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this is a late post. good. safety instruction given.

foong ling · 07/03/2021

Water rafting are one of the greatest adventure, should try once in a lifetime ??And riverbug Asia's crew esp Rio & Jama never cease to amaze each one of us with 9 thrilling rapids in here Sg. Padas. Yesterday was a memory , today is a journey and tomorrow is a dream . thankq with love ?

MUHAMMAD DASTUR · 25/02/2020

Exciting adventures and worth to go

Ho Fung · 14/01/2020

Definitely worth the fun doing this rafting of grade 3/4. Our raft was the chosen one, so the moment we saw a 1.5-2m wall of muddy water in front of us, it was time our raft capsized and everyone fell into the river and drifted along the fast moving river. It was fun and anytime better than Kiulu River rafting

Eric Choo Kuan · 24/12/2019

Helpful and friendly instructor, really love the whole journey along the train ride

PAULINE · 24/12/2019

The whole trip is awesome, the trainer is friendly and nice and give instructions clearly during the whole journey. The lunch is normal, don’t except too much.

Shu Kiu · 16/12/2019

Travel time to Padas Rafting site was quite a long journey. Apart from that, the experience was worthwhile! The person in charge was very friendly and patient, he makes the entire activity a lot more exhilarating and fun!

Choy · 15/12/2019

fun-filled rafting day

Our first time rafting. We were lucky that the tide was high with the rain from the day before. Lots of fun riding through the rapids but at the same time we felt safe in the hands of the experienced coaches. The train ride into the mountains took a while but had a back-in-time feeling that added much colour to the experience. Definitely recommend this activity as one of the must-dos in KK

Guest · 15/12/2019

It was a long journey and it wasn’t challenging on that day due to the weather but I still love rafting.

Siti Zulaikha · 04/12/2019

We went here 2years ago. The activity was fun and adventurous. Def not for the faint-hearted! Guide was very friendly he picked us up from our airport since location was very far from main city.

Maria Katricia · 17/11/2019

Good stuff. 10/10 would do it again, the full train and river rafting experience. Guides were friendly and helpful (shout out to Rio & Kim). Though organizer needs to improve on pre-trip communication i.e. to initiate and confirm logistics arrangement. Also photos by organizer is a separate surcharge, not paid here. Great photos however.

ENOCH SING JU · 09/11/2019

Good trip. Such an exciting activity to be experienced with group of friends. Definitely recommend this to my friends.

YAP · 29/10/2019

Excellent services by riverbug. It was a weekday with just 2 of us from the time of pick up by a minvan, rafting with 2 of us and 2 guides on the raft. The guides are very experienced in the route. We had lots of fun during the river rafting. There are many rapids ranging from small to big. Traveling time is about 4 to 5 hours. Rafting is an hour or so.

CHUAN KIAT · 11/10/2019

My booking was cancelled due to low sea level, we changed to Kiulu Water Rafting instead, it's not thrilling enough to me. However I aslo had great time swimming in Kiulu River. Really pity that can not do Padas rafting in my trip to Sabah

PHUOC TAI · 30/09/2019

Nice coach and nice arrangement for us , Hope next time will be the same

Wing Kei · 13/09/2019

Actual rafting time was less than 90 minutes. Total trip time from door to door (bus, train, rafting, train, bus) was 15 hours and 40 minutes. This trip is probably worth it if you live someplace with no water nearby as the rafting is OK, the guides are fun, and the overall experience is as described.

JAMES JUHYUNG · 11/09/2019

Quite good and fun experience, though the travel time to get there was too long. Worth a try.

Mei Yan · 08/08/2019

overall excellent by Riverbug from pickup at hotel, board train at Beaufort to water rafting starting point, lunch buffet is delicious. make sure to board the train with no seating (experience the train ride while sitting on the floor)

Mohammad Jamel bin · 03/08/2019

The tour is very systematic and fun. The train ride is memorable and unique. Will definitely recommend this tour to my friends.

Sye Yen · 31/07/2019

Fab · 30/07/2019


Far away, you have to change to a 3-segment train, and it is very hot on the grass. It is very troublesome and dangerous to use a ladder up and down the train. The rafting is generally stimulating, and the lunch is also very simple.

小娟 黃 · 20/07/2019

Too far

Our group has only 5 people, all of whom are foreigners. It is too far away to experience the country life. The rapids may be too good for the day. It is not as exciting as you can imagine. You can swim in the river and have beautiful scenery.

TANG HOI YING · 11/07/2019

Stimulate fun

Imagine the dangers and hardships of the lieutenant, and it is a good and exciting experience. It is very special for the two journeys. The train journey is also very special. It is part of the experience. It feels like entering the very original era.

Tat Cheong Bolton Lo · 10/07/2019

Very exciting experiences. Coach is professional and safe instruction.

