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Good price and excellent speed, I will be glad to recommend to everyone

chunting · 02/03/2021

Redeeming was a breeze and it’s a better deal! Do it!!!

Jennifer · 20/02/2021

Very accessible through public transportation. It is also very convenient if you use klook, cause you just get to print the ticket on the ticket booth and line up to ride the ferris wheel. We can really enjoy the view of Taipei from the wheel for like 10-15 minutes. Great place to spend your holiday with your family and friends!!

Sofiannisa · 15/02/2021

We bought the Ferris wheel tickets using Klook. It was so easy and convenient. We just showed the QR Code and exchanged it for the tickets. The view was awesome.

Jocelyn · 15/02/2021

It was very easy to redeem the tickets. We didn’t have to wait at all in the morning. The view is great up there and we certainly will come back again for the ride!

YUCHUN · 08/02/2021

It’s a smart choice to buy these tickets. We can both take cable car with wonderful night view and go shopping in Miracle mall. High recommend for you guy

Anh · 12/01/2021

I went to both attraction with my GF, and the overall experience was amazing. At first we thought the museum was some sort of dolls and tiny figures museum, but it was about miniature arts. Seriously increadible craftsmanship, OMG the details and dedication! The Ferris Wheel was all that I expected, gorgeous view and cool breezy air, a beautiful moment to wind down and relax.

Khanh Duy · 23/11/2020

nice experience

very nice view. must go if you have time in taipei

Miss Zeng · 13/10/2020

Queue was pretty short, managed to get on the ride in less than 10mins. Location is pretty far from center of city but we were visiting the zoo and was on the way back to hotel but it was worth the trip there. Mall was also interesting as it had alot of shops and an arcade as well. Would recommend if you’re in the area.

Joachim · 25/08/2020

a mesmerizing view of the city when the wheel will b at the top most position...not that much thrilling because it moves very slow

Oeindrila · 30/06/2020

It was stunning! I enjoyed the view up there on the Ferris Wheel.

Christine Marie · 19/06/2020

It was a hot sunny afternoon we Managed to go to this place in the mall. Lots of stores and restaurant. We can't bear the heat but the view is just amazing. Taiwan is a place I would love to visit again.

ANNABELLE · 02/06/2020

Went on a weekday and there was no queue. You can choose regular cabin or glass cabin. Using the voucher was easy and the booth is just beside the ferris wheel at lvl 5.

Su Liang · 16/03/2020

Smooth transaction. Sobrang fun and will surely purchase again. Thank you much klook for this experience. I also get this ticket for 1 php only during the 11/11 Sale. This is a must try experience, will surely go back to Miramir Ferris Wheel! So looooooooove this!

Katherine · 15/03/2020

This is surely a must buy for first timers in Taipei! The ride is affordable and very enjoyable! Will ride again when im back!

Ma Fatima · 11/03/2020

It is a very nice place to go to! ? I can see a beautiful view ? so in love with it ? will come back again next time when i'm in taiwan ? Very convenient using klook too ?

Juileeah yaxuan · 03/03/2020

You can have a good view of Taipei city I recommend to travel at night. They have only 2 transparent boxes better wait and get a transparent box and enjoy the feel.

BADIGINENI · 02/03/2020

It was a fun and nice experience, although it’s raining that time when we got there, you can still enjoy the great view from above. I would try this again when I go back to Taiwan

Alyssa · 27/02/2020

Recommend to arrive at night to enjoy the beautiful view of Taiwan. Recommend as price are not expensive. Worth it.

Han Yang · 18/02/2020

A fun place and easy to go. It's not far from Taipei. You can go there by the mrt.

Phuwanai · 15/02/2020

Love the view from above of the Miramar Ferris Wheel. The vouchers were easy to redeem at the ticketing counter. When it reaches its peak, you can even get to see Taipei 101. Highly recommended.

Hong Wei · 09/02/2020

The ferris wheel entrance is located at 5th floor of Miramar building. You need to claim the ticket at their ticket boot. You can choose their regular cabin or transparent cabin but waiting time is longer since they only have few transparent cars.

Jerico · 09/02/2020

Whenever I travel to new cities I always want to try their ferris wheel just to admire the entirety of the city from above! Wasn't disappointed when I rode Miramar ferris wheel, the peak was high enough to have a night time beautiful view, it was relaxing and slow. Wait time isn't that bad as well, and redeeming klook voucher for tickets was also easy!

Heidi · 07/02/2020

Located on a commercial mall, Miramar offers much more than just the ferris wheel ride. Do also take your time in the mall. Tickets can be redeemed for both normal gondolas, or crystal gondola ( fully- transparent). We opted for the normal gondolas, as we would need to wait 20 mins for the crystal gondola. A great view and experience in the biggest ferry wheel in Taipei. The gondolas are all covered up, so it’s very safe. It’s not too cold inside, as windows are partially shut off. Went on 8pm Saturday, but no queueing was required. Maybe because it was abit cloudy on the day. Overall it’s a great experience, I personally have tried it already 7 years ago when I last visited Taiwan.

Arron · 03/02/2020

Miramar ferris wheel is a relaxing ride. It is about 20 minutes long and moves very slowly. The view isn't the greatest, but worth a try at least once. The Miramar park itself is a mall, so you can do some shopping or go for some food after your ride.

