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Admission is very fast, and this voucher is really convenient when there are many people. Convenient and cheap!

CHING HSIN · 16/03/2021

Recommended place

Very convenient! Just swipe the QR code at the door and print out the physical ticket and hand it to the staff at the door to enter the venue. It saves the time of queuing outside to buy tickets. Very recommended!!!!!!!!!

于蘋 徐 · 16/03/2021

You can switch to the leisure card to enter the park

When you buy this ticket, you have to go to the designated counter to change the paper ticket. It is better to prepare the leisure card and swipe it directly. Anyway, the amusement train inside can only use the leisure card. Now in the real-name system, remember to bring your ID card

YunHan Lai · 15/03/2021

Good place to relax and take a walk

It just happened to be cool and good weather, so I decided to choose an outdoor location. There is a garden vehicle in the park that can directly hit the top, and then slowly stroll down, there are many food stalls, and you will not be hungry.

Guest · 15/03/2021

Fast and convenient

Skip the crowds directly without crowding people. There is a ticket exchange device next to the ticket office, which is easy to operate. Just show the QRcode and you can exchange tickets into the park. It's really fast and convenient!

晨樺 邱 · 15/03/2021

Because you have to print out the paper to use, the animal circle has a full leisure card, so deduct a star, because it should be combined with the direct mobile phone scanning QRcode to meet the times

MINGKAI · 13/03/2021

1. Buy as you go 2. Diverse animal species 3. Good route planning 4. Good place for walking children

YU LING · 12/03/2021

The CP value is very high, the animals are so cute, and they are very healed. The best situation is to slowly walk up to Maokong from the South Station of the Zoo, drink tea and walk down again. It is very convenient to have two tickets. But pay attention to the time from the park to the Maolan station. If you miss the last one, you must leave the zoo and go up the mountain at the outside Maolan station!

LO YING · 10/03/2021

Order online, skip the line to buy tickets on the spot, convenient and fast! Recommended

CHIEN · 09/03/2021

Super high cp value for kids to get a day

The Cp value is very high, you can see a lot of cute animals. Tickets are only 60 yuan and only 5 yuan for the small train. You can see cute animals and African animals. There are McDonald's at the gate of the park and 7-11 shopping is convenient! It's a pity that the gift area is too small and there are not enough things, otherwise it must be bought out haha

慶旗 陳 · 08/03/2021

After buying the ticket, first line up to take your temperature and prepare your ID card for the real-name system, and then arrive

After buying the ticket, first queue up to take the temperature and prepare the ID card for the real-name system, and then go to the physical ticket office next to the barcode machine, scan the QR CODE to generate the physical ticket, and then enter the venue with the physical ticket. The planning in the zoo is rich!

Nian C · 08/03/2021

I was worried that I would not be able to enjoy the zoo on a rainy day. I didn’t expect to see more than before when the weather was good. I saw a lot of interesting and lively animals~?

PAI WEI · 07/03/2021

Parent-child play area

There are many toilets and drinking fountains for parents of 1 to 2 years old. They are really good places to walk their children. There are also plenty of rest areas and plenty of places to sit. Parents can take a full rest. It is really a very caring place.

Jay Mini · 07/03/2021

Cute round treasure

Although it has been raining, the lovely Yuanbao hid in the tree and did not play in the yard. It's a pity that the souvenir shop closed at 5 o'clock. I didn't buy it. It was a bit disappointed. I can only buy it again next time.

玉華 韓 · 07/03/2021

Easy to use

After buying the ticket, first queue up to take the temperature and prepare the ID card for the real-name system, and then go to the physical ticket office next to the barcode machine, scan the QR CODE to generate the physical ticket, and then enter the venue with the physical ticket. The planning in the zoo is rich!

佳妮 葉 · 06/03/2021

Buying joint fares at klook is much cheaper! The zoo and cat cable exchange tickets are fast, convenient and cost-effective, and I recommend everyone to use it!

YINGYU · 06/03/2021

Thumbs up

The chairman of the One Hundred Branch Self-Help Association is a kind of job.

元 曾 · 05/03/2021

I really enjoyed the Zoo and Gondola! It's a great place to go especially if you have kids, just don't forget your face mask, sunscreen, and water. I will definitely go back here with my family. :)

Cherry Anne · 27/02/2021

Super fun, go again next time! Super fun, go again next time! Super fun, go again next time! Super fun, go again next time! Super fun, next time Going again! Super fun, go again next time! Super fun, go again next time! Super fun, go again next time! Super fun, go again next time! Super Fun, I will go again next time! Super fun, I will go again next time! Super fun, I will go again next time! Super fun, I will go again next time!

