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Marine park

It is more cost-effective to buy a package ticket. There is a 200 yuan cash voucher that can be discounted. However, the variety of dining cars and restaurants in the park is not high, but the Ocean Park is very suitable for children.

chung xin yang · 30/03/2021

Recommended for family travel

Very suitable for a tourist attraction for families with children, it is recommended to come on weekdays, you can go in early in the morning and stay all day

芷姍 劉 · 29/03/2021

Great amusement world

The overall environment of the park is small, divided into marine life area and amusement facility area. For those who love to watch marine life, the marine area can stay for 1.5 to 2 hours. The types of marine life are diversified, and there are many that have not been seen in other marine museums. Like shark eggs, the touch pool is also very interesting. There are small sharks to touch, and the internal explanation staff are very dedicated and professional. The amusement facilities are also fun, suitable for elementary school students, but there are fewer types.

宛鈺 粘 · 29/03/2021

Super awesome

Although the consumption in the park is a bit expensive, the meal discount is not bad. The sea animals are also super cute and healthy.

室瞱 陳 · 29/03/2021

Super bargain with high CP value

For a two-person package, you still have to go to the ticket counter to exchange for physical tickets. It is a pity that you can’t directly swipe your mobile phone to enter the venue. It means that if you have a lot of people on holidays, you will have to line up, but the attached two 100 yuan vouchers have no restrictions.

琦蓁 陳 · 28/03/2021

not bad

It’s the first time to go to Ocean Park, there are so many amusement facilities~ more fun than expected

盈希 劉 · 28/03/2021

Farglory Ocean Park One Day Tour

The first time I went to Farglory Ocean Park, I have never seen the fish in the aquarium, as well as the huge plankfish and jellyfish of various colors, which are very healing. The mermaid ecological commentary saw the real mermaid. It turns out that the mermaid is a manatee. Chubby, although not beautiful but so cute, the sea lion and dolphins show is also very interesting, I will bring children to play in the future

洪 士涵 · 27/03/2021

Convenient and fast

It’s really convenient to buy it the day before, and you can use it the next day, and there is a 100 yuan meal voucher that can be used to pay it is really good, so I don’t even think about it and eat in the ocean park.

克強 黃 · 26/03/2021

Unforgettable memories

It is a good place for friends and family to go to have fun together, and you can also see animal performances, and it is very quiet on the back of the mountain and the sea

宗翰 楊 · 25/03/2021


Convenient and fast, the sea lion and dolphin show inside are very cute ?

欣穎 蔡 · 25/03/2021

i booked when i was on my way to the location, easy and quick process for the booking, no need to have long queue to pay the ticket in the locket

JANNATIN · 17/03/2021


Jing Yi · 11/03/2021


Sheng Kai · 08/03/2021

Park is located near seaside of Hualien City. Best is to drive a car. Parking is available. A lot of people on Sunday. The dolphin and sea lion activities very interesting. Really nice aquarium with beautiful sea creatures

Aleksandra · 01/03/2021

We bought tickets the same day as we were going to the park. A lot of kids and activities for them. Some park activities were not for adults but still fun

Aleksandra · 01/03/2021

Very fast ticket purchase, we need to show the QR code at the entrance and scan it with the machine. Highly recommended way !

Aleksandra · 01/03/2021

Lovely marine amusement park, great place for kids.

ChingWen · 28/02/2021

So fast and convenient, cheaper than on-site. Very useful!

Hyunjeong · 24/02/2021


The car can pick up and drop off from the designated hotel, which saves time and is convenient. recommend

Chiao-Kai Yang · 23/02/2021


yu wen · 19/02/2021

Great experience, enjoyed a lot with lots of fun. The price is cheap and Easy to redeem

Andrew · 14/02/2021

It is highly recommended. Very chief and convenient to process the vouchers

Yedukondalu · 14/02/2021

It is Highly recommended, very chief and easy to process

Yedukondalu · 14/02/2021

Kid is always excited to see the dolphin show. Sea lion show is less entertained than last year. Food in the park is terrible. In a word, not bad~

TSAI JU · 11/02/2021

It’s easy to use, with great prices and get the products right away. It’s a great for travelers want to add any activity that they didn’t plan for.

Hsiaoyun · 08/02/2021

It is easy to use ,great price and receive products right away, it’s good to use for an activity that travelers don’t plan ahead.

Hsiaoyun · 08/02/2021


JHIH YU · 31/01/2021

Very convenient

Not only Hualien Railway Station also picks up passengers from various hotels, it is very convenient, the pick-up time is punctual, and when you return, you will also wait at the entrance of the park early. After all passengers get on the bus, they can return to the city early, which is very suitable for arriving without a car. Tourists at Farglory Ocean Park.