Ardie · 01/02/2020

Great value and ease of use for this voucher. Cheaper then at the line would highly recommend.

Jeff · 28/01/2020

It was an exciting ferris wheel and its so high. You can choose between a regular cabin or crystal cabin without any charge. Thank you klook!

Mia Madel · 26/01/2020

Nice view on top. Hassle free claiming of ticket just show to the staff the voucher. Thanks to klook

Shiela Mae · 26/01/2020

Great Experience

The ride was amazing. What i like the most is that ticket redemption super easy and quick! No need to queue. Thank you kkday

Mohamad Hamizan Halim · 23/01/2020

We tried it during late night where lines are too short, you'll need to choose from All Glass and No Glass, somewhat confusing if you're not familiar, but sounds interesting, anyway, we got the No Glass due to fear of heights, it was so fun up there, the view and experience was exquisite!!! We so love it that we took a lot of photos even outside as our background. Last, the Miramar Mall, large and a great place to visit! ❤️❤️❤️

Bianca · 21/01/2020

Easy to claim, no long line on a Sunday evening. City and mountain view was great, we even spotted Taipei 101 while on top.

Nino Paulo · 20/01/2020

Good way to experience a view of Taipei from the top. I went on a weekday afternoon in January so there were not a lot of people. Redemption process was fast as well.

Kathleen Lizette · 17/01/2020


Thank you for a great experience

Glenda Villa · 15/01/2020

Easy to find the Ferris wheel, when you exit the mrt station at jiannan rd, you’ll see it immediately. Tickets can be claimed at the 5/F ticketing counter and entrance to the ride is at the right side of the counter.

Leoriza · 13/01/2020

the over all experience bb ic excellent ? thank u klook for this wonderful promo... we enjoy the long ride to Ferris wheel at marimar.. hope to come back again and avail this promo ...

Angelica · 12/01/2020

Easier to buy online. Just present voucher and you can ride the ferris wheel. Fun experience to see the city way up high.

Gerard Gilbert · 11/01/2020

Always fun riding the Miramar ferris wheel! It gives you a good view of the city especially at night and is relaxing because you know the whole thing is sturdy and safe. Loved that the rate on Klook is so much cheaper than when you get tickets on site.

Roberto · 10/01/2020

Great steal. The price in klook is lower in the actual ticket booth. Hassle free. We enjoyed the ferris wheel ride. It is best to ride at night to witness the city lights.

Vonn Ehjos · 04/01/2020

Our kids enjoyed the ride, staff were courteous and happy. Hope to see Taipei again soon! More power to Klook for making this tourist attraction accessible by phone and desktop at your fingertip!

Arnel · 03/01/2020

Night View of Taipei

Easy redemption and less ppl Q in the evening... time rotate approx 15 min and enjoy the night view scene

Melvin Yong Vui Lip · 02/01/2020

Easy to redeem. And it's worth it if you purchase from klook as the price is nt200 for weekend and nt150 for weekday at the counter booth. you can choose from standard or clear glass cabin.

Pui San · 02/01/2020

East to redeem. You can choose Glass cabin. No need to fall in Line to buy Tickets

Venie Drixielon · 31/12/2019

Great deal. We booked this activity along with the Taipei 101 Observatory entrance.

Margaret · 30/12/2019

Miramar Ferris Wheel

Bought tickets with KKday, it's very easy to claim from the counter and more cheaper from buying on the spot. Recommended.

Theresa Tsen · 30/12/2019

Merry Go Round Ride

Easy redemption using kkday voucher and enjoy the ride in the evening time off peak during weekend time

Melvin Yong Vui Lip · 29/12/2019

nice wheel to attend, quite high though

ever · 27/12/2019

It was very easy to redeem the voucher. We were lucky that the weather was quite good and were able to get a view of the surroundings.

Pei Pei · 26/12/2019

Worth while Experience

Location to collect tickets was easy to find with the help of instructions from KKday. Ticket is at reasonable price. Very fast moving queue on non peak period.

Jeslyn Cheong · 25/12/2019

Located at a huge mall in the city, the ferris wheel sits on the 5th floor with views of taipei 101 and the mountains. Going there wasn't bad at all, you see the ferris wheel as soon as you get off the MRT. You just have to cross the cross walk, go up the escalator and you're there. We went on a Sunday and there were no lines!

Anthony · 23/12/2019

Nice experience! Cheaper when u buy with Klook. Bought from Klook at the same day and easily redeem at the ticketing booth.

Jacqueline Janta Anak · 20/12/2019

Product information

Reach great heights on the sky-high Miramar Entertainment Park Ferris Wheel and admire the cityscape of Taipei from a different point of view. Look at the bustling traffic from above and marvel at the glittering nighttime view.

  • Operating hours are subject to change due to special holidays, large events, weather conditions or other special circumstances
  • This ticket is available for weekdays and weekends
  • Please adhere to on-site instruction at all times
  • Travelers with the following conditions are not recommended to participate in this activity: heart disease, hypertension, hypotension, under influence of alcohol, or physical discomfort
  • Each Ferris Wheel car holds a maximum of 6 people. Baby strollers and pets are not allowed in the car
  • Please do not eat, drink, smoke, chew betel nuts, drink alcohol, or carry flammable materials or other dangerous items on the platform and in the Ferris Wheel car