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Great suitable transfer

Sarah Lakin · 03/10/2020

im glad that you can book transportation in Klook. it saves time and a lot less hassle when making itinerary.. really appreciates the convenience it offers and also the driver is on time.

richard · 11/07/2020

Scutinise the picture and map of the pick-up point. If possible, scout out the pick-up point before hand. We waited at the wrong street corner. Apparently, there are two very similar looking street corners with seven eleven stores within a block of each other. Disaster was averted for us as driver at other pick-up point pointed us in the right direction.

TECK HUI · 14/04/2020

Efficient and safe transportation! We had the whole car to ourselves.

Joy · 01/04/2020

Only passenger for the ride to Cingjing despite being a shared transfer. Driver was prompt in pick-up and was very friendly. Despite being someone who get motion sickness easily, I have no issue throughout the ride. *Thumbs up*

Yu Ning · 22/03/2020

The driver (James) is a good driver and he arrived on time. He was nice enough to pick us up from our hotel (which is very near mcdonalds Feng Jia) when I told him i had an infant and big luggages with me. Thanks!

DENIECE JUSTINA · 17/03/2020

Friendly driver! Will received whatsapp regarding the driver's details and car plate number. Good way to get back to city from cingjing

Jia Qi · 16/03/2020

Easy to find the 7-11. Will have a whatsapp regarding the driver and car details the night before. No one sharing with us that day so we end up having like a private transfer. A great way to get up to cingjing and takes ard 1.5hr to reach our minsu. Perfect!

Jia Qi · 12/03/2020

The pick up was good! Driver will WhatsApp the day before to inform about the pick up details

Yun Xiang · 10/03/2020

Friendly and punctual

Thanks for the nice trip down from Cingjing Swiss Garden down to Taichung HSR. Very punctual during pickup and reach destination quite fast.

Kah Boon Tan · 10/03/2020

The driver whatsapp me the information the night before, informing details such as driver’s contact, car type, car plate etc. Driver was on time too!

Yun Xiang · 07/03/2020

great service

company text and inform us 30mins beforehand that driver will be abt 15mins late due to unforeseen road traffic. driver came exactly 15mins later. great service on managing customer expectations.

Swee Puah Lim · 06/03/2020

great service

driver was on time and even the day beforw when request to change drop off point it was well accomodated.

Swee Puah Lim · 06/03/2020

Personally think is a better option over big buses when travelling from/to Taichung and Cingjing as the price range is close and you get a more comfortable ride. It was only the two of us for that day yet they still fetched us back to Taichung. The drop off point right next to our hotel (Beacon hotel) which is in a convenient area with lots of food and just beside fengjia night market. Driver was friendly too :)

Valerie · 04/03/2020

highly recommend for travelers to Cingjing. it is very convenient as they will pick you up from your hotel. Driver is nice too as they will text you one day before to confirm your schedule. very prompt reply from them too. nice & friendly.

HUI YI · 01/03/2020

highly recommend for travelers to Cingjing. it is very convenient as they will drive you to your hotel. Driver is nice too as they will text you one day before to confirm your schedule. very prompt reply from them too. nice & friendly.

HUI YI · 01/03/2020

Easy to find and locate the driver. Driver is very friendly and provide very good advise about the area that we are visiting.

SHEN YEONG · 01/03/2020

Driver picked us up at the arranged meeting point promptly in a sedan which had plenty of space for two large suitcases. The driver was friendly and knew when to give us some space to watch the scenery outside go by in silence without being overly chatty. We reached Cingjing safely and in good time!

JIA MING KENNETH · 29/02/2020

If you have luggage with you, you should definitely get the shared transfers which offer you comfort and ease of getting to your accommodation / place of interest on the mountainous Cing Jing.

WEI EN JOANNE · 27/02/2020

Hassle free travelling to Cingjing, driver James was very courteous and flexible to our timing as well, thumbs up!

Mulyono · 25/02/2020

Amazing service. Day before the trip, received all details via WhatsApp. Driver arrived on time and also provided water. Due to low season we even ended up with a private transfer instead !

Cheng Wee · 22/02/2020


timely and helpful service

KAH MUN ASHLY HO · 18/02/2020

Received confirmation text from operator one day ahead, and was given full details (driver name and contact etc). Driver reached 30 mins earlier, but thats okay. Was surprised that I was the only passenger and the trip still went ahead. Even had free bottle of water. Upzz.

Xin · 08/02/2020


The bus was on time Great personality driver Good driving skill We were dropped off in front of our hotel

Supaluk Tangvalelerd · 08/02/2020

choose pick point and time, the driver will be at the pick up point and the time you choose.. and the driver will try to help u to find your accommodation.. definitely worth buying..

Hui Chang · 06/02/2020

driver reaches on time to pick up and friendly.. definitely worth buying this to use for destination to destination..

