Discover Ba Na Hill: Full-Day Tour from Hoi An



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Quite an exotic place to go when it comes to Vietnam!! Strong french atmosphere and tons of interesting architecture - the beer hall there is a must try item! The only drawback is that the place is flooded by China and Korean tourists at that time...,

KA LONG NICHOLAS · 18/07/2020

It's a nice tour with a nice guide. Though it's a little difficult to understand his accent and you hardly meet someone who speaks at least the minimum English to take your order of coffee. But this is not a big problem, though it can be a little frustrating. Anyway, the place is nice, you can have a relaxing walk or just rest somewhere under the shadow and enjoy nature, beautiful views from the top of the mountain, french style buildings and take lots of pictures. Also, they have performances in some different spots and the meal that is included in the price is splendid. The guide will bring you to a buffet canteen which provides dishes for every taste, sweets, and a lot of fruit. Just enjoy. And in the end - a special show with a parade, dances, acrobatics, etc which was awesome.

Aliona · 09/07/2020

This trip was hassle free thanks to Klook. Tour guide was friendly and awesome.Shared the trip with 4 different groups of tourists and the journey time to and fro was well planned.

Christine · 15/06/2020

Very nice place and i revisited again, worth to go!!

Hoi Lam · 11/06/2020

It was a great day. We were picked up from our hotel, on time. Our guide was also nice and friendly. However, it would have been better if we could stay a bit longer because the day ended a little early and couldn't enjoy the amusement park fully. Nevertheless, it was a great experience. Thanks to Klook.

AISHIKA · 09/03/2020


Overall the tour is great! But the weather was foggy, couldn’t take nice picture of the golden bridge ? buffet lunch was provided, food was ok, the time given was adequate, however it is all depend on luck to have a clear weather for perfect Insta pic of the golden bridge. Our tour guide Ling is great. Would recommend the tour to my friend.

Kah Joon Eng · 07/03/2020

Most of the tour participants are old people so it was quite unique experience. The trip to Ba Na Hill itself was not as long as I expected, however it was not a good day to visit Ba Na Hills in the first place because the weather was too chilly and foggy. We couldn’t see anything, and because of the nonstop drizzle the trip was very inconvenient. Too slippery, freezing cold, and everyone had to be extra careful. We couldn’t see anything around us so we can’t see anything from the cable car, we couldn’t see the golden hand, the garden, the statue, etc. Thankfully I ordered the one with the lunch package, so i didn’t have to find my own food in those crazy weather. The restaurant was a buffet with menu choices (pho, sushi, noodle, ducks, salads, and a freakin crocodile) from many places from Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Western, etc. We also got a glass of wine as a complimentary. Tried to use the free time given by the tour, but yet again I couldn’t go anywhere so I just stayed indoor in the indoor amusement park/arcade area. Thanks to the tour leader for his positive and optimistic attitude, i can sense that he tried his best to keep the tour going by making sure everyone enjoy the trip like it’s supposed to and because of that the trip was not so gloomy and we can still enjoyed the trip.

Sabrina Rachmah · 05/03/2020

Tour guide Ms. One/Wan was very nice. Ba Na Hills experience is amazing and really worth the visit. Good thing we visited Ba Na Hills during off peak season. We were able to have a decent picture at the Golden Bridge. Buffet lunch was also great. So many food choices. Book here for a less hassle trip..

ELISE MANEL · 01/03/2020

Very good and value for money Sumptous buffet lunch with many variety even a baked whole crocodile. (1st time to see a whole bake croc). Highy recommended.

Pah Yang · 28/02/2020

The entire tour was fun packed! Ample time for us to walk through the Golden Bridge and to visit the various attractions such as the French Village and Fantasy Park. Tour guide will also walk us through the different attractions and time was well allocated so that we won't miss out on any great spots. Buffet lunch was splendid, spoiled for choices from the wide variety of food! Way beyond expectation.

Hui Min · 24/02/2020

pick up in hotel ontime. Tour guide Mr Phouc is a fantastic guide, informative and funny that he made everyone him. cable car ride was smooth..just a bit foggy to take good photos.

tse · 19/02/2020


Our tour guide, Ling was very friendly & nice. Provided us with warm hospitality. Duration of tour was alright! The weather was good with no rain, just foggy most of the time.

Cherry Kong · 18/02/2020

Great service by the tour guide and friendly... Overall good just that the weather was bad when we were there rainung heavily and foggy unable to take good pictures. Lunch buffet was great. However I. Sufficient time to play games at theme park which could be better if given more time...

Jesse · 10/02/2020

Worth it

Top sight seeing in Da Nang, fresh air, good environment.

KANG LAY PENG · 07/02/2020

Awesome trip! tour guide well presented & prepared in term of our itenary. Guide also remember almost all the guest by looks.

