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Food was great and the restaurant service was amazing! Waiting time was not that long perhaps we arrived at a later time! Will visit again when I have the chance back in Taipei!

Choun Yang · 12/12/2020

Sumptous and very delicious!!! Great Ambiance...Nice and friendly staff

Marilieza · 29/02/2020

Delicious food!!. We tasted a lot of dimsum and it’s totally worth it. We still wait for 15mins but at least we save time, effort and money compared to walk in customers. The serving is just right. We ordered for 4 people because my family has a big appetite ?

Jeneva · 20/02/2020

Super delicious foods and the serving is good but not for big appetite. Save a lot of money for tasting different kind of dimsum. Will come back again ?

Jeneva · 20/02/2020

Easy to locate (just outside MRT exit to Taipei101), 10 to 15-minute waiting time and most of all, delicious food!!! Just hand over the printed voucher, wait for your name to be called, sit, wait for the food, eat, drink then leave. Hassle-free!!! Super!!! Worth it :)

Arianna Therese · 15/02/2020

This is also a hassle free transaction. we showed our printed voucher and we were seated immediately as there was no queue when we arrived around 4pm. There was plenty of food for us. We were not able to eat everything but one can request for "to go". Food was great!

Dedette · 12/02/2020

Very efficient system at Din Tai Fung. We didn't have to wait long to be seated and the food came out fast. Staff is very friendly and helpful

Mary Ann · 05/02/2020

Food was great and it’s totally worth the wait. We ordered Set A. Loved the xiao long bao and red bean dumpling. We only waited for almost 40 mins while walk-in customers waited for almost 120 mins. It’s a nice place to rest and fill our tummy after exploring Taipei 101.

Mia · 04/02/2020

Super worth it! We love Din Tai Fung! Great service from the staff and the inclusive menu was excellent! More than what we can eat.

Jenniffer Marie · 01/02/2020

everything went great, we queued about an hour because it was dinner time and holiday time in Taiwan (day 3 of chinese new year). but the waitress and waiters are all nice and quick to response. we were satisfied!

Melisa · 31/01/2020

Food was super good and the experience was great! the service was fast and efficient too. the servers were very accomodating, and they were multi-lingual so asking for help was easy! plus, we only had to wait around 30 minutes compared to the others who came without the voucher who had to queue in line for probably hours. definitely worth booking! also just a caveat, the serving size is pretty big. there were 3 of us, so we had 3 sets of the meal and we werent able to finish the food cuz we got so full whaha. ❤❤ but overall great experience

Kaera · 26/01/2020

Highly recommended due to shortened waiting times (lifesaver!). Staff there were also very friendly and multi-lingual. However do note that there’s only 1 plate of fried rice (S) and 1 bowl of sour soup (S) served per 2 sets ordered. Also do remember to print your vouchers out!

Tse Yin · 23/01/2020

We were able to shorten our waiting time from 20+ min to just 5min thanks to our purchase of the vouchers. However, be reminded that you have to print them out and show them to the staff - I forgot about it and had to go to a nearby convenience store to print them. Also do note that only 1 plate of fried rice (S) and sour soup (S) will be served per 2 sets ordered. I didn’t know and we ended up having to order more food as the food in the sets were not enough for us. Overall, it is still recommended as it saved us a lot of hassle and waiting time. The staff there were all very friendly and very multilingual!

Tse Yin · 23/01/2020

If you want to jump the very long queue to Din Tai Fung then you better get this voucher. We just waited for 20 minutes while those without a voucher waited for 45 minutes. It is right below Taipei 101 so you can take some pictures while waiting.

Carolina · 20/01/2020

Really nice and authentic experience! Everyone there was so friendly. Waiting time was 70mins but because of the voucher, we just waited for 25mins.

Jeanne Dagny · 19/01/2020

Totally worth it! We managed to try several items in their menu. This offering even spared us from lining up at all. We came for a late lunch to avoid the peak hours, yet there were so many people waiting. But when we approached the staff and showed our voucher, she just asked us if we're willing to share the table, we said yes, and she said our table is ready and assisted us to the 3F of the building. Food kept coming one after the other, service was great, and we were not even obliged to order drinks as hot tea was continually refilled. It was a great experience!