SHENG HONG · 27/02/2021

I think it's a good deal ?? go to the service desk and press the ticket machine to scan the qrcode to get the zoo tickets first~ first go around and ran to the shuttle bus for $5 (only with leisure cards, all-in-one cards. Electronic does not accept cash) to the bird park Get off the bus and transfer to the shuttle bus from Zoo South Station to take the cable car (because of time constraints, we did not stroll in the bird park area, think we can go to the cable car after shopping) ? remember to get off the shuttle bus and go to the service counter to redeem it with qrcode Lift tickets! It takes about 20~30 minutes to reach Maokong Station. It’s so long. The next door is afraid of heights. It’s very nervous. Especially when entering and exiting the station, there is the feeling of being pushed out. Personally, I think it’s okay. I’m not afraid~ I found a crystal car on the return trip (the floor is transparent!!) But because the number is small, the waiting time will be longer. We want to say that we have all come and try to line up~~Conclusion I can’t see under your feet at night. Ah ????? The dark ones can only see the night scene in the distance! Take the Crystal Car when the sky is still bright ?? South Station~Maokong Station$100+Maokong Station~Zoo Station$120+Zoo tickets $60 totaling $280, use klook $230 to buy directly cheap and fast??I think it’s ??

MEI JU · 25/01/2021

Since I don’t know if it will rain when I arrive in Taipei, the itinerary of the tour has been changed. On the day of confirmation, buy it at the entrance of the zoo and use it immediately. There is no problem. It is really convenient and the package is also very cheap. I did the cable car and saw the zoo. The children were very happy and the adults felt very novel. I really recommend Klook, which makes the journey more convenient and more flexible.

YAO WEI · 23/01/2021

The entire park is surrounded by natural secondary forest land, which is a leisure place with ecological characteristics combined with natural landscape. The biggest feature of the whole park is the "geographical ecological display method" adopted in the layout of the display environment. The animals are arranged in the new environment according to the original living environment of the animals, so that the animals are free from the shackles of the iron cage, and there is a free space for activities. The living environment closest to the animal's native place makes it unnecessary for animals to change their living habits, and also allows visitors to better understand animals. It is a zoo with educational, research, protection and entertainment functions.

Peian · 22/01/2021

It’s the first time for Little Yang to come to the zoo. We picked the key points to watch, koalas, pandas, penguins, hippos, tigers, giraffes, elephants, camels...etc.; Maokong cable car picked a crystal car, There is no waiting at all. Brother Sam, who is afraid of heights, feels that he is not so afraid this time. Maybe the rain has blurred his vision? ? When I arrived at Maokong, I ate the tea-flavored ice cream, which was really delicious. It started to get cold and my stomach became hungry.

HSUAN MING · 18/01/2021

The zoo is divided into many zones. It is recommended to stay four hours for the first time to see all the animals. If the time is short, it is recommended to take a small train to see the penguins, and then stroll down the exit. There are many types of animals, but not many. There are many super cute animal stars and babies. You can go to the zoo's official website to find out. It is recommended to go to the group ticket window. There are automatic ticket exchanges and service personnel can ask.

Yu Ting · 10/01/2021

Second purchased! Definitely instant confirmation, very convenient no need to queue for exchange ticket.

Amelia Hosana · 05/01/2021

It’s awesome. Buy it at any time and you can use it immediately. The round trip ticket for Maokong Gondola (Zoo Station to Maokong Station) costs 240 yuan for the cable car and 60 yuan for the zoo ticket. But generally speaking, those who visit the zoo will take 100 yuan from the zoo south station to Maokong (you don’t need to go back to the zoo station to take the cable car) and then take the 120 yuan from Maokong to the zoo station, plus the ride from the bird park The park ticket from the station to the South Zoo is 5 yuan, the total price is (100+120+5 yuan (park car) + ticket 60=285 yuan), klook is only 240 yuan, and each person can save 45 yuan. Remember to exchange for a paper QR code ticket at the service counter before entering the station.

Cheng Yi · 02/01/2021

Using klook to book tickets is super convenient to buy and you can use them right away, but the fare is not cheaper than on-site. You can write reviews to earn points, but you can’t keep the ticket stub. It’s a pity that you can use the following URL to register and get an extra 100 credits https:/ /

peichen · 18/12/2020

Discount code [GMJTZ] is now $145 off! ! Register through the dedicated link ?, choose ¥500 yen coupon at checkout, or enter the discount code [GMJTZ] to get a discount [$145]! ! Great experience, very convenient and cheap, it's great to have Klook for travel!

