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Very nice and most important is worth watching.. Amazing experience

Milind Hitesh · 12/06/2021

Visited the Dark Mansion Museum and it was a very good experience. It was enjoyable. Thank you.

Alyssa · 30/03/2021

Such a great experience. We had a lot of fun & enjoy to be here. We love it ?

NOR LIYANA · 12/03/2021

Wonderful place for photos and a happy timepass with friends and family

Manisha · 02/01/2021

We visited this museum on a rainy day. As it was not crowded, we had a guide all to ourselves. The place is not very big and can be covered quickly. We spent the rest of the hour taking lots of photos.

Grace · 30/12/2020

one of must go attraction in penang as it amaze you with a colourful painting by a talented artist. its a two story attraction and there is staff there who will assist you in taking picture and best spot to take picture too. definitely must go place in penang

say hiang · 27/09/2020

My baby so excited to see the glow in the dark room. Place not very big. Decoration is nice and Staff very helpful. Help us to take photo of our family. However, the merchandise a bit expensive. The ais krim malaysia, per piece is Rm5. They sell the photo from their photographer at RM30 per piece. The guy should ask if we want mug or what. I just realize they have mug after i purchase the photo. But its ok. My family enjoy :)

Zalikha · 13/09/2020

A great place

A very beautiful place, it is worth the experience, the staff is very good

Wen Che Lee · 30/08/2020

All for the gram! Highly recommended for people who love a nice back ground “glow in the dark” experience !! Helpful staffs will be ready to help you to guide you through the journey!

Lai Ping Olivia · 28/08/2020

Staffs are friendly to help and explain patiently. However I think the original ticket price is overpriced. It’s worthy since i bought buy1free1

ling ling · 24/08/2020

Staffs are friendly to help and explain patiently. However I think the original ticket price is overpriced. It’s worthy since i bought buy1free1

ling ling · 24/08/2020

Overall is ok, view is good for photo shooting, if price is cheaper then will be perfect.

chee lam · 24/08/2020

Buy 1 free 1 ticket is a great deal. However, wouldnt be worth to pay full price for a visit. Staff are unable to assist in taking phot during RMCO period.

Ching Sie · 23/08/2020

It’s was the best 3D art actually. Staff was so friendly and fun ! I and my friend was so excited to these and its was so worth it ?

NOR FARHANIM · 15/08/2020

It's my first time here. The space is a bit small, but you will be impressed with the interior inside. Nice place, good staff and worth of every penny. If you book via Klook, you will get discount! Normal price fee if you walk in is around RM35/person.

Mohammad Akmal Hakim · 14/08/2020

this is our first time here and my mum love it here!

Nur Liyana · 03/08/2020

Loved the experience. The place is a little bit small but beautiful and fun for me to explore.

SRI MOHAMAD HASRI · 27/03/2020

nice place and attractive.. friendly and helpful staff

Suzanna · 25/02/2020

the mansion is quite a small one, converted from double-storey shop houses, it takes about 45 minutes to complete the tour in the mansion. the walk-in ticket is expensive and it is more worth to purchase it online via klook with much discount. A side note, dark mansion management is noble-hearted to give free ticket to oku visitors both foreigner and local.

dora · 24/02/2020

Nice place

Tickets are exchanged directly at the counter, there are special guides to take pictures, great pictures, highly recommended

整立 林 · 17/02/2020

Nice place

Tickets are exchanged directly at the counter, there is a special person to take pictures, the photos feel good, highly recommended

整立 林 · 17/02/2020

Overall a good experience. The employees are friendly, will guide you through and help you take nice photos. The photos are very nice but a good camera or phone is needed due to dark environment. The museum is a bit small though.

Yee Ling · 16/02/2020

Absolutely great! We enjoyed every moment. The staff is willing to help and snap many photos of us. You should try it. When u look outside the building, it looks like a shop lot(anyway it is haha), but once u entered, wow the journey begins.

Baharuddin · 12/02/2020

Cheaper from KKday!

Having Fun Time with family! If you starting to be clueless what to do in penang, let's try to escape the heat and explore the enchanting glowing world! So much cheaper to buy the tickets from KKday! Worth it!

Minz Chan · 02/02/2020

You can walk around the museum by painting yourself with the paints at the entrance. We had a very enjoyable day.

Tarik · 01/02/2020

This is my son first time traveling outside the country, he is so excited and happy about the place, next time will come again with my daughter.

Imelda Filayati · 01/02/2020

Amazing Experience with Klook, super easy to redeem tickets and great discounts! A fairly small museum but an interesting one if you like glowing art. Worth 1hr of your time on a sunny Penang afternoon! Pro tip: Wear easily removable footwear to get pics clicked near the 3D waterfall.

