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Had so much fun.. the staff is super helpful, earnest and on time, show us and introduce so detailed the places we visit, definitely will recomment this tour to others, it's much cheaper than taking a cab around.

Duyen · 25/02/2021

This south tour is fun and worth to visit. The tour guide is friendly and nice. Sao Bay is also beautiful and clean.

Jia · 23/10/2020

Great experience with the tour. Fully utilise the time with them!

Yung Li · 09/07/2020

Nice tour. Sao beach was beautiful. Coconut Prison was interesting

QUNFENG MELVIN · 11/03/2020

Great tour with excellent guide Chien. Went to all the sites the south side was renowned for. Lunch was also delicious. The only downside of the trip was the rude and arrogant Chinese family that joined the tour group. Their kids ran around like headless chooks with their ignorant parents. The tour group constantly had to wait for them as they were often the last group to get back onto the coach at each stpp, also 15min late at the morning pick up. Just a shame again that these Chinese tourist lived up to their 'reputation' and spolied what was an awesome tour.

Tian Jie · 04/02/2020

The pearl farm, pepper farm, wine shop and fish sauce factory are somewhat interesting but you can be in and out of each in five minutes (the learning part), the rest of the time is allocated to the shop where the tour company undoubtedly earns their commission. The 'fishing town' was just a small market - interesting to see some of the unusual things being sold, but again you can be done in 10 minutes. The prison was interesting but the museum closed due to the holiday so again, in and out in around 20 minutes. The pagoda was nice and in a lovely setting (although just metres from the dirtiest beach and rubbish pile I've ever seen). If you've been to a Buddhist temple before this will be nothing new, otherwise interesting to see with some nice photos. The beach was nice and a good walk. If you are into water sports there are a few activities you can do (extra charges) or you can relax after lunch for around an hour and half. Lunch was OK if you like seafood or there's a vegetarian option.

Jason · 26/01/2020

Sightseeing tour to Southern part of Phu Quoc, enjoy some of the destinations, however, too many shopping trips. Waited for long while as someone in our tour group spending too much time shopping.

Fong Sang · 24/01/2020

Nice whole day tour very convenient with free lunch and bottled water during the trip. Higly recommended tour guide is nice overall its all worth it.

jhoanna marie · 24/01/2020

The tour was really good and informative. The tour guide Dong, was very good. Had a great time, especially at the beach. The only downside was the lunch, want very tasty, and limited options for those who don't eat seafood.

Vimbayi Kimberley · 23/01/2020

Great tour guide, decent lunch at Sao Beach, parents were happy with the brief shopping stops at the Pearl factory, fish sauce factory, pepper farm and sim wine farm. The tour guide even brought us to the bee farm where he used to work for an extra stop. The fishing village where we were supposed to have lunch didn't happen because the bridge to the restaurants was destroyed. The Hoac Pagoda overlooking the sea was beautiful. Unfortunately, the coconut prison can be a tad depressing and disturbing for some. But our favourite was Sao Beach as the waters were clean, the beach clean and not too crowded. Weather had been fantastic overall with no rain for us to enjoy the tour throughout the day. Also, all the stops were close proximity to each other. Everything was covered in the itinerary and we were taken back to our hotel on time too.

Huey Yii · 22/01/2020

good tour guide and very rich literary

Chun Tai · 29/12/2019

We actually missed our tour, unfortunately that day we had food poison and cannot even get out without vomiting! But will try to join this tour next time qe visit phu quoc island.

Joerly May · 27/12/2019

Maybe not super good for taking this course with young kids. First part is just every 15 minutes stop at the shops. They tell you a bit of story of how pearl/pepper/ fish sauce and so on have been made, and than you are supposed to buy it. Actually you can buy all these stuff everywhere with same or better price. But I liked we stopped by fish floating village and Sao beach. I would rate just okeish... English of guide wasn’t easy to understand though

Iuliia · 23/12/2019

Relaxing trip, but not much to do.

hin chung samuel · 18/12/2019

Fantastic tour value for money, covered all the places that we wanted without burning a hole in the pocket. Executions was smooth from pick up to our return to hotel . The guide was knowledgeable, humorous and thoughtful.

Guan Noi Florence · 17/12/2019

Very fulfilling trip with visits to most of the famous places in Phu Quoc, the guide was really nice and friendly, you get to have some time to chill and relax at the Sao beach. Definitely worth to try out to see enjoy Phu Quoc!

