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This is really fun. you stand in a group of 4 max. the VR games are cool and body tactile vest feels great and adds to the positive experience. 2 games in a row for 30 minutes sometimes already quite tiring. you may wish to space out bookings (2 consecutive each time) as the VR gun can be heavy on arms, esp kids. great stuff!

Horng Ruey · 17/03/2021

first time there, staff were super friendly and patient even though i was so scared. they also gave these really cute face masks for hygiene. best to go to the attractions where you have to physically move (shooting action & skyscraper & beat saber). good to experience with the vouchers

gab · 16/03/2021

great for kids! its a good VR experience. but just note my 5 year old boy got tired waiting, standing cause there is no place to sit. has height limits. due to covid, only 1 person allowed in the shooting range. The Horror House was closed when we came - its a pity. was given spiderman "eyemask" for hygiene purposes. we wanted to try that. got free pictures printed + totebag merchandise for souveniers.

Siti Rindrawati · 14/03/2021

Activity place is not very big; took us about 1 hr to finish up 6 tickets per person on a non-crowded weekend. Some VR equipment had a smell, and one of them had some technical faults in the earphone (static sound)... but overall an enjoyable experience... even the non-VR experience Robin Hood is fun. 2 thumbs up to all the staff who patiently explained all the rules and how to go about the games for a first-timer using VR. Free photo booth was a really cool place and idea, great take-home gift of the free digital photos and the drawstring bag.

KIM HUAY JANE · 12/03/2021

Loved it. My kids enjoyed themselves especially the Zombie game. The place is rather small though. Best to make reservations so that you don't have to wait.

MUI SAN · 09/03/2021

it was a fun experience but each of it was a very short version. more zones should be created and maybe the horror theme can be improved.

Parkkunan · 05/03/2021

Very fun and cool place, felt totally real. Over favourite is the zombie and jump jump. 3 games is enough if you easily feel dizzy , bring ur partner along! Most games u can play 2 person together . Super friendly staff!! Willing to teach and help us out with the games and ever recommend us which is the best! Definitely would come back to try the other games. You wont regret it!

puteri · 17/02/2021

Good variety of games!

It was a nice place to have fun after a day in the sun at Sentosa. There is a good variety of games. Staff is also attentive.

Janice Dalmacio · 17/02/2021

Very easy and hassle free to make the booking via the Klook app. We didn’t manage to book a time slot as we purchased the ticket last minute, but lucky we were able to do a walk-in. Interesting concept, the most exciting ones is the Jump Jump and the Jungle Rafting! Definitely recommend to try this two rides. There’s also free photo booth that you can take photos for free!

darren · 16/02/2021

Went on a weekday so it wasn't very crowded. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Used SRV so was worth it. Otherwise, probably won't pay so much since the play time for each activity was very short.

Sok · 16/02/2021

most of the games were fun and the workers there were nice to attend to us. the slashing boxes game and zombie slashers were the most entertaining for me

Amira · 09/02/2021

Went on a Tues afternoon and place was relatively empty. Staff was helpful and friendly. Some rides might leave some people being giddy, so I find 6 VR rides at one go a bit overdosed for me. Big-4 package may be sufficient. $50 may be considered a bit too expensive for 6 rides. A great experience nevertheless. If u have limited time or rides, try the Zombie Slasher and Jump Jump!

Boon Ching · 03/02/2021

One of the best attraction to visit at the beginning of January as the activities were fun and novel to me. I was quite excited about the adventurous virtual reality games as we can immerse ourself in another world.With our virtual reality headset engaging our sense of sight and sound,I was amazed by the 3D graphics complemented by good sound effect and narration. The staff were meticulously ensuring safety measures had been taken so we were comfortable and safe.Thus, we do not not lose out on a good experience and just go with the flow. It was quite exhilarating to be strapped up hanging in mid air as we imagine ourselves in another dimension such as in the jungle or jumping off buildings. To end it off, we had our photos taken at the photo booth and we could take a few photos to ensure we had the best shot. The photos turned out excellent and can be kept as wonderful memories. It was memorable capturing the happy moments against the best images of Singapore in the background.