WAI KIN · 06/07/2019

It's a good experience to raft a grade 4 River Padas, beside those 5 rapids which gave us adrenaline rushing, we also enjoyed taking the old train , crossing the country side of inner Sabah. Strongly recommended for those who seek excitements

chii der · 27/06/2019

The activity is extremely yet safe. I do recommend to try it out when you visit Kota Kinabalu. However Not sure why I wasn't able to access klook in Malaysia, I have also try to contact the local Klook customer support but wasn't able to find any support from klook

Pok Yu Anthony · 24/06/2019

The tour was actually well- organized. Transport was on time. The captains were funny and knowledgeable. The tour was really exciting. Rafting is however a really dangerous activity. Our boat flipped over and all of us including the captains dropped into the river. Luckily the fellow rafters trapped under water by the boat were able to find their way out and the captains managed to right the boat soon. However, it was not easy for the rafters to get on the boat again as we were still in the rapids. The waves seemed never- ending and the water kept on going into our nose and mouth every time we tried to breathe. It took almost 10 minutes for all the rafters to get on the boat again. Most of us agreed that it could be life- threatening if we were not lucky enough. To be fair, the tour was actually great and the rafters on others boats which did not capsized enjoyed it a lot. But to me, this near- to- death experience really scared me and I don't think I would go rafting again.

Cho Kiu · 09/06/2019

If you're seeking for thrills and real adventure, this is the best activity for you. It's so extreme and dangerous, but super fun and fulfilling. Just keep extra careful! Kudos! ?

Eric · 02/06/2019

Highly recommended! We booked everything through Klook, which is very easy, accommodating and great price. Klook hooked us up with Riverbug for this adventure. They took care for everything (transportation, guide, lunch, rafting equipment and safety gears). The guides are friendly and fun. We experienced good, warm and great service throughout. For the beginner, don't be afraid to try because Riverbug took the safety as priority and very professional as you can smiling and laughing all the way down the river. If i had a chance, i'll definitely do it again.

Diba · 01/04/2019

Highly recommended. Although the transportation to the location is a bit of a chore (totalling probably 8-9 hours there and back), the location and activity itself were great. The train rides may get a bit warm but there’s a rustic charm about them. As for the rapids, it is not something to be overly concerned about but I think it’s better if you know how to swim.

eric · 30/12/2018

I was really terrified at first as I am a non swimmer but our guide - “JACK” made it really enjoyable for our group. He reassured all of us that we will be safe and he made sure that we are all okay. My only advice is not to bring any valuables especially cameras or go Pro as there is a high chance that it will go on the water and will be difficult to retrieve. The team has their own photographer who takes photos during rafting. You just have to pay I think 120-160RM depending if you want to tramsfer it on your phone or email. Overall it was a great experience. I will definitely do it again. Highly recommended!

JOYCE MIKI BATHAN · 18/12/2018

Wet, wild and crazy! This is a must-do if ure ever in Sabah. The guides are friendly and funny and you'll never feel in danger altho they will jokingly say that you are. The rapids are fast and furious and u better hold on tightif u do not want to fall out. But then again, dats the best bit! So go for it! Highly recommended!!

Azna · 09/12/2018

Definitely the best part of our Sabah, Malaysian tour. A must experience adventure. You get to ride the train through the jungle. I love this activity!!! Rio our guide is witty, funny, and very informative.

Jonalyn · 01/12/2018

Pretty awesome tour of the rapids! Even as a first-timer, this has been pretty doable, especially with team effort! Thankfully, we didn't capsize! Our guide Wowon has been pretty great too. Would recommend that everyone try this out :)

Christian · 21/11/2018

It was long journey for one-day! However It was soooo excited and unforgettable activity on my mind! Highly recommend it to someone who are traveling in KK! Thanks!

Jung eun · 20/11/2018

Padas rafting was on of my greatest experienced in my whole entire life that my wife and I would never forget especially when it was one of our itinerary for our 20th wedding anniversary. It was such an experience to be able to take the old train and sharing it with the locals commuters and not forgetting jumping into the water at Padas River. The whole travel arrangement from Unic hotel to Padas was awesome too. I would strongly recommend anyone to try out Padas Rafting as you will have an amazing time of your life. Regards Anwwar Singapore


