My Son Sanctuary Luxury Trip



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It was nice and enjoyable day out even in the rain. The trip was well organised and the guide was nice and entertaining. If you like to visit historical sites this place is definitely for you

Thomas James · 06/04/2020

walks you through the history of chams. The lunch provided was simple but delicious.

Kushal · 10/03/2020

Great experience

The director of the day was very careful to explain and was very kind, and the time was very good.

Chiao Jou Wang · 10/03/2020

The tour was good. The English of the tour guide wasn't the best, but you could pick up what he was saying. He didn't explain much about the history of the place, but he did give us a good overview of the hindu religion and meaning of the My Son. The boat ride was good too, and the lunch was okay. If you want to see my son on a budget, I'd definetelly recommend this one. We saw other tours that included pretty much the same things and were x2 price of this one. The only upside down, is that it didn't pick us up at our hotel.

Rita · 09/03/2020

Got picked up on time Tom the guide was funny and gave brief history on My Son. Boat trip was a nice way of heading back to Hoi An different scenary. Vegetable rice onboard was simple.

Sheila Ee Mei · 04/03/2020


The guide is very good and will introduce the photo technology.

盛恩 馬 · 03/03/2020

Is a good quality half-day trip

The tour guide carefully explained the history of the monuments, and was willing to adjust the itinerary in accordance with the footsteps of the tourists. They also took the initiative to help the tourists take pictures. Generally speaking, everyone is highly recommended to participate.

Pei Wen Lin · 02/03/2020

Highly recommend this trip, and it is well worth the early wake up. Be aware sunrise will be seen from the car, however, the highlight of this trip is that you arrive at the park just in time for opening so your group will most likely be the only people there. This means great pics and a tranquil and peaceful tour. Arrive back into Hoi An around 10 to enjoy the rest of your morning and day - perfect

Naomi · 01/03/2020

Must do activity if u stay in Hoi An??. My husband and me had a good time.

Rui · 01/03/2020

The pick up was on time and we were swiftly taken to pick up other people. The toilet the guide told us to use once we got there was awful and I would never recommend anyone go to these toilets no locks and holes were the locks should have been and filthy. There were other toilets which were much much better so wasn’t sure why we weren’t taken there. The guide whilst friendly was very difficult to understand and his level of English wasn’t good enough for an English speaking group and he was very repetitive and not much info given. The lunch was very basic rice and veg and was cold.

Sue · 24/02/2020

The perfect tour for me, informative thanks to Snow the guide but not too heavy with information. Time to take pictures and the fact we were first to arrive was brilliant. I also have the rest of the day to explore Hoi An, a good tour at a very good price

Nicola · 22/02/2020

Prompt collection from hotel and comfortable bus ride to My Son. I would highly recommend visiting this ancient site, it was beautiful and fascinating in equal measure. The tour guide was friendly and eccentric, though a little difficult to understand at times. Lunch on the boat was simple and not so interesting, but for the price of the trip I wouldn’t expect anything more. The boat trip itself was nice and the breeze helped us to cool down after exploring the sanctuary in the very hot sun. Overall a good value tour- would recommend as a good day trip from Hoi An.

Anna · 17/02/2020

Great way to see My Son, very few other people and you are back to town while the day is still young. Good value if you can stomach the 04:30 wakeup call.

Eric · 17/02/2020

Snow was an excellent guide and taught us lots of facts about My Son.

Leiana · 15/02/2020

We had a great morning tour yo my son. We were the first ones there, so we had the whole place to ourselves (if you want great photos this is the way to go). Tour people were great too.

Christos · 14/02/2020

it was a great trip overall, our tour guide spoke pretty good English. it was boiling hot, and our 3 year old daughter wasn't cooperating so we broke off from the group and went at our own pace. it was nice to break up the bus ride back with the boat and we saw the brackish waters which was enjoyable for us.

Jason · 14/02/2020

Superb tour thanks to the wonderful organising by Ms. Christine of Hoi An Food Tour. She speaks and understand English well and is very proactive and attends to messages immediately. The tour guide was knowledgeable and entertaining. The car arranged for transfers was prompt and clean. Would highly recommend using this tour company for people wanting a hassle-free experience.

PARINAZ · 13/02/2020

Wonderful day trip from Hoi An. Restoration of old Hindu Temples. Highly recommended.

Gautam · 12/02/2020

The My Son sanctuary is well worth a visit from Hoi An. Though the scale of the monuments is not that impressive, the sanctuary is well maintained and beautiful. The trip is well organised with hotel pick up. There is also a boat tour at the end which provides a nice view of Hoi An from the river. The tour guide we got was average with limited grasp of English and Hindu mythology. He tried to make that up with some enthusiasm. The lunch provided is pretty simple.

