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It was really nice to spend a day in the Art of Paradise 3D Museum! Awesome 3D art and loads of opportunities to take some brilliant pictures. Recommend you visit it once and enjoy its ambience. Cheers and have fun with your friends and family ?

Kunal · 09/02/2021

good art, many scenes, themes within spacious area

Ngoc Thang · 24/01/2021

amazing experience and would definitely recommend. I have been to more then one of these now and just as fun as the first time.

emma · 19/12/2020

Best family get out. Tons of pictures to click. Love the place.

Neeraj · 13/12/2020

Fun place for family, kids love the place, will buy tickets again if come back next time

jing · 12/12/2020

It is a fun place to be with your family and kids. Can spend a few hours exploring and using your creative imagination for posing and laughing.

Hong Hanh · 17/07/2020


So amazing A lot of fancy places to take photos I will come back one more time to take photos again

Nguyễn Hằng · 12/07/2020

we have visited many of the 3d art museums and as always it was easy to change the ticket booked through Klook when we arrived.

Richard · 19/06/2020

worth the experience

creative, take pictures freely

Hoang Ha Dao · 08/06/2020

Posing for loads of photos is not my idea of fun and it's a little cramped inside but it was a good way to spend a few hours while trying to avoid the torrential rain. There was an odd smell about the place and it's in the middle of no-where so you'll need a taxi to get there. Good value tickets on Klook!

Juliet · 27/05/2020

Amazing paintings for perfect illusion. We were there for 2 hours and had a lot of fun. Must visit in Da Nang.

Claus · 12/03/2020

Redemption is easy, the museum is fun for all ages. Worth the price and experience.

Pang Han · 07/03/2020

The museum is nice but there are only paintings on the wall where you can take photos of. I thought it was more informative. 4€ per person is not expensive and it's worthwhile, so go there.

Melanie Sophie · 29/02/2020

Not a bad price for a couple of hours of entertainment. Recommended.

Travis · 24/02/2020

it's fun place to go with friends or family. They have big building and also coffee shop in exit door. Free parking, have helpful staffs.

Thi Thanh Thuan · 23/02/2020

Highly recommended! This is one of the cutest thing I experienced in Da Nang! The installation of artworks was superb and well thought! Kudos to all the artists that was able to pull it up!

ELGIE BRYAN · 20/02/2020

The artwork is amazing here. It was such a blast to apart of it as well.

Katrina · 13/02/2020

It’s fun to visit the Art in Paradise Museum. Let’s your imagination & creativity instinct go wild by having different photo poses. It takes at least 2 hours to complete the visit if you have many poses for some attractions there. Environment/air con is stuffy and not cold enough at some spot. Service provider needs to improve on it.

Mei Leng · 05/02/2020

Kids loved this place. And got some great pics. We went early and the morning and it wasn’t too busy.

Ryan · 03/02/2020

We had some much fun here. There are lots of rooms with so many photo opportunities. You could spend a few hours here if you wanted to. Definitely worth the visit, especially on a day where the weather is not so good. Also booking through klook is cheaper than at the place.

Danielle · 28/01/2020

It was an okay-ish experience I will say. We couldn't take the pictures the way we wanted since the lighting to the arts and the pictures weren't great at all. It could have been improved. I couldn't even feel the 3D effect as well. Those who have experienced the 3D museum in Langkawi, Malaysia, might agree to my statement and it's definitely way better and grandeur.

Maheswarha · 25/01/2020


Thi Hien · 22/01/2020

That was an amazing experience. ?Will definitely recommend it ???there were not many people so we could stay next to each wall as long as we needed to get a cool photo ? ?

Satine · 20/01/2020

it was a pleasant visit .the museum is soo big.however it has a pee smell. only go if you like taking photos

shir chieh kelsey · 18/01/2020

Very big place with 2 levels. I spent 2 hrs with my mum. Worth it and not crowded. You can take your time to pose and no one will rush you.