Kkday arranges rigid Taiwan's liaison attitude. The suggestion is that the Taiwanese side is the opposite. The Kota Kinabalu local staff is very good in overall service. The working environment is comfortable. I want to be an employee. The driver is early and courteous. Nice is responsible for the situation. Show finally only three people in a row to merge his group for foreigners to communicate with the loss of play, innocent and safe, and more left risk. It should be arranged for the neighboring country to borrow the same group but other factors lead to this helpless situation waiting for other group members to spend about an hour. For unnecessary time, the driver is driving the train at full speed. The two-way driving is illegal. The gimmick is very dangerous. It is necessary to catch up with the train. The arrangement should be improved. The half-way train has the air-conditioner and the fan seat. The scenery is first and foremost. The scenery is not described. In particular, the experience is to fall three times in the middle of the car, not one in the end. For the first time, change the locomotive for the baggage and change clothes. Then take the 10-15mins train and arrive at this time to get the life jacket and other equipment. The girls should pay attention to the attire to avoid traffic. The time is quite long. There are men’s and women’s toilets and showers, but none of them have more muddy water than the pictures. Everyone should consider reaching the river. Compared with the original small-time tour guide, it is said that it is necessary to wait for it to be said that it is not enough to rise. It is already scheduled to reach the end point. Therefore, people are worried about asking the tour guide but the reply will not be enough for the water to catch the rainy season. It was raining the night before, so about 40 groups of friends believed that there was no expectation to play. Finally, they were only told to cancel without explanation. No apology, no mid-way assessment. Arranged to wait for more than one hour of steaming at the riverside. No one told me to take off the equipment first. Or take the initiative to confess the situation, return to the equipment point, wait for the one-hour tour guide of the return train, play the phone, smoke, and pay attention to the group. All the people can only sit and wait for the time. Even the fan and the water have to ask the group to ask for a small branch. Easy heatstroke lunch is not a picture of the rich taste of Pu Pu arranged for the end of the lunch on the train to do personally think that it is not worth the price. Although the English service is listed, but the tour guide communicated with us in the early stage to communicate with the foreign group, there is no Chinese communication. I know that our English is still good. I think that if there is a delay/change in the itinerary, you should inform us in Chinese or confirm that I understand the English explanation but the tour guide has no individual. For the staff are all local people can not know whether the day can be launched, I think it is unnecessary to wait to ignore the tourists feel, even if the water flow is not controlled by the people should also arrange all the members back to the nearest equipment point waiting for the tour guide should be honestly confess the situation equipment points, storage points The dining hall should be merged with one place to solve the problem. There is no mention of the problem. There is no mention of the above-mentioned multiple refunds on the same day. After 6 days, there is still no reply. The call is extremely irrelevant. The recording value is worth half a day and the time is spent using kkday. ? for reference.

KEI YIN WONG · 19/10/2018

The experience can't be described in one word! It is amazingly wonderful adventurous and extremely rewarding experience. All of us had a great time with this activity, combination of fun and adventure. It was GREAT!

Dale John · 12/10/2018

a must try when you're in sabah. Exciting and you get to meet new people. it was tiring but super worth it.

kaye · 11/09/2018

Its one of the greatest experience even its way too far from kota kinabalu, the activity is so worth it! Jack is one of the expert kudos to him.

Jomer · 07/09/2018

Highlight of our trip! Professional guides and captains who thoroughly and patiently taught and guided us through the exciting activity. Well organief and a delightful day of thrills in nice surroundings :)

Calvin Yat Lun · 08/08/2018

A MUST DO activity when you visit Kk. My first ever rafting experience and definitely not the last. Our tour guide, Rio was very informative.

Araine Cherrylyn · 04/08/2018

Padas river white water rafting is a must if you want to get your adrenaline rushing through your body as this activity is really challenging and fun too. We had fun throughout our paddling and the scenery was beautiful too. Padas river has a lot of rocks apart from wide open still water that make paddling fun and exciting. The water rushing down the stream can be strong and fast at some parts of the river, so doing white water rafting here is always exciting.

Mohd Amin · 30/07/2018

They picked me up in my hotel earlier than scheduled. Our guide Billy is a very funny guy. It was my first time but trying the level III & IV is all worth it. Riverbug made us all safe and made sure we enjoyed the waters. Try it. It might look scary but trust me its fun! Always don't forget to smile. There are cameras everywhere. ;)

Danica Ana · 08/07/2018

This is definitely a must do when you go to KK. Pick-up was on time and the guides were very good and entertaining. Highly recommended. :)

Mary Ann · 02/07/2018

I was picked up on time. It was approx. 1 & half hours van ride to Beaufort town where we boarded the jungle railway train (another 1 & half hours) to the rafting site. It was exciting and the paddling through the rapids was a good physical workout and plenty of adrenaline rush.

CHARLIE · 19/06/2018

Some delay in our morning pickup. Efficient help given by Klook hotline staff to help us follow up. Had a lot of fun with our guide Rio! Totally enjoy this adventure.

Jing · 05/04/2018

Padas rafting was incredible experience at first Im a little bit scared but after so many waves I enjoyed it. Our tour guides are very accomodating. Padas rafting is the best water activity in kota kinabalu ????

Jan Shaira · 22/03/2018

We booked this activity via Klook and I can say that the river rafting experience was so incredible especially for 1st timers like our group. It was definite a great choice to book with RiverBug given the services and hospitality they've shown. Our driver/rafting guide guide that took us up on the starting point was also very professional and accomodating, we never felt that we were in another country. Everyone was amazing with their own taste of humor that we definitely enjoyed! The experience as a whole getting to Beaufort and taking the traditional train up the mountain was memorable. The travel was quite long. But it was worth it!

Edwin III · 31/01/2018

Good experience !! need to take long time to travel. Actually the view and the experience in train are good when travel to the start point of the rafting. Recommend to try.

Wing Shan · 11/12/2017

Product information

Take on the most intense River Rafting in Sabah!

What To Bring:
  • Towel
  • Change of clothes
  • Insect repellent
  • Sun protection
  • Raincoat
  • Swimwear
  • Cash to pay surcharge (area out of Kota Kinabalu)