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we really had fun. ? Our trip is hassle free beacuse of kook

Haresh John · 09/03/2021

Hassle free! Not time consuming! Very fast transaction when you book on klook! Highly recommend

BRIAN · 07/03/2021

So happy we were able to visit hongkong diney with the fam! ♥️ hassle free to fall in line!

Maureen · 06/03/2021

Easy to used! And highly recommend to book in klook! ?

Maureen · 06/03/2021

My family love it specially the kids. First time to travel with the family. Smooth transaction and past entrance! ♥️

Maureen · 06/03/2021

Easy to use and fun time at Disney. Highly recommend booking via Klook.

Kai Wing Alison · 05/03/2021

Easy entrance, we didn’t need to get in line. Disneyland really is the happiest place on earth! Thank you Klook!

June Nicole · 01/03/2021

Very good deal to have entrance ticket and meal included as a bundle. Big portions for the good and there’s a great variety. During the day’s activities, you’ll definitely need to sit down for a rest and eat some food to reenergise.

Mei Yee · 27/02/2021

Easy and cheap!

Got the voucher immediately and very easy to redeem (just show the qr code at the gate). The price was also cheaper than just buying tickets from disney. Recommended!

Guest · 23/02/2021

Hassle-free booking! So happy we were able to visit HK Disneyland before the pandemic. There weren’t too many visitors that day so we really enjoyed our first Disneyland experience!!? Hopefully we can go back again soon

Shekinah · 16/02/2021

Knowing that you have Klook tickets at the entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland made the experience more memorable! The QR is already our ticket! The ability to book tickets like this in advance made the trip hassle-free and worthwhile for all of us! Klook FTW!!!

Cedric Eduard · 18/01/2021

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Paola Marie · 10/01/2021

This park is of gigantic proportion with multiple themes..needs minimum of three days to take all the rides and enjoy the added attractions. Special mention about the 4D theater which is one of a kind...

Chanthariyah · 02/01/2021

It was a really fun experience for me and my family. We didn't have to line up to buy tickets and to be able to enter the park. At first, I was really hesitant to buy tickets on Klook because I was worried that there might be issues during the time of redemption. It was our first family trip outside of the country so I want my family to have a wonderful experience. If you want a hassle free trip, I would highly recommend that you buy your tickets on Klook. You also get to enjoy discounts and freebies along with your purchase.

Paulo · 30/12/2020

When we went to HK, the park was closed. We just spend our time taking pictures outside the park. My friend really enjoyed it. We hope we can go back to HK when there's no more health threats for everyone.

Faye · 29/12/2020

We went there last Chinese New Year, the day before HK Disneyland closed because of the pandemic. We still managed to have fun and really tried our best to enjoy each attraction. I guess we were lucky enough that we ended up actually using our voucher instead of asking for refunds. ?

Maicah Marie · 29/12/2020

very fast very easy to use swift check in early check in cheaper online very the efficient very convenient cost effective good for holiday 40mins travel time only check in and then go enjoy direct from mtr short queue, its good smooth journey pleasant staff good customer service good experience

Martin · 28/12/2020

We enjoyed taking pictures even just outside the amusement park. We went to HK months ago, unfortunately, Disneyland was still closed that time. Hopefully, we can go back and experience the fun and excitement.

Faye · 25/12/2020

It was indeed a great and magical experience in Hong Kong Disneyland! Klook really offered a fast transaction and it is very easy to use especially if the line in the entrance is very long. Will definitely book again!

NIKKO · 12/12/2020

My daughter enjoyed the Disneyland adventure on her birthday! The pass plus meal is really worth it with many restaurant options to choose for the meal. They also have great meal for kids that my daughter really loved! Thanks Klook!

JANILE FILORA · 11/12/2020

It feels magical when you get inside!!! I will surely come back here with my friends! This is the most enjoyable part in hongkong! And for me, my favorite part here is the Mystic Manor. I really love the effects inside! Omg!

Jonamarie Cedi · 10/12/2020

For meal voucher, we had to queue outside the park (at guest information) to exchange the voucher with the coupon from Disney. The voucher is for a meal combo, including drinks, desert etc. You can pay the difference for a more expensive set. The voucher also includes a snack from vending carts - Drink or Popcorn or ice-cream, making it a good deal if you plan on eating there already.

