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Just soso ..suitable for kid friendly ,a little bit animal really Mini zoo

Roses · 28/04/2021

Good Service in mini zoo, the animal were all cute

NOR AMALINA · 15/04/2021

Adhere to SOP. Just that animals are getting lesser.

JIAN HAO · 05/04/2021

Very well maintained just a bit small ? really mini zoo?.

Nicole · 03/04/2021

Fast-Lane (No Q for Ticket Purchasing). Direct QR Code Entry Scanning. Good for Kids Exposure/ Educations. Avoid from Public Holidays/ School Breaks.

Muhammad Hakim · 31/03/2021

nice place for kids and even adults. animals are kept clean and healthy.

Sharmini · 31/03/2021

about 1 hour to spend here.. the animals are super cute. rare to see and touch llama at other place

Luqman Nur Hakim · 11/01/2021

It was indeed a clean & safe place for the kids to go during pandemic. The breeze within the city is so cool & calm. Kids are having much fun with those animals, the open concept where can feed the animals are awesome

CHYE HONG · 30/12/2020

A mini zoo, you can pet the animals as they were roaming around freely

NABILAH ALLYSA · 29/12/2020

Paid RM120 for 2 Adult & 2 kids But discover RM 109 for family package @ entrance

BOON HUI · 24/12/2020

It was a fun day! But only a one time thing...................

Ekta · 22/12/2020

Person who love animals . Do visit this zoo . This was wonderful and can get free shuttle from main gate to zoo

LOVEDEEP SINGH · 01/10/2020

Good learning for my 5 years daughter and worth visit

Nordin Bin · 27/02/2020

Cute zoo

Although there are fierce large animals, there are many cute small animals and some of them can be contacted and fed. The entire zoo is built on the mountain, walking and walking like walking into the woods, has another experience

Jess Ting · 07/02/2020

Very very nice place. So easy to get the tickets. My kids loved this place so much.

Mary Margarette · 02/02/2020

a mini zoo

Could spend one hour there

Cilia Sze · 30/01/2020

Convenient transportation

In the lively metropolitan jungle, there is such a fun and fun mini zoo, which is very suitable for children. The transportation is convenient and you can go for a walk

家華 張 · 17/01/2020

It was small but there was plenty to see.

The children looked good. It was so hot that it was a little hard.

miyeon lee · 13/01/2020

Purchasing the ticket online at klook is little value for money then getting it at the counter.

Nurulfathiyah · 18/11/2019

It was a great experience there! Totally worth going it!

EE LIN · 11/11/2019

The mini zoo is ideal for young kids. There are more animals than I expected. We had a lot of fun.

Yin Yee · 21/10/2019

Close to small animals

Although the zoo is not big, it is a good parent-child attraction to be able to touch small animals. On the day of the trip, there is also a skydiving show in the Kuala Lumpur Tower.

KAR MING EDWIN LAM · 11/10/2019

The staff us really really nice, they will give you some food for feed animals and introduce animal to you. And they let me leave my luggage at the counter, very thankful. Like the name is Mini Zoo, and they keep the animals very well.

Jia Hui · 22/02/2019

You can interact with animals and staff members are friend and assist you in touching them.

LOK HIN KENNETH · 10/02/2019

My kids, aged 2 enjoyed it thoroughly. As a family, we enjoyed it too, great for animal lovers. This is just right for the small kids, when its their first time zoo experience.

Bindi · 05/02/2019

Kids love it. Can touch. Many animals. It’s fun.

Chien ping · 05/02/2019

Many cute little animals, especially for people to touch, the price is not expensive, really recommend fun. Suitable for families with children. The location is just under the KL Tower and you need to walk a short hill.

Eric Chang · 23/01/2019

With kids excellent program before KL Tower. Do not miss feeding little birds or alpacas. Absolutely fun. It does not take too long, ca. 40 min you can take the tour.

Szilvia · 15/01/2019

My children was soo excited here.. Very recommended place to visit..

