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Hassle free! Not time consuming! Very fast transaction when you book on klook! Highly recommend

BRIAN · 07/03/2021

No doubt, one of the best views to see Macau. Certainly not for those who are afraid of heights but something that is a must visit for those who will visit Macau for the first time.

Dither John · 13/01/2021

Great views. The tower price is not so cheap and there are selling quite a lot of souvenirs. Spend some time there and the next visit will definitely want to try the sky walk or bungy jump.

Gururaj · 29/12/2020

Great views. The tower price is not so cheap and there are selling quite a lot of souvenirs. Spend some time there and the next visit will definitely want to try the sky walk or bungy jump.

Gururaj · 29/12/2020

Really nice place where you can enjoy a bird eye view of Macau. And probably the nearby Zhuhai

Guo Hao Nicholas · 02/12/2020

Beautiful Views and very high! For people who like extreme activities there are some available here!

Mary Antoniette · 16/11/2020

Price cheaper than walk-in. The scenary is so amazing. Is a must to visit in Macau. Would suggest to visit during late evening before sunset and stay till the night turns dark. Really worth the price.

Yee Wuen · 01/11/2020

Had a great time with my family. Reasonable proce compare to what you get. You can spend a whole day there if you want. There is a plce to watch people who do bungy jump.

Napuck · 21/10/2020

Good experience,enjoy the view. Will come back again with family and friends.

Keat Hui · 12/10/2020

Great experience. 360 degrees views of Macau from top. You can try adventure sports, Bungy jump and sky walk. Bonus: seeing the chilling bungee jumpers

TAN · 24/09/2020

Got the gorgeous sunset view of Macau from the tower. For those who dare not jump but still want a piece of the action, you can witness the brave souls jump off the tower right in front of your eyes! That's enough excitement for me. Macau Tower is a must for first time visitors to Macau.

Siew Lin · 29/07/2020

I must say, this is a must when you travel to Macau. The view from above was really breathtaking. For those people that has fear in heights, it's a good place for you to conquer your fears. The glass floor is a bit scary especially when you look down but the whole experience was amazing. Of course this is made possible by klook for easy and hassle free booking transaction. I booked our ticket via klook at the time that we arrive at the place and everything was smooth.

Paulina · 14/06/2020

Our timing was perfect because theres only a few tourist when we went in the morning. Extra fun because they gave us free egg tart. Then we had lunch at the restaurant on the ground floor of the tower.

April Joy · 06/03/2020

It's always good to be back!! ? We bought our ticket via klook without any hassle.

Melanie · 29/02/2020


You can claim directly your passes at their concierge. Very accessible and fast transaction.

Maria Trese Manuel · 03/02/2020

great experience. had conquered my fear of height. 233m above the ground was fun and cool. the view from above was so nice, seeing macau city. activities were so exciting but we havnt tried it

Lynette · 28/01/2020

It was nice but it was costly you can get less price at counter instead of booking with APP. Also if u r doing activity like skyjump or skywalk then it is useful to buy ticket otherwise it is waste.

ANISUR REHMAN · 24/01/2020

Hassle free!!! Hassle free!!! Hassle free!!! Hassle free!!! Hassle free!!! Hassle free!!! Hassle free!!! Hassle free!!! Hassle free!!! Hassle free!!! Hassle free!!! Hassle free!!!

Seleanna · 12/01/2020

good experienced. quick response with the staff upon showing them the voucher. crews are very helpful with all you need. they can understand english...

Haydee · 11/01/2020

There is not many people, we do not need to queue. We went there when it was evening, and we stayed quite a while there, so we able to see both day and night view of Macau. It was so enjoyable, we had time to have latte and snacks there. The price is cheaper if we buy tickets Klook.

Wan Nor Azlin · 11/01/2020

Hassle free booking via Klook. I just presented my voucher to the counter and they instantly gave me a ticket. And the good thing booking in Klook is that it is more cheaper compared to the prices in Macau tower. My daughter really enjoyed the experience.

Sheryll · 10/01/2020

It is my first time to go up there thought it is my 3rd time in Macau. The view up there was amazing and wonderful. You can take picture while standing or seating on the glass floor in the 58th floor. It will make your knees shake especially if you have acrophobia. You can also buy Macau Tower postcard and send it back home. You can view the outdoor observatory on the 61st floor. It will only take less than a minute to reach the 58th floor. It was really worth it.

Reymart SR · 07/01/2020

Valued for money, stunning view of city on 58th floor observation deck! Amazing experience! Lucky enough to witness brave people doing bungy jump as well as sky walk on 60th floor! Strongly recommended! Strongly recommended! Strongly recommended! Strongly recommended! Strongly recommended! Strongly recommended! Strongly recommended! Strongly recommended! Strongly recommended! Strongly recommended!

Cheah Sing · 07/01/2020

It was very nice experience. Redemption tickets was easy. Thanks to Klook we got a discount. The weather was good so we did wonderful pictures. Highly recommend !

