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We had lots of fun riding the segway. It was our first try. After which, we rode the bicycle.

Kah Fong · 17/03/2021

This is the first time my family is trying this and it was a great experience. Initially I was worried if my 7 year old girl can manage by her own but they provide a short training first before the actual tour and the trainers were very professional and patient. There is also a guide following us so it made us feel safe. Overall a thumbs up.

Irwin Er Voon · 17/03/2021

altho the segway ride was super quick, it was still fun to ride, would definitely go a second round

miza batrisyia · 15/03/2021

theres an instructor to help us learn the segway so it is easy and fun

Shirlyn · 13/03/2021

So far so good at fun of Sentosa! Beautiful islands with great fun and exploring!

Ang · 10/03/2021

my 7yo son love it .. will book again. awesome n fun

cheryl · 09/03/2021

Great experience! Riding the Segway has always been something I've wanted to do for a long time - glad we did it. Not difficult to learn & it was exhilerating to feel the wind in your face!

Angelia · 05/03/2021

Not bad trying for the first time. Did the most basic 30mins. It would be better if the route is more challenging. It’s just a straight path from the shop to the other side of the beach and back.

CHLOE · 04/03/2021

The team at Go Green Segway was really friendly and helpful. Yup, we enjoyed our cycling at very much! Thank you!

Hannah · 01/03/2021

Fantastic activity even for those who never tried before. Easy to handle after a few minutes of coaching by trainer. Trainer was friendly and patient and ensured safety when we were riding on the road. He took great photos for us too. Recommended.

Hai Soon · 26/02/2021

Easy to redeem. Trainer is friendly and patient in teaching and ensuring safety.

Bee Hong · 26/02/2021

The Segway Fun Ride was great fun. Guide Harris was very patient and thorough, ensuring everything was sanitised and safe. Thank you so much Harris! The form signing process (there was a whole stack!) took a while, so it'd be great if this could be done online in advance. The bikes were poorly maintained, rickety with worn down tyres, but still usable. Better to rent Anywheel bikes instead.

Mintze · 18/02/2021

It was straightforward and easy to claim the voucher. We signed up up for the Segway 800m ride. Staff were friendly. Although it was a short ride, it was a fun first-time experience for us. Felt safe and guided during our time there. Thank you!

Jia Hui · 15/02/2021

it was our first time trying it out. the instructors were friendly and patient with us.

Tham · 25/01/2021

it was our first time trying. the instructors were friendly and patient with us. we enjoyed the ride very much.

Tham · 25/01/2021

Easy to learn, even for my kids. It would be nice if the experience could be longer (it was just 800m), and I thought it a pity that we didn’t get any pictures of the experience - we were told not to use our mobile phones during the experience for safety.

Siew Joo · 24/01/2021

The activity was quite fun in general with nice tour guides. However, the collection process was a little messy, with a rather long waiting time.

Yi Juan · 20/01/2021

We were allowed to take the ride another day when the weather was bad on the day of our original date. Operator was responsive in arranging the reschedule. It was easy to learn and fun to ride.

Chee Chean · 17/01/2021

Extremely Fun! Wish the activity was longer though, but it was a pleasant experience. The staff was also very warm and welcoming.

Nur Sabrina · 11/01/2021

Do turn up early to fill up all the forms. The staff were nice and arranged suitable bikes for each individual. Cycling was relaxing along the beach! Kids love the Segway experience the best!

Kang · 03/01/2021

Was a great experience! Fun! Wobbled a bit at the start but the instructors were very nice and patient! Wished it could be longer!

Kang · 03/01/2021

It was great fun for our 1st attempt. Both the kids and adults enjoyed it and are keen to come again. My 4 yrs old girl learn how to use it easily and the instructor is very nice, accompanying her throughout the trip. The 15mins trip a little too short so trying the 30mins one next time. Only problem is that it rained during our 4pm slots so we had to wait at the bar next door till 6pm for the rain to stop but it was still an excellent and fun experience!

Hwei Min · 31/12/2020

Using of the voucher was easy and seamless. The team was very professional in carrying out safety measures and briefing. They will also ensure you are able to handle the segway properly before starting the activity. Need to allocate queue waiting time, else otherwise fun experience being mall cop for a while!

CHER · 30/12/2020

Redemption using SRV very easy. My daughters enjoyed the ride very much but prepared to queue as there are some waiting time to register and get ready but nonetheless it’s worth it.

Serene · 28/12/2020

The queue was a little messy at the segway ticketing counter but staff were very prompt to assist though they were very busy (as it was a Sunday). Thank you to the instructors who guided us through the ride!???

Victoria Chloe · 28/12/2020

Segway ride was fun but not for the bicycle ride. The bicycles (especially the kid's bikes) badly need upgrades or maintenance. Though it's an hour bike rental, the bikes were returned within 45 minutes.

