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We had our South Korea tour last July 2019. It was really amazing and we are planning to go back. The tour was very informative and enjoyable. The tourguide is very approachable and fun. Thank you so much.

Miccah · 05/06/2021

No need to fall in line to get a ticket. Just enter using the Qr Code. This is super convenient

Lovely Ann · 04/06/2021

Korea version of Disneyland. Most rides are really exhilirating and heart stopping...really gets that adrenalin rushed them all especially the T express. A must visit theme park when you're in Korea.


Everland is South Korea's largest theme park. Located at the Everland Resort in Yongin, a city in Gyeonggi-do, it receives 5,85 million visitors annually[2] and was ranked nineteenth in the world for amusement park attendance in 2018.[2] Along with its main attractions, Everland includes a zoo and water park. Thank you Klook :)

Yit Han · 28/03/2021

Everland is South Korea's largest theme park. Located at the Everland Resort in Yongin, a city in Gyeonggi-do, it receives 5,85 million visitors annually[2] and was ranked nineteenth in the world for amusement park attendance in 2018.[2] Along with its main attractions, Everland includes a zoo and water park. Thank you Klook :)

Yit Han · 28/03/2021

Everland is the best place to enjoy good view, epic rides and good ambiance. I enjoyed how hassle free the whole trip to the place, which is located on the outskirts of Seoul. I hope I can enjoy it more with my friends.

JESSICA ANGELA · 23/02/2021

One of the best exchange experiences in Seoul! Tickets were easy to redeem and fuzz free. Do not have to swap to other ticket and could enter the park straight! Highly recommend! still my favourite theme park! 1 day is not enough ?????

YUN XUAN · 03/02/2021

Everland was the highlight of our trip, though the shuttle bus was tough to spot and we almost missed it. But once we got there the fun really doesn’t stop, tons of rides for both kids and adults alike. Great Experience

Kang · 21/12/2020

easy to claim , simply just scan upon entrance. the place was so huge recommend to go early. so interesting and worth to be able to have so many rides skyline, t express and there’s even a mini zoo to see the animals where u can ride the bus and they will interact with the animals such a great experience i really loved it

Sharifah · 11/12/2020

Fun and thrilling rides in this outdoor theme park and the best of them all is the T express! An adrenaline rush experience with good view of the theme park.There is also a safari zoo areana within the theme park.

Linshan · 06/12/2020

This parc is cool ~ We enjoyed a lot, and I did with my friend the best rollercoaster here. You can find everything in this attraction parc, as different type of attraction (children to adults). (+ few dramas was done here, so you can enjoy the view directly by yourself ?)

Selen · 24/11/2020

Need not to stand in a long queue to buy tickets. They just let us enter by scanning the QR code. They are also checking our temperature, doing continuous cleaning also kept sanitizers everywhere to make sure everyone's safe. Everland is always our favorite. This is our third time though ^^

YAZHINI · 25/10/2020

it was amazing! The food was not too expensive. The drinks, were ₩3,800. you are allowed to bring outside food/drinks. the lines were very long especially the safari. But I had a great time! the T-express (wood roller coaster) was very exciting! More fun than driving a honda!

Aaron · 18/10/2020

I went there during the Chuseok holiday, it was packed. Bt overall, it was such a fun and great experience! The T-Express was amazing (thank God I had the free Lenny Pass reservation). Since it’s a QR code ticket, you don’t need to exchange it again. Just enter the Everland directly with the barcode that you have. Completely hassle-free! Pro tip: register your QR code through the Everland App to receive points that can be used to obtain free Lenny Pass (express pass for popular rides)

Andriana Kusumaningrum · 08/10/2020

Outstanding day at Everland! With a typhoon on the way and COVID concerns, there were no lines for any ride. In fact, almost every ride was mostly empty. The parade and food stalls were still open, although you have to write your name at every food stall and some were closed, and the rides were great!

Travis · 07/09/2020

There were some rides unavailable. You can check them through their website. We were able to ride T-express twice since there were less people during our visit. It was really fun and we will definitely come again next year.

Nurin Syazwina Athirah · 17/08/2020

the everland is a must place to come when u come to south korea. plus, the must ride to ride at there is T Express. the ride is so crazy but it is so funnn. by buying the pass thru klook u will get cheaper price than normal price.

Nurul Shakinah · 28/06/2020

It was amazing and we realized one day wasn’t enough as we didn’t get to go on all rides. However, we still had a great time laughing, eating, going on different rides (our favorite was the roller coasters and water raft activities). Everland should be on your bucket list!!!!

Daisy · 08/05/2020

Everland was super fun! As we went in winter there was also the snow buster village where the kids got to do snow tubing which was very fun for them. We did mostly the kiddy rides where the queue wasn’t that long.

