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Great experience with KLOOK to avoid crowds at ticket office. Easy to enter just confirmed your booking by passport information

OLGA · 10/10/2020

Hassle free transaction. You are just paying for the entrance free so not really much to say.

Kris Elaine · 20/08/2020

Must buy tickets from Klook! If you unlike queuing as there were long lines at the ticketing counter, good to get your tickets early and remember to bring your passport to enter the forbidden.

Carynna Sue Yi · 03/07/2020

Super easy to use. Just put in passport number and go through the entrance gate and they will scan your passport and you can get in. There were so many people and it’s really crowded and cold. Make sure to wear enough clothing! I went in January.

Qian Yun · 25/04/2020

Forbidden City is a must to go place in Beijing. We were always in awe in the palaces we have seen. This ticket will help you to get through the line of waiting.It has maximized our time to discover more of what forbidden city can offer.

Charmaine Ann · 08/02/2020

Great experience at Forbidden City. Scanning of the ticket was fuss free. Passport required for foreign tourist. Thumbs up!

Rheanne · 29/01/2020

Its a great experience for me and my friends visit this palace on my beijing trip.

JUN KIDD · 28/01/2020

Price is perfect, but I arrive 4pm. Latest entrance is 3:40pm so I miss it. But you can stay outside the city and wait for the flag ceremony

luis ricardo · 28/01/2020

I really love this Palace. Its soo cool and convenient because you just need passport number for entry. I think that I would visit again in future. Highly recommended!

Jenn Seu · 26/01/2020

Magnificent palace. We could not finish visiting the entire place in one day. However, booking through klook has already saved us a lot of time from queuing for the ticket.

Nga Man · 26/01/2020

The forbidden city was amazing, you need a lot of stamina , a very long and tiring walk but it’s all worth it. There’s a lot of places to visit and take pictures, A lot of local tourist ( most of them are elderly people) visit the place. They are almost everywhere. You can also buy lots of souvenir store with reasonable prices. I got The Emperor and the empress doll for myself since I collect dolls from different countries I visits. Don’t leave Beijing without visiting Forbidden City!

Maria Lorna · 25/01/2020

Nothing much to see inside if you’re not an avid fan of palaces/temples. But really big place. Enjoyed the lake outside. Be mindful of the entranced/exits bcos they are too far from each other. Better to research what specific place you want to visit first.

Chanine Mae · 22/01/2020

Enter with passport. there's no need to.print the voucher. the ticket to hall of clock and hall of treasure can be used multiple time if you want to. spent a good 4hrs here taking pictures and getting immersed with the history. don't forget to visit the museum shop.

Izan Baizura binti · 15/01/2020

Fantastic sights. Surprisingly the shops are not selling all the same stuff like other attraction sites. Only issue is to find mean to go back hotel at the exit gate. No metro nearby. Not possible to walk back to the entrance where metro is nearby.

Hrong Kuan · 15/01/2020

Don't forget your passport. Great tour and the audio guide was really helpful. Get there early.

Jake Phoenix Guthrie · 13/01/2020

It's definitely a must see. It's huge and a reasonable time to look around at everything with calm is two hours. I went in the morning and it was not crowded.

Alessandro · 12/01/2020

No need to show electronic ticket. Just need to scan passport will do. Quite easy to explore. Price is reasonable. Will probably skip clock and treasure as the crowd is really madness.

CHEE TONG · 09/01/2020

Forbidden City is a must-see place in Beijing even if you’re not a fan of architecture and history. Buying ticket from Klook gives you a hassle-free entry. Just show your passport at the entrance.

Clair Shandy · 09/01/2020

majestic and grand palace. this place is a must go if you visit beijing for the first time. With this voucher, it convenience as you no need to queue.

Zhiqiang · 09/01/2020

Hassle-free and very convenient. Just present your passport at the gates and you are on your way to exploring the nooks and crannies of the forbidden city. Half a day would not be enough if you are a history and architecture fanatic.

