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This is totally worth the price, thanks to KLOOK. What a perfect combo? We really enjoyed the gondola from afternoon to night as we say “chillin like a villain” hehe awed&amazed to see the beauty of taipei (the other side maybe) because of this we literally forgot our double decker sightseeing hahaha “super sayang grabe talaga?” but we just laugh it out nalang, no regrets. We will absolutely come back and avail this ticket again?????? (to experience the double decker?)

Leerah Marie · 21/10/2020

Very nice place and experience! Enjoyed the view from the top. The staff were nice also and very accommodating. The place was clean and organized. Will surely recommend this to be part of their itinerary. Love the cherry blossoms too!

EDUARD PAUL · 17/10/2020

The gondola was great except I got a little motion sick. It wasn't busy because we went on a week day and it would've been more enjoyable if we could have stayed to enjoy some tea, but we were pressed for time and had to go right back down.

chad · 07/10/2020

The gondola going up was incredible. If you can, get one of the glass bottom cabins and you can see the valley floor beneath you. Be sure to check the weather on the day that you go because for the return trip they shut down the gondola because of a thunderstorm so the way back down the mountains is by micro bus. The night sightseeing bus has a great audio guide and the onboard hosts are very knowledgeable about the history of the area. All told, this was a great adventure that I would book again.

Cecilia · 10/09/2020

Smooth, relaxing and beautiful view that we experienced at Maokong Gondola, it was a perfect weather when we visit Taipei and it's a wonderful experience. With a total length of 4.03 kilometers, the Maokong Gondola is the first gondola system in Taipei City. One-way travel time on the gondola is about 20 to 30 minutes. Highly recommended!


It was very fast to retrieved the tickets once the booking was confirmed. We then got to choose between regular cabin or crystal cabin (the floor is transparent), we chose crystal cabin so we waited a bit longer than regular cabin. The whole activity is really fun, and the views all the way are beautiful. Once arrived at the top, you can walk inside the mountain, there are many tea shops and tea coffees, you can also try many tea ice-cream. There are trails of you want to explore a bit more. We went back a few hours later, didn't have to wait a long time and we had the same tickets as the way in. Really recommend this activity!

Margaux Virginie Sophie · 03/05/2020

4/14/2020 - My taiwan vaca was 2019 1st week of November. I highly recommend this Gondola with double decker bus ride. We claimed this on our 1st day. Transaction is easy breezy. Try going to the gondola right before sunset because the queue is not long and the view is spectacular. Also the double Decker ride, I think we did the right thing by taking it during night time. We took the last trip which is great becoz It’s not that hot and not too crowded. Just make sure to check their schedule if you’ll do both activity in same day.

Rhona · 14/04/2020

Very easy to avail. You just need to show the QR code and they will give you the card (for two way). We really enjoyed the experience! We also saw some cherry blossom trees at Maokong station, lucky us! And yes, we went to Taipei Zoo as well. First time to see a real Panda in person! Worth the money!

Mara Angeli Victoria · 17/03/2020

This activity is recommended for strong heart and will, its a good experience if you live adventures. Its very high and atleast a 30 to 45 mins ride to finish all the station. If you have weak heart or afraid of heights, I suggest to don't take take this. But I enjoyed this, my mom didn't. ???‍♀️

MARJORIE · 13/03/2020

Very easy to retrieve ticket through QR quote. The queue for ride is very fast if it is for the normal ride. The crystal ride has a much longer waiting time. The ride up the mountain is very relaxing with beautiful scenery. It is very enjoyable. The zoo is also very nicely done up, basic but good. Especially the bird enclosure. Good weather and fresh air.

Sheau Shih · 11/03/2020

very nice experience, going up to maokong it took around 20-30min, and coming back is almost the same, yet its very worth it.Maokong has a very relaxing place to sit and eat the local foods. and most of all its very affordable.

