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super easy to avail we really enjoyed our day! one day is not enough to explore the area for it is so huge. all in all, it was really a great deal. klook is really our travel buddy. (btw, im doing this review which was already a year overdue... guess im missing travelling)

carla · 22/12/2020

Disneyland is worthed to be called the happiest place on earth. The kids love it very much. Although we didn’t understand mandarin but we still enjoy the game and taking lots of picture. We also making full use of the fast pass (you need to download the app first). Make sure to check the wheather forecast first before you’re going (bring umbrella and raincoat if necessary) also don’t bring sharp things (siccors, swiss army knives, etc) and camera stick. You MUST see the light show and fireworks at night, you’re gonna loved it.

Patrisia · 03/07/2020

The world's happy place. The price for Klook is cheaper than the actual counter. It is very convinient to book on the spot as well. You can bring food in. Better than Hong Kong Disneyland. Go in later so you can spend more time until the closing hour fireworks. Thabk you Klook for the good price. Really appreciate the effort to secure good rates. You will need to bring your passport to key in for the tickets.

Shanieeque · 19/03/2020

It was a wonderful experience in Disneyland! Ticket collection was so convenient and fast when you purchased tickets using Klook rather than queuing for tickets purchase on the spot. Once we arrived, we just need to proceed to the entrance and queue up for ticket collection and entry. We are definitely coming back again one day!

Sue Ting · 14/03/2020

You just need to present the voucher and your passport at the entrance gate of Disneyland. Everything was fast and efficient. Make sure to download the app before heading to the park so you can book your fast pass when you enter. Thank you Klook!

Angelo · 24/02/2020

Bought here with Klook voucher code, so it is definitely cheaper than somewhere else I guess. It is better to buy online so that you can save time having to queue for the ticket. Instruction given is very clear.

ZHENG WEI · 17/02/2020


Easy to purchase, just scan and enter. No need to exchange for tickets

Woon Chung Goh · 09/02/2020

very recomended especially at the end of the night. they have spectacular lighting and firework show. the area also so big and easy to go. using klook very easy. but you still have to queue in the line. many food inside. in every restaurant there is toilet next to the restaurant.

Fernalia · 08/02/2020

we enjoyed everything from the free rides and the frozen musical show, we thought we have to pay but it comes together with the ticket, the experience makes you reminisce the times when you were as happy as a kid.thanks klook!

Charmaine Ann · 02/02/2020

Shanghai Disneyland is always a treat. Probably the best Disneyland experience in the world. It’s our 3rd time celebrating Christmas here. Notable attractions are Pirates if the Carribean, Tron, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, Camp Discovery, Soaring Over The Horizon.

Paul Kenneth · 01/02/2020

great and easy to access, user friendly e ticket. great and easy to access, user friendly e ticket. great and easy to access, user friendly e ticket. great and easy to access, user friendly e ticket. great and easy to access, user friendly e ticket.

ABBEY SIAW FEN · 30/01/2020

It is good to skip the line from the crowd, Book online is more convenient to visit the official shanghai Disneyland website. Buying from klook can help to save your time in planning, just one click to go. My friend and I had a great time in there, we enjoyed a lot!

KA LI · 25/01/2020

I always purchase theme park or attractions ticket with Klook... Easy to redeem and save time! Disneyland have different theme from time to time. October is my birthday month and also Halloween month. Can get the birthday pin from customer service counter and enjoy your special day in a magical world :)

Yen Chuan · 21/01/2020

This is a must buy in Klook! This place really is one of the busiest theme parks around the world! The line is really long already before opening so just buy in Klook and enter directly. Note that the queue for entrance is also long. All rides will take at least 1 hour to queue, even for shows. Be sure to avail the fastpass once you enter because it will be out soon! Best rides for me are Tron and Pirates.

Veronica · 18/01/2020

We spent the whole day in Shanghai Disneyland to celebrate the 5th bday of mg granddaughter, Alexa. with her 7yr old sister and her Dad who works in Shanghai. Having the ticket from Klook made our entry fast and easy despite the long line. Indeed, it was an unforgettable experience as my two little princesses met Mickey and their favorite cartoon characters. The fireworks at night was worth the wait..It was really awesome. We will surely come back.

LETICIA · 17/01/2020

Availing this ticket is hassle free ?. I got my confirmation the same day. Upon arrival at Disneyland, go directly to the entrance just present your voucher and passport and you're good to go. Also, note that the fast pass is on a first come first served basis. Happy Year of Mickey, mina-san.

Hannah Margaret · 16/01/2020

Good way to travel

You can go straight to the Disneyland gate and give the staff the voucher. Then staff will give you a ticket then let’s go.

