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What a smooth journey! The car is clean and spacious. The driver is patient and polite, drpping us at the nearest entrance and helping us to carry the heavy belongings. Will book a private car ride again for our next trip!

Christina · 12/11/2020

I will recommend to book round trip if you plan to visit Ba Na Hills. I just booked one way but in the end realize that much better if 2 way as we left Ba Na around 2:30pm.The driver is nice and even the car.Book yours now!

Mary Joy · 24/07/2020

Great driver. Arrived on time with positive attitude. Changed our pick up time and called him 10 minutes in advance and he was waiting for us at the pick up point.

Pui Kwan · 25/06/2020

The driver came on time, and super friendly. Take about 40mins from the center to Bana Hill.

THE BAO · 22/03/2020

Driver arrived on time and waited us at the entrance for the return. Very punctual. Smooth drive all the way. Highly recommend it.

Hui Lee · 07/03/2020

The driver is punctual and his driving skill is a plus. I told him to come pick us up at 7pm but due to bad weather at Ba Na Hills we decided to go back early. So when I called him 2 hours earlier, he can make it within half an hour without any complaints.

BIAK NEI · 05/03/2020

Driver is very punctual and everything is nicely follow up before the journey starts. Thanks Klook!

Yi Wen · 04/03/2020

Highly recommended. The service of round trip to Ba Na Hills was great. The driver is friendly, helpful, drive safely & punctual. Fast response when whatsapp him on time changed.My family & myself really enjoyed it.

Lily · 23/02/2020

Our driver was on time both ways. Very good service ! I would recommend it . Better than a shuttle bus at this time because of coronavirus.

Michael · 14/02/2020

They contacted me 1 day before the ride thru WhatsApp. Punctual on pick up time. For return time, we change it to 2 hrs earlier and the driver is fine with the change.

Yoon Loke · 10/02/2020

Driver was on time to pick us up each time, journey was smooth and comfortable. WhatsApp group together with an english-speaking coordinator and the driver made it easy to communicate anytime.

Zi Liang · 06/02/2020

Driver was on time during the day of pick up! My family of 6 sat comfortably to Ba Na hills.

Yanteen · 05/02/2020

This is very convenient to go to Ba NA Hills through pick up and return at our hotels!

PUI YEE · 04/02/2020

The transpo that drove us to and from Ba Na Hills we're amazing and clean. There's been a slight problem about communicating with our driver going back to our hotel but it's no biggie.

Maureen Mae · 03/02/2020

driver is early waiting us before the booking. the driver is nice and good experience , all the journey is under safety and comfortable the diver inform us where to take the shuttle bus to ba na hill and pick out point..driver is early waited us before we reach the collect point. We are enjoying the trip and we will booking with KLOOK for next trip. Thanks

EK BOON · 02/02/2020

one day before the date, the company will create a group chat with you and the driver to confirm the pick up time. once you confirm, they will pick u up on that time. when going back the driver will ask you to go parking lot no 1. you need to take shuttle bus from the exit of ba na hills to the parking lot then meet the driver there

Hernando · 02/02/2020

local cordinator very friendly but transport arrangement was bad. late 30min from hotel & 40 min from Ba Na Hill. My advice is to keep on contact, don't assume they understand.

ENG KOOI · 28/01/2020

Already planned out everything before the trip. The driver contacted us one day before to confirm our booking. The car is spacious and clean. But to be honest, grab is much convenient and cheaper here.

Yi Wen · 24/01/2020

The driver arrived on time and the journey to Ba Na Hills was super smooth. We've fixed our departure time from Ba Na Hills way before our trip but we were given the option to extend the time for no cost!

Maheswarha · 23/01/2020

The operators were prompt, courteous and well organized. If you are planning to stay at Ba Na Hills way pass 5pm, this service is a must since there will be no busses provided from the cable car. Highly recommended

MOHD HAFIZUL BIN · 22/01/2020

Good communication with the driver. He informed us that he is running late due to traffic. He is a safe driver and we are really amaze with the local traffic here. He waited for us on our return trip. We run late due to unfamiliarity with the route to return from the Bana Hill fantasy park.. but he waited patiently for us. Thank you. great service. highly recommended!

Yien Ching · 22/01/2020

We received the barcode for the activity and when closed to the day, we also received the an confirmation email with contact detail of the company. Klook has offered a good price for a round trip from/to Da Nang to/from Ba Na Hills. I had ask a few local drivers the price for a round trip and the best offer was 650000vnd. This was still a bit more higher than the one klook has offered. Overall, everything was easy to follow and if you go as a big group, I highly recommend renting a car/van to go instead of catching a shuttle bus.

Ngan Phuong Ngoc · 21/01/2020

Punctual and helpful. Driver told us where to meet and where to take the free bus to take us to the cable car entrance etc. Waited for us when we were 15mins late for meet-up time too (Didn’t factor in the time it takes on the cable car and the long walk to the free bus from the cable car station!).

Sin Denh · 20/01/2020

Driver is waiting us when exited the custom. Driver is very nice guy, however, language barrier. But he is very clever, using the google translate.

Chin Ming · 17/01/2020

We made a reservation late at night for a booking in the morning of next day to Ba Na Hills. Staff from klook contacted us through whatapp early and the driver arrived on time. Car is nice and clean. Driver is very friendly.