Sihui Gwendolin · 24/04/2020

Awesome place to visit with your friends and family. Must try rides to get thrills. One day isn’t enough to visit the whole park. Try to be early in the morning and use your time wisely. Klook is very convenient way to book your ticket with discounted price.

MD GOLAM · 09/04/2020

Getting in to Everland was as easy as presenting the voucher at the entrance. They will scan the QR codes at the gate then you can then enter the park. You can get maps near the entrance which are conveniently in multiple languages. You can also check out the everland website as there are some attractions that may be closed.

Rosemarie · 30/03/2020

Seamless entry with Klook! This is definitely helpful especially when you have a packed itinerary. Just present the voucher and you can enter directly. Queue early on favorites in Zootopia (like the Panda adventure!) and get to European adventures first to get the perfect tulip pics, then cap the night off with the fireworks display! Definitely a must-do!


Redeeming the voucher was easy. You just need to present it at the entrance gate. However, when we arrived there are only limited number of gates open which resulted to long queue. Nevertheless, it was worth it.

JERICO · 10/03/2020

No long queues for the rides even for the T-Express and less people on the day we visited though some rides and stores are closed due to winter season and/or prevention of the spread of Corona Virus. Enjoyed the park for numerous instagramable spots instead.

Romell · 08/03/2020

our everland trip was not all that great because a lot of rides were closed because of the rain but still we made it worth all the cost as we were able to ride all the available and visited all the shows cuz we were like 50 people inside everland so no long queues or whatsoever. it was nice to book in klook cuz we just showed our voucher and we entered right away.

Sharmaine · 05/03/2020

Easy to use and redeem.

The instruction was clear. The shuttle bus arrived on time. Smooth return trip from Seoul to Everland.

Durra Shahirah Binti Mohd Azman · 02/03/2020

Family trip

We had a great time at Everland. Hassle free booking. Thanks kkday.

Jamzyn Aspero · 02/03/2020

Family trip

We had a great time at Everland. Hassle free booking. Thanks kkday.

Jamzyn Aspero · 02/03/2020

I really Enjoyed Everland, the Sea Lion Show, to Bird Show then to Lost Valley Trip - in this, there’s a tour guide during your short bus ride and while you are in the bus you will be able to see giraffe, elephant, Tiger, Flamingo. And many more! I love also Cable Car rides. And the Snow Slide! Its really enjoyable! Really excited to be back here and will definitely book here again! Thanks Klook!

Anjanette · 28/02/2020

Hustle free with Klook app. You don’t have to queue up for buying the tickets, just showing the QR code that been given to you after you purchase it. During our visit, there were a lot of students there so we need to queue up about 30-50mins per ride but we still managed to try all the rides there as it closed late. Its quite far from the city but its worth it ☺️

MIRRAH AFIFAH · 27/02/2020

I highly recommend you to purchase ahead of time because its cheaper here on klook plus you can get in swiftly just go straight to the entrance scan your qr code and that’s it you don’t need to wait or line up. Thank you klook!

Ariane Krista · 27/02/2020

It is a must to go to this place if you came to Korea for a holiday. One whole day is recommended as you can take a lot of pictures and experience all of the amazing rides. I went during winter and it's raining and due to Corona virus there's not much of people.

Norafena · 26/02/2020

The line was so long for the admissions but since we booked this, all we had to do was show our qr codes. Everland is amazing! We could not miss the chance of riding the merry go round where the series What's Wrong With Secretary Kim was filmed. Loved the scenery of this place and all their gift shops as well! The panda buns are so good, you can't miss it!

Camille · 25/02/2020

I am so happy as i managed to ride T-express roller coster during winter season. Thanks a lot to Klook app as they provided all the informations about Everland closing and maintenance ride and park. During our visits on 9th Feb, less people there so we don’t have to queue up for a long time. There were also snowy park where you can play sledding. This is actually my second time buying Everland tickets through Klook app. Super easy and save times. Really recommended ??

MIRRAH AFIFAH · 24/02/2020

good service

Easy to use. Good service. We are so happy in everland

Chayanaphit Thititanapoom · 19/02/2020

Direct entry to the park by scanning QR code. The process was smooth. However, maybe it was due to winter and the coronavirus, the park was too empty and many rides were closed. I do noticed klook has mentioned there are a few rides were closed for maintenance, in fact, the park has closed more rides and attractions, making the whole visit abit boring as there's nothing much to do in the park for the whole day.