Sutthini Tirat · 15/01/2020

Smooth and Easy

It was an awesome experience. Entering Disneyland was very easy and smooth using the voucher from KKday. Hope to repeat.

Amzatul Akmam Mokhtar · 14/01/2020

They don’t explain this fully on the voucher but you just bring your Travel Passport to the Turnstile (no need to go to the Ticket Booth) and they scan your Travel Passport with your name that you bought your tickets to the park on Klook and they print your Disneyland Tickets right there at the Turnstile. This tip will help you save time and waiting in line and being confused and being sent all kinds of places to redeem your park tickets. With that said, it was an amazing time and of course Disneyland is so much fun. To get passes a bit cheaper even if it is a few dollars is always nice! Appreciate Klook for this offer and ease of getting tickets. Will use it again for sure to visit Disneyland!

Takao Rick · 13/01/2020

disney Shanghai

very fun experience in disney during our last visit! smooth entry with ticket brought from kkday!

kok wah alan see · 11/01/2020

Shanghai Disneyland offers new and exciting rides and attractions. Just present your passport and the QR code at the entrance and you’re good to go. Fast-pass is only available in the app, so you must download the Disneyland app before going to the park

Clair Shandy · 09/01/2020

Easy & Convinence

Very convenient, just show voucher and passport to gain access to Disneyland directly from the entrance. Having great experience and fun.

MY Tan · 08/01/2020

We stayed at the disney hotel but booked our 2 day park tickets here as it was cheaper. It was easy to claim, they just ask for the passport of the one who booked it and you only use 1 ticket for the 2-day activity. Surprisingly the non-peak day (Dec 31) was jam packed w people and the peak, more expensive day (Jan 1), had almost no people! Queues were no wait to at most 20 minutes wait. You can actually finish the park in one day IF there are not a lot people but on a busy day IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to take all the rides, watch all the shows and parades and do shopping.

Natazsha Ann Mari · 07/01/2020

Very convenient

Very convenient. Just show your passport at the entrance. No need to go to the ticket box to redeem the ticket.

Kanoknan Chotchatchawal · 07/01/2020

Shanghai disney tickets

Good price and nice place to go :)

Juthamas Apornwichanop · 07/01/2020

its really helpfull to buy the ticket from klook, all of the ticket have to purchase on line so everyone onli need to bring the qr code.make sure you bring the pasport, because with out it you cannot enter disneyland.

Daniel Tigor · 07/01/2020

It was really huge Shanghai Disneyland, I was really surprised to see many new attractions & ride that was not offered at other DiDi that I’ve been to . Unfortunately my son was sick and he can’t make it to Disneyland. So I had to cut it short to go late and leave early ?. Maybe one day I can go back but not sure when ?

Fooi mei · 06/01/2020

It is my goal to visit all the Disney places available worldwide. I have already visited 4 Disneyland experience in various countries and one of this is in Shanghai, China. Thank you Klook for the convenience in entrance and great adventure.

Graciela · 05/01/2020

It is my goal to visit all the Disney places available worldwide. I have already visited 4 Disneyland experience in various countries and one of this is in Shanghai, China. Thank you Klook for the convenience in entrance and great adventure.

Graciela · 05/01/2020

It is my goal to visit all the Disney places available worldwide. I have already visited 4 Disneyland experience in various countries and one of this is in Shanghai, China. Thank you Klook for the convenience in entrance and great adventure.

Graciela · 05/01/2020

It is my goal to visit all the Disney places available worldwide. I have already visited 4 Disneyland experience in various countries and one of this is in Shanghai, China. Thank you Klook for the convenience in entrance and great adventure.

Graciela · 05/01/2020

Disneyland Shanghai was amazing! The 2-day ticket was perfect since it allowed me to cover every part of the park. Also, entry was easy thanks to my Klook booking, I just had to show my passport and they immediately retrieved my booking at the entrance gates.

Aaron Jordan · 04/01/2020

Make sure to bring your passport to claimed the ticket. No problem bring my own snacks to Disneyland, they allowed it. Recommended attractions, Tron & Pirates of the Caribbean. We beat the long queue (Tron, 165 minutes waiting time on 31/12/19) using single rider lane (less than 10 minutes waiting time) not so many people using this lane. Our lucky day is on 1/1/20, not so many people. We played most popular ride more than 3 times because all attractions waiting time only 5 minutes or less, no need fast ticket. Don't forget to visit Disneytown. You can do shopping here (Sephora, bathing ape, Nike, etc) re enter to Disneyland is allowed.

