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Easy to use and reliable

Great discount, easy to purchase and redeem. Never had any issues.

Caitrin Ferguson · 28/02/2021

travel smooth and easy

travel smooth and easy going

Ruben David Henriques Gomes · 10/02/2021


Great but staff might need to be trained more to doing this process. Seems most of the time not such how to do it. And requires 20-30 mins

Michael Lu · 30/01/2021

Thankfully that we made a HSR booking, otherwise it would be really troublesome and crowded at the train station due to new year. Highly recommend this!

Yuxian · 12/01/2021

Went to cingjing for new year eve and it such a breeze to exchange for the tickets! Thankfully for having changed the tickets in advance otherwise it was swarmed with people.

Yuxian · 12/01/2021

business travel

Easy, fast and cheap travel.

Ruben David Henriques Gomes · 06/01/2021


Easy to buy, can buy 30 days before, and can be used up to 90 days after purchase, also can be rescheduled once after ticket is issued.

ALI HAEDAR · 02/01/2021

High Speed Rail is good and convenient. but remember you need to replace your voucher to paper ticket at the counter.

Krzysztof · 28/12/2020

travel back to Hsinchu

This is a new experience for myself but a pleasant one to say the least.. the small adjustment in price makes a diference.. But please do choose your time for traveling... We went back to Hsinchu at peak time so it was pretty crazy. Other than that, the KKday app, is pretty cool and i will be using it alot more :D

Irfan Ali · 08/12/2020

The station is clean and elegant, staffed with friendly and efficient people, the trains are fast and spotless, and the lunch boxes totally delicious!

Abegail · 07/12/2020

Using the HSR will save you alot of time on travelling. Purchase the tickets online so that you are ensured with the time and seats. Around 15 minutes to centre of Taichung by taxi. Has plenty of food and drink counters. Good accessibility, plenty elevators and escalators.

Abegail · 07/12/2020


Pleasure enjoy taking hsr

Michael Lu · 06/12/2020


The HSR is fast and fun.

Todd Williams · 30/11/2020

Great ride.

I always enjoy taking the HSR, this makes it cheaper.

Todd Williams · 30/11/2020

Great way to travel

Process was very fast and efficient

Shi Cheng Jeng · 04/10/2020

Fast and convenient travel from Taichung to Taipei. Ticket redemption is very easy at HSR counter and seats can be reserved. Good savings with Klook!

Chai Sheng · 19/08/2020

I went straight to Taichung upon arriving Taipei. The train was so fast and I even made just in time for my first activity!

Gemille · 07/05/2020

Easy to redeem the tickets at the counter by showing the voucher you booked from klook and passport. They will assigned you which platform to head off to and the timing for the next high speed rail.

Emily · 12/03/2020

Easy to redeem, very fast and efficient less than an hour from taichung to taipei na agad kami. I will surely recommend this to my friends and family thanks klook. It was a nice experience

LYKA · 04/03/2020

Very convenient, Taichung to Taipei in just 1 hour. Less hassle for people who can speak the native language just show your voucher and passport the attendant will just let you choose your time. I paired this with taichung private sight seeing car.

Joey Marie · 03/03/2020

Highlyrecommended. Very fast and easy transaction the counter assisted me well i also can select what time schedule i want to take, saves alot time and money thanks klook!

Eni · 02/03/2020

Fastest way to Taichung from Taipei. Hadn’t got to reserve seats so we checked for available seats in transit.

Guillian Alaine · 25/02/2020

Saved us a lot of time! It takes 2 hours to travel on a private car to to and from Taipei to Taichung but with THSR, it only took us 40-50 minutes! I strongly suggest you get your ticket her because there’s a big price difference buying it on the station!

JAEL · 24/02/2020

Highly recommended on this Taiwan High Speed Rails deals, its very convenient to get this tickets through this app, its much unexpected cheaper price that get the tickets on THSR station on the spots.

Khuen Lok Kenneth · 21/02/2020

Highly recommended on this Taiwan High Speed Rails deals, its very convenient to get this tickets through this app, its much unexpected cheaper price that get the tickets on THSR station on the spots.

Khuen Lok Kenneth · 21/02/2020

Highly recommended on this Taiwan High Speed Rails deals, its very convenient to get this tickets through this app, its much unexpected cheaper price that get the tickets on THSR station on the spots.

