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I had alot of fun ,safari is the best people should go and see ,the second stop is water part and some fun more for kids almost like Disney land , however food in here not much choi and you can’t enjoy it , except fast food always people like, people should go by bus very convenience and fast , my subject it contact whit vinwonder to confirm time to get the bua , they changed the time because not season.

thi tha · 01/03/2021

Fun trip! We spent 4-5 hours walking around the zoo and touring the safari. Animals look healthy. We enjoyed the Giraffe restaurant and the safari tour.

Melchor Jr · 23/02/2021

It was an amazing idea to visit and get in touch with giraffes. If you are going to Phu Quoc I highly recommend this magnificent and unique place.

Alina · 17/02/2021

An active zoo

Vinpearl Safari-the world's first and first semi-wild animal care and protection park. I am really happy to be here for the first time. There are many cute animals and full of activities. It can be seen that although the ticket price is high, because it is reflected in the cost of caring for the animals, welcome to Phu Quoc Island can include the zoo as one of the must-see activities.

ChengYu Wu · 15/02/2021

More interesting than VinWonders. Enjoy some fresh air and silent, peaceful surroundings. Good for relaxing and calming.

DUC THUAN · 11/02/2021

One of the best attraction in Phu Quoc, I think you you need 3-4 hours to visit all animal at this park

yulian · 06/02/2021

Cheaper than buy in zoo. And also just show the ticket and will let you go inside

TsungTse · 29/01/2021

Had a bit unexpected, it was really crowded here, but the staff was able to help us with priorities line since we have one wheelchair and one senior, my parents love the safary bus tour. If you are travel with senior or kids, should get the private bus tour for 1.5 millions, it cames with the priorities to everything. will definitely come back.

hang · 28/01/2021

We took this trip on the last day before departure. Good way to spend the day with interest.

Vladyslav · 12/01/2021


Fast ticket confirmation. Nice park and well worth going

Uyên Thu · 11/01/2021

Two long

Change in and out quickly, but the law about the family does not include the bus service. She has a lot of love and loves with little girls. Good service quality.

Thi thanh thuy Le · 09/01/2021

Highly recommended

The animal bus experience is good, but the time is a bit short (about 30 minutes per lap). There are not many types of animals in the park, but the plan is good. The Giraffe Restaurant is highly recommended!

靖玟 陳 · 02/01/2021

Perfect trip with amazing animals and friendly people

HA LINH · 01/01/2021

Pretty cool especially giraffes and elephants feeding. All animals have a really nice places and you can get close to them.

Richtermoc · 31/12/2020

convenient, fast

Cheaper tickets buy directly, fast and convenient

Thị Thy Trà Trần · 30/12/2020

Awesome day with all the cool animals! Loved the free safari bus tour and took 2 trips on the same day! The free bus transfer from town is also highly recommended!

huong · 30/12/2020

Great and fun place to visit, particularly for kids. Kids would love to touch and play with goats and sheep. They are also excited during a bus tour in wild animal area where bears, tigers, lions, giraffes, rhinos, etc can be watched at very near distance. They also enjoy a bird show.

TRI DOAN · 28/12/2020

Tickets used well

Nice and interesting, kids will love it, the park is large, but tickets are a bit inconvenient because tickets still have to be exchanged at the ticket counter

Châu Nguyễn · 19/12/2020


Amazing, great

Tran Nguyen Hong Loan · 17/12/2020

Very good

Very good. Amazing zoo with an open area to mimic animals’ habitat. Animals are well cared so they look fat and have shinny fur.

Thị minh trang Trần · 07/12/2020

recommended for a visit...the animals seem well cared for and it's a good day out. the safari itself and the animal show are all good to see.there is a tram at extra charge if you want to save walking

andrew · 03/12/2020

It was a fun adventure visiting the safari. All animals as observed are all well taken cared of. No off smell anywhere in the area. Enjoyed the tour and feeding activities. Tip: Don't visit when the sun is at its high point. The place is good to be ventured by walking not by renting their open car/van so you can have a closer look on the animals and take good photos. Of course, for the high risk part of the safari, must to be on a bus, but it was also fun and enjoyable.

Consuelo · 01/12/2020


The space is invested quite well compared to the common ground in Vietnam. Ticket collection service at convenience counters.

Thanh Đặng Lê Dạ · 15/11/2020

Have a playful time in VinSafari and VinWonders. Easy to redeemp voucher,, nice staffs & performances

LINH · 10/11/2020

It is a small Safari that you can spend for about 2 hours. Must go to the giraffe restaurant to feed the giraffe. It is too much of fun there. I would suggest you guys go on the morning as the safari and zoo closed at 4pm. Besides, the elephant feeding ended at 3.30pm, may need to arrange the schedule properly to join both animal feeding activities. Had fun !

Choon Haw · 09/11/2020

very helpful service

Convenient service. Get tickets right at the ticket gate

Thanh Thuy Ngo · 04/11/2020

It’s good to visit with kids. My children like animals, they are the first time to feed the elephants. Although the weather is hot but it’s a good experience for my family.

Siu kwan · 13/10/2020

Kids love it. Free bus to go there and each place. We bought tram at safari. It’s save time as it’s rain and we got young kids. Free shuttle bus at safari. We didn’t do much at vin wonder as it’s rain. And as we got young kids. We do safari and VO wonder the same day.

Achara · 13/10/2020

We really enjoyed the attraction. Animals were treat in their naturally simalated home. We booked a VIP package which include a private buggy, a bucket of banana for elepant feeding, and a super nice tour guide, thanks for his excellent service. There was a minus because there was lack of animal types in the safari area.

