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Thanks to Klook we dont have to queue and hassle free to enjoy this ride. Beautiful view on top and great for kids and family

diana · 04/03/2021

A very safe yet exciting experience to board the ferris wheel. It was not too crowded when we visited so we had the whole cabin for ourselves!

Karen Crissel · 25/12/2020

My uncle works in this hotel. Unfortunately, he was in our hometown for Christmas vacation so I was there in Macau alone. Nevertheless Klook did not fail me. I had a great experience there in that high and huge ferris wheel. Everything was magical!

Rocel · 01/11/2020

Love the night light changes . Enjoy the ride . Enjoy the view .will visit again .

Keat Hui · 12/10/2020

Very nice! The Ferris wheel is one of a kind, looks extremely nice from the outside especially during night time, and we took tons of photos! Gorgeous views of Macau!!!

Ai Rene · 22/08/2020

I originally planned to go here during night time as the view will be more beautiful I believe however I have a conflict on my itinerary so I ended up coming here around 4:30ish pm. The experience is still good but I highly recommend you go here after sunset.

Josephine · 23/02/2020

one of the best experience in macau. Studio city is so amazing it is like a mall with theme park inside. must try.

Janelle Jemimah · 05/02/2020

you can see the beautiful city of macau when you are at the top. good to ride it at night. must try.

Janelle Jemimah · 05/02/2020

Spectacular view and amazing ride. No queue at all and the staffs were very helpful and friendly.

Pak Hin Lawrence · 01/02/2020

Such a great experience and the price so cheaper than the other online apps. Great!!!

Ivka · 01/02/2020

It was a breathtaking rides. The view were awesome. I really enjoyed it. And it’s more cheaper than the original price. Thanks klook for great money saving and conveniency! Highly recommended!

Ming Ching · 31/01/2020

It was slow but thrilling ride that my my mom, my sister, and I enjoyed so much.

Jay Pee · 26/01/2020

With beautiful instagrammable spots (esp the garden) and signature shops on the ground floor. It was a memorable experience and best suited for thrill seekers.

jerika · 22/01/2020

Redemption - very easy, just line up and go and no need to exchange for ticket Activity - spectacular views at night but very quick. Nice and big cabins with glass portion on floor. After the acivity go out in the field to see and take photos with studio city

mary vincent · 20/01/2020

Nice view on the top of reels. We are so busy up there just for taking photos... kids really happy!

LOW · 17/01/2020

I just had fun with my family and friends when having the ride. We went there some night in Dec 2019. It was a great experience! As in the cabin, there’s a part of the floor is completely see through, which u can look at the ground high from the Ferris wheel.

Beatrice Min Xuan · 16/01/2020

My family had fun riding the ferris wheel but I didn't enjoy it since I'm afraid of heights hehehe.. It was easy for us to get in in ride.. We got confuse though when we entered in the hotel.. I may not ride this anymore but I can recommend this.. The view was stunning. I was not able to take a photo coz I was so anxious while in the ferris wheel.. but this is the garden below the ferris wheel.

Radiana · 16/01/2020

This was one of the best experience we booked for pur macao trip. It was very hassle free booking thru klook, u just present your voucher and exhange for a ticket. The view from the ferris wheel was so amazing!! And this activity is so affordable ???

jaila marie · 13/01/2020

The world’s first and Asia’s highest figure 8 Ferris wheel, provides breathtaking views of the city from 130meters up in the air.

Arjon Joseph · 13/01/2020

It was a very fun experience. Do not need to queue. You can see the Macau and Taipa. We went there during night time, so the view was nice. The price is cheaper if we buy the tickets via Klook. We enjoyed our time in Macau.

Wan Nor Azlin · 11/01/2020

Very unique ferris wheel.. Had a good view atop. Studio city is just too pretty!

Ei Wei · 10/01/2020

We went there in the morning. Should go at night. But still a quite experience as it's tallest 8 shape ferris wheel.

Shet Yin · 10/01/2020

Excellent place to see Cotai. However the ride was short. Only one revolution. Good thing there was no queue and we had the gondola for ourselves.

Jesus III · 08/01/2020

Buying ticket from Klook is cheaper than original price, except that you are the hotel guest who is offered 20% discount. However, the tickets are quite flexible to use. I could not use it on the date I marked but it could be used on the following day. Although the weather is not very good, the experience on riding the reel is quite amazing! It is worthwhile to go to have this ride. The hotel is really good and new as well.

Pik Kwan · 07/01/2020

We always felt safe, well taken care of with a very friendly attitude from crew while they showed us a great time, both fun and educational. And we will definitely do it again. Excellent. We took the road less traveled and that made all the difference.The night view are good.

Melvijane · 06/01/2020

Must try! Amazing experience! Must try! Amazing experience! Must try! Amazing experience! Must try! Amazing experience! Must try! Amazing experience! Must try! Amazing experience! Must try! Amazing experience! Must try! Amazing experience! Must try! Amazing experience! Must try! Amazing experience! Must try! Amazing experience! Must try! Amazing experience! Must try! Amazing experience!