Abegail · 07/12/2020

Indeed the happiest place on earth! ❤️ Because we bought our tickets from klook, we just scanned the barcode on our tickets at automagic box (on the right side). For meal voucher, we had to queue outside the park (at guest information) to exchange the voucher with the coupon from Disney. In conclusion, it was a good thing to buy ticket from klook, at least we didn't need to queue for buying ticket.

Abegail · 07/12/2020

This was a very simple and fast way to ensure entrance with ease. Definitely recommend to anyone who is coming to Disney and want a hassle free entrance experience. Suggestion is to arrive early to enjoy the happiest place on earth

Sheue Nee · 01/12/2020

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LI LING · 28/11/2020

Every kid's dream, and also those kid's at heart! ? Great experience! Thanks Klook for very easy transaction, less hassle of purchasing this voucher. A truly must-try experience when you're in Hongkong! Brings back all of your Disney dreams from the young age to life. ❤️

Donna · 26/11/2020

During the spread of the COVID-19, we hk people has nothing else to visit. Although I have been Disneyland for many times since 7 years ago, the facilities have been updated. However, the service quality should be enhanced as well

YAN HO · 22/11/2020

Easy to use by only showing the scan code at the entrance. Very great deal by using this one-day to upgrade for an annual pass! Remember to pre- register online prior visiting the park due to the COVID-19. Weekdays is less crowded than weekend.

Angela Barbara · 21/11/2020

Hassle free booking. Highly recommended for travelers out there since T&C is very flexible. Just a minor issue, we need to print out actual paper tickets and present it in the park. Nonetheless, all worth it and will buy again

Sophia Lauren · 17/11/2020

Simple & Easy

Although pre-registration at Disneyland's official was still required due to the pandemic, the overall experience was very smooth by simply presenting the electronic ticket at entrance as well as restaurant & outdoor vending stalls without the need for any additional payment (except for topping up better F&B offerings).

Yu Chun John Lee · 15/11/2020

Disneyland is an icon. It has worldwide fame and adoration that starts at infancy and only grows as you get older. The downside is keeping up the image as thousands visit the park on a daily basis. The cost kept increasing over the years to the point local fans find it very difficult to visit and enjoy the experience, especially with the overinflated cost of living. Nonetheless it is a unique and special part of our lives so we make the sacrifice to purchase the entry and have enough to buy food, snacks, toys and souvenirs.

Cecile Pauline · 01/11/2020

First time going to Hong Kong Disneyland (even though I was born and raised here). Due to the coronavirus, there was a limit to the number of people admitted into the park, but it was still rather crowded. The Klook voucher was easy to redeem. All we had to do was present the QR code to the staff. The only downside was no actual ticket for souvenir purposes. Klook also has a special discount for Hong Kong residents during this epidemic. It's only $573 for an adult ticket, compared to the $630 you'd normally have to pay.

Ngo Yin Jovita · 01/11/2020

Dream come true! I think it's much cheaper to book here in Klook than the regular price. We've managed to get access easily by showing the QR code by Klook. The place was so magical in every way. We really had fun because we almost managed to ride all the attractions, although we're a bit sad due the castle was still under renovation.

Regene Joy · 29/10/2020

Combo is good value, food items is range from $110 to $150 but only few options are $130 Many restaurants closed on weekday and remember to redeem the snacks earlier as a lot of kiosk will close after 6pm.

Yiu Ming · 25/10/2020

It’s convenient, fast and a reasonable price to buy the ticket in Klook. It’s nice that I can Choose the combination with meal sets or not. I enjoy the experience in Disney, the atmosphere is great and cheerful, the souvenirs in the stores are beautiful and cute with reasonable price. All in all, Disneyland is recommended to go.

Katherina · 24/10/2020

Happiest place on Earth, as always! Thought it would be hard to get a ticket as the theme park just returned to normal operations last Friday. But, thanks to Klook, it was just as easy as a couple of clicks! The reservation process in HK Disneyland website was easy, too! Bought the tickets on Friday night, went to HK Disneyland the next day! Most of the attractions are open (thankfully) except for Tarzan Treehouse, the castle and the railroad. The sun can be so scorchingly hot, so bring your sunscreen, umbrella/hat/cap, and water! ?

