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It is very convenient for using and entry the venue.

Lai Yin · 08/06/2021

it was a fantastic experience. i would strongly recommend it. loving it.

Jia Yin · 08/04/2021

It was an excellent experience for the whole family. Place was huge and the exhibits were interesting. Though the crowd there were huge, we still managed to enjoy ourselves as they were generally orderly.

Zhenhao · 20/03/2021

Smooth transport, the bus was on time and the ride was smooth. A good experience, highly recommended.

YAN YING ANGELA · 08/03/2021

Fantastic experience! Will go again if there is another chance

Kristal Jiali · 26/02/2021

Wonderful trip with my family. Hope to visit there every year. ?

Wing Yin Elsie · 07/02/2021

We had some downtime before we could check in at our stay so we decided to visit the Aquarium. It was great! spent a good few hours here admiring the Aquarium.

Sandra · 08/01/2021

Definitely a better deal than getting in Okinawa. Love the aquarium. Will go again when COVID-19 is over.

Noel Evangeline Sok Hui · 15/12/2020

The aquarium in Okinawa is a must-visit site. Te ticket us worth tehe price. Redemption is easy. Thanks klook for providing such an offer.

Siu Tung · 14/08/2020

The pick up was shift and easy. As for my journey to aqaurium, it took quite some time since I did not have a car and relied soley on public transport, it took me about 2.5 hours to go there. The aquarium itself was awesome and the location is absolutely stunning. Furthermore, there were not many touritst, instead there were a lot of student vistors which was interesting.

Ching Yeung · 28/07/2020

It's a beautifully built aquarium. Would totally go again! Easy redemption with the eticket too, no need to queue.

Xin Ying · 15/06/2020

a good deal to buy in klook. it is cheaper if you buy there instead. I will go again if I go to Okinawa.

fung yin · 12/05/2020

Easy to locate the redemption counter at the airport. Simply follow the instructions on Klook, the whole redemption process was quick. It was an amazing experience inside the Aquarium. We were stunned by the gigantic whale shark. The aquarium itself is not too big, I would suggest to spend 3-4hours include watching the free dolphin show.

Pinky · 28/02/2020

It is very nice experience to see the largest fish in aquarium

Tien Tien · 28/02/2020

Able to the largest fish in Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Nai Sin · 28/02/2020

Not too crowded if you go later on in the day (a few hours before closing). Great variety of fish & other sea species. A must see attraction for Okinawa

Jonathan · 21/02/2020

nice and very big Aquarium easy to go by car. For exchange​ tickey can do at the airport easily.

Araya · 17/02/2020

Quite a long drive up north. Simple to pick up at the airport. Fuss-free.

Chris · 14/02/2020

Very convenient. One of the best aquariums ive visited

Kristel Joy Iguis · 12/02/2020

Nice to spend few hours there. It is better if the HIS counter for ticket collection is opened earlier

Pin Pin · 09/02/2020

Best activities in Okinawa, would like to go again when visit Okinawa.

CHEN HONG · 06/02/2020

Best activities in Okinawa, would like to go again when visit Okinawa.

CHEN HONG · 06/02/2020

Nice aquarium in Japan. Good experience in Okinawa.

Pijarin · 05/02/2020

It was a bit of a pain to get to the counter if you fly and arrive at the International terminal as this counter is located at the Domestic terminal. I would say worth doing if you have a large party or have other tickets to collect. For just two tickets, I would not bother next time as the saving wasn't worth the hassle.

Dora · 04/02/2020

Very good price with a group of family people. This is a place that cannot be missed . Amazing !

Judy · 26/01/2020

quick and easy exchange process at the airport, aquarium was great!

Melissa Wan Wen · 22/01/2020

The best aquarium so far in asia. ????. The fish, the facility and the convenient was good. Nice view also !!

Stephanus · 22/01/2020

The best aquarium so far in asia. ????. The fish, the facility and the convenient was good. Nice view also !!

