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Very nice place! Will recommend to My friends. Love the rock formations and the color of the land. Many tourist that time though.

EDUARD PAUL · 17/10/2020

A very nice experienced with my husband, this is one of our favorite place in Taipei it was a breathtaking experienced. Yehliu Geopark, a landscape of honeycomb and mushroom rocks eroded by the sea. Well-known formations named for their shapes include the Queen’s Head and Dragon’s Head.  It's a must when you're visiting Taiwan. Highly recommended!


This beauty was our first stop in Taiwan. We just showed our Klook vouchers to the entrance and we were allowed to go inside already. The rock formations really look amazing! Plus combine it with the beauty of the sea. The place is also huge so you can stroll around. There are a lot of places to take pictures. I enjoyed our stay here. Even the sceneries during our ride going to Yehliu is beautiful. Our only struggle is that during our stay here, it was a bit rainy so it was quite slippery when we tried to go to the father rock formations. But all in all, highly recommended to visit this place!

Ellora Shane · 12/04/2020

Hassle free admission ticket. The tour guide just took a photo of the voucher. We didnt take tha long line. Recommended.

Hazel · 11/03/2020

This ticket is for adults only. If you have kids, you need to purchase on site so can get discount. You don't need to fall in line if you have Yehliu Admission ticket's

Mercy · 09/03/2020

Smooth transaction from Klook. We had so much fun from this trip. Thank you Klook. Just prepare some umbrella and raincoat if its rainy season.

Jera Mae · 08/03/2020

Very convenient admission. Just need to show the voucher straight at the entrance without queueing at ticket counter. The scenery is amazing!

Min Erl · 05/03/2020

Hassle free. No need to line up for the ticket, all you need to is present the QR code so that they can scan it. Place was really nice but a little crowded so better to go here early in the morning. There’s a nice cafe at the almost end part of the place. You can buy cold drinks in that place, perfect for the hot weather.

Geraldine Grace · 03/03/2020

Thanks to Klook for offering cheap entrance tickets! This is highly recommended to everyone! Yehliu is beautiful.

LOVELY JOY · 25/02/2020

We were amazed by the view at Yehliu Geopark. I can say that NT$80 admission fee is worth it. You will appreciate everything that you will see. You need to prepare for comfortable shoes since there’s a lot of walking when you get off the bus.

Reign · 25/02/2020

Buy this and skip the line! It's great as you need all the headstart you can get to actually take photos of the rock formations without a horde of tourists in the background. A lot of the bigger tour buses don't have this pass so they line up — and you wouldn't want to be stuck in line behind a bus's worth of tourists.

Krizia Marie · 12/02/2020

This is such an easy pass to use, just present the voucher and you’re good to go! No need to line up with all the other tourists. Yehliu is a must see when you visit Taiwan! Don’t miss it!

Elyssa Nicole · 09/02/2020

Hassle free, it can save you a few minutes instead buying on the spot. Highly recommend to purchase before your trip so you can save $80 on your pocket money, right? ? Thanks Klook!

Maela · 08/02/2020

It was a great experience watching the rock formations brought about by the wind and the waves. Booking thru Klook was a breeze, we didn’t even have to line up. Highly recommend this activity!

Christine Marie · 08/02/2020

Interesting place to visit, so many rock formations and the view of Pacific Ocean is fascinating. Taking pictures with the Queen's Head which is the main attraction was facilitated to avoid long lines and for everyone to have a perfect and decent picture with it. We managed to avoid long lines by going straight to the park entrance and scanning the QR codes in the voucher provided by Klook.

Rachell · 06/02/2020

I have booked in the admission ticket via klook as it is easier to show a QR code rather than holding a piece of paper that may get lost. With this pass I was able to breeze the entrance without any hiccups. I would highly recommend booking you passes with Klook for easier trip on all your trips. Will definitely do all my trips with klook. Thanks!

