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Tickets on KKday are cheaper than on-site, and Chuanyi is suitable for large and small trips

軒綺 劉 · 09/03/2021

Tickets are easy to use right away

I decided to go to the art without first buying a ticket. At present, there is a 10% discount for buying tickets on the mobile phone directly. After the ticket is successfully purchased, there will be a QR CODE that can be shown and used directly. (If you want to buy and use on the spot, remember that your mobile phone can go online. And enough electricity).

心怡 陳 · 07/03/2021

Very convenient and fast entry

You don't need to go to the window to change your ticket, go directly to the entrance and scan the QR CODE for quick entry.

欣妮 詹 · 07/03/2021

A good place to kill time

There are many shops in the park, the staff are kind, and you can also see some folklore skills and ancient food

SiaoSuan Chou · 07/03/2021

Suitable for family couples

The park is not very big, but the scenery and performances are very atmospheric!

嘉鈴 王 · 05/03/2021


It’s $15 cheaper than buying tickets on the spot, and it’s fast to scan the QR code

怡君 林 · 05/03/2021

Place was amazing! Save a little and no ticketing line..just go straight to entrance!

Jennifer · 09/02/2021

worth every penny

Easy to use. Just present the qr code at the entrance. No need to line for tickets.

Jasper Cruz · 27/12/2020

A cultural experience that’s something special. The shops are pretty cute and sells handmade products. It is those places that you will only visit once though.

Yen Soon · 09/12/2020

Booking was easy and cheaper too. It was a great experience

Jolin · 02/12/2020

Quiet and artistic place to walk around in. Should check out the shop where traditional toys are being sold!

Xueting · 01/12/2020

VERY GOOG ~~~~~?????

· 14/11/2020


SiangRu · 06/11/2020


Shih Han · 29/10/2020


PEI CHI · 23/10/2020

very good place to know traditional Taiwan skills.

Jia Han · 11/10/2020

pretty good! Have a good time with my friends here.

YUTING · 23/09/2020

strolling around

It’s a great experience to stroll around this Centre of the traditional Arts

東翰 吳 · 21/09/2020

Environment is very nice. There are a lot of things to see inside this huge traditional arts center, not to mention the free live show. Highly recommended for those who visit Yilan. Don't forget to put it on your to go list.

Niek · 18/09/2020

Not bad

The park is very large, the landscape is great, you can stroll all day. There are free performances to watch in the park. Tickets purchased on the app platform are cheaper than on-site, which is great value for money! !

黛如 耿 · 08/09/2020


Tintin · 28/07/2020

The National Center for Traditional Arts is an interesting place for all ages. There are lots of small stores, local food stands and varieties of DIY workshops. Pretty place for photo taking. I strongly suggest to buy the ticket with DIY experience. My black jade polishing DIY experience was more than fun. There are 6 processes and takes at least 30-40 min to finish one product. You will be amazed to see how your stone turns to jade.

Yvonne · 22/07/2020

great place but avoid on weekends, the place is a tourist trap but it's great for photos

Chun Po · 28/06/2020

Excellent! Nice trip with transaction. Good experience. Thank you Klook.

Kailing · 07/04/2020

Great place to take the kids and pet friendly too! Lots to see!

TZU chun · 05/04/2020

It was a okay experience roaming around the whole center and see different places while on the boat. You can feed the fish there in the water as the boat driver will give you food to feed the fish. But the activity is not recommended for travelers without knowledge of Chinese as the boat driver explanation is in Chinese. Though he did tell us some things in English but not as detailed as for Chinese counterparts.

Mayank · 31/03/2020

Very good place to go especially the experiences are one of a kind and are a must try. We tried DIY metal engraved key rings and DIY bamboo light. There's a boat trip too in the center with boat guide telling all details about the center, though in Chinese.

Mayank · 31/03/2020

The centre is easily accessible by GR21 shuttle bus from Luodong bus station on hourly basis. Many activities available including indoor and outdoor performances, Dongshan river boat ride, fog forest, 文昌 temple, tasting local craft beer and etc. Kids friendly place and not too crowded on weekdays. Can easily spend more than half a day enjoying this place in a quiet township of Wujie.

Irene · 01/03/2020

Worth to come here as you can see the transitional building and the traditional opera also lots of shop for foods and goods

yi tinh · 26/02/2020

Family sunrise tour

It's easy to buy tickets quickly and save time! It made me use it and love him for the first time.

