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Perfect for 1 trip

Very beautiful fragrant island, clear blue sea, huge water park game service to please children and adults

Manh Luan Nguyen · 05/03/2021

Checking is super easy, just scan the QR code and you're done for the entire stay at the park. You can take a lot of pictures before going on the cable car. (Tip: check the cable car's schedule before coming). The water is cool with many impressive slides. The buffet is also good in my opinion, has more than 10 dishes to choose. The park closes at 5pm so make sure you have enough time to have fun.

Uyen · 01/03/2021

Should Buy Online

I find it convenient to buy this item, just open the code to scan, the price is cheaper than the outside, buy and play the code,

Dung Nguyen · 01/03/2021

convenient, cheap

Convenient cheap combo tickets include buffet tickets. Through the gate is easy

Tan Phat Nguyen · 27/02/2021

fast and cheap

fast, convenient, cheaper than buying at the counter

tu duong · 24/02/2021

very convenient

Our family of four likes this package very much. It is fun to have fun and eat, and the children want to go again.

Yaling Chen · 16/02/2021

Service is very smooth. Many water game to play, good enough for one day trip. The view from cable car is fantastic, the emerald color of water with many small boats. Amazing trip

Tuan · 13/02/2021

It was amazing. Its beautiful and interesting place.

Olga · 12/02/2021

A must do activity in Phu Quoc. The cable car views are breathtaking. The water park is also great fun, just wish there was somewhere to leave our items and sunbathe. Safety is taken seriously here.

Louis · 07/02/2021

Really nice place, but cable car was working only 15 minutes every 1.5 hours

yulian · 06/02/2021

Memorable trip

I went with my best friends, the view was very nice while riding the cable car and going to the water park was fun

KHANH Ngô Thị Phương · 17/01/2021

A really nice tour to take in Phu Quoc. Sea view from cable car is beautiful, the lunch buffet is not so delicious but worth the money, Aquatopia water park is cool with many games, the beach is very nice for relaxing and taking photos and the employees are very friendly and helpful. Nothing to complain at all, I am totally satisfied by this tour, really recommended!

Trong Luat · 12/01/2021

One of the longest cable car that I have rode. Very nice view from the top and the cabin was fully airconditoned. The place was very nice and has many shade from the sun. Going to the place where you can eat lunch, they have service to take you there. At Aquatopia, all amenities are clean and you can leave your things at their locker room for a certain fee but very secured. Highly recommended for those people who loves water park.

Gee Aviel · 02/01/2021

Definetly worth to go. From cable car there are awesome views. Aquapark is also pretty cool.

Richtermoc · 31/12/2020

family travel

Good price. Convenient. You guys should play outside + have lunch in the water park. Because the restaurant eats outside the park. If you go to the park, you will always go out and then you will not be able to enter the park. 17:30 out of cable car

Quynh Anh Nguyen · 30/12/2020

View from the cable car is awesome! The water park was really fun! And it’s not bad to eat at the fast food restaurant! Don’t eat the buffet it’s really not good!

huong · 30/12/2020

I played well

The cable car is jam-packed and the water park is good. It would have been nice if the restaurant information came out in detail... I didn't know where it was, so I couldn't eat the lunch buffet.

재희 김 · 23/12/2020


The tickets are convenient to use, do not have to wait long, much cheaper than other places

Huong Le · 22/12/2020

Cheap and fun

Really convenient and good value for money

Phan Thu Ha · 08/12/2020

Starting with almost 8 km ride in gondola with stunning views. Than you reach your destination water park. It has enough slides and attractions to keep you busy for half a day. From gondola station you take bus to linch place where there is buffet. Food was ok.

Adam · 07/12/2020

cable car good clean and efficient with great views. waterpark good fun but annoying you have to remember 50k for the locker. beach well maintained but quite small. annoying to walk around a load of shops to get to buggys

andrew · 04/12/2020

This voucher is very easy to use when we redeem at the entrance. Just a bit long when the first entrance can not read the QR code so we had to wait for a little bit. This price is quite good and the trip so amazing. That should be a good try when you get to Phu Quoc island.

Viet Phuong · 26/11/2020

The view from cable car is wonderful, this is a must try when visiting Phu Quoc. The water park is fun, not too crowded so you can enjoy the games without lining up. Klool deal is also very cheap compared to direct ticket. Highly recommended.

Thuy Linh · 30/09/2020

The view in the cable car is great. Remeber to take a look at the cable car operating hour or you have to wait for about an hour for the next round.

Quang · 18/09/2020

I was able to ride the longest three-rope sea-crossing cable car. I went to the eco beach. And really enjoyed the buffet lunch by the beach.

Renon Angelo · 13/06/2020

Amazing experience, highly recommend! The cable car is the best I've experienced, totally worth it! The beach is also nice and comfortable. Hammocks are free, sun beds are 100k for 2 I wouldn't recommend buffet,that goes in combo option: the variety is poor, seafood disappeared 1 hour before the end and they didn't bring anymore

VIKTORIIA · 15/03/2020

Beautiful ride up during the day. not crowded at all. should have bought ticket together with aquatopia. looked amazing.

Thilagam · 15/03/2020

A great day out. We got to the cable car by a motorbike. The views from the cable car are amazing. When we got to the other side we then paid the extra fee to enter the water park. I would recommend paying for this park also. Or you can explore the island for free. There is a few shuttle to bring you to the beach, and also many restaurants and cafes to enjoy.