Jerushamae · 10/03/2020

Redemption was quick and easy - we arrived on a Sunday morning around 9am to virtually no one in line, and only had to wait a few minutes for a crystal gondola to arrive, and we had it to ourselves. Spectacular views and a nice long and leisurely ride over the tree tops and up the mountain. The zoo is huge! The entrance worker handed us two tickets, one with our 10 minute entry window for the panda house and one for the tropical dome. The only added expense was for the zoo shuttle that takes you from the gondola entrance to the zoo, which only costs NT$5 each

Paul · 10/03/2020

It was easy to find and the staff are very nice. The process was really quick and the experience is unforgettable. If you have the chance, ask for the glass floor so that you can see what's underneath you.

Paul Reynold · 09/03/2020

Maokong is a great deal of an attraction. The ride in the gondola took about 30 mins (give or take) nice moment to relax and appreciate the view for that 4 km ride. Bring jacket and or umbrella. When we visited, temp is around 18 degrees and it drizzled too. You can either walk (preferred of its temp is at 18) or take bus ride to go around the village in Maokong. There's a cat Chaffee up ahead, tea shops, and temples. Taxis are also available though more expensive. We also got a deal that included Taipei 101 observatory. The date that we intended on using it was no good since it was foggy and the lady in the front desk advised us to revisit the observatory deck in a different date. We didn't have to do anything about the reservation and just went 2 days after the original date. The view is phenomenal. See pic for reference!

KEVIN MANUEL · 02/03/2020

Highly Recommended! We are already there in the kiosk but due to long line, I just check klook as they have specific line for them. I booked it online on same time and date and guess what I found out that klook got cheaper price than the original one and good thing they accept mobile voucher. And Voila! Ready to ride. Thank you klook!

dawn fatima · 02/03/2020

Our maokong gondola was one of the superb trip! We were able to ride the glass cabin. There was no long queue for waiting. It was a fun ride back and forth. We were at a good timing because we're able to see cherry blossoms on bloom at the maokong station. We definitely love it!??

ROSIELYN · 02/03/2020

It was the best experience ever!!! My mom loved it so much.. we tried the crystal floor gondola and it was scary but exciting at the same time... we surely go back here and have this activity.. thank you klook!

jojie · 01/03/2020

Our family, especially the kids enjoyed this activity. To avoid long lines, you can take the regular cabin going up. Then take the crystal cabin going down. The ticket is from Taipei Zoo to Maokong Station. If you plan to go down to different station, you need to pay additional ticket. The double decker bus wasna relaxed sightseeing tour. You got to enjoy Taipei at night. With the fancy lights and chilly weather, it's perfect.

Mercy · 24/02/2020

The experience was great and picking up the ticket was easy. There were clear directions and no time wasted. You get 2 tickets - one for up and another to come down. Definitely cheaper than buying at the counter. The ride up passed 4 stations and there are many photo opportunities both ways.

Niven · 22/02/2020

It was absolutely amazing. It was so much fun. The ride with the gondola was my first and I enjoyed it very much. Redeem the tickets at the information counter is easy. When I arrived, there was nobody. I came at around 10 o'clock. You can see several things up the hill. The ride with the bus was also fun. The bus came on time and it took around one hour and ten minutes with the red line. It will take you to the major sightseeing spots in Taipei.

Lukas · 21/02/2020

Beautiful view on the ride up and back down. Note that if you get off at any of the stops besides the top you will have to buy another ticket to get back on. We stopped at the temple stop and then had to pay 70 NT$ to get to the top.

Stephanie · 17/02/2020

it was really a great experience for us to visit Maokong Gondola! but it was rainy that time but its alright the view and the fog everywhere is amazing!! and also the Klook Sightseeing bus is a big help for us when we go back to our hotel hehe

Sharif Alyssa · 14/02/2020

Very easy and simple process to claim the tickets. The gondola ride is frightening at first but you will definitely get over it after a few minutes. Also, the night time view is amazing and I would definitely recommend this to everyone visiting Taipei.