Wan-Yu Tsai · 30/01/2021


Actually, it’s a bit early. It’s only 8:46 after the city picks up other guests and arrives at the Ocean Park. The efficiency is really high. However, it only opens at 9:30 on weekdays. I waited for a long time. The program is still the best choice. The service is very good. In addition to the excellent drivers, the travel agency is also very good. Due to the heavy rain at noon that day, the amusement facilities were unavailable. Other passengers called to hope to return earlier. The travel agency was also responsible for coordinating with us. The handling was very good and impressive. If you go to Hualien again, you should still choose this plan.

Jr-de Chen · 30/01/2021

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HUI JU · 19/01/2021

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HUI JU · 19/01/2021


YiTing · 18/01/2021

Nice experience that can enter to the park easily!

SHIH LIANG · 29/12/2020

Easy to enter the park and have a good experience!

SHIH LIANG · 29/12/2020

The park is quite large actually though the ticket is expensive. It’s like a combination of amusement park plus a few area of aquarium. Still a good place to spend a day. * it’s not convenient to arrive by public transportation and no other attractions nearby

HaoChun · 28/12/2020

Very Good! Good service~ Good show~ Good market~

Min Cheng · 28/12/2020

The parc is very nice with animals show and entertainment activities like the roller coaster, turning cups... The show with the dolphins and sea lions are very interesting. The parc is not very big but this is also enjoyable as we can do everything in just one day!

Stephane · 26/12/2020

worth going and its v fun. will go back again. its a good experience

Sara · 06/12/2020

Convenient connection

It is very convenient to take young children and have a car to pick up and drop off to Ocean Park from the place of accommodation. On the return journey, you can just get on the bus at the drop-off point in the park. I will book again when I visit the Ocean Park next time. Thank you for your kind driver brother.

怡君 陳 · 25/11/2020

Good place for parents and children

The pirate ship is fun and the aquarium is also very beautiful. Daughter had a good time

燕如 李 · 18/11/2020

It is recommended for those who have not driven to buy at KKday in advance

The shuttle service to and from the accommodation is really good. It saves a lot of uncertainties when waiting for the bus. Gather at the entrance of the accommodation at 8:10 and at the entrance of the Ocean Park at 16:50. There is plenty of time to play. It is highly recommended!

珮瑄 洪 · 17/11/2020

Great value for money

It rained heavily in Hualien this morning! The driver brother is very enthusiastic to help! To the Ocean Park! The driver's brother helped to get the ticket! Tell us where to wait! Also tell us the time and place on the return trip! Next time I have the opportunity to go to Hualien Ocean Park again! Be sure to book this itinerary again!

鈁羚 劉 · 12/11/2020

Farglory is so fun

Suitable for all ages, it is very suitable for family travel and transportation, which completely solves the needs of outsiders

Judy Guo · 12/10/2020

Hualien Ocean Park Ticket + Shuttle

It is a very convenient and easy one-day tour mode. The disadvantage is that after the booking is made, the collection time is written at 8 o’clock, and the voucher is written at 8:30, which makes people confused... Arrived at Ocean Park at 9 o’clock, but the park opened at 9:30 Have to wait half an hour

書豪 吳 · 11/09/2020

Wonderful performance

The driver's eldest brother is very enthusiastic and also provides water intimately and introduces Hualien to Yanlu.

奇峰 余 · 31/08/2020

Perfect place to have fun, price is very reasonable too. You have free access pass to their thrilling rides. I highly recommend my personal favorite ride the Death's Dungeon, it's a must-try. It's better to bring raincoat for this awesome ride to avoid getting wet. If you also want to get the glimpse of everything then ride the cable car and enjoy picturesque views. Enjoy having a fun family day out and visit the aquarium and make sure to check out their shows! It's all worth to visit.

Barbi Ann · 15/08/2020

Professional, punctual and efficient, couldn't ask for more

YOONG CHOONG · 23/07/2020

Dolphin and sea lion show are must-see.

Xuan Fang · 07/05/2020

The ocean park had quite a number of attractions (animal related and theme park related) and is sufficient to keep visitors occupied for a day. It is also sweet that the park is next to the coast which gives visitors nice view out into the horizon. Having transport there and back was pretty convenient as well.

Qian Yi · 29/03/2020

Nice shows and quite a few places to have yr meals within the park but do avoid the peak hour to cut down on waiting time

Boon Hoe · 18/12/2019

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Splash-filled fun at Hualien's watery theme park!

Insider Tips:
  • Avoid visiting on a Wednesday if you can because many of the shows won't be running