Da Nang: Ba Na Hills, Golden Bridge & Marble Mountains



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pros: It was quite fun. All the palces were mesmerizing. Very fun place on the top of the mountain. Travel on cable car was quite good. Food was also good cons: It was very crowded place

Rajat · 15/01/2021

Get the big group to save you more Bec. it's also big & small group are joined as 1 group. Over-all it was a great experienced value for money. The lunch buffet is a winner so many selections & it is delicious. so crowded so very difficult to get a decent photo ?. it's stilla great deal though

RUTH · 14/07/2020

Got the chance to explorw the beauty and wonders of Bana Hills. I got the chance to be on a majestic Golden Hands Bridge. It’s indeed a dream come true for me. I went to the Le Jardin D’amore, different pagodas, the old winery, was museum, the French village and a lot more. The cable car experience leaves me breathless! The buffet for our lunch is awesomazing. The tour guide is so friendly and has a good facility of the English language.

Renon Angelo · 10/06/2020

Many years ago French colonists founded a resort on the green hills of Ba Na in Da Nang, Vietnam. After French left, the resort was abandoned and then destroyed during the Vietnam war. Years after Vietnamese estate developers – Sun Group – built a whole town a la French village with a theme park – a sort of Universal studio ? but instead of cartoon characters they’ve got a dance troupe of flowers and a beautiful jardin with fancy sculptures, a couple of rollercoasters, a castle full of arcades games and 3-, 4- 5d attractions. The place might feel kinda weird if you came from Europe or traveled there a lot, just don't take too seriously, just like another amusement park ? The tour was very well organized, everything was according to the plan. Good balance between historical part and free time. The buffet was nice as well, good selection. If you're in Da Nang, I'd recommend to take this tour.

VOLHA · 03/04/2020

Best experience thus far. Due to the viral outbreak, this is the perfect opportunity for photos. Totally not crowded with quick queues for attractions, food, and cable car. Precautions were taken. Some attractions were closed. But it is a trade-off that was expected. Had a fantastic time!

Jiang Rui Ivan · 17/03/2020

An , our tour guide is nice and friendly! Overall, the trip was a great one and we enjoyed the golden bridge very much! An also helped us to take nice photos! The lunch buffet is also good with many choices of food! Recommend this tour!

Chia Yen · 13/03/2020

It's a nice way to spend a day just outside Danang. The cable car journey is quite beautiful and the views too. The only downside is that part of the amusement park is under construction and also many rides were closed.

Nicolae Ion · 13/03/2020

Everything was fine. Just hope they could give us 30mins to take photo at the entrances as there were some nice shots that can be taken and an additional 1h inside to really complete viewing everything.

Elynna Binte · 12/03/2020

It was a great experience, and I loved the beautiful view. Best to travel with your friends and/or family to enjoy the place more. Thanks to our tour guide! :)

Angeline · 03/03/2020

Weird, confusing mix of themes and activities but it all works. If you have kids this is a great park as there are plenty of free arcade games. The tour service was quick, efficient, on time, and Vi our guide was friendly and helpful. The tour starts with Golden Bridge and exploring gardens and other nearby attractions. Then lunch at Buffett (worst part of day) and then free time for alpine roller coaster, fantasy land and games or exploring the temple. Much more than I thought I needed time for. All about 5 hrs not including transport which once you pick up all guests is short 20 mins. Weather is unpredictable, can get cold and change to mist any time. Definitely a must do.

David · 26/02/2020

Amazing little city in the sky and a must when visiting Da Nang. When coming at the right time the views are amazing and there is plenty to do. Get lost and find something to marvel at in all corners of this unique French town. This activity includes everything. The cable car, entrance to the park and also the golden bridge. We opted for the buffet lunch also which was delicious and there is plenty to chose from. Even for vegetarians. Would highly recommend this activity. The guide was also great and overall very well organised!

Matthew · 23/02/2020

I guess it was the worst weather lately. Too foggy and pouring heavy rain and cold? However, second longest cable car was scenic and beautiful. Golden Bridge was a hot spot and Lunch buffer was great too. Specifically, I loved bread they served. It was freshly baked and contained less artificial preservatives. It was exotic experiences which was walking in the rain. Overall, it was fun and nice. I want to visit again when the weather is nice from March to August.

MINJEONG · 19/02/2020

Bana Hill was absolutely Best and main attraction in Danang. so you wouldn't want to miss it. Taking the trip with lunch buffet will be a great choice, because there is lots of choice from Vietnamese food, thai, japanese sushi, fruit and cake. The location was divide into two location accessible via cable car. Our Guide Camel was a good in explaining everything. Bana hills was so beautiful. fills with flowers tulips and the other side french village also known as sun world. We arrived at french village the right time to watch the parade.

Yudywanto · 17/02/2020

Great location, beautiful views, good tour guy Wonderful place to spend time with your family and loved ones , lot of games and activities, thanks klook for easy booking, everything happened just in time and nothing to worry about

Nayomi · 15/02/2020

We enjoyed the trip. The place is not very crowded at this time of the year. However, it was foggy most of the time. We were not able to see the attractions clearly. It was only the last 40 minutes at around 230pm the mist cleared up. We would really appreciate it if we were informed earlier about the buffet serving exotic food. As we do not consume exotic food we would definitely avoid it. There are other restaurants that do not serve exotic food on the hill.

