Kiulu White Water River Rafting from Kota kinabalu



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Nice experience

This is the first time for white water rafting abroad. Although the current is not very turbulent, you can even go down to play in the stream, but it is also a great experience! Jiulu River has clear water and good air, so you can play in the water with peace of mind. Noon lunch is a flavor meal, enjoy a special flavor in the mountains. I hope I have a chance to go next time!

佳蓉 朱 · 23/11/2020

transport is punctual. abt 1h car ride to activity start point. safety briefing done. very easy activity suitable for all ages. knowledgeable and friendly guides. 2 opportunities to swim in the river. its a beautiful, quiet and clean river. the end location is big and clean with shower facilities. food is good. back at hotel close to 2pm. time for the activity is just right.

Agnes · 20/02/2020

Good guide, the Jiulu River is a bit boring

The tour guide is good with the coach. The Jiulu River is too calm. The tour guide will create some excitement. The lunch is relatively simple. Next time, I will go to the Badas River because the Jiulu River is like a drifting river, a bit boring

Cheyu Lu · 15/02/2020

This experience that you shouldn't miss when you visit Kota Kinabalo. Recommended for first timer. Everything was good. Our service is on time, our driver was nice, the food was great! We were able to meet new friend from Switzerland ??

Ma Victoria · 12/02/2020

Worth attending

The New Year also has a good day, which is suitable for the family to play together. Good food, very clean with shower

Popo Wu · 31/01/2020

Very good group

At the end of the trip, we will go to the city center at about 14:00. The process is easy. There are children, elders, and timid friends who are absolutely suitable to participate in this event. The coach will carefully protect all participants. But the meal is not very good. This one is very delicious, the portion is enough, and the environment has ice water.

Popo Wu · 30/01/2020

The coach is very attentive and knows that the drama is lively and fun throughout the whole family.

Have fun, next time I will challenge the more difficult river, and I will introduce it to others

PING CHOY WONG · 29/01/2020

Very fun experience, wasn't super challenging but it had some parts were you really had to focus on rowing as a team to avoid a hard crash. Other than that was very relaxing and fun. The food was amazing! would definitely recommend this activity.

Juan · 26/01/2020

The activities are fun and not too dangerous, and children can participate together. The mountain road is a little bumpy, people who will get motion sickness should bring their own motion sickness medicine

TaiChi · 21/01/2020

Good guide

The Sabah Yongsheng Daniel tour guide participated in the Jiulu River rapids today. It felt exciting and fresh, especially the professional guides felt kind and attentive care. Every detail was explained patiently, which made all our participating group members very harmonious and had a great time. And forget to return, thank you very much, professional guide Niu Brother [强] 

Chi Cheung To · 06/01/2020

啱 The kid's rapids, it feels fun, the staff is very friendly

hoi sze Nancy · 06/01/2020

It is our first time to do rafting. Great fun. The flowing speed is not so quick so that nobody would get motion sickness. It is suitable for children and elderly. You would have two times to jump into the river to flow with your life jacket.

yin yu · 31/12/2019

Fun experience

The experience feels very good! I can't control the rapids, but the enthusiastic instructor is able to swim on the river with the beautiful weather and it feels very good!

Hei Joel Lam · 30/12/2019

The faint torrent is suitable for a family, swimming and sightseeing in the river. Children and elders can be accompanied.

Lai Yee · 29/12/2019

Very satisfied journey, about 1 and a half hour rafting, the scenery is very good, the coach is very professional, and the rafting room can choose to jump to the middle of the river! Recommended trip! The itinerary includes a buffet lunch, but it is not lost. Participants are advised to bring clothes to change.

wing lam · 26/12/2019

Good experience for beginners. Not too much rapids. Can swim and float. Better wear dive boots as the river is rocky and slippery. Better if tell us the car plate no. a day before.

Ho Tin · 25/12/2019

Rafting in Kota Kinabalu was a brand new experience. The road was beautiful, and the boat and the water were clean.

suk jin · 24/12/2019

Good first experience

Suitable for the whole family, the coach is friendly and enthusiastic. The whole process was about two hours, just right. Be mentally prepared to get your body wet, and you can also choose to enter the water.

KIN MAN CHEUNG · 23/12/2019

Exciting fun

It happened to rain this time ~ but the stream is about 2 levels. Not too dangerous but exciting ~ Even mothers who are worried along the road and dad playing for the first time are very satisfied ~ Although exciting, they feel safe because of their coaches

藝君 郭 · 17/12/2019


Before the trip, my mother was always worried that it was too exciting, and it turned out that he liked it ~ I wanted to play again the next day ~ It was very convenient, and someone explained that it was safe ~ Even the captive mother fell into the water, he was very satisfied ~

藝君 郭 · 17/12/2019

We went on 11 dec. The journey to the river was smooth and the guides gave a detailed safety briefing. Our raft captain Camilus was friendly and out-going. The rafting experience was great as we could even swim/float in the river at certain sections. Driver janis was friendly and kept us informed of the journey times. Due to a landslide, he waited for the repair and saved us 30 mins of additional travelling time. Appreciate it very much. All in all, it was a fun activity for beginners. Definitely suitable for families with young children as well.

