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chuyến đi tốt đẹp vé giao nhanh tiện lợi

Nguyet Phạm · 16/03/2021

Quick booking process. Can show e-ticket via phone while on site, very convenient. We got some issue at site & cannot be solved via klook on line service in time. But Klook did take our problem seriously & reply back to us after 1 month.

YICHIEH · 07/02/2021

chinh phục Fansipan

rất thuận tiện và nhanh chóng để chinh phục nóc nhà Đông Dương bằng cáp treo . Phải mua thêm vé tàu hỏa Mường Hoa và vé tàu leo núi nữa . Mọi người nhớ để ý để chuẩn bị quần áo : thời tiết trên khu vực đỉnh thường lạnh và có sương mù , mưa ... Trời lạnh quá nên cũng sẽ làm điện thoại nhanh hết PIN hơn bình thường rất nhiều . thời gian tham quan , di chuyển lên đỉnh cũng chỉ khoảng 3 tiếng nên bạn cũng có thể chọn đi vào đầu giờ chiều , sau khi check out khách sạn , giống như mình , mình thấy rất hợp lý luôn .

ngoc hue pham · 26/01/2021

Ổn mà

Ổn mà. nghỉ lễ vui vẻ

Guest · 17/01/2021

tuyệt vời

Thuận tiện, nhanh chóng

thi xuan thu tran · 30/12/2020

Beautiful Sapa. You must visit Fansipan when you visit Sapa. I visited in windy day but still good experience. Cold and very cold, you must have jacket, gloves and hat to protect you. Thanks Klook

THI LUU HOA · 28/12/2020


sapa đẹp và bình yên đi ngày nắng vô cùng tuyệt

· 27/12/2020

tickets easy to redeem...just show and scan. the Fansipan is amazing spot...worth evey penny. buffet was very various dishes. Highlyrecommended for this tour! 5 stars

HUONG · 24/12/2020

It was amazing. We went there when the COVID-19 relax a bit in Vietnam and we were not disappointed. The sky were clear and beautiful. Its hard to describe its in world but everything were breathtaking.

Tam · 14/12/2020

Chuyến đi đáng nhớ

Thời tiết đẹp, cảnh đẹp, người thì chen chúc, buffet ít đồ

Hoang Son Nguyen · 13/12/2020

vé cáp treo FSP

được combo cả ăn buffet khá ngon, nhiều món. Hi vọng lần sau có dịp sẽ trải nghiệm thêm các dịch vụ khác của Kkday. :D

linh bui · 13/12/2020

tuyệt vời

Cám ơn vì đã cung cấp dịch vụ này

Duy Khiêm Đinh · 11/12/2020


thời tiết ổn, dịch khá hợp lý và sạch sẽ

Anh Tùng · 06/12/2020

Very good service, give us the tickets so fast. I had a perfect experience with a lot of beautiful photos here - The Fansipan Legend Hope to book another services at Klook

Quynh Chi · 05/12/2020


Leo núi khá mệt mà đẹp hen

Phun Vong · 29/11/2020

The free buffet was much better than our expectations, yummy and good services. Stunning sunset view and the landscape made us so impressed. It's worth every penny

Ngoc Chat · 22/11/2020

Fantastic picturesque destination. Top of the mountain covered in cloud for most hours of the day, buffet at Van Sam restaurant looks fine for most tourist. Suggestions for visit time is to take the earliest train from Sun Plaza to Muong Hoa Station then to Fansipan at noon and come back to enjoy lunch. It takes 3 hours for the sightseeing

Phuoc Hai · 13/11/2020

fantastic view from the cable car and at the peak. could be best if no clouds when on top. suggest to choose combo: - round trip from Muong Hoa Station (Sun Plaza) to Sapa Station - round trip from Sapa Station to Phanxipan Station - 1-way monorail from Phanxipang to the peak (to save 600 steps climp up). You could see the view when climb down.

Vuong · 10/05/2020

instantly get a sticker, then some 9ne will call you to deliver the ticket to my hotel. extremely good service, don't forget to buy tram ticket or you will need to walk uphill for 45 minutes

Shutang · 03/05/2020

Easy booking through Klook and cheaper than buying tickets at the counter, also no queue as all you need is a barcode (downloadable on mobile). Views from Fansipan are amazing, just make sure weather is suitable

Andriy · 16/03/2020

Very easy to use and hassle free! The Klook staff will deliver the tickets to your hotel if you choose hotel delivery. They will explain briefly how to use the tickets in fluent English. When using the voucher, you just need to proceed to the entrance directly and no need to wait at the counter. It's worth to purchase it here and then you just enjoying the view up the mountain. Cold weather, nice view, and we spent whole day there.

