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The venue is very detailed. I don't think the museum can be used as the name of the shop, because there are not many exhibits, and there is only one shop in the venue. But in the end, there are eight chocolates to try, ranging from sweet to bitter. After the tasting, there is a chocolate to fill in the color for me and take it away. So I think it's normal.

hin long · 25/03/2021

Smaller than I thought, can give it a try if you really really like chocolate and want to learn about its history.

Ella · 23/03/2021

It can't be called a chocolate museum, it can only be called a chocolate museum. The place is small and the exhibits are few. Although this is the case, we also have a good time inside, because there is a manual sparring football machine in the museum, parents and children play together I was very happy. Finally, you can try chocolates of different concentrations and the craft workshop where the chocolate blocks are filled with color glitter. The staff is friendly! Also worthy of appreciation.

WAI YAN · 22/03/2021

nice place for the kids to have fun

Wai hang · 22/03/2021

The process of applying color on the chocolate is more fun than expected, and the staff is kind and friendly, and a satisfying experience

Nga Wun · 19/03/2021

The staff is friendly, the exhibits are exquisite, and there are many toys that are better than children. There are 8 kinds of sweet to bitter and 2 kinds of cocoa with a concentration of 75% and 80%. You can try the chocolate. Finally, there is a workshop to pick a plate of chocolate and coat it for food. Pigment, I can't put it down, but the shelf life is only 3 months, and I have to eat it within a time limit! The place is very suitable for a big family to play

Siu Mei · 14/03/2021

The environment is really finer than expected, but I am very happy to try it. There are 8 models to try. If you like Heizhu, you will be pleasantly surprised. The workshop is Zhongzheng, simple and fun, easy to carry and eat!

KA YI · 13/03/2021

The museum is very small, and I can no longer see the world’s largest chocolate painting and the tall chocolate car on the Internet. But at this price, you can try different chocolates. It is worth it to color the chocolate plates and then carry them away. The whole journey takes about half an hour.

Pui Ying · 13/03/2021

What a great experience, the price is acceptable, although there isn't really big, but painting part is full of fun.

Tsz Kin · 12/03/2021

Although the place is small, the staff is very courteous and hospitable. They kept giving us chocolates to try, and the children came to parent-child oiled chocolates???

Nga wan · 11/03/2021

Good attraction worth visiting. The staff at the door was very enthusiastic to introduce. My child likes the workshop part the most. You can color the chocolate yourself; Zhong has 8 kinds of chocolate to try (if you are interested, Zhong has 2 more kinds of 100% chocolate to try for free).

Wai Cheong · 08/03/2021

Smaller than expected but staffs are nice. Highly recommended for kids.

Candy · 21/02/2021

Due to the epidemic, there are no open visits and workshops, but the manager is very careful to explain the reasons to us and actively provide us with solutions. The manager is also willing to let us use this ticket to participate in the event again after the opening, and I am very satisfied with this arrangement. It's very troublesome because Klook is not open but I insist on buying tickets. Please follow up on this issue.

Vincci · 30/01/2021

Because of the epidemic situation, Klook returned the money and did a good job.

SzeWing · 01/01/2021

The display and the Owner are very nice but unfortunatelly we can not do workshop There although they packed the things for us. KLOOK should inform this before we buy and lucky the owner will allow us on next visit i to the museum for free

Effri · 08/12/2020

It is convenient to enter the venue with the ticket, just scan the QR code by phone. You can try different flavors of chocolate, which fits the characteristics of chocolate. The workshop is just to decorate the chocolate, which is relatively simple and only suitable for children, but the chocolate is very flavorful: if you want to use the chocolate museum as a solicitation, it is relatively bleak! There is no pavilion that is too related to chocolate. The staff explained that the birthplace of chocolate is very careful. If this advantage can be expanded and more exhibition areas related to the characteristics of chocolate can be placed, the effect will be relatively better.

wan ming · 19/11/2020

1 Look at it, there are a small amount of chocolate exhibits, which may be related to the epidemic, but the workshop is ok, try the chocolate, sweep the color powder, and the kids are all ok

yuk yin · 12/11/2020

The Chocolate Museum is a parent-child activity that is very suitable for children and adults to participate. In addition to understanding what chocolate is, you can also try food and workshops.

Pui Chi · 11/11/2020

It's not very interesting, it's overly famous, it will be out in a few minutes, and the children are not interested.

Ning · 08/11/2020

The service attitude of the staff is very friendly, explaining that the chocolate comes from the original very interesting. The chocolate making exhibition is very beautiful. The children like the chocolate block. The color powder is also available for tasting.

TAM · 06/11/2020

Nice chocolate from bitter to sweet. Detailed explanation for the history. Great games in the shop. It’s very suitable for kids to play and design their own chocolate.

Sum · 03/11/2020

The Museum is very small but the workshop and chocolate experience are great. Staff is super nice. My son is very happy.

Wai Shan Joyce · 02/11/2020

The staff are friendly and the children have a good time. The tasting and the workshop are so interesting. Children must play again!

Yuen Ting · 01/11/2020

?Chocolate Museum: The staff will first enthusiastically explain the history of chocolate?, there are small games to learn about the little knowledge of chocolate, you can see different artworks made of chocolate, and finally you can try 9 different chocolates? Eat glitter on your own chocolate, and finally you can buy your beloved chocolate?.

Ngok Hang · 31/10/2020

Workshop is good but the venue is too small . Staff are nice

Yee Wah Eva · 20/10/2020

The Peak's Chocolate Museum, though small in size, was quite fun and memorable. Kids and adults will enjoy learning about chocolate in an interactive quiz that tests your knowledge. If you can play the piano, there is a piano made of chocolate that you can play your favourite songs on. The chocolate workshop consists of painting edible glitter onto a piece of chocolate. There are 3 kinds to choose from and 6 different glitter colors that are provided. It was a slow Saturday, so we were allowed to work at our own pace. Definitely recommended for children and couples.

Ngo Yin Jovita · 19/10/2020

Nothing wrong with oily colors! There are different tastes of chocolate tasting!

Ka Man Nicola · 18/10/2020

The scope of the museum is not large. Unlike the introduction and scale of the pictures seen on the Internet, it has been completed in 30 minutes and is not recommended.

cheuk kiu · 23/06/2020

Tickets purchased in the venue will be a little cheaper than the online pre-order, but it is still acceptable ? In addition, the venue is smaller than expected, but fortunately, the service is enthusiastic and patient ... The best time to visit on weekdays, less crowds ~ there are plenty of time It is the most unforgettable to visit the trial food and workshop in the venue !!! ♡ When the people are grown up, go back to the childlike colors and relax. There is still a chance to be "posted" if you fill in the beauty! ?

Yee Lam · 23/05/2020

The place is very fine, there are few exhibits, some are damaged or missing, but the staff is good and the tasting portion is ok. The workshop just coated the glitter with frosting on the finished chocolate. Overall, I think it is only suitable for six Under age

Mei Fung Judy · 28/01/2020

not recommended as a child activity. small place. quite boring. even my 9 year old daughter doesn't like it.

Dennis · 16/01/2020

not as large as I imagined. Good that ticket was available for use all yr round. I do think this would be pretty fun for lower aged children, than adults.

Kyle Isaac · 08/01/2020

The exhibition area is too small and the exhibits are too small. You can leave in half an hour. The workshop is nothing special, it is best to try the part. Not worth the money.

tsz yan · 28/12/2019

Nice and meaningful experience.

Tsz Ki · 26/12/2019

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