Sarthak · 09/02/2020

Tour company picked me up from my hotel and took my to My Son. The ruins were amazing. Water was provided. Bring a jacket as it was very cold.

Matthew · 08/02/2020

Great trip from start to finish - could not fault it. We were the first ones to step foot inside on the day which made for a peaceful experience and good photos. Would recommend! Efficient pick up and informative tour. Snow was hilarious, engaging and knew her stuff. We really enjoyed her taking us round - she got the balance right of taking us round and giving us information but also allowing us free time for wandering and taking photos.

Katherine · 03/02/2020

A good day trip from Hoi An, just prepare yourself for the crowds- we got there late morning and it was quite hard to get a picture of the temple ruins without people in it taking selfies. The boat trip and small lunch was a nice peaceful way to end the tour.

Peter · 01/02/2020

We did not see any sun rise . We were sat at the ticket office waiting as Sun rise happened so saw nothing and we were back at our hotel well before expected time . That said it was nice to do the trip before the crowds and in the cool bit well below the standard and definitely not as sold or described. Tour guide disappeared off the bus without even saying goodbye

Lisa · 25/01/2020

Hassle free trip to My Son, with an excellent driver who was early to pick us up and a fab guide, Michael, who was very knowledgeable and interesting.

Caroline · 22/01/2020

Amazing day tour! Tour bus picked us up at the hotel at 8am and made our way to My Son. The tour guide was friendly and entertaining, really informative as well explaining to us the history of My Son heritage site. Once you get to the entrance there will be a short electric car ride to the site itself, enjoyable as weather was great! After the site tour, we took the bus to a jetty and we boarded the boat and had a vegetarian lunch :) dropped off at old town. Looking forward to coming back to Hoi An.

ALICIA MUN YEE · 22/01/2020

This tour is so nice and very educational. I had learned a lot about viet history in just a few hrs and i felt like im tomb raider heheh/m.

honeybelle · 21/01/2020

Shared transport from hoi an to airport at a very reasonable price. They pickup everyone even your hotel at small alley. They also pickup customer in Danang at Cham Museum. Highly recommended if you are Hoi An.

SIEW WING · 20/01/2020

My Son is beautiful and this tour went smoothly in terms of logistics. The only problem we had was that the guide, while friendly, clearly knowledgeable and enthusiastic, had a very, very strong accent which meant that sadly we could only understand about 50% of what she was saying. Those in the group who didn’t have English as there first language were able to understand even less which led to them getting quite frustrated. The guide would not let us explore by ourselves, and kept rounding us up to give us another set of explanations which we really struggled to understand.

Jenny · 19/01/2020

The guide was enough knowledgeable to provide you an idea of the historical background of the site. However, I recommend to make your own study before the trip. I would recommend the 04:30 trip, at 9:30 you’re back at the hotel, having all day ahead.

Lucian · 19/01/2020

exciting experience overall! the car ride was a bit stuffy as we were in a small van. however, this was a great experience for the price. The guide was very funny and informative. Remember to bring bug spray to this!

Hannah · 16/01/2020

The bus was punctual to pick us up before heading to the historic site. During the visit, the guide tried his best to explain details and cracked some funny jokes despite his poor fluency in English. After the temple tour was over, we were taken to Bach Nang by boat, and given very simple lunch during the boat ride. Overall a nice experience.

Kelvin · 15/01/2020

Great half-day tour! Would recommend this to any tourist traveling to Hoi An. Tour guide was friendly and gave a brief history of the place as well.

Joyce · 14/01/2020

Can go

If you have not been to Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Bangkok, it is worthwhile to visit the World Heritage Site and take photos. The team leader is professional, funny, and has enough time to visit and make photos, and each point is patiently introduced. After visiting my son, take a boat to Hoi An. The vegetarian lunch on board was unexpected, and the itinerary was not mentioned. After boarding the boat, we arranged a car to take us back to Da Nang. The overall arrangement was very good, and I was satisfied Definitely better than everyone!

Lai Yee Lo · 14/01/2020

The tour guide is very warm ❤️ Happy journey ~

The pick-up time and place are notified the previous day or two. The tour guide is punctual and enthusiastic. The explanation is very detailed. The final photo time is only half an hour. I feel that it will soon pass. There was lunch on the return trip, and the lunch was unexpectedly rich (not pictured in the picture). They are all authentic Vietnamese cuisines. When returning to Hoi An Ancient City, there were a few tourists that included tour of the ancient city. Tourists visiting the ancient city play together for free. In the end, because we wanted to slow down alone, we finally broke away from the guide. The whole itinerary is good and the guides are very nice ~

Vivien Sang · 14/01/2020

Pickup from our Hotel in Hoi An was on time. Reached My Son around 10.30am and finished the tour there around 12.30pm. Back to the bus and drove us to the next destination to transit by boat. The boat ride it's inclusive of a light vegetable lunch. Boat ride takes about 1hr back to Nguyen Hoang Pier.

