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super good price

It was good tour. Totally worth it for 8 hours.

Ka Chun Au · 20/02/2021

Meet-up point is next to TRA. Lunch is buffet and there were enough options for meat, vegetables, and dessert. It was a chinese-speaking tour but a tablet was given which provides information (in English) about the tourist spots. Shakadang trail was interesting but not enough time were allotted for it. Overall, the whole tour was good.

Florica Jean · 17/02/2021

Though I was the only English speaking participant in the tour, I did not feel awkward at all.? The tourguide keeps the tour alive the whole trip talking about the scenic spots. I did not understand but I never felt sleepy because the scenery is just SO beautiful to see even by riding a bus. The tourguide was kind enough to speak English to me when I ask about the time intervals of every stops we had. I booked a half day tour (Chinese New Year) but we ended up taking the whole day. It was a healing and fulfilling experience for me since it’s my first solo travel. I’m glad I took it.

Lorimar · 14/02/2021

Must Go One Day Trip to Hualien. The Qingxtan beach is my favorite place. The guide is so accommodating and friendly. Cliff area is so scenic and beautiful. Guide could have left us some more time in cliff area and beach.

Dinesh Kumar · 23/01/2021

very good

Friendly driver, visited many spots and all was punctua

Joanne Tsai · 30/12/2020

This was our way of celebrating Xmas together with my wife this 2020. It was an awesome trip arranged by Klook. Perhaps it is due to Covid, but we were the only participants in the tour. So, it was like a private tour. Haha. Thanks Klook. And for lunch, we had it in a guest house all alone and was being served by a chef personally with that delicious chicken and pork curry. These were just some of the photos we had, but guys take this tour and you will definitely love. Take it while there are few tourists, it was like you owned the whole tourist spots so you will likely have great photos. ? We loved our driver who made all the effort to give us a background of the place we visited despite the language barrier. Thanks Klook team for this "private tour", it was indeed a merry Christmas with you. Not sure if you profited from this tour though ??? P.S. We're currently doing a vlog for our trip. Please check out soon our channel.


Pickup time accurate and agent is very friendly.....we enjoyed lot ...he given very got explanation of all the place....he dropped at proper timings....

· 24/11/2020


The trip was lovely, they took us to the most beautiful place in Taroko

efrat oknin · 13/10/2020

great tour

This is a great tour that shouldn’t be missed. I enjoyed every moment of it. The driver was so much fun and great help although he didn’t speak English. We saw all the sights listed in the tour and some extra as well. ? I highly recommend this tour.

Maja Collyer · 05/10/2020

Hualien day trip

We had the best time, everyone was so helpful and kind we had a Chinese speaker but everyone was friendly they would tell us how much time we have and share with us some information about our trip. Thank you KKDAY

Thando Mbele · 04/10/2020

Well worth it

Great value! The bus driver/tour guide was very professional. Chinese speaking only but tried his best to take care of the English speakers. The tour was well organized. Very on time. We got to see all 7 major sites. Family friendly. My little one was able to participate. The scenery was amazing. Well worth the time!

Grace Chen · 02/10/2020

Taroko is breathtakingly beautiful! You should never miss this out when visiting Hualien. Mr. Chou was our Chinese tour guide, it was conducted in full Chinese but we were still fully engaged in the activity because of his support and care to the guests. He asked the locals to translate when important announcements are given. It was a superb tour! They offer buffet for lunch and it was very delicious. Taroko definitely left a mark on us!

Barbi Ann · 15/08/2020

It was all in Chinese but still fun. The driver/guide is very enthusiastic and lively. It was fun when he say some fun fact on the area (sure, we dont understand it but most locals laugh). It was very organized and relaxed trip. The lunch is a decent buffet with limited options but still worth it.

Jonalyn · 10/08/2020

The over trip are so worth. This tour is suitable for people who wants to do a day trip at hualien. Overall very pleasant and happy experience except that it’s abit rush. The lunch is nice too. Will recommend to people who wants to go a day trip to hualien.

Wei Chieh · 05/07/2020


I think it is worth participating in this tour group, they took me to fun places, the service is OK, I am very satisfied

秀寶 楊 · 03/04/2020

Bus driver/tour guide is very punctual. He’s humorous and knowledgeable in what he does. It’s good to be on a tour if you want to enjoy taroko as it is difficult to travel on your own. I’ll greatly recommend this! Lunch was good too!

Yuxian · 02/04/2020

Enjoyable trip

Highly recommended, totally worth it!