Foo · 04/02/2020


This is the cheapest tour we’ve found, but it doesn’t compromise on quality. Our guide Mai was one of the most engaging guides we’ve had; cordial, professional and helpful. She offered a lot of useful info on Bana Hills, was flexible on timings and was kind enough to offer great recommendations for restaurants around Da Nang afterwards. If you’re looking for a fun day out, look no further.

Gonçalo Ribeiro · 03/02/2020

Great experience. wonderful country we willgo back. the tour was wonderful and looking forward to.visit vietnam again with my family

April · 03/02/2020

The tour guide was great. I think she was the best English speaking guide I’ve had in Vietnam. Once we were brought up to the Golden Bridge (3 cable car rides away) we had our free time to explore the park until lunch time. I don’t know why everyone raved about the lunch buffet, because I didn’t liked it much. After lunch we had some more time to explore the other side of the park and to get into some kids attractions. I wish there was an option to go back earlier as we were done exploring the park 2 hours before the pick up time.

Wenny · 25/01/2020

I went to Ba Na Hills during the Lunar New Year. Crowd was lesser than usual. Cool-weather. the trip is suitable for those who like to take a lot of Instagram pictures.

You Wei · 24/01/2020

The guide is wonderful and it's easier to go there by this tour rather than by yourself

Chi Hung Benny · 21/01/2020

Highly recommend, the tour was small, comprehensive and entertaining for a day trip out of danang. Driver was punctual and efficient to pick us up from Hoi an to join in with the rest of the Groupon

Mandy · 20/01/2020

The pick up was timely with our tour guide Ms Thi who is friendly and spoke good English. The weather was excellent. It can get pretty windy and chilly at Ba Na Hills so do bring along a jacket. Buffet lunch has a nice spread of food to choose from. The queue for the downhill luge can be long (I waited about almost 2 hours) but it was fun. Due to the time spent waiting in line, I missed out on the game park. Overall I would highly recommend this tour and definitely suitable for family with kids.

Chin Wei · 17/01/2020

very nice trip to beautiful Ba Na Hills, including golden bridge, botanic garden, Linh Ung Pagoda, SunStudio Amusement Park.... etc. you never feel feel bored during this entire day trip. on the separate note, tour guide is very good in explaning related info to Ba Na Hills. Will highly recommend this tour !

Yungchang · 16/01/2020

Tour guide was really helpful and friendly. He shared with us information and tips on ba na hills and I really enjoyed his service. Interesting place if the whole family is going but less interesting for young adults as there isn’t much to do besides the golden bridge and the amusement park.

Regina · 16/01/2020


Well worth it. The tour guide was so friendly and everything was included. Worth every penny.

Shoneez Francis · 14/01/2020

Ba Na Hills day tour

The tour was extremely well organized and really fun! Our tour guide - Ling, is so funny and had such a great, friendly personality! This is definitely one of the most beautiful, peaceful and magical places I’ve visited in all my time traveling.

Kereshen Naidoo · 13/01/2020


A very well planned tour

Liew Hean Lim · 13/01/2020

Pickup and drop from Klook was timely and our guide Phuoc gave a lot of information and was very helpful.. A good day outing. I think the visit should be for the cable car, french village and the spiritual zone more than for the golden bridge.. The weather was pleasant however the visibility reduced towards noon. It also drizzled bcoz of which the roller coaster got cancelled. The food had a lot of dishes but very few vegetarian options..

Gowrav Shenoy · 10/01/2020

Great trip! The weather was quite sunny in Da Nang so I forgot to bring a jacket, but Ba Na Hills was quite chilly even when it was sunny and it even started to rain towards the end of the tour. Most definitely bring a jacket! Also, the tour guide was super accommodating and went above and beyond for a fellow tour member who had to usea wheelchair. I give the tour a 4/5 rather than a 5/5 because the bus was a quite loud and old - felt like it was slowly falling apart.

Bella Ngoc · 08/01/2020

We are lucky that the weather is good to explore Ba Na Hills. The tour guide is friendly and helpful. However, there are too many people to find a table in the restaurant during lunch time. Food is ok.

CHIA CHIA · 08/01/2020

Everything is perfect. The bus arrives on time, the guide, Jon is very helpful.

Oo · 07/01/2020

Pc Tan

The trip to Ba Na Hills was wonderful! Everything was done as scheduled. Pick up time was punctual and tour guide Phuong is very experience. Buffet lunch excellent!

P C Tan · 05/01/2020

really good arrangement. on time. tour guide also really knowledgeable.

fridelia · 03/01/2020

The tour guide was on time and he was informative. The bus was comfy. Bana hills is a must visit place when in Da nang, however, you have to make sure the weather is good. We went there December 31, it was foggy and rainy. You can’t see clearly even the golden bridge. The amusement park was good there are many entertaining games and rides. Overall, I enjoyed the trip and planning to go back in summer.

