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I think it’s a great fixed-point itinerary. The driver and tour guide provide very light and detailed professional explanations. Although the stay at each point is not very long, it is a very suitable choice for people who have no traffic or travel with elders.

Pei shan · 05/03/2021

Thanks to Mr. Lu for his diverse and rich guides, let today’s activities be wonderful because of you, Taipingshan Forest Farm, ecology, landscape, forest Fendor, it is a wonderful day

Deiyi · 28/02/2021

The tour guides of this group are friendly, they can explain the scenic spots and characteristics they pass by while driving, and they will also take the initiative to help take pictures. Because the car in the middle of the group was broken and the steep slope could not be driven, the tour guide not only contacted the company to change the car immediately, but also increased the itinerary during the car change process to take everyone to Haunozawa. You can cook hot spring eggs, bathe, and walk on the forest trail. The itinerary did not decrease; a blessing in disguise also earned an extra attraction.

HSINTSANG · 28/02/2021

The 太平山 tour was not bad however the tour guide who accompanied us was not exactly the best: 1. He did not follow us during the tour, he basically acted as driver. 2. Although friendly, he constantly screamed in the car instead of talking (we were just 7 people, we can hear you). 3. He added unnecessary pieces of information for the sake of talking (Who cares how many kilometers is the 宜蘭 highway tunnel?). 4. He is good when it comes to drive on the mountains however on both the highway and in the city he just drives recklessly. He put us in danger more than once.

samuele · 31/01/2021

okey, the driver is very nice but a little bit bumpy when it came on the road..

Nathasa · 20/01/2021

Winter Wonderland

It’s the unique winter wonderland of Taiwan with just wonderful spots that you will always be amazed!

ALI HAEDAR · 19/01/2021

taipingshan snow tour

I love the service so much, the tour is memorable. Thank to the driver, we enjoy the tour so much. They have snow chain, so we can discover the taipingshan scenery.

Fathin Aulia · 11/01/2021

it was a very nice and convenience experience. the van group is very good as they have a system to inform all drivers of the possible road condition to ensure the safety of the passengers. I would definitely like to visit again when this pandemic is over and done!

Sok Hui · 07/12/2020

It was easy to find our guide and our guide was super friendly and gave us sufficient time to explore the places!! Highly recommend

Timothy Joachim · 29/11/2020


It was a raining all day long but we still can enjoy the national park, except for the lake because everything was white. The tour was very on time & tour leader explained everything clearly (only in chinese).

Grace Amelia Gunawan · 16/10/2020

For a day trip from Yilan to the Taiping Mountain, you will mainly visit Taiping Mountain Villa and Erda's scenic spots (Cuifeng Lake, Jianqing Trail). Because it is a day trip from the north, the time to go back down the mountain is also considered. Therefore, the attractions are tight, and the table reservations are all there. Coupled with the heavy rain in the mountains, the running itinerary is a little challenge! On the whole, it is a good experience itinerary, which can give a rough impression to travelers who are visiting for the first time. Next time you can schedule a 2-day itinerary for a deep visit.

JIE · 24/07/2020

Not worth at all ............................./////

kwong Foo · 17/07/2020

Too rush for this tour and not worth Lunch just eat can eat cup noodle

kwong Foo · 17/07/2020

Fantastic tour guide

The tour guide for this trip is very friendly and knowledgeable and puts in maximum effort to ensure you have a great day trip and see all the main breathtaking sights. His English is also very good which helps me as a solo traveller. Definitely recommend!

Dom Andrews · 19/06/2020

A perfect day trip

Excellent day trip to Yilan Taipingshan. Tour guide/driver 小林 is very professional, attentive, experienced and knowledgeable. My request to visit Jianqing Huaigu Trail was fulfilled (weather pending), a beautiful trail along train was absolutely stunning and magical. Even got to see few seconds of cloud sea. Tour didn't feel rushed and got smooth transit to and from Taipei. Highly recommended!

Vivian Kwok · 11/03/2020

Was supposed to be a tour group of 4, but the 3 other tour members pulled out last minute. The tour proceeded still. Couldn't see much due to the heavy fog, but it is still nice anyway. To note: do bring your lunch or you can buy at taipingshan visitor centre; do wear something warm; journey might make you car sick; (Don't get the NT100 tips too though, like, why??? It should have been included.)

Xin · 30/01/2020

Our tour guide is knowledgeable. We went on a clear day and were able to see the beautiful views. The mountain route was quite winding though, so people with motion sickness might want to take note.