Stephanus · 22/01/2020

Its a must to go place when u r at Okinawa. It super easy to collect and hassle free. l

Wendy Yan Yan · 21/01/2020

convenient with online ticket purchase, save time on lining up for ticket purchasing in Okinawa!!

MINYU · 21/01/2020

Good aquarium A lot of species are there Funny and pretty good while touring in the aquarium

Thanut · 20/01/2020

Need to walk to domestic terminal for pick up, which is quite a Long walk. We enjoyed ourselves in the aquarium!

QINGLIN · 20/01/2020

Fuss free collection of the tickets at the airport. The aquarium is huge and worth going for families. The stars of the aquarium are the whale sharks and black manta ray. However, the highlight of our aquarium visit is actually the dolphin show which is outside the ticketed area. The turtle and manatee exhibits are also outside the aquarium.

Liew Cheng · 15/01/2020

It’s a nice aquarium; however, I expected a little bit more given the reputation for being one of the better aquariums in Japan. They can certainly expand on the food(restaurant) selections.

Louis Kwok Kei · 14/01/2020

Avoid mainland tourists> please go earlier Truly great experience Enormous and well maintained tank Great landscape Great parking

Ting Cheung · 14/01/2020

Perfect place for family ,even with kids! Everything is so friendly here and u won’t get any bit of Boredom at all!!

WAN HSUAN · 13/01/2020

Straight forward direction to collect tickets at the airport. Simple and fast. Great dolphin show.

HOU LU · 03/01/2020

The aquarium is far from the airport but worthy to visit. You need to take the tickets at the domestic arrival hall. Luckily it is only a few minutes away from the international arrival hall. The Kuroshio Sea is incredible and you can take some really good pictures there. The way that the whale sharks eat is really interesting.

CHAK CHIU · 03/01/2020

Collecting of the tickets was easy and available at the airport. Aquarium was worth seeing and was huge.

Xin Wei · 29/12/2019

tickets are cheaper than buying in park. those fishes are so beautiful and I feel like swimming in the sea.

Tsz Chun Peony · 28/12/2019

Quite a good aquarium! Got there at 3pm so unfortunately was with a lot of school children. The tanks are huge and there are massive whale sharks that you’ve got to check out. Really easy to use the tickets, and the aquarium is next to the Ocean Expo Park; which is also worth your time (there’s dolphin shows and manatees you can feed!). Not the biggest aquarium overall, but you should really check it out if you’re around Northern Okinawa.

andie · 26/12/2019

The staff at the aquarium are very responsible and feel well managed. It ’s just taking long time to take a regular bus from Naha. I hope there will be more options to go to the aquarium

Beng Gin · 25/12/2019

Very good experience in Okinawa. Must go place! It is good for family - for all old and young.

Siew Wei · 23/12/2019

Easy redemption at Naha airport, with discount for young children, open for 7 days & all within a second. Great & will recommend to others definitely.

Petula · 20/12/2019

worth going! close up views with feeding dolphin. sharks exhibits (impressive!!!)

Yeo · 20/12/2019

Easy redemption at airport with pleasant counter location. We took the monorail to airport to get the ticket, plus try the famous rice ball next to HIS counter. There are so many buses going to the aquarium from airport if you don’t drive. Nice weather on our visit date. No matter you are travelling with family, loved one or travel alone, highly recommend you to visit here!

Yun ping · 16/12/2019

Much more convenient to pay via Klook and collect the tickets at the airport. Got a nice discount too.

Zen Wea · 12/12/2019

Very nice sea view! Polite staff!

Cheuk Lun · 11/12/2019

Easy to pick up from airport. Good to use and the aquarium was a nice experience

Jun Yuan Justin · 10/12/2019

The whale sharks were beautiful, along with all the other marine life. Try going earlier to get better photos!

Daryl James Kewei · 08/12/2019

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Insider Tips:
  • Don't miss the Exploring the Kuroshio freely shown daily from 3:00pm-5:00pm. Here you'll get to see an impressive whale shark feeding show
  • Check this guide for a detailed list of activities, facilities, shows, and more inside the aquarium!