Debbie · 18/01/2020

No need to queue. Just print the voucher and present it at the reception. The staffs are helpful and approachable. The best dumplings in Taiwan!

Regina · 15/01/2020

No need to queue, just print the voucher and present it at the reception. The staffs are very helpful and approachable. The best dumplings in Taiwan!

Regina · 15/01/2020

The staff were really friendly and accommodating. We only waited for like 5 minutes. The xiao long baos were the mvps. The dumplings were really great too. The soup as well. Really a great set of meals to order. The staff also made sure that your tea is always refilled which was really nice

Bernadette Ann · 14/01/2020

Fast service and delicious food! We only waited around 10 minutes to be seated. Thanks to our reservation via Klook!

Maria Celeste · 13/01/2020

A must-book if one wants to experience dining at this michelin starred resto! It should’ve been 80 minutes waiting time when we arrive there but since i had the voucher, I only waited 15 minutes! Hassle-free indeed! Din Tai Fung is a bit pricey but would not really disappoint. Superb dining experience- great food and commendable customer service! Plus, I got to celebrate my birthday there! Truly memorable! Thanks Klook for the recommendation!

Melirose · 12/01/2020

The queu is very long. But then the food is worth the wait. I recommend going there ahead of time and made a reservation. Nice staffs ?

Jullie Ann Mabel · 11/01/2020

Taste so amazing! And please buy the voucher! It really worth the time. Usually people wait for 90minutes, with voucher you only wait for 30minutes!

Amelia Victoria · 10/01/2020

This is nice.This is nice.This is nice.This is nice.This is nice.

Ben jhun louie · 08/01/2020

Food was enough for 2 adults and 3 young kids. There were different types of dumplings, xiao long baos, vegetables and soup. Most importantly, our waiting time was at most 30 minutes as compared to other walk-ins who had to wait for 50-70 minutes. :)

Woo · 07/01/2020

We went about 130pm on a Sunday and the Line was insane when we got there. Showed them the voucher and got asked if we would like to share tables (will be seated immediately then) or non-sharing. Opt for a sharing one and honestly, it’s like a table for 12pax shared between 3 couples. It’s spacious enough to be be a non-sharing one. Food and service was great. Love how we get to try a smaller portion of a menu that consists of 9 dishes. enough food for 2 people (unless you’re super super hungry). The only downside of this voucher is that the menu is covers half the value of this voucher (total price for 2pax is about AUD75 but actual items on the menu totalled up to approx AUD30 for 2pax). I guess the other half goes to the express line we get & the variety of dishes. This voucher is great value for only small groups (1-3pax) wanting to try a variety of dishes.

Ping Ping · 06/01/2020

Wait time was exactly as advised by the staff of DTF altho the crowd was enormous. With Klook voucher, I only waited for 40 min but walk in customers got to wait 100 min. Staff would call out queue numbers and they may not necessarily be shown on the board so u hav to listen up. Food was served promptly and they live up to their high standards. Staff was polite and attentive.

Joanne Cheng Im · 05/01/2020

Even with the voucher, we had to wait 30 minutes to be seated. Well, that's a lot better than 2 hours for walk-ins. We went during peak dinner hours so that's why the place is packed. Food is great as expected. You get to taste a little bit of everything.

JISSELLE · 03/01/2020

Awesome experience!! Definitely worth every penny. Hassle Free. Honestly, it is my first time to try Din Tai Fung and luckily Ive tried it at their original branch. Xiao long bao. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Dhanna Mae · 03/01/2020

We went on a peak hr & the waiting time was 100 mins but because we bought the voucher from Klook, our waiting time was speed up to 45mins. DTF pork xia long bao was so good & we order 20pcs more. I’ve tried DTF in 4 different countries but the one in Taiwan was the best! Very awesome & professional service. The staffs are very friendly and accomodating

Tracy Elaine · 03/01/2020


We arrived at the restaurant a little past 11am. We only had to wait for our turn at the line giving out queue numbers. When it was our turn, we showed our vouchers and were seated right away. Food was very good too.

