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It really helps save much time when visiting tourist attractions as I don't have to queue to buy tickets.

Hoi Yiu · 10/04/2020

It is best of the best, I really thankful to iventure and klook for this 2 day pass. we enjoyed at Universal Studio, Sea Acquirum, 4D Adventure, Sky Luge, Marina Bay Sky Park, Garden By The Bay, Giant Swing, and many more. I must have to chose for 3 day but I had only 2 days but we fully enjoyed it a lot. Great offer and great value pass for Singapore. The Best adventure!

Vishal · 05/03/2020

Before booking must read terms and conditions - there is 60 minute time gap between each attraction - all basic attractions are covered from the list not premium one except this everything else good!

Meghdoot · 27/02/2020

Our family and I really enjoyed Singapore especially with I-venture. This is a great experience. It’s a must if you will be traveling in Singapore. I hope to go back here soon. Thank you klook for this great opportunity. We’ll make sure to go back here and I’ll make sure to book again with klook.

Mariz · 23/02/2020

You can go to many places but it ’s really inconvenient to get a physical card. I hope it can be improved. If you buy it for three days, you can get tired

binglian · 06/02/2020

It is very convenient and fast to redeem tickets to attractions after opening. It is also cheap to convert. However, please note that the QR cord shown in Figure 2 is used to use the electronic voucher (iPass). It is not shown in Figure 3. I worked for half an hour at the entrance of Universal Studios. The customer service also directly suggested to go to a physical store to get a physical card. ...), and then accidentally click on Figure 2 to solve the problem.

HUIRU · 18/01/2020

Our trip was more extra memorable was able to go most of the attraction highly recommended even if traveling with seniors. ?????

Cherish · 10/01/2020

I bought unlimited attractions for 5 days, and played for more than 4 days. When there were 2 attractions to go to, I did n’t know I had to make an appointment, but I did n’t have time to play. At first I bought 6 passes, but received 5 emails, and the staff quickly helped solve the problem.

ka lai · 01/01/2020

one of the worst decisions I made by buying these passes before going to the trip. I had bought two of these passes, one for me and one for my wife. The main problem is neither klook nor the customer support team of iventure are clear with the details of the pass and hence unable to help when issues are faced. And there will be plenty of issues in redeeming these passes. In most of the attractions, the passes would not redeem properly. sometimes mine would redeem and not the one for my wife. this is after following the one hour rule. And then, on calling klook customer support they would say pay for the attraction yourself and we will refund later. But later I got a mail from them , the refund will not be processed which is crazy. Also the customer support team of iventure is equally incompetent. Spoke to two different executives and both of them said opposite things. The first one said that the pass is applicable to all restaurants except premium ones. The second one said this pass cant be redeemed with restaurants at all and is only for attractions. Later I found out out that it was working with few restaurants like ulu ulu and sessions in sentosa island. This clear demarcation of what can be redeemed and what cannot is not called out any where on the mail that is sent to you for providing the ipaas or as highlights for the rules and regulations of using the pass. And the worst part is even their customer support guys wouldnt know the details. how can you expect your customer to be thorough while using this.product?Dont go by the name , it says unlimited but it has limitations when it comes to redemption. IN spice grill restaurant, the card worked for me and not for my wife. When I called iventure customer support, they didnt pick up. overall I had a pathetic experience with this card in a foreign country. I wasted hours on sorting out redemption issues which kind of takes away the fun from your dream vaction. The iventure customer support team even made a statement we know nothing, we have been contracted, we are a and are just helping out. pleae contact main team of iventure in australia to understand these queries on the pass. This is crazy, isnt it the basis purpose of having a customer support team to answer queries of the customer and resolve issues. I have taken other attractions from klook and really love their level of customer service and ease and lovely experience of enjoying their.attractions. but I really hope klook reviews this one and takes it down if necessary because it created a lot of problems for me in a foreign country. I would have been better off buying the individual passes physically at the counters , that would have been much more peaceful and enjoyable.

Rahul · 28/12/2019

If you want to go to all attractions in Singapore, nothing can beat this iVenture unlimited Pass. We went for a 5 day unlimited Pass and it was really a great choice. However, 2 points to remember... 1. If you want the ezlink pass, pls go to the HarbourFront shop as the one in Lavender street doesn't have these. 2. If you are in Lavender street 'Luxury Tours" office, don't try to check if this pass allows entry to Universal Studio. They would tell you that it's not, whereas it was allowed without any question being asked, in the park entry (you will need to get the Admission ticket from Guest services counters behind ticket counters). Pls send email to [email protected] atleast 24 hours in advance for 'Wings of time', 'Marina Bay Sands' 'City tour'.