Susie · 27/12/2020

Was a very enjoyable experience, after the instructors gave us training on how to use the Segway we drove along the beach. My boyfriend loved being a “mall cop”!

Tiffany · 26/12/2020

It was my first time riding on a ninebot (the 2 wheeled PMD). One of the staff will train u for a few minutes. Then another staff will lead you on a ride on the road for 800m. Helmet is provided (and a free disposable shower cap also). Mask has to be on during the ride. The ticket I purchased also consisted of bicycle rental. Basically, the shop has the ninebot ride and also provide bicycle rental. So, after my ninebot ride, I went to rent the bicycle (1 hour) and rode around free and easy.

LEE · 26/12/2020

the trainer were great n although a short session but it was fun n nice experience

jie lin jeslin · 22/12/2020

Leisurely fun ride. Road was clear. The crew is friendly and helpful. She is very patient and taught us how to control the Segway.

Kum Chuin Benjamin · 22/12/2020

Our first experience in riding on a Segway. Initially, we find some difficulty in maneuvering, however, after that, it was plain sailing. We were guided along a certain route and it was great fun.

L S · 21/12/2020

A fun Segway ride with family and friends, min height requirement 105cm. yesterday weather was perfect windy cooling to stroll around but was a 800m feels like not enough. Will back for this ride. Instructors were patient and friendly ?

Sarley · 19/12/2020

Rainy day, had to wait for rain to stop before the activity could begin. Fun experience witha short training before we went on the roads.

Diana · 18/12/2020

Just book online with Klook the timing for Segway and skipped the queue. Fast and easy. We reached the Segway on time and able to take the first morning ride without queue

Lee · 17/12/2020

The instructors were so patient with us! The segway was really easy to ride and it was fun travelling 800m around sentosa on the segway!! Will definately do it again for the experience ❤️ The guide even gave us shower caps to be worn first before putting our helmets on for hygiene purposes!

Nuruzzulfaa · 16/12/2020

Thank you for SG gov SRV . My kids are enjoyed all activities in Sentosa

LENG LENG · 15/12/2020

Thank You for SG gov . My kids are enjoyed Segway fun in Sentosa

LENG LENG · 15/12/2020

I did not realise that I had booked for the rental of bike and not segway, so when I went there I was a little disappointed. Nevertheless, riding the bike was. still fun.

Shravya · 14/12/2020

It was a fun experience! Everyone enjoyed it a lot. Is abit too short though. Hopefully the team can look into a longer duration!

Jiayi Amy · 10/12/2020

It was raining at our time slot but we waited and luckily staff was professional n let us in. kids love the experience.

Jodia · 08/12/2020

very good experience, we would like to go again...

YUBING · 04/12/2020

my family and I first time trying the seway. it awesome. but the trip Abit little. customer service is good. overall 5 stars.

Chen Jun ming · 03/12/2020

Bike was good, but be sure to choose one with correct height. It was fun travelling around, and there were few cars on the road.

Ng · 03/12/2020

It was a fun experience, and the Segway was easy to navigate. Could be better if we covered more distance though (only travelled the distance behind the Segway counter, and back)

Ng · 03/12/2020

Good service andcheap.. Use singapore rediscover vouchers.

WX · 03/12/2020


Yunsi Sharine · 02/12/2020

Go Green Segway was an amazing experience in short. We got down at Beach tram station at Sentosa island, went around a little bit and then took this awesome scooter ride. I alongwith my wife enjoyed this ride a lot, which lasted for about 30 minutes. Initially when we started, they made us practise on the wheels, we got a little nervous balancing it. However when we actually started to ride it, it was an absolute smooth ride without any techical difficulties at all. Also we were joined by 3 more people, so eventally our group of five persons, were very well lead by a professional rider. So we just followed the later and went around the island in almost a straight line. Also he made sure to take us around the corner of a beach and took our snaps as well. Thanks a lot Klook for making our ride enjoyable and worth remembering!!

Vivek · 15/03/2020

Go Green Segway was an amazing experience in short. We got down at Beach tram station at Sentosa island, went around a little bit and then took this Segway scooter ride. I alongwith my wife enjoyed this ride a lot, which lasted for about 30 minutes. Initially when we started, they made us practise for sometime on the wheels, we got a little nervous. However, when we actually started to ride it, it was an absolute smooth ride without any technical difficulties at all. Also we were joined by 3 more people, so eventually our group of 5 people were very well lead by an experienced trainer. So we just followed the trainer and went around the island in almost a staright line. Also he made sure to take us around the corner of a beach and took our pictures as well. Thanks a lot Klook for making our experience enjoyable!!

Vivek · 15/03/2020

Segway was a Total Fun! just not suggested for Overweight people.

MEHUL · 03/01/2020

Walking distance from Sentosa Express Beach Station. Friendly staff and nice coach. Very good family activity, It is easy to learn for beginner, my six years old son can pickup basic skill and ready to go in five minutes.

CHI PANG · 28/12/2019

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