Jeremy · 11/02/2020

Beautiful views! We went really early around 9am and there was no queue. We had the whole crystal cabin to ourselves. (You can choose the crystal cabin or normal cabin. Both same price). The ride up and down was actually quite long so you can enjoy the views for a long time. when we reached the top, we explored the area and tried the tea ice cream and other foods there. There’s also like a beautiful area u can explore where there grow crops. :)

Valerie · 09/02/2020

This had to be the longest gondola ride we ever have been! It felt like 30 mins per way with three stops to the zoos and temples. We went to the very last stop, which was a cute area with lots of food and all kinds of tea. ? ???

Mia · 04/02/2020

I was able to use both of the tickets for a one way trip which is great. Ride from the main station up to the last station was smooth (yet scary for those who are afraid of heights). I am very thankful with Klook as I was able to experience this kind of ride first time in Taiwan. Will surely rely my trips with Klook moving forward.

Daniel · 01/02/2020

Cheaper than retail price! Highly recommended for big groups especially as you will save quite a big sum of money by buying klook vouchers. Redemption was a breeze and no hassle at all. Enjoyed the sightseeing day with family and no regrets for purchasing the tickets from klook. Will definitely repurchase other deals on klook when i go overseas. Thank you.

Chua · 31/01/2020

Reservation via Klook app for my Maokong-Gondola ride experience is such a great fun and convenience from email reminders, to MRT directions, to picking up round-trip tickets, and to even having a chance to ride solo in a cable car! ❤???

Randy · 29/01/2020

This cable car is really worth the price! The tickets are easy to claim you just have to present the voucher at the counter and they will give you your physical ticket. This is a must-try adventure in Taiwan!!!

Dominick · 29/01/2020

Get it from Klook to prevent queuing for tickets. Very scenic experience and the ride is quite long hence value for money. There is some nice tea place above the hill and good place to relax as it is windy and offers a view of the city from high ground

Eu Gene · 25/01/2020

Getting this affordable two-in-one voucher makes riding the gondola (it's a mode of transportation in Taipei, believe it or not lol) to Maokong Station convenient. As for the double-decker bus ride, it has a trip every half an hour from morning until 8PM so you can play tourist around Taipei. ?

Ruth · 24/01/2020

Easy redemption of the maokong Gondola tickets. Did not manage to utilise the double decker bus. Provided good value for the Gondola tickets. The line for the crystal cabin was not too long when we went in early morning.

Shi Minh · 23/01/2020

We schedule a ride a Friday around 1pm. There wasnt queue at all and very easy to go up and down. after aligting at MRT Station just walk to the left around 500m to reach Maokong Gondola (1st station)

Ray Jayson · 22/01/2020

Very convenient booking and very nice view. We enjoyed the tour but too bad we weren’t able to proceed with the bus tour since we were very tired but will definitely recommend this to our family and friends

Rhenz Frederick · 21/01/2020

This is a very nice experience to have especially on a sunny clear day. We opted for the glass cabin and it was soooo cool. Just be prepared for a lot of walking when you reach the top if you want to stroll around the area and try the teas that the place is famous for.

Marie Charlotte · 18/01/2020

Very easy claiming the tickets just them the QR code and they will give you your pass. There the ride was amazing! It was longer than I expected and it a little windy when we went there. Very nice view from the gondola and you can the city and the taipei 101 building. It was such a nice experience and i will definitely get this pass again when i go back to taiwan!

April Benniever · 17/01/2020

just present your e-voucher at the counter for actual ticket. Line for crystal cabin is about 30 mins longer as compared to regular cabin. The entrance is about 300 meters away from the last station of the brown line (Taipei Zoo Station)

DANILO · 17/01/2020

I got to see the mountains and the city up above and was able to visit the temple. it was a little hot inside the cable car because we rode at around 12pm already. so better ride at earlier time or when the weather is more comfortable. ?