Khuen Lok Kenneth · 21/02/2020

Highly recommend. A lot cheaper than buying over the counter. Easy redemption over the counter too by showing the counter staff the e-voucher and your passport. A lot of frequency too. Very comfortable ride and much faster than other modes of transport.

Boon Thiam William · 18/02/2020

Ticket claiming at the Taichung HSR station was quick! Just present your Klook mobile voucher together with your passport at the ticket counter and have your train ticket printed out. You could even choose your reserved seating if some are still available. Make sure to enter through the manned gates as the staff will be the ones to let you in the turnstiles.

Aaron Jordan · 15/02/2020

Very fast, efficient and convenient service. Between Taichung station and the city there are buses or TRA rail service. The fastest high speed rail train takes less than an hour to Taipei. I found it easy to collect the tickets and find my way around. The train itself is very comfortable too, highly recommend the lunchbox

Samuel · 11/02/2020

Cheap and easy to redeem. We choose to ride from Taichung to Taipei, which took ~1hr ride. We redeemed it 30mins before our chosen departure time, 10:00am. And got to seat on reserved car side by side, on Sunday. But do spend time to browse around Taichung THSR and Xinwuri Stations. There is a train speciality souvenirs shop which sell many fair priced attractive gifts.

Faten Laila · 10/02/2020

This can serve as a fastest way going to Taichung especially if you have limited time only. You can go different places around Taichung where you can find beautiful places. Perfect for a relaxing place and if you love nature. Highly recommended to couple, family or group. THSR is a convenient way to your selected places you want to discover!

SHEILA MARIE · 28/01/2020

Traveling to Taichung is a breeze. Just present your Klook voucher along with your passport to the HSR ticketing station, choose your time of departure, and you're all set.

Katherine · 25/01/2020

Highly recommended. we travelled for less than an hour. its very convenient, enough to catch our plane in Kaohsiung. plus the discount is big enough savings.

Debbie Rona · 24/01/2020

Took a taxi (due to the heavy luggage with me) to the Taichung HSR station but if you have time can take a bus to the station using a easy card ...the 1st 10 km is free for your bus ride anywhere in Taichung. Because l got into the station early, l was able to ask for a reserved seat for the journey to Taipei. With less than 1 hour , l got into Taipei's station integrated with the MRT/Metro. Again, you can purchase one easy card at the station or any MRT stations if you don't have one yet.

jooteck · 23/01/2020

Locating the assigned seat can be confusing for 1st timers. We had to check the issued ticket, check for directions in the tv monitors, codes printed in the queing areas and codes printed in the train doors and seats. But the ride was nice since nice views can be seen from the window, if you are lucky to seat in the window side. Priority seats are left vacant for elders, pregnant and pwd so don't seat on them if you are not in these categories.

Mary Jane · 22/01/2020

I just book 2 days ahead before this scheduled trip, easy to redeem, qr codes were sent upon booking, passport details required, no need to to top upon entry as this kind of pass will be check by the staff, and she will stamp the ticket at the back upon entry, reserved seat for this trip and cheaper than buying at the counter

shana renee · 17/01/2020

Seamless travel. We exchanged for actual tickets a day in advance so we didn’t have to get separate seats. Great experience!

Yenuo · 16/01/2020

Very easy to use! Just go to the counter and select the time slot you will like. A tip is to book earlier for weekend trains as it gets filled up really fast, and you might not be able to sit together with your friends/family. But besides that, everything is good!

Hui Min · 14/01/2020

Bought our THSR tickets via Klook going back to Taipei Main Station from Taichung to save time on our travel. Smooth travel, comfy seats and lots of leg room.

Rosanne · 10/01/2020

Cheaper compared to buying in the ticket counter(s). Easy to redeem just make sure you have your passport with you when claiming. Going to Taichung via THSR is best option especially if you have limited day in Taiwan.

Jeremy · 10/01/2020

in just 60 mins. you can arrive at Taipei... it's my 3time to use this THSR promo.. but it's my firstime to Taipei...I only go to Taichung and kaoshiung..all in my experience is great because I save not only time but alot of money...thank u klook for this promo

Angelica · 08/01/2020

Redeemed the tickets few days before this trip to Ensure seats booked. It’s simple process. The HSR experience was great! Fast and no hassle. Probably a slight problem when travelling with huge luggage due to space constraint.

