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The view of the Macau nightlife was very beautiful but because the seating area is constantly rotating, you seem to lose your seat quite often when going out to get food. The food choices are very nice and fresh

lisa chinkee · 26/01/2021

We enjoy ourselves very much with the food and view. And it was great pairing with bottle of red!

Lau · 30/12/2020


We enjoyed all the foods and the place was so nice.



TZE CHUNG · 17/11/2020


TZE CHUNG · 17/11/2020

One of kind restaurant buffet in Macau. It’s all of course about view. Stunning constantly changing view from window due to rotation of the dining area allows you to enjoy spectacular scenery on entire Macau from the sky. Wide range of seafoods, desserts and meat courses together with friendly service enriches pleasant experience. 10 out of 10

Amano · 04/09/2020

Fantastic panorama view with delicious foods, easy to use the voucher. Must try!

Kantinan · 26/08/2020

One of my best experience in Macau. The staff are friendly and fun to talk with.

PAULA FRANCESCA · 16/06/2020

great experience and wonderful view. the dinner was wow. perfect

Alexandre · 29/03/2020


KAM LUNG · 24/01/2020

nice view but seafood platter esp oysters not fresh.

To Wang · 23/01/2020

ok positive

It's easy to use, and the washing point is flat and convenient.

Lau Wai Lun · 20/01/2020

Overall good

All of them were Chinese and only foreigners were us, so the food is usually tailored to the Chinese people at that time, but the menu will be a little different at that time, but 8-90% of the meat is meat. There are quite a lot of spices, but if you're not sensitive, you can eat most of them. The seafood plates on each table are cold and hardly touched. There's also a sushi corner, but I made a big sushi and I was so cold with the rice. Desserts come in many varieties and they are all delicious. The night view was so nice. It is definitely worth a visit! For reference, it was so cold inside that I ate right away. It was warmer outside.

JU K · 18/01/2020

Great dinner with great view, with occasional glimpse of the bungee jumpers. The seafood is relatively fresh. Overall, great!

Jinyu · 17/01/2020

Great experience

The food is delicious, the food is very rich, and each table has a seafood delivery. The restaurant service is very good, the window is seen, and the scenery is beautiful, it is a great experience. I will go again ~

宜庭 吳 · 17/01/2020

The best night view and the best buffet ♪

There was a counter at the one escalator from the entrance of the tower and there was a counter to go to the 61.58 floor when I got out of the E-ticket, so I went to the observatory as it was, but the restaurant on the 60th floor, once down to the bottom, a different elevator I'm going to the restaurant on the 60th floor.I hope it's fine to go to the restaurant on the stairs. There was only alcohol on the table and there was only wine on the table and coffee and soft drinks were free drinks, but I asked if there was beer ... even if I wanted a good guide to ask if I drink alcohol, it was a night view It is also beautiful and recommended

真佐子 山本 · 16/01/2020

Very beautiful views of the city of Macau with great tasting fresh food. You will definitely enjoy the seafood, sashimi and also desserts. A must see landmark and also it features a turning 360 degree so you can see everything from one spot. The price was also very reasonable with great service.

Martin · 13/01/2020

nice trip nightlife

Very good trip nice trip in Macau

Arintharat Teppawan · 11/01/2020

Feel the environment is great

The environment is really great. The night view is beautiful. The ramen is delicious.

毓蓁 周 · 10/01/2020

Good service and fast no need to q up.Food good and service is good

Siew Huay · 06/01/2020

Very good experience! Wonderful weather for such outdoor activities. Great live music and great food.

Man Yiu · 05/01/2020

Good experience

The environment line has an atmosphere, the landscape line is good, the food is delicious, and there are many styles of seafood. Each one has a plate of seafood, and the family is very satisfied.

Sze Wing Chan · 30/12/2019

Easy to check in with QR code with very short time, best night view of night Macao while having the buffet dinner, plenty of choice of different style of food of course including desserts! Free Admission Ticket is worth to go up 70th Floor to look around the view and buggy jump live.

LI MEI · 30/12/2019

It was an amazing experience..very cozy..awesome place to dine. good food + beautiful view from top..perfect!!!

Ma Reycil · 29/12/2019

A wonderful meal. The restaurant rotates so you can see 360 degrees of Cotai/Macau. You can even see the Macau/HK bridge. The food was excellent too, make sure that you look up and down at each station, or you may miss things like sashimi, and quail eggs. The seafood platter is a must if you're a seafood lover. The dessert selection was awesome. Well worth the price for the food and ambiance. .Definitely a to-do.

Michael Lee · 23/12/2019

We celebrated mom's 66th and had a great night. Amazing view, delicious foods and good service. A must thing to do when you visit Macau.

karen cazzey · 05/12/2019

Overall hot food is avearage. However, we enjoyed the variety of desserts, eg cakes, macarons, puffs, napoleon, chocolate fondue....Great night view and we had a relaxing and wonderful dinning experience.

Shin Wei · 24/11/2019

It’s awesome at night time where the view is spectacular. Lots of varieties of food and I would say it’s enjoyable, but if u r particular with food then I recommend you look elsewhere. A place that is family friendly and child friendly.