Rosalie Ofilada · 02/01/2020

We arrived at Taipei 101 around 11:50 am and saw that the waiting time was already 120 minutes. I went to the reservation counter and gave the klook voucher. I was then handed a slip with 120 minutes erased and 20 - 30 minutes waiting time written on it. The actual time before we were called was 35 minutes which was totally fine. The set is enough but if you have starving boys, you can order additional items from the menu. Thanks Klook!

MARIO JOJE · 02/01/2020

Definitely worth it to get this package. Lesser waiting/ queue time for those who bought this package with the preset meals. Service was fast and delicious choices of food including the famous xiaolongbao.

CATHARINE · 02/01/2020

new year eve dinner

service is excellent. waiting time was reduced from 3 hours to 40minutes during new year eve peak time.

Guest · 02/01/2020

There’s a special queue with this voucher, at first the waiting time was 180 minute but ours was shortened to 60min. The moment you sit down, the dishes will be served to you too. Famous mango shaved ice is also right near the restaurant

Sen Loy · 02/01/2020

The waiting line was long but we were lucky to have choose to purchase from Klook! We only waited half of the usual waiting time! Good move! When we were assisted to our seats, I saw how professional the staffs are. They made sure that everything is set. The ambiance is beyond expectation. I thought it would get crowded inside given the long line of people waiting for their turn, but no, Din Tai Fung is indeed very clean and cozy inside. And the best part are the foods they served us! It was my first time to try xiao long bao. I love it! I cannot even get myself to eat at another place for xiao long bao anymore. I think i has the best already ??

Louise Aena · 31/12/2019


great experience. quick entry

한상 김 · 29/12/2019

There were four of us so we got 2 sets of A and B. getting the voucher is a must if you want to save time.if you show them the voucher they change the waiting time, in our case it was cut down to 30-40mins.

Marjorie · 29/12/2019

Getting the voucher cut the time to just 30-40 mins. We loved the food except for the sour soup and the veggies.But over all everything was nice.

Marjorie · 29/12/2019

Great purchase via Klook, it was hassle free as the meals were pre-booked and the wait was only 25min although there was a long queue. We booked at the Xinyi outlet, the attendants were all very friendly.

Sheet Kuan · 29/12/2019

the wait was 100 minutes but with the voucher we went in immediately without the need to wait. there was a lot of food in the set.

Jia Sheng · 29/12/2019

Very easy experience. Just que for a number and hand the voucher to the host. They will then assign you a number and thereafter will show you to your seat. Bear in mind Taipei 101 outlet at peak period can be up to 45mins wait or more. Food is served almost immediately as its a set.

Feichuan · 28/12/2019

Food was great. It was quite filling. We could not finish the soup. The restaurant was quite easy to locate. When you excite the MRT station, it's just right there outside. The restaurant was so big and still there was a line. Our voucher allowed us to be seated right away. No waiting time at all. Thank you Klook.

Ma Frieda Margaretta · 25/12/2019

Usual waiting time was 50 min but with this voucher, our waiting time was less than 10 min! This was great as there were young kids in the group who were getting hungry.... It was a lot of dumplings (LOL) and they all taste great!

Cin Yin · 25/12/2019

Excellent experience

We went on Sunday afternoon and the wait was around 30 minutes. Tasted various pineapple cakes while waiting. You can order other dishes on top of the set menu.

Yoshiko Imai · 23/12/2019

Was seated immediately even though we arrived right around dinner service. Food also arrived swiftly and everything was delicious. Staff are very accommodating and attentive to your needs. Highly recommended especially if you don't want to line up a long time.

Ian Carlo · 21/12/2019

Quick entry :D

The price of the set menu is higher than food items that were served but it worthwhile to ensure entry into the famed restaurant after mere 30 minutes. A must to have should you want to have Ding Tai Fung on the day you visit Taipei 101.

Hong Jin Li · 19/12/2019

Waited 40 mins during peak dinner period so this waiting time was shorter than expected... food was certainly delicious and service impeccable!

WEILI · 15/12/2019

I am so happy that I finally tried the Authentic Din Tai fung in Taipei. We only waited for 10-15 minutes.

Switzeraine · 14/12/2019

Situated just outside mrt Taipei 101 station. Managed to get seated within 30 minutes with coupon, worth considering.

lih chen · 14/12/2019

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