Mei Ling · 18/01/2020

There were multople issues with the trip. First, the meeting place. we were at the meeting place 30 mins before the designated time, we've approached multiple tour guides to ask but they all said that's not our tour even the tour guide assigned to us. He finally informed us that he is our tour guide after I called his number that was sent on the confirmation email. Second, we chose English speaking tour guide, to our horror, the tour guide assigned does not speak any english and the only means of communication is through google translate. This is the first Klook trip that frustrate me.

Kristoffer · 05/01/2020

We're only 4 who joined this tour and I really enjoyed this experience.The views are so amazing. The driver/tour guide was so friendly and knowledgeable. He provided enough time to take our pictures and see the beauty for each stop.Another must try when visiting Taiwan but don't forget to bring your things to warm you during the trip like jacket/warmer

Angelique · 05/01/2020

good tour that is very affordable and a good way to spend a day trip.

Bao Xue · 04/01/2020

the places visited are pretty just a pity that the fog came up in the afternoon and blocked our view of the lake

Rui Xue · 27/12/2019

light, easy walk. suitable for most people. comfortable ride and friendly driver/guide who shared information about the places. sufficient time to visit the locations.

Alvinia · 26/12/2019

amazing views

tour guide was very comprehensive and friendly. the places he brought us to were amazing for sightseeing. a lot of time was spent on travelling between places though. tip: wear at least 3 layers of clothes cos it gets real cold in the mountainous areas

Desmond Aw · 21/12/2019

Reconnect with nature

We are blessed with good weather, saw the famed train tracks in mountains, saw wild monkeys and weasels and hiked some tracks with enough time.

Hong Jin Li · 19/12/2019

The tour itself is considered very good except the meeting point! It said meeting point at yilan station was east exit but the driver was at west exit.

Mathavee · 19/12/2019

Nice tour guide .. can n nicer if it’s not raining the whole day n fog hide away all the beautiful scenery.. bong-bong car experience is in not in the itinerary

cheng Wee · 17/12/2019

the guide was knowledgable and shared deep insights of his own. had a great discussion. the guide also made an extra stop on the way down just for us to quickly snap photos of the "cloud sea" as there wasnt any when we were at the top.

Eugene Pang Ming Xi · 13/12/2019

Great view and atmosphere

Guide was very familiar with the area and gave us good explanation of the history of the mountain. Was much colder than expected since it was raining but overall still enjoyable!

You Jun Thung · 11/12/2019

Amazing tour! We were lucky that the weather was a bit sunny and was able to see a lot. Try the longgan tea in the restaurant near the lake! Guide was equally awesome.

Joyce Ann · 10/12/2019

Despite it being very cold and foggy the views were amazing. The driver was also extremely experienced and friendly. He provided a lot of interesting information about the place and the flora and fauna there. However, he requested for a service fee (服务费)of 100 TWD per person at the end of the trip which we were not made aware of. Though I feel that his service is commendable and he is deserving of the tips, I am not aware if this is a common practice among drivers. Furthermore, it seemed more of a demand of the trip than a request: “服务费一个人一百块”. Other than that would recommend the trip to all.

Wei Zhi · 10/12/2019

It was fantastic that having cold weather of 13 degree. The colour of leafs were red colour and it was beautiful. The tour guide is friendly and knowledgeable in introduction of the place visited.

Siong Mee · 05/12/2019

The experience was nice but going up the mountain was so tiring. When we went there it was raining so the weather was so cold! The long and winding road made me dizzy. Nothing really much to see except for the Bong Bong train.

Katherine · 29/11/2019

Mr Wong is a good tour guide and drivers, he allows us to stop halfway to take photo... the view at Taipingshan is great!

Aik Meng · 27/11/2019

enjoyed the place!! but thought the guide was more a driver than a guide. perhaps because it was in English.

Lim · 27/11/2019

Great experience

It was the first time we were using the services of kkday and were naturally a little skeptical. However, any doubts were dispelled when I received a text reminder from the driver/guide 小林 the night before about the meeting time and place as well as to remind us about lunch and weather. 小林 is very experienced and knowledgeable not just about Taipingshan but also about the history of various places, events, even plants and agriculture. This was a stark contrast to the driver (from a different provider) for our Taroko Gorge trip 2 days earlier. Jianqin trail is really beautiful, and we also managed to witness the sea of clouds on the way down - which according to 小林 hasn't happened in the past 4-5 months. Overall fantastic experience.

Gary Khoo · 26/11/2019

The trails were really nice and easy. 1st trail is 800m where you walk along an old train railway. At the 2nd stop, if you will opt for the bong bong train, there's 2 250m forest trails. I highly recommend taking the bong bong train. I was looking forward to seeing the Ciufeng lake, but it was too foggy when we went. It's best to go if its not the rainy season. Its just a quick walk to view ciufeng lake. The guide can speak English to provide basic instructions but it would be better if he can also share his insights and stories in English.

