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This is worth getting, especially if you plan to travel outside Taipei. We used it to travel from Taipei to as far as Kaoshung, and it was very easy and efficient. We had no problem acquiring the 3-Day Pass from the ticket booth, and everything was easy to navigate at the train stations. We were impressed by the efficiency of the high speed trains, and we enjoyed being able to buy food—such as packed lunch and even take-out sushi at the train stations—which you can also eat while you wait for the trains. I would definitely buy this pass again when I travel to Taiwan. It's a great way to see more of what Taiwan has to offer.

Katrina Paula · 18/02/2021

Went to the train station and showed our voucher and we were given the train pass. Process was smooth and didn't take long. We were able to travel over 1600 km using this 3day pass! Definitely worth the price! Thank, Klook! ?

Michelle · 26/12/2020

A special treat for all the tourists to tour around Taiwan for the best price ever. Even the locals are jealous of this pass. Lets make a little comparison. For free seating, locals can only buy free seating seats on the day of travel whereas using this pass, I can buy the voucher way ahead and if I choose to go for free seating, I can just show the voucher together with travel document on that day of travel itself without even going to the counter. I can even travel Taipei to Kaohsiung for day trip for 3 days as I have accommodation in Taipei, even saving the accommodation expenses in Kaohsiung!

Khor · 22/09/2020

Same price as a round trip ticket to Kaohsiung from Taipei. Better since it's "flexible" instead of fixed journey tickets if you're travelling out to Kaohsiung. (This is a 2017 journey :x) I think it's more expensive depending on the variety now, but I would still think it's cheaper and more convenient than fixed price tickets. Especially for Kaohsiung because it's so far.

Jing Yi · 17/09/2020

easy and convenient to use. best ticket for hopping on and off from north to south. love it and definitely buy it again. don't forget your id during your whole journey.

Yu Ching · 31/05/2020

This pass is so worth the price and I would say that it is a special treat for tourists to be able to enjoy this pass. I saved so much because of this pass. First, getting the pass is easy because I can just buy it online and just go to the counter to redeem the pass. After that I can just select the date and time of the train I wish to travel on within that 3 days. It is a life saver as well because I was catching one of the train and I can go straight in with the pass and go for the free seating part without even the need to queue to buy ticket! If you haven't used this pass it is surely a great loss for you. So make sure you don't miss out on such an incredible pass!

Khor · 01/04/2020

A trip to enjoy Taiwan Railway

5 days of Taiwan Railway, 2 days of which you can take Takatetsu (Shinkansen). This time, the express trains (such as the Taroko) of Taietsu also purchased unlimited tickets. Taito, famous for its Buddha-headed fruits in eastern Taiwan, and Taiwan's earliest sunrise town-Taimari Station, made this ticket a unique journey.

KKday Member · 07/03/2020

This is the best deal that you can get for a 2 to 3 days visit to Taiwan. It will take about 5-10minutes to get the pass from the counter using the voucher from the purchase, but after that is just enjoying your tour without any worries. If you are taking the free seating, you do not need to go to the counter again and just go straight into the THSR waiting area. If you want to secure a seat, just go to the counter and find the time that you want to depart and within few minutes and you are good to go. A must get when travelling in Taiwan!

Khor · 01/03/2020

the experience was superb. great discount, easy to get, very useful, very convenient, and it really makes the locals jealous that we get to enjoy such great deal. My voucher was totally worth it as I am travelling from the most northern part to the most southern part and back. just these two trips made the voucher worth its every penny.

Khor · 01/03/2020

Hassle free sa pag sakay ng train.. since the pass is unlimited.. no need to think the fare.. highly recommended if you will visit taiwan.. Good Good Good......... did not a hard time claiming the card... easy travel with tourist pass.. unlimited for 3days... yahoo yahooo.... best experience. its a must.. ????

DANIEL · 26/02/2020

so fast! we ended up only using it for one trip but that's ok, it's was a great experience! the redemption was very easy, just go to the counter and show them the qr code.