Hui Chang · 06/02/2020

The operator is very caring to alter the pick up time one hour earlier due to our flight arrival time and spare us an hour from waiting, will definitely book it next time

suet ying · 03/02/2020

very attractive price for a direct route from Chinjing to Tai Chung hotel, although the late arrival given us a little change of the original plan, but we will still book it for next time for the competitive price

suet ying · 03/02/2020

Great communication. They contact you 2 days in advance prior to your departure to confirm and the driver was really friendly. smooth ride till my destination

Shumi Demi · 25/01/2020

Driver is friendly. Send us to our minsu at cingjing:) definitely an affordable and good option! Convenient too.

Shu Ying · 22/01/2020

Booked a shared transfer for both ways and ended up having 1 trip cancelled due to full capacity. The trip from taichung to cingjing was pleasant, as no one else was sharing the trip with us, the driver was kind to offer us a straight trip to our hotel in taipei instead for a very reasonable price. He also very kindly offered to bring us to some attractions along the way. Highly recommended.

Trixie · 22/01/2020

Driver would create WhatsApp chat group prior to the pick up day for easy comms. Driver was punctual and it was easy to locate the pick up point. It was a minivan for 6 people, space was just right. Drive up from Taichung to Cingjing was alright, driver stops you right outside your minsu. Value for money.

Janice · 17/01/2020

This is a very easy way to travel between Cingjing and Taichung. Our driver, James, was very friendly and came early to pick us up.

Andi · 17/01/2020

Good service and friendly driver. We forgot one bag he turn back let us collect ^^

Chia ju · 17/01/2020

Seamless process of getting this transportation. Driver will Contact you and Ensure pick up is done correctly.

Reynard · 14/01/2020

Seamless experience. Driver was friendly and contacted us on WhatsApp to confirm location to board

Reynard · 14/01/2020

Driver is young and helpful. Car is a luxury Brand. On time. willing to send to a nearby location after helping to check in. 赞? the following photo is where (at Taichung THSR station) we boarded the car.

Tham Kwee · 12/01/2020

The pickup location can just put at meeting point at level 1 instead to avoid confusion.. Took abt an hr to reach our hotel

Chiang Yong · 12/01/2020

Very good

Driver very timing very good. The vehicle is very clean

Ivan Gao Chee Siong · 12/01/2020

The ride up was fantastic and would expect the same for the ride down. However was quite disappointed with this ride as we waited for 20 mins for the mini-van to arrive. Though it’s not the driver fault (the other shared customers MIA) but damage control could be done such as picking us up first before the other customers. Faced jam when on the way down so if want to avoid jam, avoid the 4.30pm time slot.

Denise · 11/01/2020

We had a really good (peaceful) morning up to Qing Jing! There’s quite a number of 7-11 here and we went to the wrong 7-11. Upon clarifying, the driver gave a more accurate location and boarded it successfully. The driver is really friendly and we are happy with the service. I love how cozy the car is. The ride up was pretty smooth and it was a nice 7 seater car. We shared with another couple thus only the 4 of us share this ride up! Will definitely recommend for the journey up to QingJing! The drop off point is a Swiss Garden area which is quite a distance from Green Green Grasslands which I wasn’t much aware of (I thought its outside Green Green Grassland). So we took a taxi up that cost NT200 (very expensive)! Attached is a photo of the interior of the car and the drop off point

Denise · 11/01/2020

Very Good

Driver came on time. Help us with luggage

Ivan Gao Chee Siong · 11/01/2020

Driver was extremely on time and picked us right to fengjia. Driving was fast yet safe. Definitely a good recommendation to travel from cingjing to fengjia.

Yeok Sing Freddy · 09/01/2020

Driver arrived punctually and was helpful in picking our luggage

SY · 07/01/2020

Driver arrived on time to pick us up from Taichung and drop us to our stay in Cingjing. A day before the pick up, we were informed of the driver’s car plate and confirmation on arrival time. The ride was comfortable. Highly recommended.

SOOK MUN · 05/01/2020

The time was in time and the driver very kind and helpful, I’ll be back someday to Cingjing and using this transfer transportation ??????

Yeremia Gillbert · 05/01/2020

Easy pick up at designated area. Driver was flexible too if you change the pick up area

Jun Bao · 04/01/2020

Smooth share ride to cingjing. The driver is nice and sent us all the way up to the entrance of the farm. The reason is because if he drop us at Swiss Garden or Starbucks then we need to climb up the mountain.

Jun Bao · 04/01/2020

Easy and good transfer.. excellent service!!!!!!!!!

Pairat · 03/01/2020

Punctual & comfy ride

It was a packed 20 seater bus. The driver arrived on time and we reached taichung hsr abt 1.5hrs. The bus company whatsapped us one day before to confirm the time and pick up place. Overall, I highly recommend this for travelers who like convenience

Jeanne Gwee · 31/12/2019

Product information

Enjoy convenient shuttle bus transportation from three different Taichung locations to Cingjing, or Cingjing back to Taichung. Our comfortable minivans come equipped with Wi-Fi and air conditioning.

  • There could be a 20-minute difference for shuttle departure time. Staff member will call and inform exact time of departure
  • Local agency reserves the right to adjust the departure time and the price for all services mentioned above
  • Travelers may need to switch vehicles at High Speed Rail Taichung Station or Puli, depending on number of passengers