Juan Caesar · 09/01/2020

It was really crowded when we visited and the lines were long. We expected this since China had just celebrated their founding anniversary. We saved a lot of time by not queuing up to buy an entrance ticket and went immediately to the gates. We just presented our passports and vouchers, and we were allowed in. The experience would have been really fun if not for the ocean of people who were also visiting the palace.

Christopher Bryan · 08/01/2020

Go directly to the counter. The staff will key in your passport number then you can go inside. very easy and convinient. Hall of clock and Hall of Treasure also worth to visit.

huee ing · 08/01/2020

The Forbidden City (Palace Museum) is simply a must-see when visiting in Beijing! Allot half a day to fully cover the grounds and make sure to get the GPS-activated audio guide available at the entrance to fully understand and appreciate the history and beauty of the place. To get in via Klook, just show your passport at the entrance and you’re good!

Aaron Jordan · 07/01/2020

All you need is to show your passport! They'll enter your passport number in their system and away you go! You'll need a few hours here to be able to see everything! Highly recommended if you've never been to Beijing before.

Bao Gia · 06/01/2020

Great experience! They didnt even look for the voucher, only the passports then we went straight in. You can enter from the back or the front, either way there is a bag and passport check before going in.

Natazsha Ann Mari · 05/01/2020

Super easy to use; just show your passport to enter. Lines were a bit long and the are was very crowded the day we went. Having purchased the tickets through Klook likely saved us a fair amount of time. Go early and plan to spend most the day. Forbidden City is huge, but a must see.

Kara · 05/01/2020

very easy to use. being a foreigner, all i needed was to show the passport used for booking this activity, and all details will show up. the forbidden city is huge and shows the greatness of old chinese structures.

Laurenz · 01/01/2020

This ticket is super duper convienient and you don't have to even line up for it! Highly recommend to anyone who wants a hassle-free day at the Forbidden City!

Hong Jing · 31/12/2019

Very beautiful place with a beautiful weather. Freezing lake. Nice view. Definitely will come again. The best!

Mohammad Ghazi · 30/12/2019

It was easy and fuss free to book the Beijing Palace Museum tickets via Klook! We included in our tickets the visit to the Hall of Treasures and Hall of clocks. Just need to show the passport at the entrance and the booking QR code for scanning. Beat the queue and the crowds! The only additional thing we did was to engage a guide at the entrance (not included in the tickets price). Totally enjoyed the trip!

Soo Keng · 29/12/2019

Big, must see, iconic in Beijing. Better with a guide to understand the story behind each building, otherwise it's just look like a huge collection of room.

Hai Linh · 29/12/2019

Buying ticket in advance save you time, you can just go to the entrance and show your passport. I bought the entrance ticket + the hall of clock and the hall of treasury tickets. At both area inside you also just need to show your passport. Forbidden city is a big place you can spend all day to see the whole area. Bring your own food and drink if you want to save money. There are restaurant inside but the price is quite high.

Karina · 29/12/2019

No need to queue for buying tickets. Simply just show your passport and that’s it.

Hsing Hsieh · 28/12/2019

Getting Forbidden City tickets from Klook is just a click away, that easy! We got the forbidden city ticket+Hall of the clocks+Hall of Treasures, skipping the lines to get the tickets was the most convenient part of getting tickets from Klook. Our passports served as our tickets since it was our preferred identification cards. Thank you klook!

Sherry Anne · 28/12/2019

It is 100% worth it, so many nice and historical structures for photos! I recommend going earlier so there's not much people and there would be a bit of snow on th ground to add to ambiance. Also, automated tour guide systems are available for as cheap as 40 Chinese yen! You can get here essentially through their efficient subway system, get off at tianenmen east station and walk into the outskirts of th forbidden city before entering. Also Klook tickets are better so you won't have to get into long lines there.