Shing Yee · 09/03/2020

Epic experience, worth every penny. The train rides especially to the peak was super handy as the altitude was quite unbearable initially. You even get to check your own blood pressure before you decide if you're "fit" to climb. The guide who dropped off the tickets in our hotel was on time, helpful and kind to clear most of my doubts in answering my questions. You will need to present your e-voucher for her to validate the ticket redemption. Sunworld Fansipan Legend was a nice touch of a "theme park" concept but it was very quiet when we visited. How I wished that the weather was kinder to us as we just head right up to Fansipan mountain, everything went super foggy and windy. That lasted the whole time we were up there. We could not even see the grand Buddha statue. Take the opportunity to take a professional photo and have it printed! It is only 70k Dong with an A4 size with a proper photo envelop. I'd say that is affordable for an experience you don't get very often. Make it memorable. The flowers especially tulips bloomed so beautifully at this time and found at Sunworld. There's a cafe at the peak if you'd like to chill. It was very expensive (120k Dong minimum) and they claimed all their local coffees ran out when it was only 12pm in the afternoon. Cheesecake was bad.

Amelia Justina · 03/03/2020

Well worth all the steps! Booking the tickets through Klook made the whole experience much more enjoyable and easy. Skip the cue for the ticket and use the digital ticket (barcode) to scan through each gate. We recommend the complete “Cable Car + Muong Hoa Monorail Ticket” which enabled us to get to the base of temple, then we took the stairs to the top! Ask the ladies at the ticket booth first, if you can, about the weather and they can show you photos from the top. A really amazing experience riding the cable car through the clouds, arriving at the highest peek in Vietnam.

Richard · 24/02/2020

It is so convenient and hassle free to buy tickets at klook. Our tickets were sent to the hotel at 0800. Went to Sapa Station at Sun Plaza to get on the Muong Hua Monorail to Fansipan Station. Continued by cable car from Fansipan Station and walked some steps to get on the Furnicular Train. Just a few steps then we are at the Roof of Indo China. We walked all the way down to Fansipan Station to get the cable car. It was a good walk and weather was great.

Evelin · 23/02/2020

Very much worth it. This ticket covered the basic ticket you would need to go fansipan. If you don't want to take the stairs to the peak, you can purchase the ticket for the tram to the top at around 150k vnd round trip. Very nice place.

Patricia · 22/02/2020

Sunworld is an amazing place. Your visit to Sapa won't be completed if you missed it. Many places to be visited above the mountain. Just to remember bring your jacket. Its very cold above there.

LAI PIN · 22/02/2020

the weather was freezing when we went there. they could not scan the qr code on the vouchers we printed so they took screenshots of the 3mailed vouchers instead. no long queues . the cable car ride took almost 20 minutes i think. very foggy outside.

Rosalie · 22/02/2020

had this activity on feb 10. it was so foggy we almost could not see anything while we were in the cable car. the ride took maybe almost 20 minutes. beautiful tulips and cherry trees at fansipan. hopefully when we come back next year we will have a better view of the attractions in fansipan. still, i'll give it a 5-star rating?

Rosalie · 22/02/2020

Got my ticket delivered to my hotel at 8.45am , it’s a must place to go when u in sapa. The weather is very cold that day and you can’t see anything when u on top fansipan but it still fun journey n alot of places you can tk photo. The fansipan monorail ticket is just 1 way ticket to the top so u need to purchase another ticket to go down to cable car. But I recommend to walk down instead getting the monorail cause u will missed the big statue and temple.

nurhatiqah · 21/02/2020

I contact the person to get the ticket. He was very kind and helpful. I purchase full ticket and happy to enjoy time at Fansipan. It was foggy at the top, but it was great. Hope to visit again there to see great view on clear day

jungki · 19/02/2020

Costs 750000 dong if you buy a ticket from the entrance. One way and 2 way costs the same. If you are planning to take 1 way down from the top this eticket may be redeemed immediately if you find that cost price wise is cheaper buying from klook no worries. Saved about 10 dollars via klook as i had a additional voucher.

Theng Hiang · 16/02/2020

The tickets were delivered straight to our hotel. Delivery spoke decent English and he explained really well on how to use the ticket. The purchase was so worth it but sadly the weather on the day we were there wasn't so nice. All in all it's a good experience and definitely cheaper to buy from klook

Intan Nur Suhana binti · 14/02/2020

Easy and very fast to use, doesn't cover the fares for the mountain top railway though. After reaching the final cable platform, you have to buy railway tickets for the trains going back and forth or climb yourway up the peak. The view on top is breathtaking.

Nguyen · 13/02/2020

Amazing experience! The tickets were delivered to our hotel. We took funicular train and cable to each Fansipan top. Nice view along the way and at the top. Definitely worth the value.

Yoke Kwai · 03/02/2020

Hassle free experience while having the e-ticket. Scanned through the e-ticket every time while entering the funicular train & the cable car and it was working perfectly. Be minded of the following: funicular train from Sapa Station (Sun Plaza) to Fansipan middle station (Muong Hoa Valley view), cable car from Fansipan middle station to Fansipan top station), and you may opt for the additional ticket to up to the summit of Fansipan by purchasing ticket on the spot. Nice views along the way and nice gardens with lots of beautiful flowers. Definitely worth the value.

