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Very good service dedicated attentive Cool weather stunning scenery

PHAM LAN ANH · 15/03/2021

Had a shuttle bus back and forth to the hotel, the price is much cheaper than when you buy at the courter. The staff there are so friendly and helpful. We did not take a water park at that day so we hope will come back soon and experience that.

Duyen · 25/02/2021

Amazing experience. It was great we bought the Combo for both the Safari and VinWonders. We had a great time there.

Alan Jr · 17/02/2021

The place wasn’t crowded so we were able to enjoy the different attractions and rides. Plus, we got a free food voucher worth 200k per person.

Christaline Kaye · 14/02/2021


Admission is very smooth. It is more cost-effective to buy tickets with meal vouchers. We have swimsuits. In some areas, you can play in the water. It is best to change your swimsuit.

Yaling Chen · 12/02/2021

We stayed there from 11 to 8pm and visited almost everything, that's a nice park, but we didn't like lockers in water park, you need to pay 50.000 vnd every time when you need to take something or put something in your locker, that's crazy! There is no place to leave your towel, so be ready to leave every think in locker. Also you need to pay for lounger 50.000 vnd

yulian · 09/02/2021

Vinwonders and the Safari are amazing! We visited during a difficult time in Vietnam when COVID had remerged, but the park was following safety procedures. Some of the water slides and rides were closed as to be expected but the majority were open. The Ferris wheel, water park and theme park are great and very family friendly. The safari is great and the animals seem well looked after. The aquarium is a bit dated but the park is now building a new state of the art home for their fish. I could have spent two days here easily. The surrounding resorts of Vinpearl also look incredible. I will be back.

Louis · 09/02/2021

wonderful time playing here, there are so much activities to do.... and staffs were super nice and friendly. especially the water park area.

hang · 03/02/2021

Nice place for everyone. We have a great time here. The shuttle bus was on time but too crowded so we have to stand. The staffs are friendly and helpful

Thi Hong Tuoi · 23/01/2021

Awesome day - lots of stuffs to experience. Didn’t have enough time to try all the stuffs so would love to come back

huong · 23/01/2021

Tickets get the same day

It is recommended to book at least 2 hours in advance for the park's box office to check the information in advance, avoid having to wait long at the ticket counter.

Guest HA NHU QUYNH · 18/01/2021

Good quality and scene

biggest theme park in Vietnam with 6 themes. some places not finished yet, will comeback later

· 17/01/2021

Excellent place. There are a lot of activities for children and adults. You will spend full day there and will come back full of emotions.

Nikita · 12/01/2021

Fast and convenient

E-tickets come immediately, bring them to the counter for Vin staff to print out. The outing was fun and happy!

Thi Cam Linh Duong · 09/01/2021

Quick payment confirmation! Easy access! Very affordable in comparison to purchasing directly at the park.

Nguyen · 02/01/2021

It's a great place to spend time with the kids and teenagers. But, some areas are not open yet due to some constructions happening. We spent until the evening and the place was very nice at night. Vinsafari is very good as well. Good decision to begin visiting the safari first before Vinwonders.

Gee Aviel · 02/01/2021

nice place for a day trip, especially the safari is really amazing

Ting Chien · 01/01/2021

good experience

Was easy to book online and get tickets at the counter. Was a day well spent at the safari and vinwonders.

Nandini Varma · 31/12/2020

It's difficult to express the beauty of Safari & Vinwonder. They are very enormous with a lot of kinds of animals. I was really impressed by the show of birds.

THOA · 27/12/2020

Worth a visit to the VinWonder

Good experience, even though VinWonder is not 100% complete

Hồng Nhã Yên Phạm · 20/11/2020

It is a must for families. the kids will surely have fun. when we went there it was not too crowded. klook tickets are cheaper by 30%. good value for money esp with the two attractions.

ivy marie · 27/10/2020

Best ever theme park experience! Unlimited rides, water park, aquarium, dolphin show, light show, all of that in one place! Hard to beat that anywhere in the world. It's already a good deal because it's Vietnam. Klook made it even cheaper! Would cost an arm and a leg in Las Vegas or Florida and you wouldn't have it all in one place. We had a lot of fun, was there from opening till closing and managed to squeeze a ride or two in before leaving! Highly recommended especially for families.