Katie Wing Yee · 19/02/2020

Super easy to claim, all you have to do is go THR counter ( Taipe Main Station ) show your voucher with your passport and tell them your intended date to use the 3 day unli pass. Im so glad i purchased this ? I was able to visit Kaohsiung and Tainan while im staying in taipe. Cool Right?! ?

RHEA · 16/02/2020

We got to travel to Kaohsiung, Chiayi, Taichung. We saved a lot of money using the 3 day unlimited THSR ride. Highly recommended!

Marianne Rose · 14/02/2020

I recommend to booked this bullet train if you plan to go to different cities like what we did kaohsiung, chiayi and taichung. Its just a hour to go to different cities. We went to kaohsiung, chiayi and taichung for Day tour. Very convinient, just booked ahead of time for your to raerved seats for that just go to the ticketing. And always bring your passport for verifications purposes. Its easy and fast and also affordable compare to one way ticket. We availed three days unli pass of bullet train. Avail it to klook

Raul John Jr · 07/02/2020

I highly recommend this bullet train in Taiwan if you like to experience different cities in taipei. Like what we do we travel kaohsiung, taipei, taichung, chiayi back and fort. It is very affordable price compare if your purchase one way only. I advise you once you are in taipei booked ahead of time cities you want to go for you to have reserved seats because we went to taiwan during chinese new year very crowded and all car number in the bullet are almost sold out. There is also time that we never get a seats in the bullet but rather standing position. Very fast and convinient just bring your passport for verifications purposes.

Raul John Jr · 05/02/2020

It was very convenient. We didn’t have to worry about the time because the trip was fast and comfortable.

Jessa Marie · 05/02/2020

It was very useful for tourists who want to explore different parts of Taiwan in three days. I travelled from Taipei all the way to Kaohsiung, then to Taichung and lastly back to Taipei. It was a lot cheaper than buying high-speed train tickets separately. It was fast and convenient.

Cheuk Lam · 02/02/2020

The pickup of the Taiwan unlimited 3 day pass is very convenient and hassle-free. Highly recommended for those who needs to travel via public transport often and entering tourism spots! You can save more time by using the card, scan and go. No need to queue for buying tickets unless you need to reserve seats. ?

Hui Ching · 02/02/2020

I was able to book this in on the spot and made my reservation seat at the THSR counter easily for the next day without any issues. The guide noted on Klook were on the spot. The ride was comfortable going to Kaoshiung. I will definitely book one of these again as I am still planning to come back to Taiwan this year. Hopefully next time I can maximize using this pass. Thanks again Klook!

Daniel · 02/02/2020

This is a very good deal. The cost of the ticket is less than a round trip ticket to Kaohsiung. The trains arrive and leave on time and the seats are comfortable enough for the relatively short journey. The bento box sold on the train was also good.

Justin David · 29/01/2020

Affordable and hassle free. We got the HSR tickets jn advance and get reserve seats on our scheduled travel. This is very convinient to ride. We went to south part of Taiwan which is Kaohsiung for 1.5hours only. We got to used only for 2 days but still the price is cheaper than individual ticket price per way.

Lea Mae · 25/01/2020

It's worth the price when you plan a 3-day itinerary outside Taipei, like Kaohsiung, Taichung, etc. Another great deal, as it saves you the time to take on a long queue to buy train tickets in a rather busy station in Taipei.

Ruth · 24/01/2020

Easy to use and redeem. Just make sure you have your physical passport with you as the staff will need to check it every time you use the pass. Took us less than 2 hours to travel between Kaohsiung and Taipei!

Minh V · 22/01/2020

Bought the 3 day pass. Just redeem at any HSR counter with your passport. Got to book in advance for reserved seats. We had unlimited rides to Tainan, Chiayi, Taoyuan and Taipei. Can change schedules and destinations. Very flexible. A very good deal indeed!

