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Don't miss it for those who love Frozen

Like Disney and Frozen, this visit time is weekdays, there are few crowds, and there is plenty of time to take pictures, so I will experience it in the last week.

Hung Chun Lin · 09/03/2021

Frozen Fantasy Special Exhibition

The children of Frozen Fantasy Special Exhibition have been looking forward to it for a long time, and they are so happy to finally see the missed Aisha and Anna

庭誼 朱 · 09/03/2021


Although the exhibition area is small, the layout and height of Elsa Anna are very good to take photos. Several interactive games and children also love it. Overall, I recommend Frozen fans to visit

政庭 鍾 · 08/03/2021

The female girl likes it very much, the decoration inside is so beautiful, there is fun, no mistake! Zhong has another venue to play

Ka Po · 08/03/2021

Play experience

It’s fun and great, leaving a lot of good memories and getting to know a lot of creatures

博仁 薛 · 07/03/2021

Like very much

The route planning is very good, each district has a different experience, children are not bored in any district, they can see, play, draw, and have everything!

鈞晧 洪 · 07/03/2021

a happy day!

Although it was raining heavily outside, it did not diminish the joy of the girls looking at the princess! The Frozen Special Exhibition is different from other exhibitions only in taking photos with the dolls and dolls. It also has many interactive facilities: slides, jumping on the bed, animated video, computer coloring and drawing, etc. The children are impressed and can always maintain Interested in seeing the exhibition! The on-site staff are also very professional and in place to assist in safety maintenance and time control, and participate in a very smooth, comfortable and happy event. Thank you for your intentions! ❤️

旻陵 呂 · 06/03/2021

Ticket booking is convenient and fast, let us quickly enter the exhibition hall and enjoy a happy afternoon

The Frozen Special Exhibition allows children to happily immerse themselves in the fantasy and magic of fairy tales. There are many interactive facilities in the exhibition hall for children to experience. They are impressed and happy! Very fulfilling and happy! It is worth a visit for parents and children!

旻陵 呂 · 06/03/2021

All the design is perfect, the venue is very good, all the characters are exquisite, and the children love it.

Ka Yi · 06/03/2021

A journey for little girls

The little girls in the room are almost crazy when they see Aisha! You can take your baby for a walk through the slides, jumping on the bed and the interactive projection wall.

· 06/03/2021

Very satisfied?????????????

KAI YU · 05/03/2021

The exhibition space arrangement is very rich

The movie plot is matched with lighting effects, children’s play space, interactive games, rich content and on-site control of the photo queue, and the amusement facilities have a limited time line, which can effectively clear the crowds. There is no crowded and unpleasant experience. It is a good special exhibition experience

舒卉 龔 · 05/03/2021

Very nice frozen exhibition! Kid enjoys so much!

hoi Shan · 01/03/2021

It's amazing. A very fun experience for kids, especially if they like frozen.

Candy · 27/02/2021

The children all had a good time, and there was not a lot of people going there at the end of the annual holiday. The exhibits are well known as You De Interaction, but unfortunately the place is not so big, and it is not worth playing.

Tik Sang · 25/02/2021

Klook online ticket purchase is fast and convenient!! The venue is well decorated and beautiful! Unless the children like it well, if you don’t really think it’s expensive, it’s the same!

Jeffrey · 23/02/2021

The kids like to frighten the truth first

PUI SHAN · 21/02/2021

Re-opening, online ticket purchase, fast and convenient, and queue time is greatly reduced

Pui Yi · 20/02/2021

Children are so happy, suitable for parent-child activities! Great, looking forward to next time

ka hang · 20/02/2021

Convenient to pick up the ticket, you can buy it online, no need to wait at all! Convenient and convenient

MEI YING · 25/01/2021


even though you are an adult; it’s still a place that i would recommend to go visit to enjoy a day of relaxation that makes u happy

Jing Hwei Lim · 14/01/2021

Completely ignore customer requirements! Only their own interests! Everyone will reserve days/times for your activities, and customers have no choice! IKEA will arrange for you to not reach customers, but only ask customers to compromise, no negotiation!

HO · 28/12/2020

Several rooms of Frozen characters. Not that big but daughter loved it.

Jill · 13/12/2020

Although buy left 1230 to enter on the same day, you can enter at 1pm if you are late. There were so many scenes in the scene, and many rock shadows clocked in. However, one of the organizers did not do a good job. Many people don’t know that there is another exhibition space in the original post, which can be compared to children facing a mon. There are many hand-painted patterns on the wall for viewing. . Those who wish to buy Fei will not lose the bottom, remember to check it out

Ming Yan · 09/12/2020

A very sweet and cute expo for the kids and Disney fans. The sounds and projections were lovely and the sculptures as well. The cleanliness and crowd control were very good and safe.

Emilie · 06/12/2020

The scene is beautiful and the kids are happy, but the tickets are too expensive and not worth it.

Kit Sze Gene · 05/12/2020

It was purely a hard sell set, the venue was not big, I didn't expect it to be good. The best is to ricochet trampoline for 20 seconds.