Ming Soon · 03/02/2020

Fansipan was extremely impressive. Monorail ride was just a short ride. The cable car ride was the highlight. It was one of a kind experience. You definitely need to be prepared with your outfit as the weather was so cold. It was worth it.

ARIEL · 02/02/2020

Amazing experience,easy to redeem,our tickets were delivered to our hotel. we were disappointed with the foggy weather during winter season.but overall was good.

soon wong · 02/02/2020

For you want to fansipan in easiest way, this is the best option booking from klook. No need to queue in ticket counter. Just go to entrance and present your code booking barcode. So simple as thatZ

Otniel Kefas · 15/01/2020

It is cheaper to buy from Klook than directly buy there.. 70k dong for a train up to the mountain peak. it was easy and convenient as they scan the bar code so we can enter directly.. but due to the foggy weather, we barely see the paddy fields.. when we reached the top, it was soooooo much colder than Sapa town. just few seconds to see the clear sky but better than nothing. Thanks Klook.

JIA YING · 14/01/2020

Dont need to change the ticket to enter the cable car monorail (if u choose "Direct Entry"). how ever u're advice to download the voucher because the machine can't read the code through the printable voucher. Good experience! Thanks KLOOK for made it easy.

ZULFAHMI BIN · 13/01/2020

Go to sun plaza station just show the code from your phone and their scan it at the gate for the monorail then same for the cable car. Cable car take 20-30 min ride. To reach the peak with the tram can buy the ticket later at the above station. If you go on early morning on cold weather please dress warmly cause it way to cold when the wind blows.. better come on summer or other season as you will not be able to see anything due to thick fog on winter season

NUR ZYELLA · 09/01/2020

At first they contacted us to deliver the ticket on the day itself by 7.15-9am but we request to send in front of sun plaza As we plan to go up by 8am. Easier to communicate in English. Very friendly. The view is awesome up there. We bought return ticket for Tram from Sun Plaza to cable car, Cable Car to next tram, and last tram only for one way to the peak. Then we went down to cable car ourself. worth it.

Zafirah Suhailah · 08/01/2020

Amazing experience. We purchased the direct entry ticket (cable car only), buyer beware, best to purchase the package including the train ticket up to Fanispan. That was our mistake, we went to Sapa station and had to purchase the train ticket up or take a taxi.

Winnie Tu · 07/01/2020

Delivery to the hotel early in the morning. Easy to buy and make life easier bc u can straight proceed to all the stations. Dont need to line up to buy on the spot. Save time. Very recommended

THI NHU HOA · 03/01/2020

Fast booking, guy came to deliver tickets within time frame and was responsive to WhatsApp. Better to purchase with direct entry so you don't have to wait for someone to deliver tickets, I only got it because it was sold out. Also, highly advisable to get with the monorail at fansipan too in case it gets too windy for you to climb up to summit. The strong winds on the way up to summit is no joke..... Purchase the downwards monorail from the cafe, located right beside the entrance to take the monorail.

Kay · 02/01/2020

For one who's confius, the summary is tram#1-->cable car--->tram#2 . So this package offered 2ways for tram#1 and cable car, but just 1 way up for tram#2 to fansipan peak. it's freezing and slippery stairs when came down from peak to cable car (pass by tram#2) station during winter but the best thing you can visit old temples. easy to communicate with the agent to collect the tickets. feel like vvip when they treated us.

Zalikha Binti Haniffah · 01/01/2020

We were disappointed with the foggy weather during our trip to Sapa but fortunately had better weather during the trip to Fansipan. We had a wonderful time and this is such an amazing activity. Our tickets were delivered to our hotel reception as requested. The first monorail ride had amazing views of the Muong Hoa valley. The fog cleared up and we had amazing views during the cable car ride. You can't help but wonder how the cable car was actually constructed and felt so lucky to be able to go up the mountain in such an easy way. When we reached the top, it was cloudy and rainy. We took the funicular up to the peak and waited for some sun in the cafe at the top. The cafe ran out of food but had coffee. Perhaps we should have had our lunch first at the end of cable car ride. We almost gave up hope waiting to see anything but at the peak there was a short moment of sun and we got a glimpse of the beautiful view. Going down the 600 steps, we also managed to catch short bursts of nice views but they quickly disappeared under thick fog. Overall we enjoyed our trip but the foggy weather did ruin it for us. check the weather forecast for a better experience.

Mei Hua Annette · 01/01/2020

Location is easily spotted. The monorail to the peak is back to work end of Nov. No hassle going through each station. Just bad luck for the fog during our visit.

Chi Cheen · 27/12/2019

Great view ... unfortunately it’s was foggy & freezing during my visit to the TOP , bring glove or thicker jacket ... don’t forget to visit the flower garden on 1st level after the monorail ...

KAI PENG · 27/12/2019

Great service by the team. They WhatsApp me a day before to inform me on the time that they will deliver my tickets. The person were very punctual and we receive the tickets without any hassles. Everything was great and it is definitely worthed a visit when you are in Sapa. However it was pretty misty thus we have miss a number of statue.

Yi Lin · 26/12/2019

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