AILYNDER KAUR · 19/02/2020

My first time using Klook travel. Very convenient to book and you have hv such a wonderful driver in your team. for me is a easy and good experience Though the tour was quite tiring, it was worth it. Every activity was exciting and knowledge filled. Our tour guide was great, tried his very best to explain everything. He was also funny. He looked after our group really well.

christian nicole · 16/02/2020

Booking with Klook was so hassle free and cost efficient. It saves more time and money so to say. Redemption was also simple. It made our Korea Tour easy from visiting tourist spots to claiming discount coupons for shopping. Thank you Klook! ??

Kristine Juliene · 15/02/2020

We went there during winter time, and it was mad cold. Make sure to wear a proper clothes and use glove as well. Although there are a few shops were closed, but the rides are still open. We enjoyed it very much, makes the adult forgot about our work problem for a while. It was worth the money.

Nur Zarina · 15/02/2020

We survived the T express wooden rollercoaster ? woohoo ? Definitely one of the must try rides out there. Though it's a little scary but you will feel accomplished afterwards. The park was not too crowded so queuing time is shorter. I was quite disappointed since some rides were closed.?

Keith · 14/02/2020

Great way to spend the holiday with family even on a very cold weather. Our tour at Zootopia was just amazing, loved it! The rides were also all fun. Thanks to Klook for making our Everland visit hassle free, it was all worth it!

Charry · 14/02/2020

Loved everything about Everland! We tried the scariest roller coaster ride in Korea, the T Express, it was the best wooden roller coaster we’ve tried so far! We stayed until evening and luckily there was a grill night, there were several grill stations serving different food from different countries!

Aerianne · 13/02/2020

We had no plans for the day, so we decided to just visit Everland and good thing Klook has a voucher for the day. Travel by train took too long so we suggest to book a shuttle instead. We got there at 4pm, however we didn't know that Everland was already closing at 6pm. We were able to enjoy 2 attractions only because everything else was also closed due to the snow.

ROCHELLE JANINE · 13/02/2020

Had the best time at Everland. There was no crowd that day so we took our time to experience all the rides including the T-express. We even had time to visit the zoos. The night parade was fun and exciting! Definitely recommended.

Florence Hui Ping · 13/02/2020

I went during spring 2019. Tulips are everywhere and it was sooooo beautiful! There are many fun rides too and you don’t have to wait for so long. Unfortunately the wooden roller coaster was closed during my visit. I will come again to ride it!

Siti Nur Atiqah · 12/02/2020

Easy availment! Just present digital or print copy at the entrance and you're good to go. Stroller rental is only 3000 won if you have kids. As it was winter there were some places that were closed, but still lots to do inside. Food is a bit pricier inside as to be expected, good thing is that they allow you to bringyour own food if you want to save money.

Antonette · 12/02/2020

One of the most biggest and beautiful theme parks I have visited. The queue is not long because of the Ncov situation but we were able to enjoy it. Much cheaper to purchase in klook. Will surely book again with klook soon. Thank you!

Karla Mae · 11/02/2020

First time using Klook. Good value for money. We received a voucher to be used inside the park. It was also easy to get the actual tickets. Just on your right near the entrance gate. Definitely will use it again.

SALLAHUDIN BIN · 11/02/2020

My second time availing this Everland ticket. It was very easy to redeem, you just have to show the qr code and the everland staff will just scan it and after that you can enjoy the Everland theme park. You can do rides or just sight seeing, they also have safari tours that I really enjoyed

Jhelyn Angelica · 09/02/2020

we love it so much. eventhough we came late around 2pm but the queue is not really long maybe because of winter.. but t express is not open in january.. the snowbuster is simple. i love the roller coaster which is rolling X Train. we love that we can ride the gondola and skyride anytime inside and when we came, it is seollal lighting festival. so beautiful

Wan Najwa Raihani · 06/02/2020

Product information

Important Notice:
  • Check the Everland parade and show schedule to catch the performances before you arrive at the park
  • For your convenience, book the Everland shuttle bus from Seoul, departing from Gangbuk (for travelers from Myeongdong/Hongdae/Dongdaemun) or the shuttle bus from Gangnam to Everland (for travelers from Gangnam/Sindorim/Yeongdeungpo/Sinnonhyeon)
  • Round trip Everland private transfers with pick up and drop off to and from your Seoul hotel are also available
  • Learn more about this activity’s Enhanced Health & Hygiene Measures
  • During the Winter Season (Dec 2020 - Feb 2021), the following attractions will be closed: Thunder Falls, Amazon Express
  • Suspension of Snow Buster: Not available until 3 Jan 2021
  • For these attractions, you MUST visit and receive a paper for reservation. Waiting in line in front of the attractions is not allowed: Lost Valley, Safari World, T Express, Snow Buster, Amazon Express(Closed during the Winter Season), Thunder Falls(Closed during the Winter Season)