Soon Huat · 14/01/2020

The 3D museum art all very nice and space really big and quite crowded the time I visited.

Edwin · 07/01/2020

Its a Fun world and a Complete family entertainer . Must Carry a Good Camera or Camera Phone . Because all the family members are going to take lots of Photos and prices at klook are lowest and entry fastest .

alok · 05/01/2020

Very fun place for a family trip. We ended up spending a lot more time there than we anticipated. Its cafe wasn't very good though and staff there did not speak a work of English and even didn't have a proper knife for me to eat my food.

SAKDA · 03/01/2020

Amazing place! I would recommend you to go there! This was the first time I've gone there, and I was absolutely satisfied with there service.

KHANH LINH · 31/12/2019

Amazing place for taking photos and having fun with your kids.

Thi Anh Tuyet · 28/12/2019

The place is a bit remote from centre so have to take a grab taxi there. But the site is very big and it was a good value of money to spend time there (especially very hot or rainy weather)!

Ka Wai · 26/12/2019

This is a huge and interesting place. Loads of beautiful 3D Artworks and could easily take up to 200 photos for yourself! It was fun!

Kar Kun · 11/12/2019

Great place to go during rainy days.. can take a lot of nice pictures , area is big with 2 stories high. We spend near to 2 hours in the 3D museum. Highly recommended

seah · 04/12/2019

Unexpected but was a good experience, artwork was beautiful. Would be great for photo lovers.

Thanh Hien · 17/11/2019

Cheaper than walk in price. Very beautiful exhibits never seen before!

Mun Wah · 09/11/2019

We went on a rainy day, it was a fun surprise! Go with partner and camera

Rinat sara · 16/10/2019

Purchased online and Instant redemption at ticket counter! Very efficient and saved almost half of the original price. Highly recommend!

Lina · 12/10/2019


Nghia Trong · 01/10/2019

If you want to go to Lombok take the public ferry in Padang Bai! It is 46k pP! It is for sure a day trip, but also an experience. Can take you about 4-6 h but the ride is chill, mostly not packed with people and you can go on deck. And from lombok it’s easier to the Gilis. Recommend the Secret gilis in the south west of Lombok ?

THI THANH DOAN · 29/09/2019

The museum is good as it has many parts. Each part contains different art works. They are fun and interesting. There is air-conditioners also. A good suggestion place to do in Summer!

Im Teng · 20/09/2019

Pretty place. Spent like 1.5 hour there. Worth a visit if u go to Da Nang. Buying ticket with Klook always cheaper and easy to redeem!

Thi Nhon Tam · 20/09/2019

It is an interesting place for a rainy day. You can take a lot of funny 3D photos only by your phone. Bare in mind that you have to take off your shoes before you go in the museum and walk with bare feet or socks.

Galin · 31/07/2019

suitable for family having children. Easy to change voucher. Each position has their particular introduction so visitors can easily take photos

Nhung · 08/07/2019

The place is at Danang so if you are staying at Hoi An, expect to travel 45minutes Grab ride. Great photography space and huge. Allocate 2 hours for this. There’s also a supermarket 3 minutes away where you can stock up on water and some snacks while you are there. When we were there, there were a couple of kids running and screaming around which was unbearable. My Husband had to tell them off which the staff should have done, instead of just standing there.

Joan · 02/07/2019

Good place to visit. The kids enjoy it so much. Will recommend my friends to come here

Hoang Anh · 22/06/2019

Can be funny, adventurous and funny too. A place that should not be missed when in DaNang

Chee Seng · 18/06/2019

We enjoyed to take photos. It was so fun to develop different poses and emotions on our faces!

Svetlana · 10/06/2019

sumptuously! high-quality pictures, the effect of full presence

Sergei · 04/06/2019

Good need at least 3 hrs to click pictures fully Nice walls

nilam · 04/06/2019

The museum have several theme. I arrive there around 4:30pm, and only a few people were there, I can take nice pictures without crowded with other people. Excellent experience ??

Shuk Yi · 12/05/2019

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