Ngai Man · 14/01/2020

They contacted us the day before departure via whatsapp and the driver arrived on time on that day. When we took the return car, we were late for over 45mins because of the misunderstanding of the route, the driver still waiting for us. We have extra tips for him for our lateness. The driver was very helpful and polite. Highly recommend if wanting to travel on your own party.

Kam Yee · 13/01/2020

Driver is polite and on time to pick up from hotel, though it is little bit late to pick up from Ba Na Hils, the driver say sorry to us sincerely. All in all, the journey is safe, highly recommend to book and you guys will have plenty of time to visit in Ba Na Hills

Ying Wai · 09/01/2020

Driver was on time, and willing to guide us whenever we had any doubts.

WENG JON · 09/01/2020

This is a convenient way to travel to and fro to Bana Hills on your own schedule or without following a tour group. Driver was on time and even lent us an umbrella to use. They also confirmed the schedule ahead of time and allowed us to return earlier than planned. Bana Hills is very foggy at this time of the year and still a lot of people though. Would recommend this travel service option for a flexible and convenient way of travelling.

BOON YIK · 04/01/2020

We were contacted 8pm the night before our journey the following morning for confirmation. Driver picked us up on time for our round trip journey. He even gave us his number and and reminded us to take a photo of his car plate so that we could find him after our Bana Hill trip to return to the city. Car was clean; we got a 7-seater although we ordered a sedan. Great and fuss-free!

Chin Guan · 31/12/2019

The booking process is very easy and communication via WhatsApp with driver allows me to choose the time that I want to leave by informing the driver 2 hours head of time. I like the flexibility and it saves time too. Highly recommended!

Catherine · 30/12/2019

The operator is very helpful, one of our relatives left the jacket in the car and they still manage to give it back to us. On time and good coordinator

Eleanor Hazel · 29/12/2019

I booked the round trip from my hotel to Bana Hill. Car condition were food and clean Driver were polite and drives safe operator response fast a good experience and recommended.

CHAO FENG · 27/12/2019

We are last minutes to be contacted by the operator and driver . We are contacted on the same day of departure and make us a bit worry . They should contact us one day before. The driver cannot speak English but I think is fine.

YON HOE · 27/12/2019

Hassle free service. The local operator is very responsive. The driver is punctual and friendly too. Highly recommend it.

Choh Hoon · 26/12/2019

gooddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd fantastic awesome

WEERAPHAT · 26/12/2019

good communication! driver willing to accomodate to our flexible timing. this is cheaper than grab too.

Xinying Samantha · 26/12/2019

The driver was 10mins earlier and picked us up. The whole journey is about 45mins without not much jam. The return is another driver. We late about 10mins and the driver waiting us patiently. The service is good and easy.

Bong Hang · 25/12/2019

very convenient, instant confirmation & enjoyed lunch buffet

Hyangsook · 24/12/2019

5 stars for the operator for doing a great job and fixing a miscommunication that could have ended badly. Before and after the miscommunication everything went smoothly and it is worth going to Ba Na Hills knowing you have transport to get there and back. Do note that if you want to come back after 6pm there will be a 100 000 VND charge. (6pm is a good time though because you can be on the cable car at sunset). The driver will ask you for your number to contact you about where to pick you up, however if you want to make any changes, contact the operator.

Cayla Michelle · 24/12/2019

The driver was very nice. The car was also very conducive. The driver was waiting patiently while waiting for us to check out from the hotel. The driver helped us with the luggage as well. He was humble and explained to us via google translate throughout the journey. He was a safe and slow driver. A big thank you

Kavitha · 23/12/2019

Instead of joining one day tour to Ba Na Hills, i suggest going there with this private city transfers, it’s very convenient and you can spend your time slowly and enjoy the quality time there. The driver is very kind, picked us up on time and it’s easy to contact the driver.

VERONICA · 22/12/2019

Driver was right on time and was flexible enough to allow adjustments for the pick up transfer. Overall a pleasant and safe experience

Ka Ling · 22/12/2019

I throughly recommend Da Nang Private Transfer to the travelers who wants to visit Da Nang and Hoi An. Thanks to Tiger, he is very friendly, fun, kind and flexible. Thank you?

Devie Jane · 21/12/2019

driver came pick us on time, even though not so well versed in English, but we still can have simple chat. Come experience Vietnam's traffic, you won't miss it...

JIANN SOON · 17/12/2019

good service. A customer service will WhatsApp you the day before departure. any requests or changes can communicate thru WhatsApp with the customer service.

chua · 14/12/2019

Best car experience! The driver was on time, great! Great driver, who speak good English language. Highly recommended to travellers

Joo Hock · 12/12/2019

Drivers are on time and friendly. Take note, the driver might not be the same for the round trip so don’t be surprised. Overall, good service.

GAO ZHENG · 10/12/2019

Driver wait in front of the hotel,he will hold your name or you just look for your name on the dashboard. Car clean and comfortable.

Yit Wei · 09/12/2019

Driver was very polite and on time. Although he is not good in english, he ensure that he got all the details particularly drop off time and pick up time. You will never go wrong when you book all your activities here (klook).

LYNETH · 08/12/2019

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