Wing Sum · 13/12/2019

Pepper farm, wine and fish sauce factories are a bit boring, pearl factory is quite interesting which you can buy some pearl accessories there (but with a short time staying there, I prefer to stay for a longer period), the pagoda and Sao beach are good, good scenery and views, delicious meal

Pui Ting · 12/12/2019

Great value for money for a full day tour. All the places worth visiting is included in this tour. A good mixture of shopping and sightseeing. The Pagoda tour is amazing and a must see when you are in Phu Quoc. Lunch at the beach was average but the visit to the beach was relaxing

Sum Poo · 09/12/2019

It is a fruitful tour. The itinerary includes many farms, famous beach and historical site as well as a lunch, which I think it is valuable for money.

Sze Nga · 05/12/2019

tour pick up was on time and everything was nice. local tour guide was super cheerful. lunch was ok too. nice package!

Huiping · 02/12/2019

All rounded trip to get to know the spot around Phu Quoc ranging from Pearl farm, pepper farm, sim wine factory, Sao beach, coconut prison, Ho Quoc Pagoda and Ham Ninh fishing village.

Guan Sze · 18/11/2019

Overall the trip is ok. Just happen some issue during pick up but end up still able to join the tour. The tour guide is trying to serve with best.

Sook Wen · 14/11/2019

It's been great, but really feel like hit & run. i mean, only a few minutes stay at one place then move on. But stay too long in a place that doesn't really good like Sao Beach. The place was waaay too dirty, nothing to do, but has to spend the time around 1 hour, while on some interesting place, it's only few minutes. Other than that, everything is good. Mostly the destinations were places for shopping.

Margaretha Shepthi · 31/10/2019

I booked 2 days before the tour and the very next day, I received the email from the Operator asking for details such as contact and hotel room no. On the tour day, the mini tour van picked me up from my hotel in Duong Dong at about 9am and we were off to Pearl Farm (Ngọc Trai Ngọc Hiền), Sim Wine Factory (Rượu Sim Bảy Gáo), Pepper Farm (Vườn Tiêu Huỳnh Thy), Bee Farm (Công Ty Cổ Phần Ong Mật Phú Quốc). We hiked a little to Tranh Stream and continued to Ham Ninh Fishing Village - where we stopped for seafood lunch at one of the floating restaurants. After lunch, we headed to Ho Quoc Pagoda, which had a good vantage point for seaview, then to Sao Beach, which was not so pristine when we visited probably due to the sea currents and weather. The last two stops were the Fish Sauce Factory (Nước mắm Phụng Hưng) and Coconut Prison. I was then dropped off back at my hotel at about 5pm. Except for the Pearl showroom, which I felt too much time was spent there, there were quite a good mix of learning, shopping and food tasting at the farms. The guides Leo and Xing were good too, offen explaining interchangeably in Vietnamese, English and Mandarin as our group had a mix of nationalities.

W · 28/10/2019

The tour guide is really nice, actually the tour is like a shopping tour, every stop we will have time to shop but no pressure at all. The lunch was nice as well. I will recommend this to others!

Chun Hung · 25/10/2019

Highly recommend Driver picked up at hotel lobby Joined group tour in a small bus Visited several tourist attractions Had lunch at the fish village (seafood hotpot) Enjoy beach at Shri beach club (highly recommend strawberry smoothie; taste good) End tour arsound 3.30pm Driver drop off in front of hotel Good experience

Jia Yi · 24/10/2019

had a very pleasant journey with a very experience tour guide . yummy lunch provided. thumbs up!

Bee Leng · 23/10/2019

Wonderful trip to explore the city view. Friendly and cheerful tour guide.

Shawn · 19/10/2019

Wonderful tour with cheap price, the tour guide can speak in English,

ka wai · 11/10/2019

Me and my family had a great time on your tour. I personally like the coconut prison tour the most. And not to mention our tour guide - Duc was awesome and informative.

GWYNNE ZI YAN · 28/09/2019

Tour guide and driver are good. Just a little confuse on the pick up point. Is a very good experience to explore Phu Quoc island. Very good explanation by tour guide at each place we visit. Lunch provided is yummy ?

Kian Bing Billy · 09/09/2019

Overall nothing much interesting for this trip. I personally think that it is more suitable for elders that like to shopping.

SEN YEE · 30/07/2019

Overall was ok trip. Comfortable van with aircond and mineral water provided. Some places visited is more shopping their product yet tourism is something like that. So if you think u dont like that, please do nit choose this. I am ok with all this cause they are genuine in how things been made and sell them there itself. The tour guide Mr.LIm was good as well and manage some angry tourist as well. Good job for him. The coconut prison is worth to see.

Makesan · 29/06/2019

Explored many hotspot. But mainly are just drop n go. Not much explanations given.. as 80% of tour members are local, they give explanation in Vietnamese first before English version.

