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Great Price for 2 Trips ; Sea Life Bangkok & Madame Tussauds if u buy the ticket directly from them ,u couldnt get great price from Klook , Easy to pay as well Convenient?? hope u still keep this promotion as long as u can?

· 01/05/2021

I liked everything very much. There were no problems with vouchers. There were very few people. Caught feeding sharks, rays and penguins. It was interesting, but the sharks weren't hungry. Inside there is a small corner for snacks and drinks.

Tetiana · 22/04/2021

It was such an amazing experience for me. I've never been here for almost 10 years. Everything looks the same but my feeling still excited evey time I see it. Buying the ticket from Klook is the best choice. The price is cheaper and the points can also be used for more discounts. Gotta go back soon.

Bhubate · 21/02/2021

A great 2-3 hours spent at bangkok aquarium (located at city centre). We manage to skip the long queue due to klook redemption counter as went on a weekend. Definitely recommended for families and friends alike!

DEREK · 18/11/2020

great place to go with the family. make sure your leave enough time and pay attention to the animal feeding time. the shark feeding was fun to watch. takes longer if pictures. the huge tank where your at the sharks go over you is very fun.

David · 07/09/2020

This was my first sightseeing visit after landing at Bangkok and it really started the whole trip with a bang! The place is literally situated at the basement of a shopping mall. They have variaties of fishes and reptiles with informative boards and the glass bottom boat is an experience in itself. The place is nice and clean. The 4D movie is short but nice nonetheless.

Geeta · 07/05/2020

superb experience . I had spent whole day in aquarium only. Glass bottom boat was really disappointing activity though. I will visit this place again that is for sure. and booking made via Klook helped me for quick entry via different entry queue. Aquarium staff has places to take you family photos which will be received at end of your trip but that is framed and sold at very high price. not worth to spend that much only on 1 photo.

MITESH · 12/04/2020

good place for family

happy to went here , this is my second time for here again , my children love here so much . we spend around 1hrs for viewing .

KarYan Wong · 14/03/2020

Klook offers the ticket at a very low price, moreover we could use the credits earned from previous bookings which made the ticket price very cheap. Had a lifetime experience at the Sea life Bangkok. It is a must do activity in Bangkok and Klook is highly recommended for booking.

Prashanta · 10/03/2020

It is highly recommended to book the tickets of Sea Life from Klook. Klook offers the ticket at a much lower price with instant confirmation. It is absolutely hassle free, Klook has a separate queue at the venue, as well.

Arpita · 10/03/2020


Amazing, a lot species

Jimmy See WOEI Wong · 07/03/2020

A definitely must go. I had a blast at both Madame Tussauds and SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean. The figurines at Madame Tussauds was just awesome. Got to take pic with my favorite 'Steven Gerrard'. The sharks view in the walk through tunnel at the SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean, was just superb. The had a lot of marine life. Their 4D movie(sponge bob) was good too.


What a fun trip that i had here. Me and my friend and great afternoon with beautiful view of sea life. And the experience even better when we saw the feeding show. We highly recommend to take this trip in Bangkok.

Minh Tu · 02/03/2020

The Aquarium is under SIAM Paragon!! (mall) Saw sea creatures for the very first time of my life hehehe the penguins are very cute though. I recommend going here if you have kids. For sure they will enjoy it here.

Rogie John · 28/02/2020

Great day out especially if you have young children. Beautiful displays of sea life and reptiles and frogs. Lots of places to just sit and watch the fishes swim, very calm atmosphere. I was able to take many beautiful photos of the animals.

Rebecca · 17/02/2020

This is something the kids and the kids at heart will definitely enjoy. Easy to redeem and good location too. We definitely recommend Klook activities because it is worth the price and gives no hassle at all. Truly makes every vacation memorable. Thanks Klook!!!

norie · 15/02/2020

Amazing experience. There were many species of fishes as well as other sea creatures. It's ok if you don't buy glass bottom boat ride as you can see shark and other big fishes through glass tunnel also.

VASANTKUMAR · 14/02/2020

Overall the place was just great and very well kept. It's on B level. It just organize the place so well that people can enjoy it without feel too much. Loved the ambiance, animals are great. Sharks, penguins, reptiles, etc. Also have glass boat ride (extra pay, or you can choose include with entrance ticket), live show for feeding animal. Oh, also you can buy ticket include with Madame Tussauds access. Great place.

