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Overall good, good service attitude. Dinner ordered roast spring chicken, salt and pepper pork chop, only a bit well cooked, but it tastes good ? Any order for breakfast to the restaurant, basically after the first round of ordering, the room was full It’s very bright, but the air-conditioning vent will blow to the head at night. After turning the wind down, it wakes up... The hot and cold water in the shower did not indicate the direction. It took some time to figure out that the window glass in the room seems to be brown/ Blocking the light, I think it is cloudy when I get up in the morning, but the sun is shining outside. The price is good, it is worth trying

Ping Sin · 31/03/2021

Staying at Nanyang Hotel on 28/3, 568 yuan including breakfast and dinner. In addition, add 100 yuan to buy the "love decoration", which mainly includes a sparkling wine, soap roses and simple decorations. 1. Service attitude: check in on Sunday, check-in, check-out are so fast. Achieve hotel standards. 2. The room: not big but tidy. The landscape can see the horse farm. But the smart toilet is worthy of praise! 3. Dinner: I had a set meal in the room. I picked mushroom soup, fried rice and spaghetti. The taste is not bad, but the food is just slightly warm, not hot enough! 4. Breakfast: Have a buffet in the banquet hall on the first floor. Although there are not many styles of food, it tastes good! The chef's service attitude is worthy of praise! Overall, the price/performance ratio is high!

YAT MAN · 30/03/2021

Originally, the package was a premium room with $635 including dinner + breakfast, no bathtub, and $130 ($635+$130=$765). Turn left to the room with bathtub. It is a smoking floor and room. I didn’t smoke, but I wanted a bathtub so I chose In this room, it is true that every room has a slight smell of smoke, but it is acceptable. This floor is the top floor with a little sea. Check in at 12 o’clock, check out at 2 o’clock, there are 2 coffee capsules at the entrance of the room, coffee machine, tea bags, and two water bottles, good sound insulation, and the optional dinner tastes good, similar to the quality of the restaurant, and on time, it’s a check Communicate with us first when in, the buffet breakfast is average. All in all ok

Kwai Ying · 30/03/2021

The price is great, the included dinner options are many, and the portions are good enough. The rooms seem to be newly decorated and clean, so the overall stay is very comfortable

Cho Kwan · 29/03/2021

This time's stay - everything was perfect for us. Staff were all very friendly, approachable and professional, food provided was superb quality and sufficient amount beautiful temperature with freshness, room was spotless with everything you need for a comfortable one night stay. We are definitely coming back!

Maho · 29/03/2021

The room is clean and the food is delicious. After going to Waterfall Bay Park, take a bus for 20 minutes and then 3-5 minutes. There are many cafes near the hotel. You can try it (don’t remember the studio). I recommend staying again next time.

SHUK WA · 29/03/2021

Although the hotel opened in 1992, it was newly renovated in 2020, so the room equipment is very new, especially the smart toilet, which is very comfortable and warm! This time I purchased a premium guest room at a price of over HK$600. You can see the building but you can see the racecourse. In-room dinner and buffet breakfast are included. Umbrellas, snack baskets and sparkling wine are also included! At the beginning, I saw the high evaluation and the low price. I was really a little doubtful? ! But after trying it by myself, the CP value is high, which is the best choice for flat-play staycation!

ming wai · 28/03/2021

After moving in, I have heard the noise outside the street. The sound insulation is relatively poor, but the noise gradually decreases after the night. The air-conditioning is cold enough, and although there is a certain degree of operating noise, it has been running continuously without "stopping and turning on", so the quality of sleep is fair Good shower lotion and shampoo are not fresh or even vulgar, but the 2-in-1 shampoo is a little surprise after use. For half-shoulder-length hair, there is almost no problem of knotting hair after use. Staff: phone The attitude of the operator is not as good as the hotel standard, and it is not at all cordial, but the response is quick and efficient. The delivery staff are efficient, polite, and quick. The front desk staff also patiently explained the check-in details. The hands and feet are also fast, but it feels a bit rushed. Other hardware tissue boxes in the room are very convenient. There is only one tissue box in the bedside table and the bathroom. Generally, big hotels have only one tissue box. This small detail is very important for people with severe nasal allergies. Although the size of the TV is very small, it is clear and stable, and it is very new. The refrigerator is new and clean, cold enough, and it is a modern glass door. The contents can be seen at a glance. It is not very friendly to guests who want to prepare a surprise cake haha. The shower water in the bathroom is very powerful, and there is no problem of freezing and heating, but when you start to adjust the hot water, you have to wait for a while before the hot water comes out. The wooden floor is matched with the slippers provided by the hotel, and the noise when walking is quite loud, but the wooden floor gives a refreshing and "home" feeling, and is cleaner than the carpet. The hair dryer is fixed in the bathroom, so there is no need to search around, which is good and convenient. The only downside is that the wash basin faucet has too much hydraulic power, it is easy to splash, and the corridor outside the room has a faint smell of cigarettes (there is no in the room, there is only a very faint smell of newly renovated paint, which does not affect the check-in experience) Dinner: Check-in Order paper is provided when in, you can choose 2 of each in soup, main dish, and drink. There will be no rigid rules for set A/B/C on klook. Delivered on time at the designated time (08:00-08:30), all wrapped in plastic wrap when delivered, and the spaghetti carbonni was still smoking while stirring! The level of this service is really amazing for the $568 package. In addition, the sparkling wine delivered is very generous, and it is only a waste for the two guests who are not good at alcohol... Cheese and bacon beef hamburger: beef burgers and buns have a roasted flavor, not to lose Restaurant level mushroom soup: very thick soup, you can eat mushrooms, good seasoning, not deadly salty. Spaghetti Caponi: the standard is better than the outside western restaurants, and the portion The ingredients and ingredients are very rich. Creamy salad: there is no sauce, the appearance is still green but you can’t feel the freshness when you bite into the mouth. The snack basket includes 2 packs of mini potato chips of different brands and a cookie, 2 days and 1 night For your accommodation, it’s also enough to enjoy the addictive breakfast: you can already choose "in the room, only one option-all day breakfast" or "restaurant, buffet" at the time of check-in. In the end, because you don’t want to eat in the restaurant with other guests For breakfast, I chose to enjoy it in the room. The breakfast was delivered to the room at 0800 on time. The quality is good and it is a very appetizing combination. Although it is not "hot", the entrance is still warm. The croissant is the best, it is crunchy and soft on the inside, and the scrambled egg is also called smooth, which is the standard of the hotel. On the whole, $568 (same price on weekdays/red days, klook package) for one night, including breakfast and dinner, snack baskets and sparkling wine, is really cp value. The newly renovated room makes people want to stay again.

Hiu Ching · 28/03/2021

This is the third time I have checked in. The staff at Reception are competent and have a good attitude. The housekeepers are kind, friendly and dedicated. There are actually many places worth admiring, and it is hard to describe in a few words. The dinner is rich and delicious, and there are many choices. Although the breakfast is relatively bleak, it is still good. The rooms have been renovated in recent years, spacious and clean. In addition, the hotel’s anti-epidemic measures have been done very well, so that guests can feel at ease. All in all, there is an extraordinary experience at such a price, and it is a hotel worth recommending. The location is very close to Times Square and Causeway Bay Station. Within a ten-minute walk, there are many restaurants around.

Hok Pok · 28/03/2021

This time I stayed in the prestigious room on the 25th floor, with a simple design and plenty of light. For dinner, mushroom cream soup was chosen as the soup, while the main course was Caponi spaghetti and French herb roasted spring chicken with potato wedges. The taste and appearance are worthy of praise. The hotel also offers birthday desserts. For breakfast, I enjoyed a buffet breakfast in the banquet hall on the first floor of the hotel. Chinese food includes porridge, boiled eggs, steamed corn, fried noodles, rice rolls, steamed buns and beef siu mai. Western food includes omelet, pork tenderloin, fried chicken, chicken skewers, salad dishes and croissants. Although there are not many choices for buffet breakfast compared to other hotels, it is enough to have a little bit of each food. Overall, this hotel package is cost-effective. The price is around 600, including one night's accommodation, dinner and buffet breakfast.

KA YU · 28/03/2021

It’s the second staycation, but it’s possible that many people will stay this time, and there will be a spilled wine snack basket when the meal is delivered, but the front desk is very polite and the helper will follow up immediately. The hamburger recommends juicy, and the lasagna is the same soup. It's hot enough, but smoke came out last time. Although the price is in the busy area, it is worthwhile to buy wild food.

Ann · 27/03/2021

The rooms and corridors are spacious and clean. Smoking rooms are reserved, but there is no smell of smoke in the room. Under the TV, there are 2 USB plugs (6 in total) on the left and right sides of the bed. The hotel provides 2 bottles of free water and 2 packs of instant coffee powder and tea bags. It’s good to have a smart toilet in the toilet. Sit on the toilet board to keep it warm, and you can remotely control the water to clean Pat Pat. Every time a guest checks in, a small gift will be given, and a small bag is given that day. Unfortunately, there are no surprises in celebrating the wedding anniversary. Some guests who have ordered will send desserts or sparkling wine. It costs more than $100 to decorate the room. The food and delivery time should be selected when checking in for dinner on the same day. When booking the hotel, ask for an extra chair to facilitate dinner for 2 people. The dinner was delivered to the room on time. The food was all hot and sealed with cling paper to keep it hygienic. It seemed that the dinner was very rich, but the food was numb, and the salt and pepper pork steak was hard and dry, and only tasted more spicy than meat. . Breakfast will be arranged in the restaurant on the second floor the next day. Otherwise, if there are more people, the banquet hall on the first floor will be served because of the large area and buffet style. Just say the room number at the reception desk at the door to enter. The breakfast is an order style. You can order all kinds of food in the Chinese and Western menus. The quality of the food is average. The dim sum is not made by the chef of the hotel kitchen. It should be a supermarket dim sum. Well, the chicken chop is a bit hard. It is cooked with yi noodles, and the bowl is very large, the scrambled eggs are very smooth, and the fried eggs are very delicious. On the whole, the $568 wallet breakfast and dinner are very good value, and I will come again if I have the opportunity.

Cindy · 26/03/2021

Originally, my room did not have a bathtub, so check in and add money upgade to the left. You can have a bathtub on the top floor for an additional $130, but on the smoking floor. If the non-smoking floor is only a small suite, it will cost $480. I will add it all at the end. How big is the room and how new it is, which is very good. The dinner tastes very good, with a $600 room, the food is not very cost-effective, and there are soups, meals, sparkling wine, and snack baskets. The breakfast buffet on the second day was just so-so, with small choices, but they were all reserved. I check in on Saturday and check in at 12 o’clock and check out at 2 o’clock. So the summary department is very satisfied.

Chun Ming · 26/03/2021

reasonable price, room is cozy and the dinner is great!

KA LEE KELLY · 25/03/2021

The rooms are newly decorated and clean, the dinner and breakfast are rich and delicious, and the hotel staff are very good. The hotel is located in a quiet and prosperous way. It is only 10 minutes away from the time square in Causeway Bay. ?????

KIN HO · 24/03/2021

A good deal. Dinner was warm and nice. The mushroom soup and burger were delicious. Room was clean and recently refurbished. Hot water was somehow unstable. It was super hot in a sudden for several times.

KA KEI · 23/03/2021

The double room with breakfast and dinner costs less than $600, which is very good value. The room is very new, very tidy, breakfast and dinner are rich and delicious, worthy of recommendation.

LAP MAN · 22/03/2021

I check in at 3 o’clock. Everyone is so fast. Check in will pick up the breakfast and order the room service, go to the ballroom to order the room service, and choose the time for dinner and delivery to the room. There is not much difference between the room and the room. No matter what, the toilet needs to be attached to a hair dryer. Although the cable needs to be long, a hair dryer should be used first, but it is good enough for the wind and heat. Long-haired girls don’t worry too much about washing, so we need to improve the sound of the toilet. It’s too big, the isolation room is good at night, I heard it all, because the room has a stool, I booked a remark with klook and wanted more than one to facilitate the room for two people. The hotel has arrangements. I want to like the hotel. There is no communication with klook. The dinner is good, the delivery time is good on time, the food is hot, the soup is good and the breakfast is better, the juice is not refilled, the food choices are few, and the taste is normal, but I want to get a thumbs up and be responsible for queuing up the chefs on the spot, so polite and smiling, good warm $5xx includes 2 meals, the room is normal, the price is very high, and the price is the same on weekdays.

HOI YING · 22/03/2021

Cost-effective, the turn downstairs is the Gooseneck Bridge Market, a 7-minute walk to the Times Square in Causeway Bay, and it is convenient to buy wild ?? The quality of dinner and breakfast are better than expected. The rooms are clean and clean. I will stay in again.

LaiShan · 22/03/2021

The hotel is located in Wanchai and Causeway Bay. The 17th floor of the old building has a city view. The room is not big, but it has all the internal organs. The room is clean and newly renovated. There is also a patpat-powered toilet. In terms of food: Optional dinner to the room, I chose 1 mushroom soup and scallop fried rice, the rice is a lot of scallops, the mushrooms are fragrant and delicious, but it is not hot enough! Breakfast is in the banquet hall on the first floor. The food is not lost, and the charge is less than 600 yuan. In short, it is cost-effective.

Sau Ping · 22/03/2021

With a very high CP value package, you can enjoy dinner and breakfast with 600 mosquitoes. Klook booking will send you a storage bag. The room is tidy and the shower has enough water and the toilet has temperature adjustment. The front desk and restaurant staff are very polite. Dinner and buffet breakfast. Li said that the type and taste are not wrong, but the beauty is that it takes a stool to eat in the room, so two people can sit and eat.