Katrina Carmela · 22/11/2019

Beautiful place. Tour guide is very friendly and easy. Will come back again.

Yuen Leng · 21/11/2019

These five stars are given based on the ideal conditions which allows one to fully see the scenery. We met the driver at 8.30 in front of Yilan train station, grabbed some food and proceeded with the tour. The tour guide was knowledgeable, helpful and skilful in his driving. He gave us several pit stops to the loo and ample time was provided for us to explore a spot. so it was roughly 10 hours and we covered 土场, 见晴步道,翠峰湖 和 太平山. As the weather on the mountains changes very rapidly, it started to fog up and we could not see much nearing the end of the tour (翠峰湖 和 太平山), which was a pity. Please bring along an umbrella and wear thick clothings. With rain and occasional wind, it can get quite cold at the mountains. It is the fog that spoils the show but it also gives us a glimpse of what the nature has to offer in the mountains.

Shao Hao · 19/11/2019

It was great as the place is amazingly impressed us. The guide stop by a few points for some photo shooting. Had a hot coffee at the A small resort at the top of the hill with view of “sea cloud “ is relaxing.

Lei Wuen · 17/11/2019

Great scenery and hiking path was well paved and manageable. However we were disappointed that the tour guide said there’s no time to ride the Bong Bong train unless we compromised on one of the attractions.

WENG WOH · 12/11/2019

We had a great driver who added points of interest that were not on itinerary and who was flexible in having other stops (for lunch or souvenirs). The tour was conducted in a MPV with 7 guests. Weather was good for most of the day (rained a little) and we went on several lovely trails and rode on the little train. Value for money for a full-day trip.

Eng Chuan · 11/11/2019

The guide was nice & friendly which made the whole trip really fantastic. Thumbs up for this :)

Yew Thong · 10/11/2019

Overall a good trip, generally v foggy but we managed to see the lake. Need to bring downjacket as it will be v cold in the mountains. Guide was late for abt 15 mins (pick up at yilan station, but they informed u on the klook website that they might be late). Take note that some may get carsick during the ride up and down the mountains.

Bee Cheng · 10/11/2019

Activities were carried out as stated in the itinerary! Tour guide very friendly and knowledgeable about Yilan and Taipingshan as well.

Aik Yeong Benjamin · 09/11/2019

Day Trip

Loved the trail and views. Would love to come back again on a different trip to try out the 4 hour trail.

Elaine Krystel Araza · 07/11/2019

It was a nice trip however the rain dampened the mood.

Cheng Shen Eugene · 02/11/2019

Tour guide was very friendly and provided explanation along the way. The only downside is taipingshan is very far so most of the time were spent on the car ride. Nevertheless, the ride was worth it to see the beautiful lake and take in the clear air up in the mountains ?

Xiao Feng · 27/10/2019

it was a wonderful trip though the weather was foggy. driver made good suggestions.

Daniel King Lok · 25/10/2019

Had a minor miscommunication with the tour guide on the morning of the tour. Honestly, it was stressful. I was waiting for Klook personnel at the designated place in the morning. I was unaware that Klook sub the tour to another unified tour group called Taiwan Tour Group and as a result I missed the bus in the morning. I actually approached two of the personnel wearing orange, but they were unhelpful. I thought Klook personnel will turn up at the designated place but it appears that I'm actually supposed to join one of their tours. I was then told to take a taxi to another station as they were waiting for me at my own expense. Tour guide was annoyed that I was late and I was upset as I was waiting at the designated area since early morning and coincidentally the same tour guide was unhelpful / does not understand my plight when I approached him to ask questions. Bad experience.

Jessica · 30/09/2019

No English tour guide, and inform just 1 day before the tour started. The tour guide was friendly and tried to help us with gg translation but we still feel unhappy with this tour.

Minh Quang · 09/09/2019

Product information

Visit the lush forests of Taipingshan to indulge in nature therapy and stress release. Step inside the fairytale world of Taipingshan National Forest, explore ancient trails winding through mountains, valleys, lakes, waterfalls, and other natural wonders.

  • Actual itinerary is dependent on weather/transportation conditions
  • Please arrive promptly at the designated meeting points, no refunds will be granted if travelers arrive late or leave the tour halfway
  • Local agency reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the tour due to weather or other unexpected conditions
  • For Taiwanese travelers, please provide your ID card number and Chinese name in the "Note" section when booking
  • For English and Japanese service, tour guides or iPad guides will be provided. Please note that specific service cannot be reserved in advance, and is dependent on on-site availability
  • Vehicle type is dependent on the number of travelers. Bus seating is based on a first come, first served basis and cannot be reserved in advance
  • Travelers are recommended to wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for hiking. Rain gear is also encouraged