Li Ling · 20/01/2020

Getting an unli pass train for 3 days is very essential while travelling in taiwan. It is really convenient getting this one and i would highly recommend it to eveyone. Train in taiwan is super nice and it is very nice to experience commuting with their trains.

Rene · 19/01/2020

Recommended for travelers who wish to use HSR for more than one days

Souvanane · 19/01/2020

Recommended! Save us lots of money. Thanks to Klook for the deal!

souvanane · 18/01/2020

Very convenient and much cheaper, recommended for travelers who wish to use HSR for more than one days

souvanane · 18/01/2020

It's a must when travelling from Taipei to Zuoying. I was able to visit Kaoshiung, Tainan, Chimei and Taichung. Visited lots of places during this 3 day tour.

JAY JAY · 16/01/2020

We enjoyed every minute of our TSHR ride. My boys loved it. Very time effecient. Fast but Smooth ride all the way that all of us slept like a baby

Maria Cecilia · 15/01/2020

chiawen who

It's so convenient to book your trip with kkday, this time I booked 5 day train pass that you can take THSR (高鐵) in two days and Taiwan Railway (台鐵) in 5 days. It is unlimited times taking the trains as your plans. I used the pass for a continued 5 day with unlimited TR and any two days specified THSR in that period. I will book the 5 day pass next time again.

Chia Wen Chi · 15/01/2020

Good values of money

The process of redeeming the voucher was straightforward; just go to the high speed rail counter and the clerk will do everything. To take regular rails, just show the redeemed ticket to the gate inspector, if you do not wish to book specific trains or seats. The voucher has provided significant discounts, comparing to regular customers. I would definitely use it again for my next visit in Taiwan.

Ming-Yuan TSENG · 12/01/2020

Was good

I used Taietsu and Takatetsu for the first time, but it was very convenient.

KKday Member · 10/01/2020

The attractions in Taiwan are not only in Taipei but also in "provinces". When I visited Taiwan, I was able to go to Kaohsiung and Taichung because of this unlimited HSR pass. See photos of the Lotus Pond in Kaohsiung and National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and National Taichung Theater in Taichung. Definitely faster than taking the bus although you need to plan ahead since the trains also have schedules. Super worth the price because I think a one-way ticket may cause more than 1,000 in pesos. With this 3-day pass, I was able to take the HSR (bullet train) for around 8 times.

Cicily Isabelle · 09/01/2020

A must-have when in Taiwan! A super-saver! It's a convenient way to see the beauty Taiwan has to offer! Definitely worth your money! ?

Joy · 08/01/2020

It was very convenient

All-you-can-ride for 2 days with high iron. All-you-can-ride for 5 days on Taietsu. It was inconvenient to be unable to pass through the automatic ticket gate, but it was very convenient and convenient. Explanation of where to receive the pass is insufficient. At first, you will not be able to get a pass if you do not schedule a ride on the high iron at Taipei Railway Station. In the description, it was written so that it could be picked up at the Titetsu station, but it was not. First, please go to the high iron service counter.

直人 杉岡 · 07/01/2020

Excellent value for money! A must-have when you visit Taiwan!

Kek · 06/01/2020

My family and I enjoyed our Kaohsiung city tour. Definitely a good purchase if you’re planning to visit other cities in Taiwan. Pro tip: Download the THSR app so you can easily check which train has the fastest travel time going to your destination (the less train stops the faster you’ll reach your destination). Once you’ve downloaded the app, click 1.)Options 2.)Timetable then hit SEARCH — Hope this will help future travellers who are planning to purchase this here on Klook! ?

Kalvin Troy · 06/01/2020

This pass is worth every cent for tourists planning to visit other places in Taiwan, apart from Taipei. The pass is easy to claim and reservations can be done in advance. Make sure to reserve your seats ahead to avoid inconvenience. The only feedback I have is for them to consider longer passes for backpackers and long-term travelers who want to explore all of Taiwan. 3 days is never enough.

Stephen · 06/01/2020

Used the pass to reach Taichung, Chiayi, Taipei, Kaohsiung. Coin lockers wlat HSR stations are numbered but handy.