Anna · 06/01/2020

Great Experience!

The tower with its see through floor was a great experience! You get to see a great view of Macau

Carla Marie Igot · 06/01/2020

We easily claimed our tickets as the booth is located at the bottom of the tower and right before the elevators going to the top of the tower. We were able to see most of Macau as we stepped foot on top of the Macau tower. There’s a lot of spots to take photos from. There’s also other activities like bungee jumping, walking around the edge of the tower, etc. You can also take souvenir photos of those activities.

Mari Nicole · 04/01/2020

It is an wonderful experience with beautiful scenarios. The top of the Macau tower has a remarkable view

Mei Yen · 04/01/2020

Thank you klook for a hassle and stress free tour. You’ll better check klooks offers first before availing anything on your trip. Will visit again in the future!! Keep it up!

GIAN ROBERTO · 04/01/2020

Views are awesome, especially at night! Do check out the Bungy Jump Spot too!

Chin Hong · 03/01/2020

Easy to redeem by mobile voucher. Went on weekday afternoon and there was no queue. View was magnificent where you have bird eye view of entire Macau, as well as neighbouring Zhuhai. Night view would be even more beautiful.

KIA JEE GORDON · 02/01/2020

360 View of the whole city of Macau.. Highest tower in Macau.. Great view of the area.. Best experience..

Jayson · 01/01/2020

Excellent place to view the shores of Macau. It's worth the trip. You also get to see others try the skywalk and bungee jump. Try to go there when the weather is fine.

Jesus III · 01/01/2020

We took the hop on hop off bus to get to macau tower. The experience wa good, was able to see the whole of macau. bonus attraction, seeing people do the bungee jump. my son enjoyed it. downside is only 1 elevator is working, long line in going down.

ARLENE · 30/12/2019

The view up at the Macau Tower is great. The day we went was a bit cloudy, but we could still see the surroundings quite well. There was a resting area people can seat and take photos that’s quite nice when it is not crowded. There are people doing bungy jumping and sky walks at the top of the tower. It was quite fun to watch as everyone cheers on when they jump.

Gyori · 30/12/2019

great view from 58th and 61st floor. for those who are not afraid of height there's can do bungee jumping ang sky walking.

Charito · 28/12/2019

Jumping at the top wooohooo.. Bring it on, Macau Tower has it is! Thanks Klook.. It was amazing..

Maricon · 28/12/2019

Must visit in Macau. The tallest tower and highest bungy jumping experience in Macau. There are lot of other activities like Sky walk etc. Although they are quite expensive. The observation lounge on 58th floor and outer observation deck at 61st floor are great. You can walk over see through glass and see cars and roads down on the ground level.

Abhishek · 27/12/2019

The claiming of ticket is hassle free. The view is stunning from above and a nice view to see the whole macau and parts of mainland china (zhuhai). The viewing deck is not crowded on a christmas day.

Elmore Louie · 26/12/2019

The view is nice above. Ticket redemption was easy. Get to see people walking around the tower and bungy jump.

Tze Cheng · 25/12/2019

Thankyouuuu klooooook!!!!!!!! Amazing!!! Very convenient ? Great expi!!

Jhanell Margot · 25/12/2019

Great experience made even better with klook. Book with klook and save. The redemption process was seamless at the ticket office. Lovely to see Macau from the highest point in the city. Thank you klook.

Faheem · 24/12/2019

Can see Macau just from a Night view and was really fun with a new experience. Thanks to KLOOK who made my check-in easy and convenient.!!!! One should experience this when visiting Macau through KLOOK.

RACHIT · 22/12/2019

My parents loved this experience. At their age seeing the view of macau on the observations deck is one great moment to cherish

Janice Kate · 19/12/2019

The experience is breathtaking. It was really a smooth one no hassle when you present your klook voucher.. so glad i booked this experience with husband and parents :)

Janice Kate · 19/12/2019

Fun experience especially for the kids. Absolutely worth to go & worth to see. There’s no problem claiming tickets & is very easy to access from public transport too. Kids spent some times there & we are lucky, watching few bungy jumps live!

Eng Lei · 18/12/2019

Good service

Easy to book and smooth processing

Annabel Amores · 18/12/2019

Scary exciting fun. We arrived late was not able to redeem our photos from the receptions. Luckily have klook was able to purchase or ticket at discounted rate.

Riziel · 17/12/2019

Fast and efficiently, bought it in the morning and use it at night. Just show the voucher at the Macau Tower counter and you will get the tower entrance ticket after the verification from counter

Weimun · 16/12/2019

Great place! The cost is definitely worth it with its 360 view of Macau. Never leave Macau without checking this place out!

John Mikhael · 14/12/2019

Booked on the same day. No hassle in entering the tower just show the voucher. Not crowded so we were able to take lots of pictures. Great 360° view of Macau. Bonus: seeing the bone chilling bungee jumpers?.

Gellie · 11/12/2019

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