Tuck Wen · 12/12/2019

Great, kids love it, the water will not be too turbulent, both adults and children are suitable

Jen Chin · 12/12/2019

It was good rafting with son! Enjoy with young children !!

inseong · 10/12/2019

It ’s fun ~ Especially when you can swim in the water ~ .........

Zhan · 09/12/2019

Great family experience. Guide is knowledgeable and above expectation. Highly recommended.

Wing Leong · 27/11/2019

Quite boring. Maybe this activity is catered to family and kids. Tour guide are on time and very accommodating to request though.

YAP · 30/10/2019

The River was great and the tour guide is very acxommodating.. We really enjoy this activity and willing to go back but with a higher level of current. Thank you very much! ?

Jayson · 24/08/2019

Amazing! Instructor was excellent. Very safe, but super fun!

Amelia · 08/08/2019

Lots of pleasure and fun dipping in the cool water. The guide is professional. The lunch buffet is good.

Yuchen · 06/08/2019

Very fun. A very good activity to recommend.

Chong · 01/08/2019

Nice coach, nice view. Suitable for families with kids. Excited experience for children. Can swim in the river.

Yee Man · 01/08/2019

Since it's my first water rafting I really enjoyed this activity. The guide is really doing well in so many ways. The food is good. Next time I will try the next level. ☺️

Arnold · 16/07/2019

All good. Enjoyed it very much! Smooth booking and activity

Andrew · 20/06/2019

The guide was nice. However, it may not be that exciting because less adventurous for those who want adventure. Should try higher level (level III-IV)! Food was good.

Lili · 17/06/2019

This activity is not challenging but the view is incredible. The facilities are quite clean and convenient.

Hoi Ha · 10/06/2019

It was a very organized trip. The rafting experience was fairly good. Those who are looking for more thrill, I suggest going for the padas rafting instead. Kiulu river is considered very mild, suitable even for kids. Buffet lunch provided was awesome too.

SHAHFEQAZZREN · 06/05/2019

An excellent rafting experience! The level 1 was not very adventurous suitable for families with kids. The guide and rafting coach were both very friendly and took good care of the team. The whole trip was well arranged, by the time we arrived the end point our belongings were already there so we could shower and change comfortably. The end point center was a very nice place too, a big piece of green grass covered area, where our buffet lunch was set. Overall was great!!

KINE WAH LOIRE · 28/12/2018

It was a Great! family trip with the kids (11 and 13yo). They had loved the splashes during the rafting, and not too intimidating for them. They also enjoyed the minor moments of rapids as well. The guides are very professional and friendly as well. You can tell they take pride in their job, and also made sure that we had fun as well. The only worrying moment was that they did not made advance contact prior to the day of pick up and made us worry if they had forgotten about the arrangements. Overall, it was a good experience. Next year, we could try out a higher level with the kids at Padas river rafting.

ERIC HUI MENG · 12/12/2018

Our guide, Hendry, was superb and knowledgable. He was funny yet professional. In all, it was an amazing experience. Would definitely recommend!!

Azna · 03/12/2018

I’m still giving this a four-star rating despite the lack of thrill. To be honest, the rafting experience is more like a river cruise. Nothing is sort of exciting really but the views while cruising is so relaxing. Will try Padas next time.

Lowell · 10/11/2018

The best experience. Our tour guide is one of the most funniest.

Irish Nikka · 01/11/2018

Tour guide is friendly and helpful. A must try activities in Sabah.

JunHou · 02/10/2018

exciting activity good for all ages. wear long sleeves because you will be exposed in the sun for 2-3 hrs

SHARMAINE · 19/09/2018

Youve got to try this when going to Kota Kinabalu!

CAMILLE · 17/09/2018

A very fun experience. Guide was nice and pleasant.

Dominique Irel · 11/09/2018

Overall, It was an awesome experience. Even though were picked up a few minutes late, the guides were friendly and they made sure guests had a fun time.

Karen Nicole · 03/08/2018

It was my first time to try water rafting. I'll admit I was a bit scared. But me and my friends enjoyed it!

Lorraine · 02/06/2018

Rcommended to water rafting beginners: easy enough because the waves are not that dangerous and yet the tour guide has these raft activities which made the trip challenging and fun. Bob is an entertaining and engaging tour guide!

John Michael · 28/05/2018

Good good good for beginners and children Nice food

Sai Wing · 01/05/2018

Convenient, easy hotel pick up and drop off. Good price too! The water is not very adventurous, and you can swim inside the river. If you are lucky, the guide will lead the guests to jump off a rock and do body rafting. It was great fun!!

Kapik · 26/02/2018

Product information

An adrenaline-filled river adventure!

What To Bring:
  • Towel
  • Change of clothes
  • Insect repellent
  • Sun protection
  • Cash to pay surcharge (areas outside Kota Kinabalu)