Hemant · 13/02/2020

The aquarium not too big and there’s not many attractions in it, the places not too crowded, after all everything was good enough for family or single traveler, you can spend time there and looking for many sea creatures

melly · 12/02/2020

Great experience especially with the feeding shows and starfish experience. Also, claiming of the tickets were very easy and should be redeemed beside the 4d movie theater. The 4d Movie was very fun as well, good for kids

Mark Alexis · 12/02/2020

SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World is a must-visit while you are traveling to Bangkok. My kid, as well as us, enjoyed the tour thoroughly. It for sure was worth buying the tickets. The Glassboat trip was amazing.

Debjani · 10/02/2020

An amazing trip for your own family. The first time seeing such beautiful sealife with beautiful animals. They are so friendly and seem to understand what you want to connect with them. It will become my unforgettable trip.

Anh Huyen · 08/02/2020

One of the best highlights of our trip. The sealife aquarium is good and the shark tunnel is amazing. 4D cinema is ok, not bad. Madame tussade is ultimate and you find loads of celebrities from around the globe.

Supreeth Kumar · 05/02/2020

It is really worthy to buy combo ticket for Aquarium and Madame Tussauds tickets in klook. I spent just 2 mins to redeem tickets in counter. I visited these places on my last day of trip before I fly from bangkok. So, it is very relax to walk and spent time in these places in air-conditioned environment. Thanks Klook.

Govardhanan · 02/02/2020

It’s a great place to go for marine animal lovers. There is a great variety of animals, and they are taken care of well. Plus, the aquarium is highly accessible. It’s definitively a worthwhile experience.

Chieh Wen · 01/02/2020

Amazing to see all the sea life under one roof. Klook made it easy as when we book through them, we enter the express line where you don’t have to wait in queue to enter. The entire visit takes about 2.5-3 hrs. The penguin enclosure is great fun. The snow area is great too. Over all, one can spend half a day easily here. The Siam paragon mall is a shoppers paradise where you can be the rest of the day.

Jyothi · 30/01/2020

We really enjoyed our time there specially my kids, the aquarium was gorgeous and there were a lot of species, and Madam tussauds really surprised us especially we found some kid’s games which made my kids so excited too.

WAEL · 30/01/2020

It was a great experience at Ocean world, Bangkok. It is a must visit for all. When you book through Klook, you get tickets at a discounted price plus there is a separate counter for Klook customers to get the physical tickets.

Kapil · 29/01/2020

The place is clean and spacious. Their staffs are warm and informative. I spent 2 hours inside and their scheduled feeding time is accurate. They also have a restaurant inside so if you get hungry, eating won't be a problem.

Christian Mark · 28/01/2020

This is a great few hours for both adults and kids. The exhibits are exotic and interesting. the glass bottom boat is a must do. lots of snacks and tidbits for kids available inside. Stroller friendly..almost.

Kanav · 26/01/2020

The klook counter is easy to find but also a little busy. i wait for 10 minutes and I can get the ticket. Other counters are very busy. SEA Life are beautiful and kids like it. Madame Tussauds are fun.

Vu Anh · 26/01/2020

we booked a combo ticket of Ocean world and Madamme Tussads thru klook. it was hassle-free booking and entry. We enjoyed both the activities. Highly recommend if you have not been to any of this anywhere else. Ocean world is great. Huge variety of sea creatures can be seen kept in their near close natural environment by authorities. Madamme Tussads was also very nice. Could get to see 'recognized personalities' of every world. Our Prime Minister Shri Modi ji were right in forefront with other world leaders. Overall nice experience. Recommended

SANJAY · 25/01/2020

Fantastic experience!will come back again next time. Very recommended and worth for the money. but few sections been closed for temporary but it’s okay. U cannot skip the line even though u purchase the online ticket. U still have to queuing up for the glass boat

eltecey · 25/01/2020

Such an amazing experience! It was my first time in my life to visit an oceanarium or aquarium. I had my first times here at Sea Life Bangkok! I enjoyed seeing different kinds of sealife creatures. I was also thrilled when I saw a shark right infront and right above me. My heart is also very happy seeing a penguin and I even took a snap and video of it like he wants to play. As for the Madame Tussaud, it was also a happy moment for me to see wax figures of my idols. I wasn't able to contain my feeling of excitement when I saw Princess Diana. I really adore her and I am also a fan of hers. Even my hollywood crushes are also there so I never missed the chance to take a selfie with them. This is a must try activity here in Bangkok along with the Madame Tussaud. ?

Clarice · 23/01/2020

Queue no more when you book your tickets to Klook! they have the priority line for Klook and you just need to show your voucher then they will give you a collectible tickets that you can keep as a souvenir..