Maria Pamela · 14/01/2020

We enjoyed it!!! We were able to ride crystal cabin to and from Maokong we went on a Sunday not crowdedbyet because we were early, its quite cold up in maokong. The best thing to do here is food trip hahaha Tip: gondola operates at 9am we were there exactly at 9 am No line, NO QUEUE!!!! We just went directly to the gondola. When we go back to taipei zoo station the queue is very long up to the outside of the building so be early!! Sonu dont waste ur time queueing.

Rishi Janelle · 10/01/2020

2nd time to book this with Klook, but now with my parents. Good thing that the weather was cold and sunny. We enjoyed the view from the top and the ride was worth the price given that one-way would take around 30mins to cross.

John Francis III · 09/01/2020

Good and mood in restaurant are pretty good and all of staff have enough hospitality to customer.  I’m sure to come back here again someday. Really recommend this restaurant to all local people. and really Great atmosphere for a wonderful chill evening, the food was delicious and the staff was phenomenal. My husband and I had great night and will definitely be visiting again. Thank you for the great night.

Messayu elisa mega · 08/01/2020

Riding the cable car is a must try when you visit Taipei. We were able to ride both the regular and crystal cabin and the view at the top is awesome. As for the Taipei sightseeing night bus tour, we were able to roam around famous spots in Taipei. This activity must not to be missed.

Marc Joseph · 06/01/2020

It was my first time a ride a cable car. Was so amaze with the views of the near place and far away is the Taipei city. It was a great experience for me. If you gana travel to Taipei don’t miss tourist attraction.. thanks Klook for a life time memories in my life

Reyjie · 05/01/2020

I think that this is a good combination as both of them can also show the beauty of Taipei and the cable car is fast and no need to queue up for a long time and the bus is quite good to show people the tourists spots. It is way cheaper than buying the tickets there.

SAMI UL LHA · 03/01/2020

The cable car was really nice and you could see lots of scenery. We took lots of photos and saw a lot of Taipei 101. The weather was really nice and didn't rain at all. I like that there was lots of stations so you could get off and see more of that part. It took about 10-15 mins each way to go up and down. The price is 120 ntd one way if you buy at the station. This is only 10 dollars cad and includes the hop on hop off. We skipped it cause we couldn't find the stop. That is the hop on hop off companies fault not Klook. I would definitely recommend. Its worth it. To get there you just need to take the Gr1 or Br18 bus which will take you directly to the cable car. you just need to walk across the street.

Wilson Kin Shun · 29/12/2019

gondola ride gives you an amazing view of the city. the village up top is quaint and you can go around eating the local delicacies on the side walks or enjoy a good cup of tea to warm you up from the cold (we went there on january).

Pamela Irene · 27/12/2019

The experience was amazing!! I arrived at the station around 10:30am and there was already a long queue for the glass cabin. I suggest you take the regular cabin going up and the glass cabin going down if you want to save time. The Maokong village is a quaint area with cute cafes and shops.

Cherry Lyn · 27/12/2019

Loved this Maokong Gondola ride. We were able to see Taipei 101 from afar. It was a delighting experience to ride the gondola for the first time. Also, we loved the food offerings at the Maokong Station. The sausage and stinky tofu are must eats when you get to Maokong.

Ma Zhairene · 27/12/2019

This is one of our vacation's highlights. Love the experience of riding the gondola for the first time. The majestic view is so rewarding and really a sight to see. Would definitely recommend this activity to tourists. And the food in Maokong Station are tasty. Loved the sausage, stinky tofu and green tea ice cream so much!

Zharina Marie · 27/12/2019

View rating for me was okay. There’s no special view for me but if experience wise was still a great experience. This is also to compare to others’ gondola experience. Great experience also if you lived in city and would like to experience rural fresh air and nature’s view. All in all rating is 5 stars.

Edna · 25/12/2019

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