Joshua Calvin · 05/01/2020

Processing speed was fair. Got to use the pass about 6 times. HSR got me to Chiayi and Zuoying in short time. Use Google Maps or their timetables from the official site to plan your trips.

Joshua Calvin · 05/01/2020

It was fast, accessible, and convenient to use. It was cheap and very useful on taking a long trip from taoyuan high speed rail going to zuoying high speed rail going to taipei.

Raquel · 05/01/2020

Great deal! To put this into perspective, a 2-way travel from Taipei to Kaohsiung is already SGD 133. Redemption was easy, but do remember to bring your passport. For every HSR ride, if you require reserved seats, go to the counter along with your pass and passport to book it. If not, just walk up to the HSR entrance and the staff will let you through the manual gates.

Cavell Yi Han · 04/01/2020

This pass was very easy to claim - simply show at the counter the Klook voucher together with your passport. Similarly, just show your pass and your passport at the entrances. We were able to make 2 day trips to Kaohsiung using this. It is a great value for your money!

Ma Ryana Raphaella Rae · 03/01/2020

easy to use. but pls notice that if u change pass at Taipei station, there are 台鐵 and 高鐵。 pls make sure go to the right place.

TSZMAN · 02/01/2020

Riding the train was an amazing experience. It came promptly. There are reserved and unreserved seats. Honestly reservation is not needed as there is always space in the train. You may also buy food if you get hungry. Value for money, and perfect if you want to explore other regions outside Taipei City.

Samuel · 29/12/2019

We enjoyed riding the Taiwan High Speed Rail from Taipei to Kaohsiung, the fastest way to see the country. We only used 2 days of fun cause there's no 2 day offer for unlimited pass.Highly recommended to everybody who just sit back relax and watch the view.

Victor · 27/12/2019

It was convenient

It is the second use. I used Taoyuan to go from Taoyuan to Kaohsiung and returned from Tainan to Taipei. The station staff also knows that they can pass manned ticket gates without any problems.

· 25/12/2019

Convenient choice

The high-speed rail and Taiwan railway have to collect tickets twice. The high-speed rail can be used for two days, and it is convenient to book a flight at any time in the two days. The Taiwan Railway can only take non-designated seat shuttle buses (700+ yuan tickets). If you want to take the express train, you must choose a more expensive package.

Mei ling Cho · 18/12/2019

A must if you wanna go intercity within Taiwan. Very convenient to claim and you can ask to book for your route in advance. Also, in case you missed the train, you are opt to change the date and time schedule. But better to book in advance as you can choose reserve window seat. I will definitely use THSR when i go again Taiwan

Romart · 18/12/2019

Product information

Insider Tips:
  • Check out these suggestions on transfers to downtown areas in each city:
  • Public transportation
  • Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) to THSR: Taoyuan Metro
  • Kenting Bus Transfer: Most convenient service from THSR station to downtown Kenting
  • Check out Klook’s 3 Day THSR Tourist Pass guide to know how you can have an epic 72-Hour holiday in Taiwan
Booking Guidelines
  • It's recommended that you purchase personal travel insurance before booking this ticket package
Additional Information
  • Eligible trains: "3-Day Pass" and "Flexible 2-Day Pass" give passengers access to non-reserverd seats. To ride in a reserved seat, the passengers will have to visit the ticket counter to reserve a seat with no additional charge
  • You will only be able to book up to 10 tickets per booking, please seperate your bookings if you would like to purchase more 10 tickets
  • For 3-Day Pass: Be able to select your start day, unlimited rides on Taiwan High Speed Rail trains for 3 consecutive days
  • For Flexible 2-Day Pass: Unlimited rides on Taiwan High Speed Rail trains for any 2 days of a designated 7 day period
  • For "Flexible 2-Day Pass," passengers will have to visit the ticket counter to select the specific date, and no changes can be made after the date is confirmed
  • Your physical pass must be used within 28 days after you exchange your voucher for the physical pass.