彥志 陳 · 23/02/2020

Just buy before going there. When reach entrance just give to the staff and they know what needs to be done

hua xiang · 18/02/2020

Good experience with wonderful price , perfect for a half day trip

JiaJin · 03/02/2020

Good experience and able to diy something to take back too!

Kai Ping Brenda · 21/01/2020

U need to have transport to get there. Should bring the stroller if you bring small kids as the place is very big

SHING YEE · 15/01/2020

A nice place to visit. We managed to watch a nice show at 10.30am.

Hoon Suat · 09/01/2020

interesting place to spend a couple of hours exploring craft shops

Adeline · 08/01/2020

The process is easy and quick. The only complaint I have is the price is not the best. One of my friends told me that he has purchased the same amount of tickets for NT$3 less per ticket. I hope Klook can be more competitive in the future.

Robert · 08/01/2020

interesting tour around the compound. quite short though. not to be confused with the boat ride to the Dongshan River Park.

Bao Xue · 05/01/2020

Family friendly attraction, with many Taiwanese traditional cultural activities to visit. The environment is well maintained

HUI JU · 05/01/2020

Worth going when in Luodong!! Make sure to catch all the free performances when you are there. If you have time, stay till evening time when the lights switch on, giving a different feel to the place.

Jiayu Jane · 05/01/2020

A really amazing place for family visit. Lots of cultural stuffs to see and experience.

Doreen · 03/01/2020

Love the fact it’s an instant confirmation upon purchase of the entrance ticket from Klook. We did not get any ticket for DIY experiences because of time constraint. You could literally spent more than half a day there. However, we were there for mere 1 1/2 hours. It’s enough to cover the site but not enough to cover in detail. A place rich in portraying Chinese culture. Managed to catch a 20-30mins stage performance in front of the temple. It would be more meaningful if we are there during the Lunar New Year period. Saw some local staffs putting up lanterns on the streets for the upcoming festival. Managed to get some local delicacies on site as well. A good place for family to visit.

Cheryl · 03/01/2020

Very convenient ~~~and easy to to use!This app is highly recommended!!

Yichia · 02/01/2020

Interesting place for a walk to learn about Taiwanese culture. Easy to redeem via Klook

Lee Hui · 25/12/2019

Enjoyed in the art center where we get to watch beautiful scnenery and exposure to traditional arts.

YI SHEN · 22/12/2019

An awesome attractions to understand Chinese traditional trades and Taiwanese hokkien opera. The performances are very interesting ?

Ho Fong · 18/12/2019

Worth going for this tradition art national center. Can see the skill of individual shop. The thing selling there is mostly from individual skill.

Pei Pei Tracy · 16/12/2019

Interesting place to understand Taiwan culture with live performances and lots of options for diy activities. many nice photo opportunities too.

Li Hoey · 13/12/2019

Good experience learning about the traditional arts and culture of Taiwan.

Hao Hwee Jefferson · 08/12/2019

Convenient booking with free DIY voucher at the center ?? Though bad weather, we also enjoyed three performances at the Center.

irene · 07/12/2019

Product information

Slow down your pace and travel back in time at National Center for Traditional Arts in Yilan. Relive your childhood and witness your memories come to live again! Snap photos of the beautifully designed buildings that set the vibe just right. Join some DIY activities and create your own souvenirs.

  • Travelers under the same booking reference number must enter the park at the same time. Please note that re-entry to the park after exiting will not be granted
  • The jade photos are for reference only as jade is a natural mineral and its appearance is subject to change
  • Some activities may have age and capacity requirements, please refer to the official website for details:
  • This product only includes NT$150 DIY activities; if you wish to experience other DIY activities, surcharges may apply, fees to be paid on-site
  • Please note that each DIY activity has different experience times
Purchasing notice

・Free admission for children (under age 6 or 115cm in height) and travelers with a disability certificate. Please note that at least 1 adult company is required for children and disabled traveler's admission

・Travelers who meet the following requirements are eligible for discounted tickets: children age 6 - 12, seniors age 65 or older, students, or residents of Yilan county. Please provide applicable documents in the form of ID card or resident certificate at the ticket counter

・The operating hours are subject to change, please refer to on-site announcements

・Children participating in Black Jade Stone Carving Workshop DIY Activities (recommended for children age 5 or over) are required to be accompanied by their parents