth it. It is a 3 30 minute cable car ride from mount Faber peak to sentosa and back. Each loop you will be served a course of the meal. Food was too good and we had ordered the Indian vegetarian meal. Proper fine dining in the cable car. Very romantic.

Deepak · 20/10/2020

The portion and quality of food was better than expected, and the scenery aboard the cable car really complements the meal. The "check-in" before the meal was also smooth and swift, a really good experience overall.

You Heng Eugene · 12/10/2020

Overall great experience,food was okay but more credits for the view and the sunset Only one downside is it was alittle warm up there.

WHY NAM · 27/09/2020


So fun..

Evelyn Lim · 26/09/2020

The view from the cable car is fantastic! Tip: start at around 6.15 for the perfect twilight and sunset experience. We’ve had a sumptuous dinner with generous portions and added on a cake. The night will forever be in my memory!

Qizhen · 10/09/2020


It's an awesome ? Fun day yesterday Thanks!

MARIA · 07/09/2020

Staffs were friendly and efficient. Duration was 90 mins exactly. We were promptly offered a glass of champagne each after staff checked on our drinks preferences during entire course (such as red or white wine to go with main, as well as coffee or tea to go with dessert) the view was good but would be great if a portable fan was placed for cable car sky dining as it was a little hot. Mushroom soup was delicious, main course was average. Dessert needs improvement. For the price paid, I feel the food served was a little disappointing

Jian Ying · 22/08/2020

It is really nice to experience sunset dine-in. Three rounds of cable car starter, main course & dessert goes in sequence. The food quality is very good and serving was nice.

RUPESH · 17/08/2020

Aside from the awesome view, i like how the food is well above my expectations as portions were filling and local flavours were not too bad. The only two things that i don’t really like is the rainbow cake. It is too sweet & the flavour is too fruity. Also, it is a lil disappointing that there were some crab shell in my chilli crab sauce. Quite dangerous for consumption in my opinion The cable car can be a little hot as well. Thus, dining inside for an hour may be quite overwhelming. Maybe a fan installation in all cabins would be nice.

Shaun · 12/08/2020

a very romantic experience. but it is hot, recommend to take cable car after 6pm. food was nice too! all the staffs are friendly and lovely!

CHIA WEI · 09/08/2020

Good experience. Food is great, we had the salmon, beef, and vegetarian. All of them are pretty good.

Tiong Peng · 31/07/2020

lovely dinner away from the crowds and having a private cabin to ourselves. food was good, view was one of a kind, great choice to celebrate a special day with your loved ones!

Chun Leong · 14/03/2020

This was one of the activity I planned for my boyfriend’s birthday celebration. After a whole day of fun inside sentosa, such as luge and madame tussauds singapore, we ended the day with this dinner in a cable car! My boyfriend enjoyed this the most as it was both romantic as well as relaxing after a wholesome day! The view was stunning, crew there were super helpful, the whole experience was great! Highly recommended to try!

CHING FANG LILLIA · 13/03/2020

Really great experience with family! 1 and half hrs enjoying, timing just nice for dinner. After dessert, we stil have a time relax and enjoying the nice evening sea view

Kooi Fong · 02/03/2020

The experience was every much worth it with the excellent view from the cable car. Food served was also good and the staff were very nice and efficient.

XUE WEI · 08/02/2020

Very good dining in the cable car experience. Love how everything is been organised

andy · 19/01/2020

Wonderfully unique experience. We had the Indian vegetarian entree and added a chocolate crunch cake for dessert. Lots of food and worth the price for the views and service! We advise to go a bit closer to 6:30pm, we went right at 6pm and it only got dark just as we were finishing up dessert, so we didn’t get to see many lights or night views.

Michelle · 15/01/2020

I’ve never expected this to be one of the greatest place to dine in SG! Very romantic indeed! I surprised my husband and we truly enjoyed the quality time and serenity we got while up high. The Cable car dining tagline transcends to us that night - “high in happiness!”. The duration of the ride is more than sufficient to finish up the meal. Food & wine both simply awesome! We still got time to talk and sing our hearts out with that tiny speaker but really great instrumental background. Really perfect for the night as we celebrate my husband’s birthday!

Jennifer · 12/01/2020

This was a highlight of our time in Singapore! Well organised and beautiful food while watching the Singapore skyline go from daylight to the sparkling evening view. Highly recommended for any couples after that special date night.

Lisa · 10/01/2020

Great experience, make good memories with cable car can enjoy the whole sentosa views. Recommended

Nghia · 06/01/2020

I planned on doing marriage proposal to my girfriend last Dec. 27. Weeks before, I coordinated with their team and surprisingly they were cooperative and responsive. I highly appreciated their assistance. Moreover, we enjoyed our sky dining in stardust cabin, 3-rounds of courses and the meals are delicious. The only comment I can say is the speaker om that time is not working properly. So, the sweet music was interrupted shortly. I asked them to replace it ahead but the replacement is also not in good condition. Another one is the waiter forgot to provide a set of utensils to my gd during 2nd round. But we didn't let it spoil the experience. Overall, we still loved the cable car dining especially my gf said Yes!

John Ernest · 02/01/2020

Dinner was great. It was with a very romantic ambiance. Music playing piano classics from a bluetooth speaker with dim light made it more amazing. When you are proposing to someone or celebrating an anniversary, this is a perfect tour to avail.

SONIA · 29/12/2019

One of the best attractions in Singapore.Super easy to booking this Activities.

Lenie · 29/12/2019

One of the best experience I’ve had in Singapore. Would prefer booking from Klook for all the activities. The entry procedure was very smooth.

badhwar · 28/12/2019

Product information

Enjoy a sumptuous dinner with stunning views!

Insider Tips:
  • It is recommended that you redeem your voucher earlier in the day and use your Sky Pass to enter Sentosa and explore the many attractions on offer. At the end of the day, head to Faber Peak before 6:00pm to enjoy your dining experience
  • After enjoying cable car dining, head to Arbora to enjoy the "Miraculous", a multimedia night show projected onto a heart-shaped tree which happens daily at 7:30pm, 8:00pm, 8:30pm, and 9:00pm
  • Do allocate extra time for SafeEntry check-in/check-out system and temperature screening prior to participating in the activity
  • Please refer here for the detailed safety measures video of Cable Car