INDRANIL · 26/12/2019

A good all in one pass overall. Covers all main attractions that typical tourists wanna do. But make sure you plan ahead well to make full use of the pass.

Ngai Foong · 19/12/2019

This was definitely worth the price. We were able to visit a lot of places due to this but the 1 hour wait between each attractions should be abolished.

Carlos Luigi · 30/11/2019

We got the 2-day Unlimited Attraction Pass and was able to do about 6 activities. If you're travelling with fewer people, this is a good deal as you can manage your time if you research schedules and add in to your ideal itinerary. It can be very tiring though so note when travelling with young kids or the elderly. Recommend to do all Sentosa activities on the first day --- Universal Studios, SEA Aquarium, Luge, Wings of Time (book ahead at least 24hrs), Segway, Madam Taussad's, Trick Eye Museum, etc. 2nd day can be for outside-of-Sentosa activities like Gardens By The Bay, River Cruise, Marina Bay Sands (advance booking also needed) and the Night Safari. Take note for the River Cruise, the redemption is in Fort Canning, a good 1km walk from the Merlion Park area. We took a cab because we were so tired from walking already. Researching attraction schedules and travel time is key to maximize your pass. :)

Camela Joy · 31/10/2019

Getting the Ultimate Attraction Pass is going to make you’re Sinapore Trip busy. It covers a lot of the attractions so you’ll have to plan ahead which ones you will be visiting first. Got the express pass on top of the USS admission ticket as not to waste time on queues.

Rayvlin John · 12/10/2019

Was awesome! We got the 3 day pass, this is very helpful!

Edrick Adams · 30/09/2019

Really easy and quick,I have really enjoy the all activities.

Daniel Nicolae · 15/09/2019

waste of money and time. they trick customers by removing items promised. attractions are very less but the brochure displays 36 items. don't buy. better to go with individual items

ZUZER · 16/08/2019

worst think to buy and waste of money and time. don't buy anything from iventure. worst customer experience .

RASHIDA · 16/08/2019

It is very convenient. If you go to the attractions, you can exchange tickets without entering the queue. Because you bring the children, you don't want to catch up! In fact, it is not too expensive, unless I want to go to the sights, I would recommend to buy, like I only go to 5 or 6 attractions, in fact, do not have to buy unlimited overnight.

KA YAN · 06/08/2019

Worth it! We purchased the 3-day pass. We spent the first day in USS. Then the next day we definitely visited the flowerdome, cloud forest and the skypark. We were able to visit a lot of places. We weren’t able to visit all attractions but it was still worth it. We were able to save a lot. We weren’t able to visit everything since we are travelling with seniors. But if you are travelling with group of bagets, you will definitely be able to visit everything. Make sure not to miss the cable car. ?

kimberly mae · 26/07/2019

Iventure Pass is a must and mast buy if you want to and can do maximum activities in 05 days. 1. Activate it online before 02 03 days you go by using your name, voucher id and booking id. You will receive Epass from them. Take Screenshot of it and Pin it on whatsapp. Just show it and they will scan it with different machine at each activity spot. It gets activated only from the day you do your 1st activity. so plan it properly. 2. Recheck list before you book as their free activities change. in my case singapore flyer, segway and bike at marina bay was there but it changed later and was not there. 3. Between ifly and universal studio only 1 activity you can choose. Choose universal studio. 4. Advance 24 hours prior booking is required for wings of time and marina bay sky deck. So send them mail quickly and several times as the reply system was not so fast. 5. Their customer care keeps you waiting for 15 to 20 minutes and staff dont have full knowledge. English communication problem also. But you will get answers of your querries in the end. I missed only these out of total. 1. Mint Museum of Toys. 2. Omni Centre. 3. Snow City. 4. Cove Water Park. 5. Kidzania. 6. 01 Hour Gap is required between 02activities or else i would have finished above also.?? #Gr8Chirag?

CHIRAG · 21/07/2019

We bought the iVenture months in advance and there were certain attractions we had to pay for as they no longer took iVenture passes anymore. We used it for the MINT Toy Museum, National Gallery of Singapore, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Universal Studios Singapore and the Sentosa Aquarium. We had to pay to go on the cable cars from Sentosa but previously was accepted at the cable cars and we also had to pay for the Singapore Flyer, both of which were $33 SGD. Other than that, this would have been worth the money paid for.

Gabrielle · 10/07/2019

a great and useful card. great for travelers who needs to save.