Ching Ka Cinderella · 05/12/2020

The price is lower than expected, but overall it’s good. The kids are very happy.

redemption · 05/12/2020

Kids enjoyed so much Excellent lightings background suitable for kids! Spacious running around and good control on admission intervals

Long Fung Justin · 05/12/2020

Generally speaking, the venue is always small, you can enjoy six or seven exhibits, and it takes half an hour to finish

shing man · 05/12/2020

Very short nothing to do a waste of money Should’ve charged only $20 or $50

Christie · 04/12/2020

It is convenient to use klook to buy and fly online, and you can get in after scanning the qr code at the scene, saving a lot of time

Chun Wai Wesker · 01/12/2020

very good setup. perfect for kids who love Frozen. Bit expensive for half an hour time.


Most of the staff are polite at 10 points, and the environment is 10 points cold, full of the feeling of drama, and although Saturday, the number of people is not too large, and the picture is not too crowded.

wan yan kiana · 29/11/2020

The venue layout is very good, the children have fun, and the staff are friendly

siu wai · 29/11/2020

At the beginning of the comment, it was very boring, so I spent ten minutes in the sun, and I thought about it. It’s not bad to know that I’m going there. I can go out for 15 minutes in every hour and a half. I don’t know that someone can go out for ten minutes and go back.

Kwan Ho · 28/11/2020

Voting is very convenient, just show the QR code. The inner space is not very big, but it is enough for you to take beautiful photos. Children will be crazy when they see frozen. The model of the princess is gorgeous and beautiful. There is a place where you need to line up for the trampoline. After you finish it, there is a pavilion in front, so don't abandon your hand strap.

SUK YEE · 28/11/2020

The children are so happy, the decor is nice and easy to buy. Worth to play

fai sim · 28/11/2020

The service is good, the money is collected quickly, the time is accurate, and it is fun.

ho yin · 27/11/2020

If you like frozen, it's worth to go in and see, remember to go with a frozen shirt, as a souvenir ???

Pui Man · 26/11/2020

The site is small, but the layout is quite beautiful, and the two sites will be buried in about half an hour.

PO YEE · 25/11/2020

The content was not rich enough, 90 minutes were given, but we only took 45 minutes to finish it.

Sony · 25/11/2020

The exhibition is so beautiful, the number of sessions is controlled so that the children can watch and have a good time together

Lai Ping · 24/11/2020

The children had a good time, doing some science fiction, and the epidemic prevention facilities were enough for the entire exhibition to take 2.5hrs. It's colder in the venue, so take a coat

YU KEUNG · 24/11/2020

Spent over an hour at this exhibition. I rate it 3/5 only because I do not think it's worth the fee that they charged. If the ticket was slightly cheaper, it would've gotten an extra star. The exhibition was for my 4 year old daughter. She most enjoyed the trampoline.

Pui Shan · 24/11/2020

The exhibition is ok, nothing special, the price is too expensive, the price is not consistent with the content of the exhibition, it can be completed in half an hour...

Jay · 24/11/2020

This time I chose to see the exhibition at noon on weekdays. Smaller people are more comfortable. Moreover, the layout inside is so beautiful! There is also a trampoline provided, and there are painting exhibitions. What a pleasant Monday.

Yuen Yee Tiffany · 24/11/2020

I loved my experience at the exhibition-! My kid didn’t want to leave

Dina · 24/11/2020

Just use the QR code to enter the venue, which is convenient and fast! The venue is not very big, it takes about 45 minutes to finish. But for children who like Frozen, it is also worth a visit!

Wing Man · 24/11/2020

The scene is good, not very crowded, so they are all in the photo, and there are many boutiques to buy, children have a good time

sau man stanley · 23/11/2020

Product information

Celebrate your love for the iconic Disney movie series "Frozen" at the exhibition in Taipei and say 'Hi" to your favorite characters at close range. Enjoy displays using top-notch technology and recall the vivid movie watching memories.

  • Free admission for children aged under 3, proof of age is required; seniors (aged 65 or over) and disability card holders (and 1 companion) are recommended to purchase concession tickets on-site
  • Travelers are required to have their body temperature taken before admission; note that admission will not be granted to travelers with body temperature over 37.5°C
  • For your safety and health, please wear a face mask at all times; make sure to wear clean socks as shoes are not allowed in certain areas; please follow on-site regulations and policies during your visit
  • The following items are prohibited: food, beverage, long umbrella, camera pod stick, selfie stick, pet, stroller, and hazardous items (service animals and crutches are allowed)
  • Photo shooting and video recording are allowed in all exhibition areas, please note that camera pod sticks, selfie sticks, and strobe lights are not allowed
  • If you wish to re-enter the exhibition, please have your ticket stamped at the exit, and present the stamp at the entrance for admission, only same day re-entering is allowed, please follow on-site regulations at all times as the re-entering policy is subject to the local agency
  • Travelers may visit the exhibition on any day within the exhibition period, changing dates will not be necessary
  • The family ticket includes only 1 QRcode and the ticket is for 1 adult and 1 child, the child must be aged 3 - 11 to be eligible for the family ticket (proof of age is required on-site); if your child is found ineligible, request for admission with a child ticket will not be granted
Purchasing notice

・1 ticket entails only 1-time admission, please consider before booking
・Travelers under the same booking are required to enter the venue together; for different admission times, please place separate bookings
・The voucher is only valid within the exhibition period (December 19, 2020 - March 1, 2021)
・This product is approved by Taipei City Revenue Service Nangang Branch Article 1094905214 on October 19, 2020 (北市稽南港乙字第1094905214號), note that the amusement tax has already been filed (the amusement tax is included in the ticket price)