Rosalie Bayre · 05/10/2020

Almost all attractions were open, except the castle, which is currently under renovation, and Tarzan house. Not many people, so waiting time was ok. Food and drinks are quite expensive, so make sure to bring at least a bottle of water with you. Also highly recommend to bring sunscreen, as on a sunny day not much shade, especially when moving from attraction to attraction. Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars and Hyperspace Mountain are my favorites ❤️

Anastasia · 04/10/2020

We went straight ahead inside since we already bought the tickets online via Klook and they acknowledged the tickets. Hassle-free and easy-to-book! We also save some portion since we got it on sale. Worth the try and willing to book again via Klook.

Karl Benedict · 27/09/2020

Big savings indeed!!! Imagine you’ll spend 800-1k+ pesos just for a decent meal in Disneyland and we had it for FREE. We really enjoyed every minute in Disneyland, happiest place on earth indeed!!! Hope you’ll have same deal with other amusement parks’ tickets. :) Thank you so so much klook for the good deal!!!

Zendalyn Irish · 12/08/2020

Best deal ever!!! Imagine that you got a free meal included in your Disney ticket! It was a big big savings!!!! Hope you’ll have same deal to some of your amusement park promo. Thank you so so much klook!!!

Zendalyn Irish · 12/08/2020

My favorite experience in our Hong Kong trip. Yes, it is the happiest place. I would love to go back again when everything is okay, because our trip was in October 2019 and unfortunately rally is everywhere and MTR operation was affected. We are still lucky because the day after we went to Disneyland, the station that has a stop to Disneyland Resort station which is Sunny Bay were closed due to protests.

Ma Joan · 29/07/2020

what they say is true that you'll feel like a kid there.. i love the activities.. so many things to do that one day is not enough.. the music is also good in every area.. also it's very clean and the employees are so nice they gave me stickers

Shazel · 16/07/2020

Another great time visiting Hong Kong Disneyland, but this time with our daughter. This deal allows you to seamlessly breeze though the entrance and enjoy the park straight away. The pre registration for the park was straight forward. I would recommend this to anyone visiting.

Juliet · 11/07/2020

Social Distancing Disney

A different experience at HK Disneyland with social distancing and mask-on. The day we went was less crowded than usual. The castle is still under renovation. We were not able to watch any indoor performances under a very hot weather as the staff asked us to queue up 45 mins beforehand. They are only allowing to fill up half of the venue under the social distancing policy.

Charlotte Lee · 06/07/2020

After Covid 19 It was a diffrent experince visiting DisneyLand , though we enjoyed the Park and took almsot all the Rides and shows without much waitline , but we missed Train , Evening Parade which were cancelled due to Covid 19. But it was a enthralling experience after Lockdowns. And Entry and cost with Klook are always Best.

alok · 04/07/2020

the happiest place on earth indeed tho we’re totally looking forward for the fireworks display that time but apparently they haven’t been performing it for a reason we really don’t know. Nevertheless it was a worth it and fun trip. Looking forward to visit it again and hopefully see the fireworks display and ride all the extreme attractions. thank you klook! :)

Ronaliz · 03/07/2020

Good experience I ever had... Easy to entry with only scan! Sure enjoy the trip with Klook.. Highly recommended!! book with Klook to get your credit point so you can redeem your point for next time discount!

LEE · 02/07/2020

Klook voucher is very convenient to use, we didn't need to que long to get inside the park. We tried many rides in the park but our favorite is the jungle river cruise! There's also a lot of shows and mini parks inside. Perfect destination for the family. Although if you feel hungry food inside is quite expensive but there's a few stalls and shops that sells snacks and meals.

Merrie Idyllee · 10/06/2020

Still the happiest place in a pretty sad place. We had a lot of fun here and we're like back to our childhood again. We tried moat of the rides esp the extreme ones which we tried twice in a row sitting in front and at the back for comparison hahaha hilarious but there's actually a difference. Lol. The let's get wicked show was fantastic so don't miss it as well as the jack skellington show at the main street. Queue is not really that long at this time and castle is in renovation. Highly recommended to all young and young at heart. ❣

Anna Katrina · 09/06/2020

Very fun and exciting, overwhelming because of the activities. ONe thing I didnt like is that we dont have take the apportunity to have a picture with the castle because it is under renovation. I hope someday they will open the castle again. Very easy to pickup and redeem the coupon. more power to come and more discounts to come!

Ronaldo · 13/05/2020

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