Lee · 20/01/2021

super fun and enjoyed it a lot with my family. booking experience was easy to do as well. worth the value! activities are recommended for families, or with kids, but may get headache after awhile cos of the VR and movement. but after all, it's ok.

Trudy · 13/01/2021

Great experience with the VR games, although quite limited. The klook promotion overall was very worth the value as compared to purchasing on the spot though! Even got to try the archery that was their non-vr activity there!

Christopher · 08/01/2021

Very nice experience and definitely worth every penny when purchased via Klook. Blue zone has the coolest attractions, Jungle Jump is my favorite. Do make sure to make a reservation in advance, during peaks the queueing time to get in might be up to 1 hour

Denis · 07/01/2021

The games were so fun especially the Storm Blizzard Ride and Jump Jump was fun. The crew were all extremely nice and friendly. Played total of 6 games and had a fantastic time there.

Mei Chen · 05/01/2021

It was a very unique and pleasant experience. Worth going again

Mathialagan · 30/12/2020

We (2 teens + mom) went without high expectations and were quite happy with the experience. We did the zombie shooting, the river rafting, Saber Beats and the Blizzard. Bring a sweater cos it can get cold, esp. for the Blizzard ride. The staff gave spiderman masks for us to wear over our eye area/under the VR headset to maintain better hygiene with the VR headset and they sanitised whatever we used before and after. We spent about 1hr 15 mins there.

Karen · 26/12/2020

Easy redemption of Klook vouchers. VR games were fun and the package was priced affordably. Some games were better than others, but most were decent. Skyscraper was the shortest game and least enjoyable while Zombie buster is a must go :) Unfortunately, we didn't get the Klook Exclusive Merchandise..

Si En · 25/12/2020

It's fun. The staff there are nice! Would love to go back again for my kids loving them but it's not suitable for me as I do feel giddy after wearing the VR set.

David · 25/12/2020

A new place of interest for the adults, teens and primary school kids. we had lotsa fun playing the various VR games using the BIG 7 package and had great family time! klook app is easy to use and book as usual

Ah Moi · 23/12/2020

Smaller play area than thought. More VR rides than games. Zombie Buster was most fun but because only 2 players at a time, waiting time was long. VR rides were all okay only, not super fun or exciting. Staff were friendly and nice.

Li Ying Tracy · 22/12/2020

An adventurous day at HeadRock VR! It was a fun day during one of the school holiday. As it is indoor, we are not afraid of rainy day, still able to enjoy to out fullest.

Xueling · 20/12/2020

Must book time slot days in advance during peak month like Dec. I personally liked the interactive / shooting games..motion-sick from the rides. Klook merch is this drawstring bag. At least is useful item.

Diana · 16/12/2020

We q-ed b4 11am as walk-in, as no more slots available.. don't have to wait too long.. we played storm blizzard, Jungle rafting, beat saber, Robin hood.. not bad. the kids said extreme train & zombie busters quite meh.. mix reactions from them for flying dive.. overall, quite a well-spent morning..

MASLINDA · 16/12/2020

So much fun and great, helpful staffs! Some rides may be repeatative with different scenes, but good management of queues more than compensate for that. Not like the fuge, full of nonsense!

Ming Tee · 14/12/2020

bought adventure 6, default vouchers issued were 2 orange, 2 blue and 2 green zones. allowed to change vouchers but that wasted time as you need to re-queue. since this combo ticket allows all coloured areas, a special tickets could be issued instead to allow all zones, this will then cut down waiting time especially those in queue waiting to enter venue.

Soo Ching · 14/12/2020

Despite Covid 19, adequate measures such as safe distancing, facial masks etc are in place to ensure safety. Parents can feel at ease when their kids play there. Well done. Games are fun for the kids too.

Lam · 14/12/2020

Exciting and interesting experience for the kids. The only thing is rather short for each game. Over all thumbs up!

Lam · 14/12/2020

Certainly one of the enjoyment place for the kids especially ... My children enjoyed the Jump Jump and the Jungle Rafting.

