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It was easy and convenient. due to Covid restrictions, there is no Express service and the same ticket is used for the transit service, which has 3 other stops before the airport, adding about 20 minutes to the journey. that said as travel is limited, the train is quite empty and getting seats and social distance is not an issue

Jia Hau · 23/05/2021

A very good deal and highly recommended. Get yours from Klook!

Chee Kent · 09/03/2021

fast and easy. always the cheapest option to buy from. scan straight from Klook app and skip the queue. FYI now departure are from KLIA Transit gate in KL Sentral as the service is combined. ticket also good for if you wanted to get to Bandar Tasik Selatan from Airport

YAU CHUANG · 04/01/2021

Review KLIA Express

Booking Confirmation and QR code is sent quickly after payment. During this time of COVID-19, KLIA Express services are suspended, I got to use for commute service. It is still ok because few people travel at this period

Phong Nguyen · 20/12/2020

I still stick to Klia express train for my airport transfer this time; but due to MCO so they change it to KLIA transit, still on time and efficient to reach KLIA2 to catch my flight. The coach is clean and new, and it was my first time to have the least passengers to airport ?

SHOWEY · 09/07/2020


very fast and convenience from Airport to downtown, easy to use just scan QR code at scan reader and I will buy at KKDAY again in future.


Just scan the QR code and you can enter. Convenient and hassle-free. No need to wait in line.

ALVIC · 30/03/2020

It was so simply having the klook tickets in order to get the train .

Efthymia · 29/03/2020

clean and fast

I have no complaint. It’s easy to buy a ticket and ride on.

翔太 古江 · 15/03/2020

Still my favourite way to and fro KLIA/KLIA2. Though the onboard free WiFi now requires registration unlike the anonymity in the past.

OnnChee · 11/03/2020

Most Convenient

Always be my main transport to reach KLIA the fastest way

Syarbani Md Saleh · 10/03/2020

this is the most fastest train in Malaysia, and SEA. very convenient travel to airport. I recommend riding this on daylight. views are very scenic and wonderful.

Wilson Jan · 09/03/2020

Easy to redeem... 33 minute arrived at klia2.. comfy ride.. will book again..

halimah · 08/03/2020

KLIA Express is really cozy and faster than bus. It only takes around 35min to the airport. Phone charging and free WiFi are available on the train. It starts at 5 a.m.

FangChun · 05/03/2020

Hassle-free trip as always with Klook! Just scan the bar code from the phone, no need for printed tickets!

Bleza Joy · 05/03/2020

you just scan the qr code in the machine and youll get to enter.. when i asked for the ref magnet , they were out of stock.. luckily when i arrived in sentral, they still have. so i still got one :) train was fast and there where a lot of seats. the train arrives and leaves every 20-30 mins

Cyril · 03/03/2020

Enjoy convenient in-town check in at KL Sentral Station。 Enter the gate directly with your QR code & travel to/from the city center in just 24 mins. Handpicked Experiences. Best Price Guarantee. Travel comfortably between the KLIA airport and KL Sentral city center in just 28 minutes on the KLIA Airport Expresk. Trains depart at 10-15 minute intervals from 05:54 to 23:28 and approximately 15 minute intervals from 23:28 to 00:48 daily. For a detailed schedule of the KLIA Airport Express, please check. You may also download the KL. rail map to keep track of real-time train schedules of KLIA. Easy, simple and convenient way to travel.

Wing Cheong Clarence · 01/03/2020

Quick and easy ride from KLIA2 to KL Sentral and vice versa. Express train is always clean with scheduled cleaner coming around to clear the rubbish for each departures. Train always arrived in a timely manner adhering the schedule provided. I guess what I like about riding the express train definitely because it's time saving, and it allows the best quiet time during the ride.

Daphne Ye Chee · 29/02/2020

Highly recommended for convenience and peace of mind. Trains are clean, and spacious. Washrooms on board are well maintained and stocked with tissues. Schedules are strictly followed and timings are frequent at peak times every 15 minutes. Great value for 1 or two travellers in a group, anymore than 2 and a private car transfer is a better value.

Henri · 28/02/2020

The fastest and efficient way to get yourself to the airport and to the city. Safe and very comfortable. I have been to Kuala Lumpur for so many times and I always this KLIA Express. Check out my FB page: Gala Ni Dyepoi and follow me on Instagram: galanidyepoi for more travel adventures!

Jefferson · 26/02/2020

Very quick to redeem. Tickets actually valid for longer period if you can’t use it on the day that of what you booked. Thanks for the free gift too! Been wanting to collect that fright magnet for some time!

YAU CHUANG · 24/02/2020


Cheap and fast, convenient

Guest · 23/02/2020

1st time KL

Easy to book and easy to use. No complication . Should use it.

Yukiko Gen · 19/02/2020

Very convenient

Quick and simple. Easy to scan QR code and pass through the gate.

YUEN WAH ALICE LAU · 17/02/2020

Redeem with hassle free! Just scan the QR code given by Klook at the gantry. Klook user will get a free magnet at the counter, just show the staff your Klook ticket . The train is clean and comfortable, with a speed of approx 140km/h, from KL sentral to KLIA is just around 28mins!

Piong · 17/02/2020

It’s cheaper, it’s faster, it’s safer and it’s the most convenient way to in and out of Kuala Lumpur from the Airport. I will definitely book this again and again and again!