Judith · 16/10/2020

Similar like Disneyland, not many people, it’s good for enjoying the time with family. Hope that will more different kind of restaurant coming soon. I’ll be planning to go with my kids again.

Siu kwan · 13/10/2020

Must buy tickets on KKday

You won’t never find anywhere to buy this ticket cheaper than Kkday for sure, even you buy ticket on the ticket box or from local agent. Thanks so much Kkday, my family really has a good time.

Triêm Nguyễn Thị Phúc · 26/07/2020

perfect day

Tickets change quickly, and there is also a discount of 200k voucher, Vin service is very oke, nothing to criticize

· 24/07/2020

A destination for all age

Yes its name “Wonderlands” is the true, you can spend here for all long day, there are plenty games/joy for all your family with a pretty cheap price compared with other countries nearby

HIEN VU LY · 04/07/2020

Ticket price were cheaper than at the ticket counter. VinWonder is awesome and as mordern as other oversea entertainment park. Vinpearl also provides return tuktuk. Suitable for family activities in Phu quoc. Highly recommended.

Chi · 08/06/2020

Worth of the price it include water park, safari, aquarium and dinner buffet. Good to bring kids along and stay the whole day there.

Boon Kiet · 24/03/2020

Good but still not alot things to play there. Very sunny and hot also.

Yung Li · 07/03/2020

Klook ticket is cheaper than buying at the counter on spot. There were few people and you can play as much as you want without waiting anf queing. Waterpark and the aquarium are the must-go!

KAK HSIEN · 04/03/2020

weather is a bit hot and it took me 30 minutes to get there by motorbike, but the way there is good. so don't worry if you plan to ride motorbike there like me. we had nice time there and enjoy every moment.

sreymeas · 01/03/2020

Safari was an amazing experience! Especially the restaurant where you can feed giraffes. The Land park was a little bit boring for us, because we don’t have kids. Don’t forget your swimming suit to have a chance to rest in the water park, that was our mistake!

Liaisan · 22/02/2020

it's fun for family trip. safari have lot of animal especially giraffe restaurant. vinpearl land suitable for kid and adult, have water park also.

Kiam Farn · 19/02/2020

I’d recommend Vinpearl Safari & Land as one of Phu Quoc’s attraction to visit. It’s ideal to visit the Safari first before taking a shuttle bus to Vinpearl Land — as both parks are separated. Be sure to grab a brochure of the places as they will show the bus timings to go to the next park. The one on KLOOK is not the updated one. I spent 3 hours in the Safari alone and 4 hours in Vinpearl Land. It was a Tuesday afternoon and the place weren’t crowded so it was easy to go around the place. The Safari has various activities such as feeding the giraffe and taking a Safari tour. For Vinpearl Land, I was able to take multiple rides. The arcade located in Vinpearl are free so children will have a fun time playing all the arcade games for as long as they like. There’s also an Aquarium within the place and with penguins and sharks. Overall, it’s the combo price is worth it. I had fun wandering around in the place and taking several Instaworthy pictures.

Nurul · 15/02/2020

The waterpark games not much choices but can have fun too. Same to outdoor activities. Buffet yet to improve. Unfortunately the water fountain is closed due to technical issue.

Choy Sin · 12/02/2020

very nice place to visit. nice experience when visit phu quoc island. many activities can do here especially outdoor activities. worth for going. thanks klook.

Ahmad Fahmi · 06/02/2020

Nice and having fun in safari and Vinpearland , if u dun not like the water activity I suggest just visit the safari coz a lot of fun activity still on construction but will ready on April 2020.

Kah Heng · 03/02/2020

We visit Phu Quoc during 2020 Lunar New Year Holiday therefore we experience tons of people especially queuing up to buy the internal tram tickets at Safari... If only Klook offer that ticket to purchase in advance would be really useful and awesome! Overall, we are impressed with both the Safari Zoo and Vinpearl Park. It is new, clean and the staff are friendly and helpful. If you travel with kids or senior, highly recommended to purchase the tram tickets at the safari as the zoo is huge and do take time to walk especially at hot sunny day. Since Vinpearl and Safari is at the same area, the combo deal is really value of money. They provide free shuttle to travel between this 2 destination. As Vinpearl land, they offer different activities at each sector, so we can walk, stop, play, chill, relax and repeat... Therefore the walking journey not so hectic. Overall, we enjoy ourselves and get to takes lots of lovely photos.