Daniel · 01/02/2020

Very well managed park where you can see a lot of rocks in amazing shapes. More so, the background view is even more stunning as it is a boundary-less Pacific Ocean. Klook price is more or less the same as the ticket office. However, you can go straight to the park entrance to scan the instantly-received klook QR codes. It saves the queuing time and you can earns some bonus points as well.

s · 28/01/2020

Our first stop of the tour, the place is well kept and organized, going to and from different sites is easy despite the sand and sea water because they made a pathway where heeled boots or sneakers can easily walk at. Relaxing place, plenty of cool photos to take. Thanks.

Millicent · 27/01/2020

Yehliu national park is a special place to visit for many rocks formation which is quite specially shaped. The main attraction was of course the Queen’s head. Try to go earlier to avoid the crowd

Eu Gene · 25/01/2020

Highly recommended! With klook it is very easy. Just show the voucher and you are good to go.One of the premier destinations in northern Taiwan, Yehliu Geopark is home to a number of unique geological formations including the iconic "Queen's Head" (女王頭), and is located along a cape stretching out from the town of Wanli.

Shiela Mae · 24/01/2020

Back at this place for the 2nd time and booked again thru Klook! Very easy transaction. It was raining and very windy when we went there but it was overall okay.

Mariae · 21/01/2020

Yehliu Geopark offers a “Breathtaking” view of nature. We have seen beautiful pictures of it before we went so we expected it to be beautiful but to be there personally gives you an amazing feeling. It’s our favourite, out of many places we have seen in Taiwan ❤️

Lovely · 20/01/2020

With Klook, it was a smooth entrance at Yehliu Geopark. Just showed our code and we easily got in! Thanks, Klook!

vanessa · 20/01/2020

friendly guide

Guide anita was so friendly and knowledgeable about the whole tour trip. She's been introducing what's popular about that individual attraction. keep up the good work,hope to be in your group again the next time we visit :)

li yi goh · 16/01/2020

yehliu ticket

Very quick, easy. No need to wait in lines

Min Cho · 15/01/2020


Ana Clarissa · 11/01/2020

Yehliu Geopark is a must-see for anyone planning to go to Taiwan. The park is so beautiful and has an alien-like ambiance due to the color of the soil and the different shapes of the rock formations.

Catherine · 10/01/2020

Good and mood in restaurant are pretty good and all of staff have enough hospitality to customer.  I’m sure to come back here again someday. Really recommend this restaurant to all local people. and really Great atmosphere for a wonderful chill evening, the food was delicious and the staff was phenomenal. My husband and I had great night and will definitely be visiting again. Thank you for the great night.

Messayu elisa mega · 08/01/2020


Satisfied and can enter soon. No need to exchange tickets, scan is fine, no need to line up, it is best

KWEE HEONG YAP · 07/01/2020

One of the best tourist spot in New Taiwan City. A must when you are going to Taiwan. Our tour guide bobo is very recommendable, she speaks english so well. The tour is well manage and the bus arrived on time and no delays. Thanks klook!!

justine · 04/01/2020

convenient & worth going

One of the attractions to go. A lot of walking, windy, good weather.

Daphne Chia · 03/01/2020

We are happy that we purchased this together with the bus tour. it saves us a lot of time. We just went straight to the entrance and scan the QR code. Though the price is the same with the place, it is good that there's no need for us to fall in line.

Julie Ann · 03/01/2020

good thing we bought this ticket in advance. there's. no need for us to fall in line. we were able to enjoy our time. geopark is beautiful.

Julie Ann · 03/01/2020

The voucher was very easy to redeem. There was no long queue, all you have to do is present the printed voucher or the digital copy of the voucher at gate where they will scan the QR code. The transaction was very fast and there was no hassle of queueing because we already have a ticket beforehand.

Marie Allexis · 02/01/2020

Highly recommended!!! Easy access to all tourist spots around the taiwan area. Must try it! Convenience at its best. For sure you will enjoy it even you are alone and with your family or friends. Tourist guide speaks in english so you will really learn their culture and history. ??