Teejay · 16/02/2020

train is fast and clean, barcode scan entry is easy

Chee Yang · 10/02/2020

Using KLOOK application is so much convenient. I’ve booked one way ticket KLIA Express Airport Train to KLIA terminal, checked-in luggage at KL Sentral, that’s it done! Don’t need to queue in the airport.. So far, the service is good too. Ticket fare also reasonable as well. Thumbs up Klook and KLIA Express Airport Train services!!

KHOOI MAY · 10/02/2020

Easy. Effortlessly

Easy booking process and fast. Most importantly the price is cheaper.

Mei Mei Moh · 09/02/2020

cheap and convenient

Its was convenient and cheaper compared to other deals. Would definitely repurchase. Worth it.

Guest · 06/02/2020

I am a frequent user of KLIA express, and I will still use this service for my further trips. It is convenient and accessible easily booking through the Klook App. The most favourable of this service is that I can use my Klook credits to have discounted ride. :)

SHOWEY · 01/02/2020

Very good

It is reliable and the price is very reasonable. I would recommend KKday to my friends and family.

Xiao Ying Fam · 30/01/2020

Easy redemption and to use. Get yours from Klook today!

Chee Kent · 29/01/2020

The ticket was very useful, entry to the station was easy. There was somebody who even helped with scanning the QR Code for the passengers. We also got a free magnet from buying it through Klook. All was good, will buy the same way next time.

Albertus · 29/01/2020

Fast, quick, arrive airport in 30 mins and easy to check in Sentral station, no need to take luggage to airport, good!

Hon Cheung · 29/01/2020

love the spacious storage space for luggages and legroom in the KL Xpress train! it's very fast and convenient with free WiFi onboard. Always will support and take this train services from KLIA airport to KL City.

ZAYDEN · 28/01/2020

Convenient and fast redemption. Direct scan at entrance gate save time. It takes around 30 minutes to reach klia. Highly recommended!

Tan · 27/01/2020

Thank you Klook for offering such a cost effective and convenient service for us. It help us to save a lot compare to purchase on the spot and easy to use just to scan the qr code to pass the gate. Fast and convenient journey. Nice and will continue to use in the future.

Kai Chi · 27/01/2020

So convenience and easy to redeem. highly recommended to those who are travelling to KL sentral from KL airport. Fast and on time. The most important is to avoid the queue! just scan the barcode from the voucher to enter the gate! Nice view along the way to KL sentral.

Hooi Hooi · 23/01/2020

always rely on Klook’s This transport service is very practical if you want to get in the airport in a breeze. It was also efficient when you are booking a transport services via Klook. As my experience, the ride was comfortable, I just tap my QR code onto the scanner, no redemption of ticket required. Thank you Klook for another excellent service. Highly recommended!

Gerald · 19/01/2020

it's cheaper and easier to just buy from klook rather than having to line up at the airport for a ticket. with the qrcode, you can go straight to the train when you get down to the basement of klia. highly recommend.

Alvin · 11/01/2020

very convenient, QR code was easy to use, no need to talk to anybody.

Yao · 11/01/2020

Once purchased, immediately receive a PDF receipt with QR code, scan at ticket barriers to enter, between KL Sentral and KLIA vice-versa. Plenty of luggage racks around the train, and free Porter service on platforms if you require.

MUN SHENG · 10/01/2020

Its super easy to buy from klook, i basically bought 5 minutes before reaching the boarding gate and and with the qr code, i just scanned and enter without hassle. Thank you Klook. will buy again for sure

Chung Yung · 09/01/2020

It was very convenient! Would definitey book this again.

Ma Ana Patricia · 09/01/2020

Super comfy seats and will only take you 28 minutes indeed going to airport. Just need to scan the code when you enter and exit the gate. Can board either from KLIA, KLIA 2, etc. Plus you get a free ref magnet. Same price when you book online and is at 10% off compared to buying at the counter. Will surely book again next time.

Shelley Mer · 06/01/2020

Using klook was convenient as i can use the barcode at the gantry. This saves me time to buy the tickets. Highly recommended as the jam in KL can be crazy in the evening! Also, it can be used either way so do not need to worry if the ticket says KLIA to KL Sentral

Clement · 05/01/2020

I always make sure to book this ticket whenever I visit KL. It's definitely the best way to get to the city from the airport and the whole journey only takes about 30 min. You can just board the train using the QR provided after booking is made, which definitely saves time and comes to great help in case you are low on cash.

NHU QUYNH · 31/12/2019

Super convenient and super efficient , highly recommend !! Check in and check out via QR code

Wan Theng · 28/12/2019

Never thinking that purchasing the KLIA EKSPRES ticket would be so seamless and easy. Purchased ticket just in half an hour time before reaching destination, and enter the scanning barcode automate gate, ekspress train arrived in just 3 minutes and the journey taken to reach klia or klia2 within 33 mins. Fabulous!

Khai Ling · 28/12/2019

Product information

Hop aboard KLIA Ekspres, the fastest way to travel from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to KL Sentral. Sit back and relax with a safe and comfortable train service.

  • Confirmation will be sent via email
  • Please keep your tickets with you at all times when on-board
  • Ticket validity is stated on your ticket
  • No exchanges can be made once tickets are issued. Refunds will not be granted to expired tickets
  • Voucher is subject to all applicable laws, regulations, and the terms and conditions specified in Express Rail Link (ERL) Conditions of Carriage, available on or its ticket counters
  • For returning trips, the ticket must be used within 31 days from your selected date (the first trip)
  • For further inquiries, please contact +60-3-2267-8000 (Mon - Fri 8:30am - 6:00pm) or email : [email protected]