THANH TAM · 11/10/2020

Great place for family and friends. Wild animals, transportation and playground are all cool. Nice staffs.

Thao · 10/09/2020

We had great experience with the safari, especially the free bus to watch the wild animals like lion, tiger, rhino,... It is not very big safari that you are able to finish by walking for over 2 hours.

Thuy An · 06/09/2020

You should buy the ticket on "Klook", because it's much cheaper, especially you can feel the difference if you need to buy few tickets. Everything was great except for a huge queue to the safari park, we waiting around 1h, but it was Sunday and there was pretty much peoples. In the zoo you will find too many cute animals, animals are kept in close to natural living conditions and they looks happy, some primates tried to communicate with us. Attraction park is small, but you wouldn't be disappointed, there was fun and scary enough)) Water park is OK, not the best, and not the terrible. Food by voucher wasn't tasty, but it's free, so that's can be expected, also you can order beer or another drinks, if your bill will be more then 200.000 vnd (1 person) you will pay extra fee. In general, the impression is very good, this places must visit, the main thing is arrive early in order to have enough time for everything.

KATERYNA · 27/07/2020

Really recommend to buy ticket at Klook if you want to go there. Way much cheaper than the counter itself. Actually, I expect more from this place like take a picture with young tiger/lion-like in another Safari Zoo, but everything is good except only 2 restaurants personally way much pricey but not value worth. I hope they really care about the animals since I had seen the keeper didn’t give enough food for the tigers and lions in the cage. The Buggy cars inside are not free. Wear your walking shoes or any shoes that really comfortable because you will take a long walk here.

Rina · 12/06/2020

The safari and zoo was pretty far from Duong Dong, but it was worthwhile. The safari was wonderful, the guide was very clear and informative. Some zoo sections were under construction while we were there, but available sections were more than enough for us to spend the whole afternoon there. The main restaurant also allows you to purchase feed for the giraffes that has been enclosed nearby, you also get to enjoy closeups with the giraffes.

Pei Chi · 22/03/2020

Bought the combo ticket for both Safari and theme park entries from Klook before I went to Phu Quoc Island. It is so much cheaper to buy here rather than buy from the counter outside the Vinpearl land or safari zoo. They charged higher than Klook price. Went during March so we got to enjoy the free buffet for dinner in Vinpearl Land! Noneed to print out any papers or tickets they will just scanned the QR code from your phone and that’s it. Overall very satisfied with this!

Tze Siew · 11/03/2020

Not a bad experience, the zoo is not that big but worth to bring family for a visit. However the shuttle buggy Inside is not free. Safari zone worth visit. Animal are all in good condition.

KWONG XING · 07/03/2020

The vinpearl safari quite nice to visit, the animals looks great and healthy, vinpearl land good also, just the game quite less.

WEN HUI · 05/03/2020

good wild life experiences at safari. great job on the safari keeper all animal are in good condition. remember to try their safari bus

YIE LYNN · 04/03/2020

Klook ticket is cheaper than buying at the counter on spot. This is the best zoo that i have ever visited so far. We could be very close to the animals and took very instagrammable photos. The safari bus ride was interesting too! Must visit the giraffe restaurant! Strongly recommend to all!

KAK HSIEN · 04/03/2020

I went with my aunt and had SO MUCH FUN. The "safari" was great fun, best for children of course, but adults can also have tons of fun. Well-maintained zoo/amusement park, pricey for Viet standards but not too bad if you're foreign. Pretty rare animals to see in this part of the world.

Quynhnhu · 27/02/2020

The safari park was taken care of very well. It is clean and there was a lot of friendly help from the staf. We enjoyed the meal at the giraffe cafe as well as petting the giraffes as we fed them. The rides with the buggy was good for tired feet as well as giving an overview of the different animals. The safari ride was ok, we are able to see animals but they were far away from the road. A few tamer animals could be seen closer.

Ooi Joon · 19/02/2020

Worst to go for it!! my kids love it so much. ride bus go arround the wild park and walk arround the safari. nice bird show at flamingo restaurant. good feeding time on tiger. one bad things is food of giraffe restaurant. totally bad!

siew ying · 14/02/2020

A very good zoo, healthy animals. It is pleasant to see such great treatment. More shuttle buses would be ideal as it is usually packed, especially on the way back.

GERMAN · 10/02/2020

It was the greatest safari I’ve ever visited. There are places I was rawly able to contact with animals.

Hyeontae · 10/02/2020

This zoo is unexpectedly fun! Lots of primates and the open zoo is eye opening. You can feed the giraffes at the Giraffe restaurant. The ticket is easy to redeem and it is about 10% cheaper than buying on site.

On Ki Angel · 02/02/2020

Enjoyed the park with large variety of animals. I was a bit disappointed with the safari ride that it was an air-conditioned coach. It would be better if it is a cage-like coach.

Mei Sze Susanna · 01/02/2020

Very nice park. There are many different types of animals. you can walk or pay extra for a buggy. There is also a bus tour. I would recommendto go in the morning.

Vimbayi Kimberley · 27/01/2020

Just a perfect place to visit in Phu Quoc. I would say must visit in Phu Quoc!! Animals are really pretty. Safari area is unbelievable, interesting and amazing.

Viacheslav · 22/01/2020

Very pleasure trip for whole day! Great birds show, fabulous! very good dinner buffet! Looking forward to completion of works for full opening of the Vinpearland! Too bad, only at the ticket counter we know that we over 60, can have a 40% discount!

KWOK WING · 11/01/2020

it was a wonderful and pleasant day for all our family. As same for adults so same for children. We recommend for those who likes nature, animals and spend lazy time together with seeing something interesting!

OLEKSANDR · 09/01/2020

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