Frankie Man Bun · 08/11/2019

we went for the macau tower viewing first and it was great.u just need to go all d way down again and go to another entrance for the restaurant. food is nice,not so much of varieties,but its fine.

Prinechette Irenel · 02/11/2019

Celebrated the wedding anniversary of my parents and my brother's at Cafe 360. It is our 3rd time at Cafe 360 and we would love to visit again!

Sarah Lovele · 24/10/2019

my husband enjoy the food and view of macau ,I'm enjoy also together banding together see how nice the macau view and food to his birthday surprise .

risally pineda · 16/10/2019

The food and atmosphere are great! Love the view there and it’s funny to watch people jumping down from the tower. Definitely worth visiting again

HIU SZE · 24/08/2019

Very recommended

The kkday order is cheaper than the on-site purchase. The buffet is delicious, and it is a very happy thing to have dinner at the Macau Tower.

Ker Xin Serena Chan · 18/07/2019

Nice view! Worth it for the view and the seafood platter was great, just that was enough to fill our tummies ?

Muhammad Zaky · 13/07/2019

Great evening and a wonderful way to celebrate a wedding anniversary. The service was good, the staff were friendly and the food was very good with a wide selection. The views were great.

Garry · 30/06/2019

Superb! It was easy going there. Voucher was easy to redeem. Wide array of food though not the best you can find in Macau. Perfect view of the city!!! love the experience

Hazel Kay · 21/05/2019

Buffet spread was good and seafood are fresh. Nice ambience for a romantic dinner.

YEE MEI LYNETTE · 20/04/2019

cheaper than buying both observations tower and buffet at once on site. We enjoyed the stunning sunset before going to 360 cafe. Also, watching others bungee jump was so excited. Because of time limitations we can’t try it this time, but we may visit again to try their outdoor activities, like sky walking , climbing to the top and of cause the bungee jump.

wing huen · 14/03/2019

we went there in a group of 6, all of us enjoyed the dinner very much. Varieties of food from starter to dessert.... will definitely recommend to friends. Value of money.

SU JIN · 11/01/2019

The view is nice and the food is delicious

Man Chi · 03/01/2019

Good view from the tower. Excellent spread of food. Nice quality as well. Good experience of using Klook.

Shivani Amit · 29/12/2018

I purchases this voucher for my parent and they are enjoying the food and nice view.They was happiness and klook help me in a convinent way even i was not joined the trip,they just need to present the voucher and enjoy the food. The restaurant staff was very courtesy even It was buffet they still server the special food on table for each of them.Thank to klook staff helping,i did lot of question in the chart before i purchases,they really helpful.This voucher was a Good present for my parent from me.

Lay Hoong · 27/12/2018

fabulous...!!! you should experience once.. don't miss it... good co operating staff..??

AYUSH · 01/12/2018

Excellent and convenient arrangement. Easy to just show voucher on mobile. Fantastic view and ambience.

Beng Chin · 16/08/2018

Great food with wonderful view. Nice place to go and definitely will visit there next time. However, the lobster and oysters are not “all you can eat” this makes me fell sad.

SU CHEN · 20/05/2018

Awesome view. The food was okay, mixed Asian cuisine. The lightning was a bit dim though. I was worried about getting sick due to the rotation but it was very much tolerable.

Jhon Miguel · 17/05/2018

When I made the reservation using Klook, it was a breeze. It was no more than 5-10 minutes before I received the confirmation on my email after I completed the online reservation. When I arrived, all I had to show was just the QR code and we were seated within minutes. Except that the manager of the restaurant came rushing to the table and asked I made a mistake when making the reservation: 1 adult + 1 child when two adults showed up (1 adult + 1 senior) Well, when I made my reservation, there was no where in sight mentioning about senior fare. It only appeared when I browsed through Klook’s dining offers section, Fortunately enough I did captured that page on my phone and showed that to the manager. He looked and read it carefully and then said everything was OK. Thanks to KLOOK did say the senior/kid pricing showed on the dining offer section ALTHOUGH the word”senior” was no where in fight when making reservation or when received he confirmation. Samson

Hing Sum Samson · 17/03/2018

Expensive buffet dinner but the excellent view, attentive service and good food spread makes up for it. During the lunar new year, the buffet meal is HKD550 per pax, so thank you kkday for making it more value for money and at the same time throwing in the entry tickets for the Macau Tower observation decks as well!

Adrian Ong · 25/02/2018

Simple and fuss-free experience of the booking reservation for Macau Tower 360 Cafe Buffet Dinner. Only have to handover the booking printout to one of the service staff and he/she will walk you to your seats! The view is great although the one we had was during nighttime.. daytime would probably look even nicer!

REGENT · 14/10/2017

An amazing experience! Buffet was excellent and the ever changing views were mind blowing. The air con is set very cold though, so dress appropriately or you will shiver during your meal.

Wing Kit · 16/09/2017

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Buffet, sashimi platter and observation deck ticket

Insider Tips:
  • Choose an early time slot so you can enjoy changing views from daylight to nighttime