Yi Ning · 26/06/2019

There are many places going to be visited: pearl farm, pepper farm, sime farm, another pearl farm, bee farm, waterfall, fish sauce, Ham Ninh. fishing village, Sao beach, prison and Ho Quoc Pagoda. The worst is the waterfall and it is actually a small stream which may be due to not so much rain recently. Unexpectedly, it is located inside a park. You might have to choose a big waterfall or heavy rain falls during your trip. The second last is the fishing village. Except the great seaside view, there is very few things. I believe that it is no longer a fishing village. Anyway, the number of activities gets scores.

Hoy Ming · 14/06/2019

The tour was well-organised with many stops at various places of interest. For that, 5 stars to the organizers. A few points for visitors to note however - Sao Beach is terribly over-commercialised these days so forget any notion of a relaxing time there. Han Nimh village also yielded very sad sightings of sea horses kept in aquariums and buckets (for food?) as well as star fish and other sea creatures that have been indiscriminately harvested. I understand that it’s the locals’ livelihood that we’re talking about here but it was sad nonetheless.

KUAN CHIEN · 08/06/2019

All good ie timely and we visited all the places as per the itinerary.

CATHERINE YEN YEN · 05/06/2019

It was wonderful experience. This place gives a lot of fun and joy. I recommend to visit everybody. Thanks klook for good service.

Serhii · 11/05/2019

The operator DID NOT reconfirm my pick up time in advance. As i bought another activity with the same tours, i foresee i need to contact them. Please take note this is not the Starfish beach (different one), the place is filled with rubbish and everything is chargeable from the beach chair and taking pictures (all about money). The tour guide speak good english which is scripted and doesnt know to answer our questions which i feel the team need to look into this matter. Food is basic, we was feed with fish, pork and squids. Tranh stream was not covered and it was not raining on that day (Tour guide need to mentioned if it is closed). Other than that, the tour was smooth, the van was comfort and journey was good.

Sashirekha · 10/05/2019

The price is worth it. Visited the places of pearl farm, fish sauce factory, pepper factory, bee farm and Sao Beach.

MOW AI · 23/04/2019

It was an enjoyable day with Johns tours. Although initially we had some problem regarding hotel pickup, we were informed a day before that there would be additional cost since our hotel wasnt in the duong dong area. So that kind of messed our moods initially but we payed anyways. The trip itself included all the locations mentioned they gave us 20 minutes at each stop to explore. Overall it was fun! Just make sure you take a mask to cover your face when you stop at the fish sauce factory (the smell is tooo strong and will give you a headache) P.s: their tour guide was a champ! Such a lively and friendly guy, he made the trip worthwhile :)

Rayan · 07/04/2019

It was worth the tour, seeing and covering many of Phu Quoc main land attractions. Comfortable road ride with endless supply of bottled water by the operator. Great lunch at white sand Sao Beach. Places of visits are near to each other, hence, no long road journeys. Highly recommended. Well English spoken guide.

Suet Lee · 02/04/2019

Hotel pickup. Everyone one time. Enough time allocate on each spot of visit. Nice lunch and good tour guide from John's Tour.

SIEW WING · 25/03/2019

the experience was good where the timing amd lunch arrange was great. juz little issue when pickup. as driver come almost 20mins earlier to the stated time in voucher.

shell lain · 17/03/2019

Worth the money. The lunch provided was very good and the tour guide was very helpful as well. Get to visit many places such as Pearl Farm, Pepper Farm, Sim Wine, Ho Quoc Pagoda & etc..Sao Beach is like a paradise, a very beautiful place. Overall it’s good and worth the money. I would recommend people to go for this.

Shin Ryan · 16/03/2019

This tour is superb! We get to see everything which is important in Phu Quoc but the waterfall, not sure why. Tour guide explained well in English especially history of Vietnam. Love Sao beach and get to enjoy lunch by Sao Beach which is perfect for us. Get this tour and free your mind! I wish the time in Sao Beach can be longer ?

PING YEE · 14/03/2019

This trip is good, but must reconfirm the booking, b'coz morning we wait at hotel lobby, we message the Klook partner John Tour, Incharge person say not received my order. Anyway bus is coming 9am pick up us.

Cheu Hwa · 08/03/2019

The tour is really good. It was really fun thank to our tour guide(Raymond) we get to see how the local people manage their daily life at ham ninh fishing village. Lunch with stunning view at Sao beach is really awesome. We don’t go to the waterfall as stated in the itinerary eventhought it’s not rainy seasons but we go to the bee farm instead. Anyway our pickup is late almost half an hour n for lunch not many food choices n could be better if the lunch in buffet

DESMOND · 06/03/2019

it's hard to get around Phu Quoc so it's gd to go on day tours like this one. pearl farm was boring. wine n pepper farms too but at least u learn a thing or two and sample the wine/pepper. sao beach n prison were gd.

SHI YI PRISCILLA · 23/02/2019

Nice tour guide. Everything is good. Not enough time to take pictures at waterfall, because the place is quite big

Kiu Hau · 21/11/2018

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