Ellene · 03/01/2020

Had a wonderful time in Ba Na Hill. Cable car, coolness of the weather, rain spoils some of the scenery and tour guide is marvellous. Trying to ensure, we enjoy the trip.

Lay Beng · 03/01/2020

The place was literally in a cloud when we took this trip, which I imagine happens often this time of the year. The tour guide was really nice.

Adam · 03/01/2020

I think banahill is "must go place" if you visit to Vietnam. The tour was so great and our tour guide (Linh) was very kind and he explained about Danang and Banahill's history well and also he has a sense humor. Banahill was so crowded and without the guide, it would be very confusing where we should go. Unfortunately, on Jan/1 2020, it was rainy and heavy foggy. We couldn't see that much the beautiful sceneries. Tip: You should have a raincoat, umbrella and long sleeve (a bit chilly) between Nov~Jan(?). I want to visit one more time when the weather is clear. (The guide recommended during Apr~Aug)

CHAN HE · 02/01/2020

Day trip to Ba Na Hills

Our guide Mina is a very nice lady. She explained really well... though her command of English isn't as good but she tried. Our day trip went very well and we enjoyed the trip tremendously. thanks !

Goh Toh Li Tony · 02/01/2020

the arrangement is good. the food is nice and with many choices. the tour guide is funny and nice.

Lau · 01/01/2020

It was a structured & organised day trip to Ba Na Hills. The only hiccup did not receive a confirmation message from the local operator. We were dutifully & waited anxiously at the hotel lobby since 750am. To our relief, the tour guide came at 830am( within the pick-up time range). The program line-up is organised & time given for each attraction site is sufficient. Too bad it was raining & foggy during our cable ride. The bad weather ruin the scene!! Other than the weather which is beyond the control, it was a good day trip.

Ek Boon · 29/12/2019

Ba Na Hills is a must visit if you are in DaNang. The place is breathe taking from the ticketing office until you reached the top of the mountain. One day isn't enough to enjoy the whole place. The french village is big enough to accomodate big number of tourist every day. We appreciate every architectural designs of the village. It really felt that we are in Europe. Kids will also enjoy the fantasy park. The food was great as well. Tour guides are funny and accomodating.

Lara Dianne · 29/12/2019

Very good experience at Ba Na Hills. Buying ticket through Klook is cheaper and more convenient. We enjoy this tour a lot because there are enough free time for us to explore around the land and take many beautiful photo. I wish I could use this website next time too. I have a joyful day in the Ba Na Hills with those exciting games and beautiful scenery .

YUK FONG · 27/12/2019

The guide was friendly and is very punctual. Ban Na Hill was great, the air was fresh and cooling. The cable car ride to the top of the hill, was an awesome experience. The Golden Bridge was crowded. It's quite difficult to take nice photos. The gardens and temples near to the Golden Bridge are beautiful too. The temple are less crowded. It's easier to take nice photos at the temple. The arcade provides free games and rides.

Derek · 27/12/2019

I will never forget this trip. The your guide was so helpful. He managed the entire trip smoothly without rush. I will definitely book it again in my next trip :)

Sajidur · 26/12/2019

The Ba Na Hills Day Trip from Da Nang tour was a great experience. We liked the pickup from our hotel, the friendly, funny, and informative tour guide, and the overall experience. The golden bridge with the hands was amazing although a bit crowded and a bit tricky to take pictures at some times. We would take the tour again anytime.

Kim Tien · 24/12/2019

Take the Ba Na Hills cable car ride, one of the longest in the world, with scenic views at the peak of Chua Mountain! Make a trip to the French Village and jump into a replica of classical France evident in its architectural elegance Explore a variety of must-visit attractions ranging from the Golden Bridge to the Debay Wine Cellar Take part in amusing games and activities at popular entertainment sites: Fantasy Park, Alpine Coaster, and Tombstone Temple

Ka Shing · 23/12/2019

Nice french buildings, incredible golden bridge!

KA HING · 23/12/2019

This is one of the best trips you can do in vietnam. Our guide miss chau made the trip even better. She was very helpful and explained everything and even gave good tios about various things. Loved the overall experience, cable car ride and roller coaster is a must try. Hapoy that i booked this tour.

Akshay · 23/12/2019

Nice experience to visit Banahills, ticket price included two way cable car services, entrance for fantasy park, tour guide and Vietnamese Buffett. We have visited Golden Hands Bridge/Le Jardin D’Amor (Flower Garden), Pagoda, Wine Cellar & fantasy park. Weather was not good but still feel fun. We joined this tour on Saturday, so that is a lot of travellers (especially Korean’s family).

Gek Siang · 23/12/2019

Scenic view. Good and informative tour guide that made my trip pleasurable. Really happy with Klook and the tour guide for bringing me on this trip! Thumbs up:-)

AI LING · 22/12/2019

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