MEI YING · 29/01/2020

There are strict rules for the water park that you show noticed. Zippers and buttons are not allowed on your clothes. We really enjoy the water show in the evening. The night buffet is not really good but acceptable anw. Be careful with the last bus to come back to your hotel since there is only 1 bus with 40 slots (including seats and standing) at 8:10 pm. We had to take a taxi to go back to Duong Dong since it was crowded.

Duong · 28/01/2020

+ love the safari and all the sourroundings and Environment inside + Cool that the biggest part is a huge safari where you sit in a bus, instead of animals in cages only. + easy to reedeem voucher - the vinpearl land is getting old but they are building a new area that Will be New

Isac Karl Ingemar · 26/01/2020

We started the day at the waterpark. The water was a little chilly but was still fun. All the larger rides require 4 people and have a minimum height and weight requirement so it is mostly for adults. After the waterpark we headed to the amusement park. The bumper cars were a favorite and some of the best we've been on!

Decker · 21/01/2020

The park, together with the water park, is quite small. It is recommended to spend half day there as you can play most of the facilities without queuing. I took the shuttle bus at 10:17am at Vietravel agent and it still has few seats left.

Yan Yee · 20/01/2020

Great deal, we are having all the rides and fun. Is a nice place with family.

Wah Yew · 16/01/2020

It's cheaper to buy combo ticket at Klook, and it's a bonus to have free buffet dinner voucher when entering Vinpeal Land. Overall speaking, the two places weren't as good as we expected, but it worth the money we paid. It you plan to use the Waterland, would even be better. Shuttle bus is ok, remember to ask your hotel to book seats for you.

Suet Yi Theodora · 15/01/2020

The parks are separate and free shuttle bus is provided between parks. Both parks are not that big and can be completed in one day from morning till close. Recommend safari first then park games then water park. Do take note of the departure bus service at entry as the bus schedule on klook is not updated. The park expansion is expected to open Apr 2020. Looks like the park will become much much bigger. (check the photos from the ferris wheel)

Si Ya · 12/01/2020

Strongly recommend to buy combo tickets! Vinpearl Safari is quite big, hard to visit all the places in one day but it’s definitely worth it to add on Vinpearl Land! No long queue and it’s fun!

SIN PEI · 08/01/2020

A fun activity for family with young children! Especially love the safari and also the water park. The amusement park and game arcade is a slight disappointment as the rides are quite limited and the games in the arcade is abit old and run down. My little one enjoy the most with all the wonderful slides and looking at all the animals up close during the safari! Not forgetting the awesome mermaid show!

Lae peng · 05/01/2020

vinpearl at Phu Quoc is more modern comparing to Nha Trang but is located quite far. Shuttle bus didn't come so we had to rake a taxi there. Safari was interesting, wheel was amazing (i recommend to see the park in the morning and it the evening by tge wheel)

Liliia · 04/01/2020

Spent the whole day at here. We forgot to bring our swimsuit as we forgot there's a water park. Immediately shop at Kool Air in the park. The staffs are friendly and helpful as we are running out of time. Assisted us the whole process of choosing our swimsuits altho there was some communications problem but all is good. Price is quite worth for both dry and wet land theme park, also include buffet dinner for us at 5pm - 7pm. Not sure if the ticket purchased at the counter will include buffet dinner, but the tickets we bought were fro Klook. Main highlights for me: The aquarium & spinning ride. The park looks a little rundown, but they are upgrading the park by building more roller coasters and slides. Hopefully can see new changes and new colour for the next visit.

Ledon · 03/01/2020

Great deal with the most reasonable price for combo ticket in both places. (I get 3 combo tickets with the deal of 2 million VND).

HUY HOANG · 03/01/2020

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