Hungchangwuli · 13/12/2020

best place for family activity and the tickets were totally affordable! The only thing that bothered me was the queue for the vendor was too long.

Larry · 02/11/2020

Everything is on average but the staff is not really familiar with using klook QR code

Phisatthaya · 23/10/2020


Tsung Yu · 29/08/2020

very nice to have a ticket reserved ahead of time. I would certainly do the same next time around.

Tsongda · 26/08/2020

Very nice place. there are lots of animals, snakes, fishes and wildlife there. we really enjoyed seeing different kinds of snakes and penguins.

Mayank · 06/08/2020

This time I bought a ticket on KLOOK the day before and entered the venue early in the morning! Sure enough, there are a lot of people on weekdays and it’s easier to take pictures! First visit the cute animal area and the koala hall and then directly take the park car from the bird park above, Africa The museum, the Australian Pavilion, and the Tropical Rainforest Pavilion all the way back, the most regrettable thing is that the phone is out of power!! So the next attraction will come again to have cute photos!

pei yao · 05/08/2020

Clean and well organized facilities with some iconic animals like Panda and penguins. I will visit the zoo again.

Yi Ping · 30/07/2020

The park is very large and it is easy to walk around and take pictures, but you should pay attention to sunscreen and add more moisture. It is really necessary to walk through and watch it all, and it is not enough to spend a whole day. Booking tickets with Klook is very fast. You don’t need to line up to buy tickets when you arrive at the scene. This is a weekday trip. The on-site staff asked us to open the mobile phone voucher to scan and print the physical ticket voucher. Everyone has to open the voucher and scan it once. Because after printing it and showing it to the staff, they will also take it away directly. It should be possible to scan the QRcode of the voucher directly.

YI CHIUAN · 25/07/2020

My friends really enjoyed. Was looking forward to see the lions but wasn't able too. Despite this, amazing experience.

Nynia · 28/06/2020

Was an amazing experience. There was no issue entering the zoo.

Nynia · 28/06/2020

it was an amazing experience..specially the gondola ride at night... cant be expressed by words.

Oeindrila · 28/06/2020

很讚very good, very cheap, very nice

Yu Chun · 27/06/2020

Just scan QR code to change tickets for entry. It’s very convenient.

PENG AN · 04/04/2020

Very worth! Recommended!

Lin Yi Alyssa · 24/03/2020

Must visit attraction. Not only for kids. Easy redeem

Jason Luke · 21/03/2020

It a very nice zoo ? price is very cheap on klook ? the maokong gondola have a very nice view worth the price? got like 1hrs like that

Juileeah yaxuan · 09/03/2020

Awesome zoo experience. Make sure you have comfortable shoes.

Dawn Marie · 07/03/2020

One of the best zoos in Asia, if not the world wide array of animals. Place is just the right size for an afternoon walk.


It was totally worth it. The price is cheap and we had experience the maokong gondola and taipei zoo already. I love it so so so much. The gondola is somethung you should not miss!!!!! It was a 30 minute ride super worth it.

Abigail Faye · 04/03/2020

Very nice zoo. My kid enjoyed the children zoo. Sad things are we didn’t get to see much of the panda and also the King Kong.

Annie · 03/03/2020

Gondola is very good, it’s long almost 4km+, very nice views. Unfortunately it was raining on that day. Due to rain we didn’t go Zoo. But combo ticket from Klook is a good deal.

Jeanny · 03/03/2020

Easy claiming of tickets - just follow the instructions at the brochure and this will be a breeze. I also appreciated the discount we got from Klook, it’s as if we just paid for the Gondola ride for combo tickets!! There is a 5NTD shuttle from Taipei Zoo Station to the Maokong Gondola terminal, so we didn’t have to go back to the entrance again.

Patricia Camille · 03/03/2020

Product information

See over 400 kinds of animals at the celebrated Taipei Zoo and explore over 12 themed areas. Gain knowledge about animal preservation and observe the animals' funny behaviors.

  • Travelers are recommended to wear breathable long-sleeved shirts and long pants
  • Travelers are recommended to wear comfortable shoes and prepare insect repellent
  • Strobe lights are not allowed at Panda Area, Koala Area, Reptile Area, Amphibians Area, and Conservation Wall Area, please consider before booking
  • The operating hours are subject to change in the event of special events, festivals, weather conditions, and other unforeseen circumstances, please visit the official website for details: