Golden Bridge & Ba Na Hills 1 Day Trip



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Tuyệt vời

dịch vụ rất tốt tận tâm chu đáo Thời tiết mát mẻ cảnh tuyệt đẹp

Tran Nguyen Hong Loan · 15/03/2021

Kinh nghiệm tốt

Thuận tiện để mua thời gian để không phải xếp hàng trên App, mặc dù bạn vẫn cần đổi vé vật lý ngay tại chỗ?

YU-HUA HUANG · 05/03/2021

Loved the experience and booking on Klook was so easy! It was a low season, so a lot of tour operators offeres tickets at the same price as Klook, but it was still a lot better to book it here, as we saved a lot of time, and didn't need to wait at all when we got there! The park is cool! Fake, but cool, and its nice to be up in the mountains, surrounded by the fresh air. The views from the cable cars are spectacular, and the iconic Bridge with hands is super pictoresque.

Uliana · 26/02/2021

cáp treo Bà Nà

Tuyệt vời,Nhân viên thân thiện nhiệt tình

Tran Ha Nguyen · 07/02/2021

Tuyệt vời

Dù thông tin còn hạn chế khá nhiều nên làm tụi mình khá hoang mang vì tiêu đề ghi thì có buffet trưa nhưng thông tin của voucher lại không bao gồm buffet Còn lại mọi thứ thì okay. Mua xong là có mã QR để quét vào cáp treo và quét vào nhà hàng để dùng buffet ngay mà còn rẻ hơn được nhiều khi mua trực tiếp tại quầy Rất tuyệt vời

Doãn Thành Nguyễn · 19/12/2020


dịch vụ rất tốt tận tâm chu đáo Thời tiết mát mẻ

THI PHUONG TRAN · 09/12/2020


dịch vụ rất tốt tận tâm chu đáo Thời tiết mát mẻ

THI PHUONG TRAN · 09/12/2020

Because of this hassle free shuttle.. I make it to Ba Nang hills to see such a wonderful and fantastic views . But finding the location for the return pick up is a little bit complicated as the signs are not displayed properly when there is so many other tour buses around.

Shuit Ling Pamela · 27/11/2020

Bà Nà

Mua vé ở KK rất nhanh chóng và rẻ, cực tiện lợi luôn. Tuy thông tin ghi chưa được rõ ràng lắm, nhưng mình đã có 1 chuyến đi tuyệt vời :3

Thiên Bảo Nguyễn Huỳnh · 06/10/2020

Sự lựa chọn thông minh

Mua vé Bà Nà Shan qua trang web kkday rẻ và nhanh hơn nhiều so với mua tại chỗ, bạn không cần mất thời gian xếp hàng mua vé. Có quầy buồng và nhân viên tận tình xử lý. Có nhu cầu mua phiếu buffet thông qua kkday. Nhưng cá nhân tôi nghĩ rằng nên chọn một nhà hàng trong công viên

Jenny Yip · 03/09/2020

Bà Nà Hill

Khu du lịch Bà Nà Hill là điểm đến không thể thiếu cho mỗi chuyến đi du lịch tại Đà Nẵng. Trong 5 năm liên tiếp, Bà Nà Hill được bình chọn là khu vui chơi tốt nhất Việt Nam với Cây Cầu Vàng nổi tiếng thế giới.


sunworld bana hill is must go point in Danang. i wish can come back in near future when Covid 19 is gone. you can access direct by code in sent in email, buffet combine also, use the bar code and have free buffet in Aparang

Hanh · 24/07/2020

Easy to use the mobile voucher,just show your phone and they will scan it in the entrance.Don't miss this tour if you plan to visit DaNang.We didn't book for the group,I just booked the admission ticket.Thanks klook for the hassle free visit to DaNang.

Mary Joy · 24/07/2020

Great experience. As easy as one tap. Just showed our voucher and everything went smoothly. Klook made it easier. ? On the other hand, A little bit annoyed with the locals who don’t know how to wait in line. Most of them cuts in line and sometimes even pushes. ?

Riolen · 21/07/2020

We visited Ba Na Hills at the time corona virus already started to spread in Vietnam. Everything was organized rather well. Only 2 people per cabin. The bad thing was that restaurant was not working but alternative one was provided.

Oleg · 27/03/2020

Trao đổi vé dễ dàng

Thật dễ dàng để tìm quầy để đổi vé. Nếu nhóm ba người thực sự mua vé, thì việc thuê xe đến và đi từ sân bay cũng rất hiệu quả. Nhưng tiệc buffet thực sự không ăn mà không mất.

KA MAN CHAN · 15/03/2020

Speechless. I had amazing day trip when visited this place. You don’t have to print out the ticket just present the mobile coupon and they know how to do it. Its cover the entire journey during in Ba Na Hills of course not included meals.

Zainal Abidin · 14/03/2020

Directly in with the voucher- skipping the queue. We went at 9am and there were not many tourists so got to take great pictures! The area is amazing and live shows are good entertainment. The views are super and it’s a good place. Thanks Klook!

David · 13/03/2020

This place is totally worth its price! We had amazing time here, starting from the longest cable car with breathtaking scenes on the way to the top and all beautifully made architectural and natural attractions. Be sure to check weather forecast before you go if it’s not going to rain, that may ruin your experience. And plan the whole day to spend in the park, there is a lot to explore! Also, buying ticket through Klook was very smart, because we didn’t have to wait in the line! We just scanned the bar code on the entrance and were ready to get in the cable car:)

Aida · 10/03/2020

This one was one of the higlights in our trips, even if its one of the tourists spots, we just had fun and da nang is one of my favorits citys i love it and i love the bridge it was so perfect like in a dream thanks to klooks!

Devin · 07/03/2020

We bought the entrance tickets only from Klook. We booked grab 2-way for the transportation. Hassle free, scan barcode directly entered, no need redemption for physical tickets. You can have one full day here to take a lot nice pictures and have fun at theme park. A must go place at Da Nang!

Rui · 06/03/2020

The entry ticket is very worth it. Able to play arcade games FREE in the fantasy park. Play the alpine coaster is also very interesting. Watch performance in the French village. Sitting the cable car up is fabulous.

Cheryl · 03/03/2020

The experience was extraordinary. The park was basically a 'mini-Disneyland' and it showed all the influences in Vietnam. The French buildings were very impressive. There were also park rides within some of the buildings. A lot of hotels and restaurants. The cable car had an amazing view. Though in the later afternoon, there aren't as many people in the park anymore. Overall, it was a pleasant sightseeing experience.

Ian Benedict · 01/03/2020

Worth every penny! Voucher is the ticket. You just have to go to where the cable cars are at and scan your voucher. Very easy. No hassle. The weather was nice, it was foggy in the morning but then the sun came out, and then it rained a little. Overall, I got to see everything and with a beautiful view. I recommend booking here as the ticket price there is 750,000 dong. Plus no line.

Kimberly Arnie Arjona · 29/02/2020

Very easy entry with klook! We came straight from the station and they stored our luggage for free. Incredible views from the cable car and park. Can easily spend the whole day here with lots of activities and restaurants.

Olivia · 26/02/2020

I was skeptical about visiting Ba Na Hills, but I have to say it was FANTASTIC-- truly weird and wonderful! The cablecars alone are worth it, but the Golden Bridge and the French Village at the top are amazing, too. Very much worth a visit!

Kristen · 24/02/2020

These park is amazing. If you stay in da nang you must to visit it. But entrance from 16:00 it’s too late. Most activities close at 17:00. It’s not enough time before sunset and you can’t sea beautiful view tor waterfall on the way back because it’s already dark.

anna · 24/02/2020

It was rainy when I went there,but it was fun, staff are very friendly and helpful!I would go again!the scenery is beautiful, the air is good, and the food that I went to the Arapang restaurant is also very delicious!

meei yeei · 23/02/2020

The place is beautiful. I like we can play all games for "free" (we did pay to get in). The cable car is very long. It takes about 20minutes so have this on your schedule when coming back down. We had a issue with the cable car and got stuck for about 10min halfway on the way back.

Thais · 22/02/2020

Redemption was fast and easy! The location was perfect and superb. Better than Disneyland (in my opinion). We were supposed to stay for 5 hours but ended up staying for 12hours. Many option to do here! Well recommended!

ELGIE BRYAN · 20/02/2020

I really loved the experience in Ba Na hills with Klook! the ride in cable card was already an adventure before entering the astonishing architecture. It really feels like you are in European country.

HENEE · 17/02/2020

We loved it! The park is so beautiful! The cable cart ride is already an adventure, going through the clouds! And right at the end, you will see the Golden Bridge.. What a stunning bridge! We have had so many ooh and aah moments. The flowers of the Flower festival are so pretty, the views are amazing and we loved the pagoda and temples! And they had some cool rides. The food is also really good (be prepared to pay Western prices) and they have a lot of ATM machines at the entrance. Make sure you have enough cash, the smaller stalls will only accept cash, where the bigger restaurants will also accept cards. All and all a wonderful experience and be ready so spend a full day here!

Renee · 13/02/2020

I got up early to travel to Ba Na hills to enjoy this complex without the crowd. I was not disappointed. Worth the early morning start. The French Village is also a good place if you love picture taking.

Ann Vanessa · 10/02/2020

Bana hill was definitely recommend to spend at least half day. Through 30 minutes cable car, you'll arrive incredible golden brigde. Astonishing architecture and good spot for photos. The French village is also satisfying if you like take pictutes. A very pleasant experience. Recommend.

HsiHan · 08/02/2020

Driver was on time on the day of pick up! Drove us to the cable car entrance and then we headed up to Ba Na hills. We also requested for the driver to pick us up earlier and he was really on time! Thumbs up!

Yanteen · 05/02/2020

Easy redemption though a bit of walk to the redemption counter. Insufficient signage to lead the way. Need to ask for direction. The lunch venue selected at Little Tokyo was a good one. Sufficient choice of sushi and food. Overall, still worth to buy in advance.

Ng · 05/02/2020

I heard many good things about Bana hills and we were excited to go. Unfortunately we went on a cold and super foggy day and the alpine coaster was closed. Needless to say, we still had fun especially with the cable car ride because the view was amazing. Bonus point all the arcade games inside fantasy island are free so kids will for sure stay there for a long time!

Chui Man · 04/02/2020

The ticket is easy to use. The voucher in the email can be used to scan at the entrance directly without queueing to exchange it with the real ticket. I love the Fantacy park. On B2 floor, there are many things to do.

Patarida · 02/02/2020

Easy to redeem. Just go counter. Scan car code at cable car station entrance. We didn’t get a copy of the layout map of Bana Hill from the counter. Fortunately, I did some research and printed cable car stations map and some major attractions. It’s so chilling up at Bana Hill. Many spots for taking pictures. Plenty of food outlets there.

Mei Leng · 02/02/2020

wonderful experience in Ba Na hill. We do not need to queue for ticket cause we purchase under bar code option. There are lots of places to visit in Ba Na hill, we have spent whole day there. No worry about food if you didn't purchase the buffet, there are lots of restaurants. Very good scene, nice buildings and lots of fun games are included in the tickets. Awesome !!!

Hong Ling · 27/01/2020

Excellent! Relatively expensive for Vietnam, but can recommend and say the price is definitely worth it. Cable cars are good and views are great if you catch a clear day, you will be above the clouds. Nice to walk around at the top, nicely landscaped and a few attractions. There is a large amusement building, everything inside is free to play (arcade games, rides etc). Was not overly busy when we visited on 23rd Jan waited max 35 mins for some rides (Lunar New Year) but can imagine some days can be long queues. Easy to use just scan code at entrance. Also booked Klook shared coach transfers. Just one thing to consider if catching bus back, is allow yourself up to an hour to get down via the cable cars as they take 20-40 mins depending which combination of cable cars your take back down

Alistair · 26/01/2020

Very beautiful. Very good value for money. Place is very big and have lots of activities. There is also a theme park in the French Village but the highlight for me is the sightseeing in Indochina area.

Caridge · 26/01/2020

highly recommend this place if you visit Da Nang. although the air is quite cool and the golden bridge area is shrouded in mist, but we are still happy and enjoy various photo spots, rides, and games here. don't miss the alpine coaster. You must be willing to queue. but it's certainly very exciting and tense. if you feel cold, you can enter family entertainment, shops or restaurants around.

Usman · 25/01/2020

I heard from the locals that the best time to visit Bana Hills is in April. I went in mid January and it was very foggy at the bridge. But it’s still reaaaallllly gorgeous. I love the whole place so much ???? please go on the alpine coaster, it’s so thrilling!!


Absolutely Amazing experience. Don’t miss it. Keep warm clothes as the temperature might dip suddenly on top of the mountains. Lot of good food options to explore from. I didn’t go for the buffet. Best piece of advice- reach there by 7am to get exclusive time with Golden hands bridge. Any later and it gets crowded like a fish market. Although it was a little foggy when we reached, we got ahead of the crowd and had a wonderful experience.

Neeraj · 23/01/2020

We had a good time at Bana hills. Entry into the park is so easy, just scan your voucher at the gate. If you are traveling with child, please make sure they are below 140cm to avoid inconvenience. My child was way above 140cm in their height checker so I had to pay extra for him. There are plenty of food choices inside. Though I think spending 255k for a buffet is really worth it, since most food in other restaurants are above 100k per serving. Overall, we had an awesome time.

Melza Marie · 23/01/2020

Entry to the park was smooth. arrived at 9am and left at 3.30pm. Just show your phone barcode to enter. there are 4 cable car lines, so its not congested/long line up. the cable car ride though, was really long. couldnt include the buffet because the option wasnt available at that time, so we just brought our own bread n snacks, because all the foods are overpriced. great weather, felt like spring. the place really looked french. the place is rather large and complicated to navigate. Almost all the attractions were free. Alpine coaster 1 and 2 had really long lines tho. Golden bridge is really congested at 9am, but lesser people at 3pm. yes, klook is definitely much much cheaper, after discount codes and redeemed points.

EVLYN · 22/01/2020

We don’t need to go to the counter to exchange for physical ticket. We went straight to the entrance of the cable car and our ticket was scanned using hp through the Klook app. Easy peasy and not a hassle at all. Ours was without the lunch buffet, no worries as there is much food outlets to choose from at the top of the hills.

Siew Ying · 19/01/2020

Sun World Ba Na Hills is a huge complex, with the longest cable car in the world (4 lines, each one over 5km) and is also the highest elevation by cable car from start to end. We visited Sun World for the Golden Bridge but you can also check out the Linh Un Ba Pagoda,the gardens, and the french village. We read a lot of reviews about how crowded this place is, so we tried to arrive there early in the morning. We left the hotel from Hoi An at 6pm, but even so, we were at the cable car at 7.10 (our driver always drove under the legal speed - it's drove us crazy). Anyway it wasn't so crowded as we expected, and even at 1 pm, when we left, it was not as crowded as I see in other reviews (First photo - the bridge at 7.34 am, second one - the bridge at 12.33 pm. We visited on a Tuesday, 16th January 2020, so perhaps it's because the Chinese New Year). When you go back, take the cable car from Ga L'Indochine (no. 30 on the map), the cabins have bottom glass and you will pass above some wonderful waterfalls.

Octaviana · 17/01/2020

In one word, this place is totaly awesome. Good management and friendly staff. Facilities in this place well arranged. This place looks like in Europe culture. The golden bridge worth to see again and again.. I really enjoy to maximum. Reasonable price good quality.

KIRUBAN RAO · 16/01/2020

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