Fazra Ezmyra · 13/01/2019

some animals were allowed to roam freely and that was great! most of the keepers were friendly and explained more about the animals. it was a good opportunity to see animals upclose. do bring insect repellent though, we didn't and got bitten loads but the animals were enough to distract us from the itch. ???

Stephanie · 27/12/2018

First of all, so easier booking the ticket using this app! Save your time too, just show your phone (eticket) at ticket staff. I choose this mini zoo because suitable with my kids aged 3years old and 1year old. They really enjoyed it!

Khairul Ezah · 23/12/2018

Present the print-out ticket for entry to the mini zoo. Staff are friendly. You also get a chance to feed the animals.

Kok Seng · 20/12/2018

good zoo Loved the kangaroo. you can touch the animals

Daria · 17/12/2018

Its a small zoo located in the basement of kl tower. It has some unique animals and many different kinds of birds. My son was very happy to see the pythons especially the white python. Overall a good experience if you combine with KL tower visit.

Debadatta · 24/11/2018

Small Camels and large turtles are the real attractions in the zoo.

SRIHARI · 24/11/2018

great experience! staff was so friendly and got various of animals in this small zoo

Supansa · 08/11/2018

Excellent attraction! Remember to pack an umbrella and a bottle of water. Great for families!

Samuel · 08/11/2018

The staff is very friendly. Although there are not many kinds of animals, they can be in close contact, and some can be fed. The children are very happy. You can go along with the Kuala Lumpur Tower next door.

琬婷 蘇 · 06/11/2018

another great experience for children after visiting KL tower. many varieties of animals to see and feeding them also. No need to que just show the e-voucher then we can go ahead. Thank you klook

Reza · 15/10/2018

It was really nice because there were few people. It was as if I had rented a zoo ^^ I did not have many kinds of animals, but the fact that I can be with animals has raised my satisfaction more than anything else.

yeonjae kang · 07/10/2018

This place is clean, well kept and has indoor/outdoor sides. My kid was having so much fun with all the cute animals, touch and feel them made her so excited.

Nadiha · 02/10/2018

There is not much variety of animals as compared to Farm in the city. The cleanliness need to be improved. A lot of mosquitos.

Ruo Bei · 13/09/2018

This mini zoo is good for children. Only few animals were here. The staff allowed the visitors to feed some animals. Unfortunately, other animals were asleep when I visited. It is better to visit in the morning.

Leah Fatima · 08/09/2018

Our day was great when we visited the place. Good views, good food, great people! It gave us that familiar feeling even though it was only our first time to visit the place. The driver was kind enough to tell us some bits and pieces about the place. We would definitely want to go back again to this place, now with our kids! Thanks, Klook Team!

Russell · 25/08/2018

The tour was accompanied by children. We first went sightseeing on the KL Tower. The location of the mini zoo is next to the KL Tower. When you enter, you will see sheep, different kinds of birds, and many small animals, such as you. You can touch the kangaroo, feed the alpaca and the guinea pig, and have a small child. This is a good choice.

Suet Man Loo · 22/08/2018

Location is at the KL tower. Can easily reach by using grab. The redemption was easy and fast too. Is a small zoo but the kid has some fun time with the animals too. Good to spend 2 to 3 hour here. Recommended for family with small kids.

Hwee Chong · 12/08/2018

had so much fun with KL tower mini zoo. we love this klook voucher, hassel free to use. we will avail this voucher again when we visit KL again.

Janina · 31/07/2018

An exciting zoo! You can feed and touch the animals. Great experience in the birds house feeding the birds. Very amazing in this mini zoo with a great time. You may spend around 1 hour in it. The staff are nice.

MAN WING · 26/07/2018

The different kind of animals you'd see is good enough for a mini zoo. This is a good option only if you have spare time and would like to do something before heading to KL tower.

Roselyn · 25/07/2018

Mini Zoo is a paradise for young kids and adults. The place looks small but there is actually plenty of animal to see and interact with. Highly recommeded.

Pierre Henri · 14/07/2018

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