Kaustav Kaushik · 01/02/2020

The place quite small so its kinda crowded even though there wasn't many people but it was worth it, we enjoyed it and took a lot of good pics. Recommended ???

Nur Syahirah · 26/01/2020

Cheaper to buy through Klook and also faster to get the ticket at the booth. Best to get there as early as possible ie when it open at 10am to avoid the crowds. Great fun for the kids and lots of beautiful butterflies and other crawling insects to see. If you are lucky, you might get free ice-cream during promotion time.

Tat Hwong · 24/01/2020

At first I was surprised at how small the building looks. I walked past it several times during the time I stay in Penang and it was smaller than I expected. However, the space inside is amazing. Every corner is worth taking photos! I was guided to a table where people can colours their faces or hands so that they would glow in the dark. The staff gave the instructions so fast I forgot them all lol. There are 3 sections with different themes as far as I can remember. My favourite would be the butterflies & carriage ones. Classic & new animations OST were played which made it a relaxing and peaceful experience. I also had a blast in the Infinity room. This place is totally on my recommendation list in Penang!

Thi Hoang Diem · 21/01/2020

price abit X but abit small... overrall its is good.. staff friendly n helpfully... my family n my friends enjoy it n like thr color and vibe...

muhammad firdaus · 21/01/2020

Not bad

Not bad. very beautiful. It ’s just that there are not many places to take pictures. Not worth the price. . .

Lin Hui Su · 20/01/2020

a unique experience! everything is glowing using neon colors and ultraviolet light. lots of photo-op zones too. vouchers were given for ice cream and souvenirs; try the white rabbit candy gelato :)

Lester · 15/01/2020

The Dark Mansion Museum is a great way to pass time in Penang, and provides relief from the heat and humidity outside. The attractions are interesting and well-thought out, providing visitors with a unique set of photo memories to bring home!

Samantha · 10/01/2020

It was a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed myself there. The display was mesmerising and I enjoyed taking pics with all the props. The guide within the mansion was so jovial and friendly, accommodating to all our needs.

Bharath Ram · 08/01/2020

the staff are very helpful from the counter until inside the museum. Very easy to process tickets at the counter. worth every cents

Aishah · 02/01/2020

Very good for taking photos. The staff are so helpful in guiding us how to take good photos and carrying the light for us.

Manisara · 02/01/2020

Something new as we can see how art can be apply into glow and 3D version. My parents and kids enjoyed it. Also it’s good spot for Instagram shot and photographer.

Phaik Har · 31/12/2019

It is a one-time worth visit to appreciate the decorations and neon paintings. Staffs are very helpful in taking pictures for us as well as flashing thwir torch for us to get nice shots.

Veronika · 30/12/2019

The staff are very friendly and helpful. They also assist in taking photography session. Plenty of beautiful scenery for photos taking. Just wonderful and glad that I visited this mansion.

Yeow Tuck · 30/12/2019

The staff are very friendly and helpful. They also assist in the photography sessions.

Yeow Tuck · 30/12/2019

Magical glow museum with some 3D art, a place for pictures. Only limitation is the size of this place is small. The staffs were friendly and helpful as they assisted with photo taking of our pictures. Booking via KLOOK for this activity was very convenient.

JOANNE KIT YOONG · 29/12/2019

fantastic view and environment although the premise area is quit small. very friendly staff that could help us to take pictures and shows us the correct ways to get the best photo for each section. please wear bright outfits to get awesome photos !

Thusyiah Binti · 27/12/2019

Great experience for family with kids!! They provided with colouring grow in the dark that allows you to paint on your hand or face, can had lots of fun and joy for photo shooting ??

Sok Lin · 27/12/2019

The lightning in dark mansion really nice and the staff very helpful in term of provide lightning. Overall it was great experience and fun.

Edwin · 25/12/2019

friendly staff

Staffs there are friendly enough to teach us how to take photos in the dark

Heng Wai Kien · 24/12/2019

Nice place. must go in weekdays as it is less crowded. take a good phone as it is just to click a lot of photos with your friends/family or loved one.

Nitasha · 23/12/2019

Nice experience

The museum is small and can be walked in almost 30 minutes. But the staff inside was very enthusiastic about taking pictures of us. Both my parents and I had a great time.

Chia Ling Oh · 20/12/2019

Went in expecting a bit more. The art was really cool and it was a new experience. But if you've seen something similar before, you wouldn't be too impressed. I think the price is too high for the overall experience.

H Andrew Sean Vincent · 17/12/2019

we're team of student have a good time at peneng for 2 days and one night at there.we have go to the peneng national park, dark mission and so on.we make the booking first before go at there

Najihah · 16/12/2019

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