Bibi Nurernawati Bt · 03/01/2020

As usual with any klook voucher disneyland passes — this was very easy to claim. The QR code system used by the app is legit and convenient as I didn’t need to print it. Simply using my phone I got to enter the park hassle free. I would recommend this easily.

Reginald Vyncent · 03/01/2020

The happiest place on earth, er well in China, not counting the one in Hongkong. This place is huge. I suggest to get a 2 day ticket to have a better experience. Line wasn’t too bad except for the top rides. Yes there will still be locals jumping in line but they are fewer now and don’t let that ruin your day.

Harvey · 02/01/2020

When you visit Shanghai i think it a must to visit Shanghai Disneyland. The cheapest Disneyland I ever been. One important tip, bring your passport as they will look for it before giving you your ticket. The theme park like all other Disneyland gives me happiness (feeling young).

Franklin · 02/01/2020

Klook was easy to use, just show your voucher at the entrance and you will be given the admission tickets. No fuss at all. Disneyland Shanghai was really nice, you will need to download the app for fast passes. We did not finish all of the rides due to time constraints but we enjoy the park a lot. Half way through the park, we went to Disneytown to grab some good cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory. Disneyland also hired a DJ to spinned and music was really good. Overall, we really enjoyed and make a good decision to spend our Christmas in the park.

Alycia · 01/01/2020

convenient and cool

Good and convenient , will recommend this

Yung Wee Ngoi · 01/01/2020


It is very easy to redeem the voucher. Thanks KKday

Marsela Adriani · 31/12/2019

I had a blast in Disneyland Shanghai. I've been to 4 Disneyland in the world and this one of the best one. It is clean, well-organized, good decoration. The waiting time was relatively long due to large crowd especially on holiday season. Download the Disneyland Shanghai Apps to get fastpass. The firework was cancelled as night due to strong wind but the illumination is fantastic.

Yan Yi · 31/12/2019


The ticket a little bit cheaper than other app at that time. And the confirmation is so fast, I just gave the passport to the disney staff for checking in, dont need to print out or show them the booking. Disney land is a must go place and very easy to travel there, it has there own subway station called Disney resort on line 11

Satanun Kanawut · 31/12/2019

It is so easy to purchase your Shanghai Disneyland tickets with Klook. You just have to give your passport details and just bring your passport by the disneyland gate to claim your actual tickets. If purchasing for a group though, your group must be present, they will not give all your tickets without your companions.

Ramir · 31/12/2019

It was the best day ever. I had so much fun. It was like being a kid all over again. Seeing all the cartoon characters that was part of my childhood. I had so much fun riding the rides as well. It was the biggest disneyland i have ever been to

Nichole Ann · 29/12/2019

Disneyland is definitely a must-see in Shanghai. It's one of the biggest and has some unique rides that other Disney resorts don't have. Despite the lack of the English language, the theme park is still very enjoyable. Not to mention, the admission fees here are cheaper compared to other countries' theme parks!

Christian Neil · 29/12/2019

Great experience , and we had a wonderful day in Disneyland. Not crowded and the longest waiting time for games is around 20minutes. Bought via KLOOK. Easier. BUT Remember to bring along your passport for verification ?

Shi Ming · 27/12/2019

Very convenient & super efficient. Just produce your official identity document ( Passport in my case ) at the entrance and we are in ( No need to redeem ticket at all ) Will surely use klook for ticketing arrangement for my further bookings & will recommend to anybody that need Disneyland Shanghai tickets.

Daniel · 27/12/2019

You can cover the park in a day if the queues are not long, there isn’t much rides nor shows, and only one parade. But a leisurely 2 day is recommended for first time visits. You need to factor longer time if wanting to queue for character photos. Each photo sessions take some time, as each pax (in the group) can take multiple poses with the characters. Even if the queue seems short, it may take at least half an hour before your turn. The must take rides are Pirates, Tron and Soaring. Winnie the Pooh is a let down if you have been to the Tokyo one.

Sim Yen · 26/12/2019

Easy to access and hassle free. We have great time at Disneyland. We took taxi from The Bund to Disneyland Shanghai and it took about an hour journey in the morning and cost around RMB 150. Worth of visiting and never regret.

Guat Kooi · 25/12/2019

Thank you klook for a fun filled adventure we had in Shanghai Disneyland. Redemption of tickets was fast though there are a lot of local tourists. Just present QR code and a passport. Highly recommended to book via klook to enjoy hassle free day.

Retchel Marie · 25/12/2019

This is the second time I book Shanghai Disneyland ticket through Klook. I booked a Disneyland concierge service through another travel agent. But I don't know it didn't include the ticket inside. At the moment I need to get inside the Disneyland, it is cheaper than the Disneyland official price and the voucher is instant confirmation. So I choose Klook. At the day I came in, it was very crowded, some games needed to be waited for 120 to 165 minutes. If you have the fast pass would be better. It is a happy and tired experience in Shanghai Disneyland!!!