Diffley · 12/03/2020

the cable car experience was amazing.the view was magnificient.we had fun.

muhamad nur iman · 12/03/2020

Super nice experience in my phuquoc trip which I enjoyed the most. Bought the cable car ride ticket from Klook in advance instead of buying at the counter helps you to save time because the queue can be very long during peak seasons. Buffet not too bad with variety of food being served. Not many restaurant out there, so is good to book the lunch buffet together with the cable car ride. Recommend to buy earlier, and you don’t have to print or bring anything at all but just show your phone for the QR code to be scanned before you entered.

Tze Siew · 11/03/2020

It is easy, cheaper and convenience if you get your ticket through KLOOK. Using bar code to scan, it’s paperless entrance. We have bought the ticket few hours before to entrance. No need to queues or print the ticket at the counter, just show your booking by scanning bar code.

Song · 08/03/2020

Must join activity in Phu Quoc. Klook price is cheaper than on side price at 8%. E-voucher will be sent to your email with QR. One ticket, one QR code. You don't need to line up to buy paper tickets, also no need to print out the vouchers, just give your phone to the staff to scan the code then move in. It is amazing to stay on the longest sea crossing cable where you can look down to see both islands and sea. The tickets also include free 2-way bus to seashore.

Thi Nhu · 06/03/2020

No need to queue when using klook tickets, can straight away proceed to cable car. The cable car was fine and the view was breathtaking! Buggy car service was provided by the company to send us from cable car station to the beach. Free bench and water sports activities were provided too!

KAK HSIEN · 04/03/2020

what a beautiful place. it is a must to visit at phu quoc. 7899.9m cable car. Took around 20 minutes per way.

YIE LYNN · 02/03/2020

Amazing experience, great views, smooth safe ride for anyone feeling nervous. Various languages giving commentary whilst in the cable car. The island is being developed however still a place of natural beauty. We only spent a few hours there. In reality you could easily spend a day there. We didnt buy a ticket for the water park, but it looked brilliant. There are places to eat, shower. Free buggy to the beach, and free floating aqua park. You have to pay for beds etc and other water sports. The koi pond and garden is beautiful. Well worth doing. Shame you couldn't stay on the island for a night.

Lynette Joan · 02/03/2020

It was the best place to visit in Phu Quoc !! We really enjoyed entire view from cable car ! Hon Thom island provides you beautiful beach and water park called Aquatopia. Both of them were amazing ! Definitely worth going there :)

Toshiki · 29/02/2020

Definitely a place to visit. Nice beach and Island is impressing with theme park. The Cable Ride itself is worth the trip there. Buffet lunch was average but seams like only food option there.

Martina · 27/02/2020

Hassle free to grab last minute tickets via Klook apps. Easy to use, just show the staff QR code for entrance. No need to redeem a hard copy tickets at counter. But bear in mind, no food and drinks are allowed in cable car. Overall view is fantastic, as this is the world longest cable car across the sea. Aquatopia is pretty good as well, you may spend half a day time at the water park.

Shu Yi · 25/02/2020

Nice of view, it is very convenient. Just scan barcode for entry.

Kar Yan · 24/02/2020

The mobile vouchers are so easy to use and the buffet lunch was great. The cable car is the longest non stop three rope sea crossing cable car in the world-almost 8km long and view is awesome.

CHENG MOH · 21/02/2020

No need to redeem physical tickets at the counter, just scan the bar code from your phone! ? The view from the cable car is soooooooooo amazing and breath taking. There's a water park at the end, prepare extra money or you can buy cable car+park package. You can play there 1st and then go to the beach. Plan the timing properly or you'll miss the last bus to town (5.20pm).. The cost for taxi is around 300k vnd

Fatin Izzati · 20/02/2020

it's a longest cable car travelling across island. take around 15minit to enjoy the nice view.

Kiam Farn · 19/02/2020

best best best.. my kids excited for it. sit quiet and see the view from cable car. down from cable car n take the buggy car go over the seaside n having a buffet lunch there.

siew ying · 14/02/2020

Incredible cable car and tranquil beach. I recommend here if you are in Phi Quoc.

Hyeontae · 14/02/2020

Wonderful experience! Cable car admission ticket comes with free buggy car on the Hon Thon, free bounce house in the sea, free hammocks and sunbeds and free kayaks. We got package with buffet lunch and it was totally worth it. Lunch time is between 11:30 and 14:30, so it's a great opportunity to hide in the shade with lots of great food and range of fruits. Non alcoholic drinks are also included. Highly recommended!

Nikoletta · 07/02/2020

Must go place if you’re at Phu Quoc! A lot of facilities are still under constructions but the cable car view and sea water are still worth going.

Jing Jing · 29/01/2020

The view are super awesome, the buffet is acceptable. The cable car tickets bought here is worth.

wei sin · 20/01/2020

it was a wonderful day for all members of our family!!! we spend fantastic time on the beach, with kayaking, jumping on the water attractions and swimming.

OLEKSANDR · 11/01/2020

Very relaxing trip, beautiful views, tidy beach, good lunch buffet and the water park is amazing. Room for improvement is the connecting transport arrangement that the free shuttle bus is not available anymore.

KWOK WING · 11/01/2020

best amazing n wonderful experience up there n im so speechless to see very nice view

nur Rabiahaton · 10/01/2020

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