Rance Derrick · 28/12/2019

Wonderful to get the tickets through Klook. We went there ourselves first time and couldn't get any tickets as it was sold out. We had to book the tickets at least 2 days in advance.

Hock Ann Freddie · 27/12/2019

fuss free and easy to use. Skip the q and just go to the entrance to go in. They checked our passport details. The palace should take about 2 hours to finish. We also went to have the phototaking seasion with the traditional emperor and princess costume. 1 picture for 100cny per pax, 1 picture 150cny for 2Pax in the same picture. After you finish the palace, there are buses on the right side to go back to the palace entrance (where you can go back to the train station). Bus Fee 20cny using cash and 10cny using local train card. Oh yes, please bring your own water and snacks. The stall in front of the entrance sell items at ridiculous price.

Miao Si Kiti · 26/12/2019

The forbidden city is very big. They also have an electronic guide for many languages too for 40 rmb per person and not allow lighter or smoking inside.

Sarinya · 26/12/2019

Entire process and experience was very positive, albeit Beijing a bit cold in December! As like other reviews, we didn’t need to pick up tickets - just needed our IDs to get. The clocks exhibit and treasures museum were well worth it!

Choi Yee Cherry · 22/12/2019

We could not find the waiting area however our guide Kristy was able to locate us through WhatsApp. She is friendly and able to articulate in both Mandarin and English through out the tour. It’s a history lesson for the day.

Hee Khoon · 19/12/2019

The experience was seamless. Just go straight through to the gantry but make sure to have your passport ready for foreigners. Your passport number is required to authenticate the tickets. Try not to visit on a Sunday if you want a less crowded experience.

HAN WEI · 16/12/2019

Easy to use! Seamless travel. Went twice this yr. Jul is peak period and it’s difficult to see much with the crowd. Off peak season is much better

Yong Koon Corrinne · 15/12/2019

Easy redemption of entrance tickets. Remember to bring along passport to enter the forbidden city...

Hwee Leng · 14/12/2019

We choose to buy just the tickets from Klooks because getting to The forbidden city by commuter train was easy. We also want to take our own sweet time to check out the massive museum instead of been rushed by a tour guide. So this Klooks ticket option is the best. We bought the morning session so we can go in any time in the morning until closing hour. It’s advisable to rent the audio guide earphone for better introduction of the whole place.

Yew Fai · 13/12/2019

hassle free redemption, everything has been keyed in our passports. no physical tickets needed. Many people and it's toooooo big. better have a tour guide

CHIEN CHIEN · 13/12/2019

Forbidden city is huge and impressive. You can find a lot of history happend in this palace 400 years ago.

KOOI CHOO · 12/12/2019

After reading the reviews here, decided to give it a try to purchase from Klook. Guess was an excellent choice, we just managed to get one passport to help us to identify the number of tickets we had purchased. Entrance to the hall of treasure is the same. Good to be there early as there are a lots of interesting antiques to view.

Chi Yong · 12/12/2019

it is easy to get into the place with online tickets bought from klook..the place was amazing...full of historical stories since Ming and Qing dynasty..protected artifacts by the government...being there was like you back to ancient era...

Nur Suhaila · 12/12/2019

The Palace is so huge! The snow covered palaces gave the scenery a more beautiful aura. It brings you back to ancient China. Though is really tiring and the weather is so cold, it really is well worth the visit.

Dale John · 10/12/2019

Very easy to do booking and redemption is a Breeze at Forbidden City. Jus show my passport and scan. Done!

Sook Fong · 09/12/2019

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Insider Tips:
  • Daily from 10:00am-1:00pm, the Museum receives the highest number of daily visitors. Plan your schedule and choose an optimal time for entry
  • There are always various exhibitions, before traveling to Beijing Palace Museum, check online and get yourself updated for the current exhibitions
  • Learn more about ancient China on the Palace Museum Tour and Mutianyu Great Wall's beautiful scenery from a cable car