NGIAP SOON JEREMY · 07/01/2020

The train is clean and fast. However the queue is long. And especially when you book through klook, you are required to redeem the ticket from the HSR station. It would be so much easier if there is an express que for people that book online or via klook. Overall experience is good just that the que is really long and slow. Only three counters are open on a weekday. Therefore my advise is to be there earlier to secure your seat.

Zhi Wei Alvin · 05/01/2020

Find an easy way to buy Express Train tickets from Taichung to Taipei through Klook website. Easy and cheap way to get the ticket!

Siu Fai · 05/01/2020

THSR One Way Ticket to or from Taichung. Fast and comfortable ride from Taipei to Taichung. Easy to claim ticket at the counter (just by showing passport).

Malinee · 04/01/2020

I am ona trip from Kaohsiung to Taichung and then Taipei. Klook assisted me for the transport by High Speed Rail from Kaohsiung to Taichung and then from Taichung to Taipei. It was so easy to exchange Klook voucher to train ticket. Go to the ticket office and show them the voucher and passport. Select the departure time and seat, and there you go. I managed to get the promotion offer of buy one free one from Kaohsiung, and discounted price for my trip from Taichung to Taipei. Thank you Klook, you made my travel so easy and saved money. Will certainly buy from Klook again.

ZHE KAI · 02/01/2020

Fast and comfortable ride from Taipei to Taichung. Apparently public transport in Taiwan are very time consuming and this helped us save time in our trip. Recommended for those who are on short trip. Easy to claim ticket at the counter (just by showing passport).

Amanda Kay Sin · 02/01/2020

It is so easy to exchange the voucher for the train ticket. Just go to the counter to fixed the time and seat of the high speed rail. It is easy this way because without fixed time of the train in the voucher, l can take the time and don't have to rush for the fixed schedule. It's value for money. I have purchased packages from Klook. Will buy again.

Zhe Kai · 02/01/2020

The fastest way to get around Taiwan. The service was great, many of the staff could speak English and Japanese fairly well. Very convenient to redeem, just show up no need to book ahead or anything. Recommended

Thuy Tien · 31/12/2019

It is best that you book your return trip from Taichung in Taipei Main Station as it is free to have a seat reservation. You must always bring your original passport together with the ticket for inspection at the entrance and exit gates. Buying your ticket here at Klook is way cheaper than buying at the train station. Be mindful also that you have to be at the station on time if you want to catch your train. Should you be late, you can ride the next train but you have to take the designated cars 9-12 of the train for those with no reserved seats.

Gary · 31/12/2019

Product information

Booking Guidelines
  • The name, country of residence, and passport numbers entered when booking must be an exact match to the passports used when boarding
  • All passengers must have their travel documents (passports, ID cards, valid visas) ready prior to boarding
  • THSR passenger(s) must possess a redemption code, passport, and a recent valid entry document to Taiwan (e.g. visa, visa exemption stamp, Exit & Entry Permit for Taiwan, etc.)
  • After received the voucher, travelers are recommended to visit the Taiwan High-Speed Rail Pass official website to reserve your travel date and seat
Additional Information
  • Transfer Information:
  • Besides Taipei and Zuoying station, other stations are at a distance away from city center. Some forms of public transportation are needed to enter the city:
  • Shuttle bus to Taoyuan Airport: NTD30, length 25 minutes
  • Kenting Bus Transfer: Most convenient service from THSR station to downtown Kenting
  • THSR Shuttle Bus (free): Connect to Taoyuan, Taichung, Tainan city center, and some tourist attractions. You might need to show your THSR ticket
  • TRA Trains Timetable: Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, and Zuoying are collocated at TRA stations, passengers can transfer directly
  • Metros: Taipei and Zuoying are collocated with metro stations, both are cheap and convenient transportations to the city center
  • Taxis: Each stations have a taxi waiting area
  • THSR Station Transfer Guide: Taoyuan, Taichung, Tainan, Zuoying
  • Free WiFi available in trains (THSR-VeeTIME)
  • Please check the THSR Timetable to check train departure times