MEI LING · 21/03/2021

The room is clean and bright, and the services provided by the staff are nice.

Ka Ying · 21/03/2021

Most of the staff are polite. The room is renovated and it feels bright and tidy. The only drawback is that mosquito bites will occur at night, and mosquitoes are seen flying around in the morning. The hotel needs to be disinfected in this regard! Exterminating insects, the most commendable thing is that dinner and breakfast are both delicious, and the chef’s gestures are very good ??

k · 21/03/2021

A stylish newly renovated old hotel, the rooms are bright and comfortable, including dinner delicious, and the price is great, you can stay again and again.

SIU CHUN · 20/03/2021

Celebrate the anniversary and celebrate the upgrade of the hotel to a high-rise premium room. The guest room faces the racecourse and the mountain view, so the scenery is open and the guest room is decorated in a Japanese style. The sparrows are small but the toilets are fully furnished. The decoration of the toilets is surprising, with a gray and white as the main tone. Japanese style For washing the pat pat toilet, there is also a conditioner, and Lotion provides a shower that is strong enough, and the hot water is hot enough for dinner. The taste is good. The mushroom cream soup is very recommended because Klook is doing promotion. This is the package. Delivery of sparkling wine and snack baskets, very arriving at the hotel front desk colleagues and room attendants are very courteous and helpful, they will definitely recommend the hotel to relatives and friends~

Pui Luen · 20/03/2021

The door of the hotel is not open and you have to enter through the side door (it is unknown whether it is due to road works nearby) The hotel staff has a normal service attitude and small gifts are also provided. The room is clean and spacious enough. Dinner is surprisingly better than expected. Food can be delivered on time at the selected time and can be $100 Buy sparkling wine and desserts (not added) The soundproofing of the door is not good, you will hear the sound of walking outside the door, the shower gel and shampoo are not good, and the body lotion is not provided. The overall feeling is good.

Sze Man · 20/03/2021

Order the package for breakfast and dinner this time, free snack baskets, sparkling wine, birthday desserts, plus hotel gifts-rain cover, dinner in the room, four people choose hamburgers, pizza, spring chicken, cards Bonnie pasta, mushroom soup, delivery time is very punctual, the food tastes first-rate, and it is still warm when delivered, worthy of praise! Breakfast is eaten in the restaurant on the second floor. The staff is polite and proactive. The food is both Chinese and Western, and delicious. The room is newly renovated, and there is a Japanese-style toilet in the toilet. There is Gooseneck Market nearby, and the location is very convenient.

siu kuen tinnie · 20/03/2021

Very satisfied with this stay experience, very cost-effective! Hotel room newly renovated! The hotel staff are very polite! The dinner size is also sufficient, and there is also a children's meal ($60) for the daughter to enjoy. The children's meal is also sufficient, and there are many types of food! She eats so much! The breakfast part is all-you-can-eat, and the restaurant staff are very polite! The food tastes good! The overall stay is very satisfied! Will recommend to friends around you

Ka Hei · 19/03/2021

The room was newer than expected and the dinner was good, but it was not hot enough. The breakfast was good and the service was satisfactory.

Wai Chung · 18/03/2021

There is no need to queue when checking in to the hotel (weekdays), the process is smooth and the dinner food is selected instantly, which is very efficient. The food delivery was very punctual, the food standard was good, and the warmth was well done. The room can see the racecourse, which is very open. Overall, very ideal staycation, great!

SUK MING · 17/03/2021

cost saving and enjoyable

ngai ting · 17/03/2021

cost saving and enjoyable

ngai ting · 17/03/2021

hotel is new decoration recently so that the room is quite new and clean. The room dinner set is good and hot when served. The breakfast is quite good but little types of food.

ka bo · 15/03/2021

Such a nice place for relaxin, good food and good price. Highly recommend. The room was clean, the only down side is there wasn’t any bathrobes.

Wing Ki · 15/03/2021

Because I think Nanyang Hotel staycation is cost-effective, and take the West Rail to Hung Hom Station Exit A, and then transfer to the very dense 112 or 116, one station is opposite Nanyang Hotel, which is convenient and fast, so I stayed again. The staff is still polite and friendly, and the service is good. The room view this time is the same as last time, but it is a few floors lower; the dinner style has increased and the taste is still good; the last time I ordered the all-you-can-eat breakfast twice, the Chinese dim sum platter was missed. It’s not here. The first order is here. Char Siew and Shrimp Dumplings Siu Mai. It doesn’t matter if the dim sum is purchased from a wholesaler, because I have eaten quality factory dim sum, but the dim sum on this platter is really not good. It’s just flour. One group; fried rice noodles and carrot cake barely pass; Western food is more guaranteed. Last time the souvenir was a computer bag, this time it is a shrunken umbrella, which is light and practical.

Kuk Wai · 14/03/2021

We feel satisfied for the service and food here. Staffs are nice. Location of the hotel is good. We check in on 13 Feb at 2pm before Valentine’s Day and without queuing. We stay on 21/F, the hotel room face to happy valley horse race, view so far good. Valentine’s decoration is nice with a sparkling wine, a box of soap flower and balloon. Dinner is yummy with steak, pumpkin soup, Parma ham watermelon salad and hot/cold drink with a nice dessert. The next day breakfast surprising more choices than expected. The Valentine/CNY package with $12xx nothing much to request.Enjoyable staycation overall. Only not provided bath clothes, hope this can be improved.

ruby · 11/03/2021

Very nice, definitely will come again. Very good services. Staff are polite.

Yi Kwan · 11/03/2021

A very good deal for the staycation. Room is new, clean and spacious while the food is good too. Location is close to MTR with lots of food stores nearby. A wonderful staycation experience.

Chuk Ching · 03/03/2021

We feel very satisfied for the service and food here. Comfortable room with amazing electrical toilet. An enjoyable staycation experience for good price deal!

Chuk Ching · 02/03/2021

A very good deal for service and food! The room Is clean and new while the staff there are very polite and sincere. The most impressive us is the electric toilet with different cleaning mode. We extended one more night after 2 nights. An enjoyable staycation experience overall!

Chuk Ching · 02/03/2021

This staycation is definitely a cost-effective experience. First of all, Nanyang Hotel is conveniently located, just a few minutes away from Times Square. The package is embedded in the 12pm check-in in advance and the 2pm check-out on the second day, and you can play for 26 hours. The hotel room is definitely comfortable. The left double bed room is required. Although it is a combination of two single beds, there is no way to make people uncomfortable. The staff arranges a room on the 16th floor on the left. The situation is not really good. difference. Package dinner in the bakery and breakfast on the second day. Both meals are of good quality, especially dinner. Compared with the western food that came out, this spaghetti Caboni is definitely recommended. In the end, the attitude of the hotel staff, regardless of the front desk housekeeping staff in the catering department, can only be described in two sentences, friendly, polite, and attentive. I feel the breakfast fruit meal completely, because I can’t help but stand upright, I only use the lower left finger, and a manager immediately handed over a wet tissue. The service attitude may be better than that of a five-star hotel. Saying hello every time I see it is a good idea, because it is easy to burden the residents. In fact, a careful and simple act has left a low impression. Regardless of the quality of the room and the service of the staff, Nanyang Hotel is definitely a dining experience, and it is definitely a hotel capable of making me look back.

Chui Hang · 22/02/2021

Location of the hotel is excellent. The room is spacious. The bed is very comfortable. One minor problem with my study is that it took too long for the shower water to turn hot. I have basically completed my bath when I got hot water from the shower. After that, hot water is great.

Suk Kuen · 22/02/2021

The location of the hotel is excellent. The room is clean, tidy and spacious. The breakfast is marvellous. I find the staycation package extremely worthwhile.

Suk Kuen · 22/02/2021

We went there few days ago. The staffs are accomodating and friendly. The rooms are clean and well kept. The hotel is very near the Times Square and very convenient transportation. They offer Western and Chinese breakfast and can order as much as you can eat. We enjoyed our stay and will probably book again in the future.

Ka Wing Calvin · 18/02/2021

A very good deal during Chinese New Year alongside Valentines Day. This hotel is very nice, room is spacious, big bed, clean, complete with amenities and great location. Staff are all nice too.

Angelita Tamayo · 15/02/2021

it is a very gd place comfortable environment

YEFA · 14/02/2021

clean, is,ok...great bathroom...smell good...would,recomend for cleanliness...the hotel is great for relaxing... the food is ok...need more seasoning...but its good for asian like us...but not for people,like spice...will order diffferent nextime,visit

Marilou · 14/02/2021

clean and comfy...the window view is not good but...better than nothing...i can recomend the room and the service for our food is very convenient...breakfast in bed is the best option.. im also thankful that the hotel dont accept covid quarantine...i feel safe. the price is,also good...affordable for everybody...will comeback with a friend again

Marilou · 14/02/2021

Very good place Good Service Good Environment

YEFA · 01/02/2021

hotel so comfortable

Kei Chun · 31/01/2021

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