Raymond · 16/01/2020

wow what an experience.. definitely a must visit and a that too with complete family.. feeding fish and others was an complete awesome experience.. yes maks sure u reach according to the feeding times

ARJUN · 16/01/2020

Overall good experience for our family. The aquarium was bigger than expected and took us a good 2 hrs to cover all. During feeding, the staff was able to explain in both english and thai. My son enjoyed it very much.

Lisi · 15/01/2020


Amazing Aquarium show and also the feeding show...The shark and the string ray is huge❤️❤️❤️

Siew Ting Chong · 15/01/2020

It was a great experience. Highly recommended for couples and better choose the Asiatique pier to spend a nice afternoon earlier. Thanks Klook for the discounted price. All food items were awesome.

Nafis Irtiza · 12/01/2020

My experience at sea life bangkok was definitely worth the money. I got to see wonderful sea creatures that i mostly don't see at my country. I definitely think it was a fabulous journey. I really commend the personnel for keeping the facilities clean and organized. So far i really did not see any problems during my time in sea world. I would recommend sea world to my friends.

Diosa Mira · 05/01/2020

When we arrived at the Sea Life Ocean World, we saw a very long queue at the ticket counter BUT there was a special Klook counter which only had 2 people in the queue in front of us so that we could get our “all in one” (4D, Sea Life, Madame Tussauds, F&B) tickets quickly in 5-7 minutes. Wow! The 4D Cinema was short, approx. 10-15 minutes but very fun and funny. We laughed lot of times when watching the movie. The Sea Life was exhilarating and we were amazed with so many beautiful sea creatures such as penguins, star fish, etc. The snack and drink could be redeemed at Madame Tussauds. How great and pleasant experience!

Anton Surya · 04/01/2020

4D movie is very good and exciting, but not suitable for kids below 6. For kids below 6, they will sit on a non moving chair. For the aquarium, although we arrive quite late, but we are managed to see all the fishes and the environment is good. There is some fake snow for the kids and they are happy with it.

kam fai · 04/01/2020

That was awesome. Klook line had no queue at all. So we enetered quickly in both ocean world and Museum. Staff speaks English well, so they can explain how to get to museum short way, and answer any other questions. Thanks for such great experience

Anastassiya · 04/01/2020

Loved this place. Booked the tickets through Klook and it was a wonderful experience in both the places. We were also able to watch 4D films at both places. Thank You Klook for your wonderful support.

Shaurya · 02/01/2020

Sea life Bangkok Ocean World is super amazing. It is a must go place in Bangkok. It is very convenient by purchasing the tickets via Klook earlier as we can skip the long queue and get the tickets instantly from Klook counter.

Kuah · 01/01/2020

Very good. We booked at 3pm on 31/12 from hotel. We redeemed tickets at 3:50pm after we reached without queuing whilst there were tons of people. Then we managed to be at the shark feeding at 4pm which We never expected would happen...

PAUL SAM · 01/01/2020

Sealife Bangkok Ocean World is amazing. It is a big aquariums and Klook counter is found easily and can skip the line queue.We could learn many spices of sealife. It is a nice place to visit with family. Madume Tussauds also amazing wax museum. It is located next to Siam Center and we walked for 5 mins from Sealife Ocean World.We got pictures with famous artists, scientists and athletes there. 4D movie is short but we had fun.

Tin Nyawe Nyawe · 01/01/2020

Got tickets to this aquarium + 4D show at the cheapest price from Klook. Ticket price at klook - INr 1780 i.e. 754 THB Ticket price at counter - 1090 THB( Aquarium entry only ) + 350 THB ( 4D show ) = 1440 THB i.e. 3398 INR. Also, there was a huge queue for booking tickets from counter. And if you book it from Klook you can skip the queue and get your tickets instantly from Klook counter. Aquarium is amazing, a must go place in Bangkok. 4D show was not that amazing , and it's just a 12-15 mins show meant for kids. you can skip it but don't miss the aquarium. and book the tickets from Klook to void the long queue and save some extra bucks.

Shreyas · 31/12/2019

It is a very nice experience and it is different from other Aquaria/Waterworld I've been. There are many and different species to explore. The 4D movie is quite good and is good try if you haven't been to one. Truly recommend this place.

Foong Leng · 31/12/2019

It is good to book with KLook so that you dont need to wait in a long queue. The 3D film in Aquarium is fun, it is next to KLook ticket exchange & Information counter. Remember to try the 1st round for the best experience.

LE ANH · 30/12/2019

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