Francis Ronald · 25/06/2019

Redeeming iVenture pass at Sentosa Island was really easy and we were able to cover many attractions . Worth it !!!

AMAL RAJ · 13/05/2019

This is very convenient as one does not have to take tickets at each counter and also don't have to carry so much cash. The only issue I faced was getting separate bar code ticket at each counter. Some counters have separate window which saves time. The other thing highlighted by all is 1 hr Gap between two redemption which is good for iventure as one can't complete all activities in 3 days, thus they would earn good profits. Never the less the convenience prevails.

SATISH · 27/04/2019

We buy 3 days of unlimited attractions, and it is very convenient to use the iPass electronic version to exchange tickets at the ticket office. If you have physical strength and time permit, we will return to the Universal Studios + Aquarium + Maritime Museum if we take 3 spots in Sentosa in one day. I went to the gardens by the bay the day before, only about 2,000 Hong Kong dollars, cost-effective

Tsz To Janet · 24/04/2019

Worth it if u go for 5 days , however, would be better if more informative for the spots sights

Fung man · 22/04/2019

Fantastic money saver. You get to do all the activities you want in Singapore and just need to carry one card. The only thing one needs to plan is that between two activities a 1 hr time os required. But if you plan properly then there will be no problems faced by you.

Ayush · 19/04/2019

Its worth it, save lots money and easy to use. Enjoy the trip to Singapore.

Jeffrey · 14/04/2019

Nice experienced and very easy to use pass without having to go through any hassle at most of the attractions. Hassle-free. So many attractions covered and I am quite satisfied with the service. Highly recommended.

ANN PRECYLE · 29/03/2019

Although it is a bit expensive, but it has saved more than 3000-4000 tickets for three days. It is a pity that it must be waiting for one hour during the trip.

WEI LIN · 28/02/2019

At night, the zoo needs to get tickets early, and there are no reserved tickets in the park.

Hsiao Yen · 09/02/2019

Singapore Flyer and Sands Sky park needing early email requests are not so convienent. Other attractions at Santosa need one hour intermission in order to get accesses to another attraction. Other than these, it is recommended.

YUCHING · 20/01/2019

Very easy to use. Hassle-free. So many attractions covered and I am quite satisfied with the service. However, there is wait time of at least 1 hour between each redemption.

Samyuktha · 14/01/2019

value for money... good collection of activities and attractions included...

Subodh · 28/11/2018

Its much better to buy every activity separate since I didn't like a lot of what they have on the list.

yazeed · 05/09/2018

very useful . But we had hard time finding out from where to collect the card .

sudhir · 26/01/2018

Nice experience with i venture pass without having to go through any hassle at most of the attractions and standing in queues.

Sudhir · 25/01/2018

VP value of the ultra-high ticket, but the time to arrange very well, with this card is very fun.

Chechia · 12/08/2017

Nice card contains Almost all the experiences in Singapore. only downside is in 5 days you cant go for everything. So it will be better to go for individual pass if you cant Travel much

Raj Vardhan · 28/07/2017

We saved a lot of money. We enjoyed our trip ng Singapore.

JansenRuth · 03/05/2017

We liked having the card, but we will almost always waste the afternoon food, some tours seem to be overlapping... But sure we wouldn't have done these many activities without the card... The card does miss wings of fire as its a wonderful attraction

Venkatesh Teeka · 22/02/2017

Cards really provided convenience throughout our stay in Singapore.

Justin Aaron · 01/01/2017

Finding the counter in the airport takes some time but getting the cards from the staff was a breeze.

Harold · 07/07/2016

The card is quite convenient. However those bus tickets are needed to be redeemed at suntec. This point is quite inconvienient though.

Lai Sze · 05/07/2016

The singapore pass saved us a lot of money and was very convenient.

Portiah · 04/05/2016

Worth it!! Weren't able to use it fully though... Had problems with codes provided by Klook but Duck Tours Main Branch sorted it out.

Punit · 04/03/2016

Very useful and save a lot of time. Nice to explore singapore with the pass. However, it is not that easy to find bus stations.

Chenyu · 12/02/2016

If there is super energy and physical, then Iventure unlimited attractions pass is definitely a very high cost choice. And friends in Singapore for 5 days is basically out of the runaway mode, more than 30 spots to most, although very tired, but very value, and do not have to buy a lot of time to buy tickets.

s · 01/11/2015

Contrast or buy this infinite attractions of the ticket, because they feel that they can go to more attractions, the fact that is right! We are really crazy to play around, but also very convenient card in hand, everything! The The

s · 30/10/2015

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