Yoke Sen Lau · 26/03/2020

The guide/driver was extremely experienced with his 20+ years of experience. He explained the various spots beautifully, adding in doses of humour for laughter. He’s like a walking fountain of knowledge! I will definitely recommend this tour for anyone who wishes to learn more about Taiwan

Jin Lin Theophila · 12/03/2020

Thank you Tony. We had a wonderful trip. Fyi for moslems, they provide halal meal at restaurant and you can use their meeting room for shalat. Taroko is a must see place in Taiwan!!!

Narita · 10/03/2020

Awesome and Great Value

1. Punctual Pick up at Pick Up Point 2. Drinking Water provided in car 3. Experienced Bus driver & Tour Guide (Same Person) 4. Drop off at place chosen We visited a total of 7 places (including a new spot)

Pei Sze Jessica Low · 10/03/2020

Mr Pung gave us great insight and explanations during our trip to Taroko Gorge. Excellent bus driver Mr Lee was smooth and prompt at dropping us off and picking us up. Good tour for English speakers.

Sui Ying · 03/03/2020

Our tour guide was a local, born in Hualien and had interesting stories to tell about the attractions. He was polite, accomodating & chatty. Value for money as we were able to cover so many places which you wouldn't be able to do if you had taken the shuttle busses.

Melvin Lai Ming · 01/03/2020

Love the scenery over at Taroko Gorge. The duration given for each destination was sufficient for photo taking and enjoying of the beautiful sight. Definitely worth the price!

Kia Yian · 17/02/2020

Great tour and guide. A small group of 6 persons, we were picked up at our hotels and our guide was very engaged in telling stories about the nature, Taiwan in general, the places we saw. Our guide also included small personal stories, which made it even better. As my son said; it was like being on a trip with a good friend. He was so friendly and nice and talked to all of us, I hope we will meet him again. It was a great tour, highly recommended

Joan · 17/02/2020

nice tour

nice tour and bus driver also tour guide is good and friendly, recommend

· 16/02/2020

Great tour to take to explore some impressive scenic sites of Taiwan. Aside from the sites, having a knowledgeable and accommodating tour guide (hi Roy!) made our experience extra memorable.

Sarah Grace · 12/02/2020

Hua Lien is one of the most scenic and naturally beautiful areas in taiwan. I personally love QixingTan (七星潭), such an amazing spots for beach lover! Our tour guide, Toni tried his best providing explanation to each site. He’s friendly and funny too. Overall, a recommended tour to everyone wishing to travel not only in Taipei.

Dhaniyah Boon · 10/02/2020

Toni was an amazing tour guide, quite funny and entertaining. This was one of the best tours we have been on, the sites were breathtaking. Nothing has yet compared. highly recommend this tour while in Taiwan!!!

Kyle Tyler · 10/02/2020

Yesterday was the best day ever in taiwan. Thanks to our amazing tour guide Mr pung or pong. The view was stunning, but the way mr pung explained about stories behind it was amazing and very interesting with some way. Thank you Mr pung for great experience and best tour I ever had!

Elizabeth lidya · 10/02/2020

Great tour guide who tried to explain the best he can in English to non-Chinese speaking participants although its not his mother tongue. Scenery was breathtaking and tour guide was well versed in the various attractions. Lunch was also great!

SIEW HONG · 09/02/2020

I got a fantastic time with a guide. He is very kind and professional. Lunch was very nice. The nicest thing was that he was getting off each group in front of the hotel.

JUNG SUK · 07/02/2020

Highlight of my Taiwan trip. We were staying in Taipei and getting to Hualien is a bit tricky but we managed. The tour was in Chinese but we were given a QR code to a link with videos in English.

Josef Kyle · 07/02/2020

As tour - the best tour in the area I experienced! That’s thanks to our amazing tour guide Roy. The views were amazing, but the stories from Roy were incredible! He was explaining historical points on the area and also showing us rare kinds of plants that grow there. And assisted with photos :) Thank you Roy for the tour!

Ganna · 06/02/2020

The view in Taroko Gorge is amazing. All are very picturesque. Our lunch is also okay, many variety to choose from. Our tour guide is very patient and knowledgeable about the place.

Lourievelle · 27/01/2020

One of the best tours I’ve had - mostly due to the driver/tour guide 潘大哥 he is super funny and sharing a lot of great information everywhere we go. The views were spectacular. I was the only one in the tour who did not get the lunch option so he dropped me off at a 7-11 near lunch area and picked me up after again with the rest. I would probably say to get the lunch option just for less hassle ;)

Pinn Lin Asmond · 18/01/2020

Voucher was easy to use and the meeting point near the train station was easily accessible. Our guide/driver mr chou/zhou was very nice. Cracked jokes along the way and introduced to us the various sight seeing locations.