Atifah · 14/02/2020

This is a beautiful and fun place to visit. It was very foggy but I can imagine that in the summer when it is clear how much better the photos would be. The cable car was very high. The bridge had better lighting in the afternoon. I chose the lunch buffet package and had lunch at Beer Plaza and that alone was worth every dollar. The amusement park was also super fun. There's something here at Sunworld for everyone. Definitely somewhere to visit. The tour guide was pretty cool as well.

Dacia Donnica · 12/02/2020

Good and responsibility tour guide! Even through the weather is not that good, too foggy and raining but the tour guide was feel bad and apologies to us. Really big thumb to him. Various choice of foods during buffet lunch.

Khaw · 10/02/2020

I think that there is unexpected weather in Ba Na Hills. It’s extremely foggy and I can’t take any picture on there. Luckily it turned to be sunny after we finished the buffet. I would recommend Ling, the local tour guide who is really considerate of our needs and literally humourous.

Wai Man · 09/02/2020

Very good tour. Tour guide communicated a day before for hotel pickup. Comfortable bus and friendly tour guide. Thumb up!!

Suet Lim · 06/02/2020

Our guide Mr Linh was so amazing. He is very friendly and multi lingual. He explained the history of Bana Hills while we were on board the bus. He gave us maps and instructions on specific times for meet ups. The lunch buffet was good. We had a great time at the golden bridge even if it was raining in the morning but luckily in the afternoon it stopped raining and we were able to take a good shot of it. Honestly over all Bana Hills is a highly recommended place to go to in Danang. It is also an instagram spot!

Raymond Acosta · 31/01/2020

Nice trip and well organized, The tour guide text us one day before to confirm the pick up time and they are on time.

YONG SEN · 31/01/2020

The tour was dun and informative. The tour guide was approachable and caring. On the other hand, the surcharge became 100k dong instead of 70k as specified in the voucher. How come? Anyways, I think next time it should be aligned especially for budget travellers like us.

Abigail · 27/01/2020

Nice Friendly tourist guide name Camilla, sang a song in the car for us. Cherish the trip to Ba Na Hills. She also explain historical about Ba Na Hills, and others Danang places to go. We have 13 person in this group. Camilla gave us Vietnam hat which is good to cover hot sun. Lunch buffet have lots of foods choice. There is many restaurant too. Really enjoy alot with this trip.

Molyna Chia · 26/01/2020

Amazing experience! Driver and tour guide were really nice and knowledgeable. I definitely recommend. My second time doing the tour and i loved it.

Moreno · 20/01/2020

My very first time in Ba Na Hills was all worth it!!! Thank you Klook for the good tour, buffet lunch and tour guide his so intelligent and knowledgeable!! So thankful also for the good weather last Thursday, I wish to come soon and will recommend this to all my friends. ???? Thank you ??

Dela Cruz · 20/01/2020

The tour was wonderful. Pick up from hotel strict on time. Guide Vuong was very friendly and helpful. She told a lot of interesting things about Ba Na Hills and helped with every question. The place and Golden brige are incredible beautiful. I recommend visiting this place.

Anatoliy · 19/01/2020

Punctual pickup from hotel even though pickup time only confirmed by operator the night before. Overall the tour was well organised. Weather was unfavourable with fog and drizzle during tour at Bana Hills top. We took shelter at Beer Plaza and had an early buffet lunch there. Really value for money with a very generous variety of buffet spread. Highly recommended tour package not to be missed.

Kelvin · 17/01/2020

Pickup from hotel on time. Our tour guide Han is very good organising our tour member. All are well organise and punctual in every meeting point. Enough time for us to our free time. Highly recommended.

SIEW WING · 16/01/2020

Good Guide and a beautiful ride with the cable card. Wonderful vieuw. Beautiful garden and a verry good buffet all you can eat dinner. Golden Bridge is wonderful but it is best to go early as posseble because it gets verry busy

willem · 15/01/2020

(+) Tour guide is informative, easy to understand, helpful (+) Lunch buffet is satiable, average quality (+) Sufficient time for free and easy to explore Fantasyland (amusement theme park) and other parts of Ba Na Hills (+) Group size of ~15 is just nice (-) Tour guide’s sharing is mostly done on the way there or just briefly at the site; most of the time you’d either be moving on your own or just following so don’t expect a closely guided tour (-) Duration for free and easy felt a bit too long, at least for me Overall: highly recommend still! Cable car ride was amazing, theme park too

YU QIAN VIVIAN · 13/01/2020

Very organized tour...punctual pick-up from hotel...operator will send confirmation one day before...tour guide speaks good English...$1 tip per person (for driver & tour guide) but not compulsory...recommended tour ?