Cheah Sing · 05/01/2020

This was a nice and romantic experience. We got our own private cabin and many things about the Ferris wheel are unique. Due to the facing of Studio City, you can’t see most of the prominent resorts/casinos/hotels. But it’s still a lovely view when you go from sunset to sundown and the lights come up.

Celine Hin Hee · 05/01/2020

Nice view from the wheel specially the garden lighting was gorgeous from the top to view

Sharad · 04/01/2020

The views are awesome! Do go during sunset time to have a better experience! Although you're only allowed 1 round around the golden reel, theres plenty of time for you to take pictures!

Chin Hong · 04/01/2020

This is a must try when you visit Cotai, Macau. The unique shape of the ferris wheel makes it more amazing and exciting. You can get a full view of the vicinity when you're on top of the wheel inside the glass cabins. We chose to ride it at night to see the beautiful night lights of Studio City. Thank you so much Klook for the wonderful and hassle free experience! :)

VENER · 03/01/2020

Great view of Cotai amd Taipa.. a must to go when visiting this beautiful places in lower part of Macau.. Best experience.. ??

Jayson · 02/01/2020

The experience when enter to it was same as entering to other ferris wheel. It is really look fantastic when we see from far. But once we enter, maybe because of the view from the window is nothing, so we didn’t feel amazing that much. However, booking by Klook made everything easy. If you will visit and have time in Macau, this place is nice to visit.

boonyaporn · 29/12/2019

It was a nice experience seeing the amzing view at the top of studio city.. Golden Reel Was amazing since it was in the Hotel Itself.. u will wonder how it was built in. Thanks Klook ..

Maricon · 28/12/2019

The ride was shorter than expected. However, the view is incredible. The design of it is different from other ferris wheel. Just show QR code when entering.

Tze Cheng · 25/12/2019

We are enjoy the ride of Golden Reel Ferris Wheel. Satisfied!!

Kim Wai · 25/12/2019


Ameerah Jamaica · 25/12/2019

Prior to this experience, I had the Ngong ping cable car and Ocean park cable car ride, so I thought I would not love it... but it was a PLUS ONE to my Macau experience!!! I wish it was a bit looooooong

Ameerah Jamaica · 24/12/2019

A fantastic ferris wheel in winter in macao. You can enjoying the cold air and view of studio city and cotai city.

Yng Kae · 24/12/2019

Amazing beauty

It was a 15-minute ride on the ferris wheel but it was worth every single of your pennies. We went on the ferris wheel at about 5.30pm, hassle-free. Smooth and breeze, worth it.

Yeexin Chai · 23/12/2019

this was fun.. i was alone but i love it.. great that i chose to do it in the evening bc the lights looked really great :))

Shazel · 23/12/2019

Golden Reel Ferries Wheel

Is a fantastic trip. Saving a lot by using kkday app. Is fast and easy when you are entering the counter. Just scan your mobile QR code which received after confirmation of purchased...

YEU KIM KIAT · 21/12/2019

The Golden Reel is absolutely magnificent and unique. We took the hotel's shuttle bus went to Studio City. The entrance of the Golden Reel is at level 3. We just showed the vouchers for entry. We really enjoyed the ride. The Ferris Wheel rotated in the shape of the figure 8. We got to enjoy the view of the Cotai area. Definitely worth it.

TECK CHEONG · 20/12/2019

It was a great experiance for me and my husband! My booking was for Tuesday, but we were unable to made it on that day. Went to Studio City on the next day for the ride. No long queue on weekday.

GEOK KHEW · 18/12/2019

Weekday stroll

Golden Feel Ferris wheel is a nerve wracking experience. It's safe but it gets you goose bumps once you step on the glass part of the cage. The view is so grand, it seems you are on top of the world but safely riding and enjoying the view of the place. It's a 12 min ride but it's worth the price, the structure is very pretty safe to ride on, the staffs are very accommodating and friendly too

Annabel Amores · 17/12/2019

We had a blast with this one of a kind ferris wheel. The views aren’t that magnificent though, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying this experience. We just had to present our qr codes and we’re off. Luckily there is no queue when we went there too, so we had so much fun during the few hours we were in Macau. There are so many stuff to explore at the hotel too, especially shopping and casinos.

Angela Kristine · 16/12/2019

Great ???, my kid loves the ride. We both in sit in one wheel, privacy. We enjoy the ride, get to see the whole of Macao view. Will definitely recommend to friends on this ride, worth exploring.

CHUI YIN · 15/12/2019

Staff is very friendly. Wheel is fantastic and very safe. You can enjoy the bird eye view when riding. If you buy a ticket from Klook, you will hage a much better price.

CHOOSIT · 15/12/2019

The ride gives you some time to sit and get a bird’s eye view ...not to scenic as there was construction going on

Kavitha · 13/12/2019

Very convenient to use. There is a free shuttle bus from and to STUDIO CITY. Just search the bus route and frequency in their website. Golden Reel experience is one of the highlights of our Macau Trip. I suggest you schedule your Golden Reel ride around 5:45 pm so you'll have a more scenic view over sunset. ❤

Clarice · 12/12/2019

Must come in the evening to enjoy the great night view of studio city. Not scary at all as it goes very slow...Great experience with my family! Thanks Klook!

Khia Lee · 08/12/2019

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