Ecclesiatica · 01/01/2020

Easy and Fast

Very easy to buy a ticket online with good price and fast entry to scan QR code without a long line

EJAY YEO · 31/12/2019

Good Deal+Eco Friendly

The deal save me 30 NTD per head. In addition, use only e-vochure no printing is required is awsome.

Patarawat Pathomtuppmongkol · 31/12/2019

Skip the line

Great skip the line, just scanned barcode at entrance, super smooth!

adrian sanusi · 31/12/2019

We went on 17 Dec 2019. Was great to exploring this place of interest. The view of the Park was amazing and awsome, especially the rock formation. Yehliu Geopark Admission ticket form Klook saved me from long queue. Just straight ahead to the Geopark entrance with QR code scanned, thats it. Easy and convenient. Highly recommended! Good good good

LI KIM · 31/12/2019


Easy entrance, can directly use KKday tickets to enter the park without queuing!

Kenneth Yong · 30/12/2019

A fruitful day-tour. Started on-time by 9am n ended the day late evening. Tour guide Louis is very attentive n experienced. Despite the rain n taking care of a big group at 26pax, he always Ensure no-one is being left out. Driver is also very skilful in his driving, especially driving up & down the hill in Jiufen. An enjoyable trip not to be miss!

siew lay · 29/12/2019

The park is accessible by bus from Taipei Main Station. The voucher is so easy to use - just go directly to the entrance gate so they can scan your QR code. The park is really beautiful and big. I was not expecting it to be that big lol. The are food stalls, 7-11, Family Mart, and seafood resto outside the park. The bus stop back to Taipei Main Station is on the same road (just the opposite side) as the bus stop going to the park. The stop is called Yehliu Geopark. There's a green-colored pathway you can walk on and it will lead you to the park entrance.

Karina · 28/12/2019

It’s so convenient for us, they just have to scan our QR code on the tickets at the entrance and there’s no need for us to queue at all!

Hiang Boo · 27/12/2019

It rained when we visited the park but it never stop us in enjoying the view and appreciating the wonders of nature. We bought the ticket thru Klook and it saved time in lining up. We directly proceed to the entrance and showed our e-voucher and the staff scanned the QR code. We took a lot of pictures with the rock formations as the photobombers. Overall, it was a very memorable and fun filled experience together with my sister. ?

Olga · 27/12/2019

This is one of a kind. And its already included in our package.i didnt know that. So i bought another ticket..i wasnt be able to use this

GRACE · 26/12/2019

All good for the price but geopark was too crowded on a weekday. Hardly can move and take lhotos of the queens head. Try the sausage way at the end of the trail where the toilets are. Black sausage is yummy!

jordan mae · 26/12/2019

When we visited there, it was very hot. If you want to experience the nature-euphoria, go visit here! The Queen Head, which I think is the most famous attraction there- is nice. But you will need to be patient if you want a photo with it because it is a long line. Those who are guarding the stones/rocks are very strict, but please understand them as they need to preserve the rocks/stones.

Ancheta · 25/12/2019


It is more convenient when you buy the ticket online already instead of lining up in the queue. We just showed our QR vouchers, and next thing is we're already inside! ❤

Alexandra Joyce Estolano · 25/12/2019

Saves time

Buying the tickets on KKday is the best choice as it saves time queuing - you can just go straight to the entrance where the QR code will be scanned and you can go in straight.

· 24/12/2019

Easy entrance. Just go straight to the entrance and they will scan the mobile voucher. Nice views and very informative. We went when it was drizzling a bit so we didn't go all the way through. Check the weather and go on a clear day instead! The shops outside sell good priced items, cheaper than Ximen/Shilin.

Anthony · 22/12/2019

Product information

Get your tickets to Yehliu Geopark, a wonderland of geological rock formations in northern Taiwan. Explore the rugged landscape and capture photos with iconic shapes such as the “Queen’s Head.”

  • Travelers must observe the warning signs and adhere to on-site safety regulations
  • 除夕公告 除夕(2/11),園區開放時間調整為08:00-16:00(最後售票時間至15:00),提醒當日計畫到園的遊客儘早入園參觀