Ghee Hui Gwendolyn · 18/01/2020

When Taroko National Park was eventually established on November 28, 1986, it was of special significance for the environmental protection movement in Taiwan: it showed that both the public and the government agencies had realized despite the nation's four decades of extraordinary economic success, serious damage was being done to its natural resources.

reach · 18/01/2020

One of the best trip with Klook so far! This place is literally majestic. Although there were some concerns at the beginning since we were forced to take the Chinese tour trip, the tour was nevertheless fun and memorable. Our tour guide was kind enough to try to communicate with us even if he doesn’t know how to speak English. The bilingual tour members helped him and translated for everyone’s benefit. Coming from Ximen, it’ll take around 2 hours and 15 mins (fastest route) when you take the TRA. Costs around 440NTD. Everything about Hualien is really memorable and I encourage everyone who can read this post to book this trip and see it for yourself ?

Allenie Anne · 13/01/2020

The meet-up point was easy to locate, just a 5 mins walk away from the HSR station. Mr Pan, our guide was friendly and humorous, which made this trip even more enjoyable. The first item on the itinerary was local/city sightseeing which was nothing much to see. Then followed by the cliff, views are amazing and the sea is really blue. The photos don't do justice. Followed by lunch, the meal was okay. I chose pork curry for my partner and found it to be much better than the noodles I had. They have other selections as well. As the Swallow Grotto was closed for maintenance we were unable to visit. But the Taroko Gorge was a sight to behold. The tour ended with a visit to the beach (七星潭)My favorite of all, as it was approaching sunset. Overall would recommend it if you like nature, as the sights are wonderful.

Ke En · 10/01/2020

We had a great time on this tour. It’s very relaxing despite the 8 hour tour. Most notable part of the tour was during lunch time where we saw monkeys that take people’s things away (according to the guide).

Janelle Anne Pauline · 09/01/2020

The tour started as soon as the guest list was complete. The bus arrived on time, and our tour guide was a local bus driver. He was very kind, but he couldn’t speak english. Thankfully we had a few people joining us who speaks both english and chinese, so they translated a few reminders from the guide. The places we visited were beautiful. Only one place was skipped from our itinerary since the guide said that the place was too packed. We purchased a packed lunch and it was worth it. People who didn’t purchase a packed lunch had to buy their own food at a different place.

Janelle Anne Pauline · 09/01/2020

very easy to join the tour, we just need to show our voucher to the driver and the guide who we meet at the designated pick up point! the tour itself is quite entertaining although we feel that we should spend more time on the Taroko Gorge itself and skip the Hualien city attraction. the guide was very nice and he tried very hard explaining in English, although it is a bit hard to understand. a nice bonus in the end as the driver offers to drop us in Hualien Dongdamen night market instead of the train station/hotels!

Adrianus Marvin · 06/01/2020

Totally recomended! Tour guide uncle was very helpful and cute even we don’t understand. The people together on the bus was really helpful translating for non chinese speaking. Thank you all!

NUR IDAYU · 04/01/2020

This trip is highly recommended specially when you don't have enough time in Hualien. It was very organized and on time. The views of Taroko Gorge were picturesque and stunning. Definetly we will come back in Hualien. Thanks Klook for the wonderful experience.

Pee Jay · 02/01/2020

Taroko tour is good, the trails are great and it's like an escape from the busy world. If you wish to relax and take a break from work, this is one of the places to go to. Though the time given is kinda short so you won't be able to cover too much.

Szeching · 01/01/2020

Just be at the pickup point on the specified time and they'll do the rest. ? I enjoyed the tour and the lunch. As I'm the only one doing the day trip from Taipei, the driver made sure I'll make it back to the station in time for my train (in fact, there's still loads when I got there).

Lizbeth · 30/12/2019

Would recommended this for any first timer to the gorge. The weather was not the best when we visited, rained the whole. The itinerary was great, however wished we could trek at a few more places.

Sunitha · 30/12/2019

It was a great tour to see Taroko Gorge. Downside was that it was raining the entire day, making it difficult to walk around and to take pictures. The lunch was nice too. You get to choose 1 meat dish, and the rest was buffet style.

Cavell Yi Han · 30/12/2019

This tour was absolutely worth the money! We enjoyed the great views of Taroko National Park and feasted on a sumptuous lunch buffet in between. The places we visited were stunning and should never be missed when in Hualien. This tour is highly recommended! The bus was clean, had free WiFi onboard and was driven by a friendly Taiwanese local. Thank you for an awesome experience!

Roberto · 30/12/2019

Overall we went to numerous scenic points and the lunch provided was good! Special mention to our guide, 大牛, for making sure we caught our train back to Taipei at 618pm despite a tight schedule!

Andrew · 29/12/2019

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