Ka Man · 24/12/2019

Product information

Disney Standby Pass
  • **Please note:After purchasing a ticket, each guest visiting the park must provide basic personal information, including name, phone number, ID type and ID number via Shanghai Disney Resort’s official online channels prior to arriving at the resort. A Shanghai Disneyland Reservation QR Code will be provided after the successful submission of the required identification information, and guests will be required to present the code before entering the theme park. Click the link to provide your basic personal information in advance
  • Check in at the front desk must be done by the person with the reservation name
  • To ensure each guest’s health and safety and to comply with the law and requests from the government authorities, Shanghai Disney Resort will collect the identity and contact information of each guest (including children) before his/her visit to Shanghai Disneyland. Please fill in this form for you and all those guests accompanying you (including ticket-free guests). If you are submitting personal information on behalf of others, we assume that you have obtained such person’s consent for our collection and use of his or her personal information; and if such person is a child (a minor under the age of 14), we assume that you are either the legal guardian of the child or you have obtained the consent from the legal guardian of the child for our collection and use of the child’s personal information
  • Please ensure the information that you submit is accurate and up to date as of the date of your visit. You will be allowed to amend the personal information you have submitted (except for the personal information of Guest 1) at any time until the QR code generated in this form is redeemed by our Cast Member upon your entering Shanghai Disneyland. You may be contacted by government authorities for the personal information you provide in the form. If the information that you submit is inaccurate, you may be liable under the law
  • Guests other than the dated ticket holders will be allowed to amend the visitation date reserved through this system at any time until the QR code generated in this form is redeemed by our Cast Member upon his/her entering Shanghai Disneyland. Dated ticket holders may amend the dates of the tickets according to the ticket change and cancellation policy and the methods provided at the sales channels where such tickets are purchased originally
  • Every guests before your entry, our Cast Member will measure your body temperature and please show your Health QR Code. Please bring the original copy of your ID document (for Mainland China guests, please bring your PRC Resident ID Card. For Hong Kong and Macao guests, please bring a Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents or PRC Travel Document. For Taiwan Guests, please bring a Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents or PRC Travel Document. For other guests, please bring a valid foreign passport), the ID number of which will be collected by Shanghai Disney Resort at the time of entry. If you refuse to provide your identity and contact information as provided in this form before your visit or if you are in such a situation under which you are not allowed to enter Shanghai Disneyland according to the law or the requirements of the government authorities or the Park Rules and Regulations, you may be refused entry into the park during this epidemic period
  • Your information will be kept confidential. Shanghai Disney Resort will not use such information for any purpose other than disease control and prevention. Except as required by the law or competent authorities, Shanghai Disney Resort will not share, provide or disclose any of your personal information provided herein. Shanghai Disney Resort will retain such information only during the epidemic period or such other period as required by the government authorities
  • Guests who do not fill in the information, fill in false information, fill in incomplete information, or do not bring valid ID documents may be refused to enter. In this case, no refund, cancellation, or reschedules will be made. Please understand the special measures under the COVID-19 situation. We wish you a healthy and happy journey!
  • Ticket sales of Shanghai Disneyland will be available beginning on May 8 at 08:00, with a limited number of tickets available each day during the initial reopening
  • Shanghai Disneyland theme park will officially reopen to the public on May 11, 2020. The majority of Shanghai Disneyland’s attractions, rides, some shows and shopping and dining locations will resume operations, with controlled attendance. Some interactive attractions and experiences, such as children play areas and theater shows, will remain closed
  • To accommodate social distancing, parades and nighttime spectaculars will also return at a later date. During the initial reopening phase, a special Disney character procession, Mickey and Friends Express, will take place several times daily, and the Enchanted Storybook Castle will come to life with light and music at dusk each day with Evening Magical Moments
  • With a limited number of tickets available each day and the frequent change of inventory, we cannot guranteed the tickets issueing, in that case, we will contact you and cancel the bookings
  • Disney Standby Pass are limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis
  • Usage and attractions applicable for the Disney Fastpass are subject to change. Check the official website for more details
  • In obtaining Disney Standby Pass or purchasing Disney Premier Access, if you use the official Shanghai Disney Resort App on another person's phone to scan your park ticket, your photo taken at park entrance will appear in the App on the person's phone.After you use the official Shanghai Disney Resort app to scan your park ticket, your photo taken at the park entrance will appear in the app. Please present your tocket for re-entry to the Park on the same day.