Noorain · 12/12/2020

Awesome and great experience! Will recommend and come again!

Joanne · 11/12/2020

Never knew this place exists! Bought the Big 3 bundles but you just top up few dollars should you wish to change to different colour theme. Fun and interesting!

Nordiana · 11/12/2020

Used it for Storm Blizzard in Blue lane. My Son loved it. The overall wait time was 30-40 mins. Redemption is quite easy; just show your QR code and replace with attraction ticket.

Swapnil Suryakant · 10/12/2020

A place worth visiting with kids, worth spending the rediscovery vouchers on this. Many fun rides of different levels of intensity. My boy likes Extreme Train roller coaster, Jungle Rafting with it’s nice graphics and dinosaurs and Robin Hood though that has no VR. We gave the beat Sabre and VR room a miss and did the favourite ones twice. The skyscraper is only a minute Long.

Yin suan · 09/12/2020

Fun variety of activities! It was a fun experience and good memories! They have some packages that you can buy online even so its a good deal to be able to play many VR games. I enjoyed Beat Saber game the most!

En En Clementia · 08/12/2020

Good experience but perhaps more suitable for younger children, do watch out as some rides may cause motion sickness

Daryl · 07/12/2020

We had a wonderful time trying out the rides and games. It would be best to book a slot first in advance as they only allow a certain capacity at one time and priority will go to those who had made reservations. It might be a long wait if you just walk-in

Gek Hong Lynette · 06/12/2020

The kids had a fantastic time. Please try to book a slot before going over as it might be a long wait if you went without reservation. The staff was friendly and helpful!

Gek Hong Lynette · 06/12/2020

Good experience to try on a few VR games. Service crews were pretty professional to provide explanation of the games and prompt to provide me help whenever we need it.

chew chen · 11/11/2020

expected more

good 1st time experience but graphics not realistic and all activities ended very fast within few mins each. the only one we enjoyed was the zombie slasher

Jessica Chan · 04/11/2020

went for the snow ride, the jungle boat, the zombie shooting and the beats saber. beats saber needs to have more songs unlocked! zombie shooting is more fun with a friend.

Yun Jie · 27/10/2020

Brought my BFF here to enjoy her belated birthday treat and she was thrilled! Both of us enjoyed the rides and it was definitely a good experience on the VR as we are both first timers ??

Kah Yan · 26/10/2020

Staffs was helpful. We get big 3 Good experience and enjoy all the 3 games . Will try again next time. Good games with different age group ??????

Keat Hui · 17/10/2020

Zombie Slasher was good, but not thrilling enough. We went for round 2 though! The staff was also very nice to help us take some photos and videos. ?? Apart from Jump Jump and Jungle Rafting, the rest of the rides don’t seem very thrilling (to me, at least). Overall very nice experience with the rides and games.

Hailey · 26/09/2020

Fun place! The one we love the most is the zombie Attack game. If you get giddy easily when playing games try not to get the too many as a package first Overall is a fun experience! Must go!

Yong Sheng · 07/09/2020

Used it for Storm Blizzard in Blue lane. My Son loved it. The overall wait time was 30-40 mins. Redemption is quite easy; just show your QR code and replace with attraction ticket.

Swapnil Suryakant · 31/08/2020

nice rxperience

staff r friendly and helpful. clean environment.

Mag Huang · 23/07/2020

Great fun! Horror & Zombie Buster were the best, Zombie Buster especially, if I had the chance I’d play zombie buster again simply because it’s so fun, challenging and easy to understand. Horror had an interesting ‘4D’ spin to it that doesn’t leave you with a headache. Flying Dive was okay, hurt my thigh area because it was tugging there to pull me up. Jungle rafting and Blizzard left me with a bit of a headache. Honestly would just recommend the games where you can just look straight or just stand and do action stuff!

Yong Jun · 24/02/2020

Skip the queue by getting this package and it's so worth it we had so much fun. Must try the zombie shooting game at the green zone. It was so fun we played twice. Expect a little queueing time if u go on weekends.

Irene · 27/12/2019

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