Yeong Seeh · 14/01/2020

(+) Tour guide is funny and interesting when explaining history and background of site (+) Duration was just nice, ended at 2pm promptly (-) Tour group size was at least 30-40 pax in total, felt a bit too big of a group and did not expect that (-) Took a bus ride to a random location to take a boat ride back along the Thu Bon River to Nguyen Hoang Pier (near Hoi An night market) - felt that it was a very random boat ride, as the tour guide was not on our boat to explain what was significant about the river if any; not sure if this portion was even necessary other than the simple lunch

YU QIAN VIVIAN · 13/01/2020

Our tour guide Tom wasn't fluent but he was clear with his instructions and information. The only thing about this tour was that it was so BIG that we had 1 full bus, 1 full mini bus, and 1 full van. Most of them weren't really listening to the tour guide (or misunderstood, misinterpreted his instructions) that we had to wait for while. It was a big group! So just imagine that. I believe this tour should have been split to two at least. The tour was okay and don't expect the lunch to be a full meal. Our group was served with rice and vegetables (which were good) and that was it. It was served while we were riding the boat back to Hoi An town. There are only few ruins to see and admire and this tour requires a lot of walking.

Jessica · 13/01/2020

Punctual pick-up from hotel...just enough time given for photo session in between guided tour...can’t really understand the guide’s English eventho lots of information was given ?...about 30mins boat ride with simple lunch back to Hoi An...overall good half day experience

Valerie · 11/01/2020

Miyama Holy Land

Pick-up to your destination on time and take you to the beauty of the beautiful mountain shrine and introduce the history in detail

雅筑 許 · 11/01/2020

Good guide

The whole tour guide explained the leadership very carefully and could speak English and Mandarin.

Yat Ming Chan · 10/01/2020

Shuttle come to pick us up at hotel in Hoi An and depart to My Son Sanctuary. Tour guide is patient and friendly to explain the history of My Son. We had simple Vietnamese lunch on the boat while sailing to carpenter village before back to Hoi An. Overall it is good.

Jie Ying · 08/01/2020

For the price paid, it's definitely worth it. Tour guide tried hard to keep the tour entertaining & informative. Lunch served was a very simple meal with rice & a side of stir fried vege; very local. Many structures in My Son were still undergoing restoration but still a good place to visit.

Hui Ling · 06/01/2020

tour guide speak very basic english , the lunch was a very simple lunch , something that you will find it nice as you are hungry. the tour started on time and also ended on time. this place is historical place where it is one of the must visit place when you are either at da nang or hoi an

Shin Yi · 05/01/2020

the temple is nice, although our guide's english is hard to understand but he is auper nice and funny guy. he tried his best to explain history of the temple. the downside is light lunch on boat was really tasteless, i think i will prefer bahn my or snack if i got option to choose

Fitria Hutiany · 05/01/2020

this is a convenient way of booking a trip to My Son. we joined a group tour wherein they pick you up from your accomodation in Hoi An. bus ride was comfortable enough and with a friendly tour guide and driver. My Son is interesting and nice, lots of tour groups and tourists. The return back to Hoi An was through a boat where they served you with a simple lunch.

BOON YIK · 03/01/2020

This is a must visit place. The tour guide was very humourous and entertaining. History of the place is well explained. Highly recommended place to go when in Danang

Jo Ee · 02/01/2020

The guide talked about May Son history in a very detailed and interesting way. The weather was sometimes sunny and rainy. One important thing that needed to be improved was the lunch. If the lunch could provide Vietnam local cuisine, it could be more perfect.

Long Hei · 02/01/2020

4.5 stars for this tour My Son isn't as big as Cambodia's Angkor Wat, but it is beautiful in its own way. I am actually happy that there weren't too many tourists in this area so we were able to go around and take considerably good pictures. The boat ride back to Hoi An was a unique experience too, and the light lunch (vegetables with rice) was better than expected. The only thing keeping me from rating this 5 stars is the English of the tourist guide. He was funny and nice, but I had difficulty understanding him so I did not learn as much as I wanted to. Would recommend this tour though as it is good for its price.

Micah Michelle · 31/12/2019

The guide was very detailed in his explanation and very funny as he made some jokes along the way. The boat ride was pleasant and a vegetarian lunch was served at the start of the boat ride. overall, very good experience with this tour!

Daniel Boon Onn · 30/12/2019

My son is one of the famous tour. We try to understand The tour guide what he said. A bit difficult to understand. But he is friendly.

Meng Chuan · 30/12/2019

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