Valerie · 13/01/2020

It was a good trip. Thank GOD that the weather was nice. Roller coaster is a thing that you shouldn't miss but you have to wait for 30mins-1hr(it's worthy). And In fantasy park,most of games are free and there are activities for your children. But this price is not included tips for guide and driver, so you have to tip them for at least 1USD/25000VND each of them.

Apinan · 08/01/2020

staff is very friendly and professional. Excellent experience and very enjoy to have a Starbucks coffee while the temperature is only 14 degree.

Kah Keat · 07/01/2020

It was really foggy and rainy when we visited which made the activity less enjoyable. Still five stars though since the place is great and there's no one to blame for the weather. There are so many interesting places for picture taking and activities that you can join for free. Enjoyed the lunch buffet as well but try to go early to get a good table.

Victoria · 06/01/2020

This our most anticipated tour that my fiends and I are waiting for. The Golden Bridge and French Village was awesome even though the weather was too cold and too foggy still we did enjoyed the said tour. Ou tour guide Ling was great, he gave us some information/story about Bana Hills. Buffet lunch was great as well, too many choices.

Rowena · 02/01/2020

Absolutely amazing tour experience with Klook! Friendly tour guide and amazing view and scenery at Ba Na Hilss. Tips: Avoid peak lunch hour which is super crowded with tourists.

ZHAN HONG · 31/12/2019

Great and picturesque location. Timely pick up. Cable car is the longest in the world. It was foggy at the golden bridge. Beautiful structure though. Fantasy world is OKish-not like super great. Buffet lunch was awesome. The tour operator gave us Vietnamese bamboo hats as well.

Chandra · 29/12/2019

It was raining hard when we visited Bana Hills but it didnt stop us from roaming around and taking nice pictures! Me and my mom had a wonderful time. ❤

Wilson · 28/12/2019

The experience was incredible, the tour guide was amazing and we had no problems. The tour guide's gift of remembering everyone is AMAZING you are very safe with her, she is so friendly and caring. I recommend this trip, there are lots of things to do in the limited time, choose the things you want to do and spend your time doing that, don't try to do everything and you will have a great day. As for the lunch, the variety was great but the taste was average, choosing that option does take away the stress of having to find a restaurant and decide on what to eat. I would recommend it. The wax museum was entertaining as well. There are lots of rides to choose from un the fantasy park, but very long lines, again, just choose something and enjoy that. Vietnam is a great place to visit, I would definitely recommend it and I would do it again.

Shermaine · 28/12/2019

Very well organized tour of Ba Na hills. Though the weather was a dampener, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit. Absolutely worth the time & money! Big shout out to - Hanh, our 23 year old tour guide who took good care of us!

NAVEEN · 28/12/2019

A must visit place. We really enjoyed our trip. I also recommend booking with the Klook with buffet. The food was great. We really appreaciate the hard work of our tour guide.

Lucila · 27/12/2019

Tour guide is good. Really keep track on the number of people and also send us back to the hotel. As for the place! I would strongly recommend that u have to go to Bana hills if u are in danang .

Ai Ling · 26/12/2019

Beautiful tour with helpful tour guide. Weather was amazing on this day, but be sure to make sure it is not raining on the day you book. I would skip the lunch buffet next time as there are many food options available and the buffet hall literally has thousands of people elbowing their way into the food line.

Matthew Ryan · 23/12/2019

Thank you! Amazing tour! The guide was nice and took care of us. A bit unexpected was at the end of the tour when she handed us a box for tips. Which I thought is weird. Anyway the quality of the service is great!

Alexandra Nicoleta · 21/12/2019

Our guide, Vy was so good and provide a lots information..A lot variety of food for lunch ever trip!!

christina kelinah · 19/12/2019

On the way to Ba Na Hills was amazing, picked up on time and the guide Jasmine was so good and caring and provide lots of information..Her english was so clear and good too..Ba NA Hills was crowded with people...and unfortunately there were heavy rainfall and foggy so that we could not see much....

Marianne Ludwina · 18/12/2019

It’s a wonderful trip to Bana Hills. Pick up was spot on time and everything as planned. Bana hills was great and views were amazing. We just loved it.

Hariprasad · 17/12/2019

Pick up was on time. There was plenty of free time to walk around. We were lucky to visit Golden Bridge when there was no fog. Highly recommend!

Georgina · 14/12/2019

The tour was well organized and the program was good. The lunch was yammi and with good variety of food. We were unlucky with the weather as first it was raining and foggy and we could not even see bridge or French village properly but in the afternoon it became more clear. The indoor fantasy park was more for kids but we managed to try couple of rides though it was very crowded. Suggestions: probably the tour could be 1 hour longer to give more time to see the attractions and spend in the theme park. At the end of the tour the tour guide started to demand the tips for her and the driver which sounded as a mandatory request and was a bit strange.

Olga · 10/12/2019

the tour guide was really knowledgeable, caring and very friendly and responsible. thumbs up to MINA who was the guide that day. it was foggy and rainy the morning we arrived and then toward the end of the day, the sky has cleared up. so overall it was a good tour. but if i have to go back to bana hills. i wouldn't need the tour though. everything is so self explanatory

florence · 09/12/2019

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