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A super upright, super nice accommodation, friendly waiters, the front desk knew that this month was my birthday when I checked in, and specially sent me stickers and badges. The room was clean. There were some surprises when I returned to the room at night, a small one. Gifts and birthday cards. It turns out that there are some coupons for us to shop in the store at the entrance of the room. I didn’t tell us when we checked in, but the store staff was very good and took the initiative to tell us. Check out and send back a set of Mickey and Minnie room cards. As a souvenir, I will definitely recommend it to my friends, and I will stay again ????????

Pui Sze Maureen · 29/03/2021

beautiful hotel and friendly staffs. a very kids friendly hotel.

Cheryl · 29/03/2021

The service at Disney Hotel was great and food at Crystal Lotus was good as well.

Natalie · 29/03/2021

Good and easy to use

Cara Ka Wing · 28/03/2021

The hotel room is big and comfortable!!! The entertainers are kind and courteous!! Going to the store will remind you that there are coupons available for use in the room. I went to Jinghexuan for lunch on the day of check out. The waiters were friendly and polite!!!

Tsz Yan · 25/03/2021

The rooms are exquisite, the environment is comfortable, and there are 400 yuan dining coupons to send, it is worth staying

ka Yan · 24/03/2021

Great experience

The room is quite big, and full of Disney element. The food at the hotel was high quality as well

Yin Ting Chan · 21/03/2021

Disneyland Hotel! seaview

It is indeed a nice hotel but a bit dated and check in procedures need to be more caring as waited 1 hour for checkin. Staff in general not super friendly and everything you need to book in advance to enjoy a smooth experience.

Siu Ching Lo · 21/03/2021

Memorable Staycation

Nice experience for the stay. Staffs are all nice and willing to help We are having so much fun and will spend the time again at hotel However, the early check-in service request should be improved!

Marco Chau · 20/03/2021


There are not too many people on weekdays, check in and out are fast. The child’s birthday staff took the initiative to give a birthday badge and another badge with a child’s English name, so happy! The room is big enough for us, there are people who need help from the staff, every time it is so fast. The room is facing the swimming pool and has a little sea view. Unfortunately, the swimming pool is not open, but the view is open and comfortable. I thought the hotel buffet was expensive, and I went to Tung Chung for dinner, but I found that it was too time consuming to wait for the train and the subway, so I stayed back to the hotel for food next time.

Coco Lee · 20/03/2021

Epidemic staycation

Because of the epidemic, I had time to stay at the Hong Kong Disney Hotel. The room layout was old but still considered sanitary. I contacted the staff of kkday and prepared a baby cot and bath tray early in the morning, but the bb shower gel is lacking (please bring your own), so the arrangement is proper.

Wing Sze Ng · 19/03/2021

Nice service, awesome experience

CHIN WANG · 17/03/2021

Boring .the hotels site didn’t mention about facilities closure and we only knew it on the spot. They also blocked green area to become charged area for picnic and stuff,which is ridiculous

sally · 16/03/2021

Disney State Guest Room Suite

The room is big enough, the service is excellent, and there is a jacuzzi, but unfortunately there is no epidemic situation, and the children are disappointed. .

ka yan chan · 12/03/2021


Disney really brings a good dream feeling and very good service.

Shui On John Tang · 06/03/2021

I didn't want to travel and want to celebrate my birthday. A family of 4 chose a large-scale hotel~Disney Hotel~At first, they could only store their luggage and go to the park to play. Unexpectedly, they were able to take the room at 1pm and go to the park to play. Put the towel cake and birthday card in the room when you return to the room at night. Two little monsters play in the bathtub, and there are Disney movies and shows on TV. I went to Jinghe Xuan for lunch on the second day. Although I couldn't arrange a side seat, the environment was first-rate. Disney's dim sum had to be booked. I ordered the piglet barbecued pork buns, which are very suitable for the little monsters. If you ask for 2 children's meals + Wagyu nest rice, you will have to pay an extra 366 for the final bill. The activity at the hotel after lunch is very suitable for 2 little monsters. Overall very suitable for a large family and seems to be traveling

KAI PONG · 04/03/2021

Nice arrangement. Nice food. Happy journey. Would like to go again.

Cho Yiu · 01/03/2021

Super positive experience

The service is the same as the restaurant. The food is of good quality. There are many choices of board games. The price of self-financed activities is reasonable. The children had an unforgettable birthday. It is worth recommending!

Maggie Cheng · 01/03/2021


Well, it’s better than anyone knows that the Didini Hotel is really like a trip.

Pak Wai Kam · 28/02/2021

The hotel front desk to the catering services are good. The room was upgraded to a sea-view room. I wonder if it was because of my birthday. The room is so beautiful, the window on the left side of the bed has a sea view, and the maze garden can be seen from the front, and there is a surprise birthday, a towel birthday cake is given. When checking in, the receptionist will tell you happy birthday and give you a birthday badge. When you take the badge to the side restaurant, they will arrange a beautiful location, and many employees will tell me happy birthday. But there was a small episode. I went to Jinghexuan for lunch. I waited for 50 minutes after ordering, but I didn’t eat any food. I was too late for isolation and I was seated. I have already talked to the waiter but no snacks. A manager went through and helped me go to the kitchen to chase the order after learning about the incident, and came back with a dish of barbecued pork (worth $288) and said that I’m sorry to have to wait for the customer. This is a gift. We are really unexpected and pleasantly surprised. When I was paying the bill and leaving, a waitress chased me. I thought something was wrong. She told me a happy birthday and gave me two big chocolate coins. It’s a memorable birthday at the Disney Hotel. Remember to book the afternoon tea at Walts restaurant. I can’t walk in to marry. I saw two or three people were invited away. Also, if you want to eat Disney's specialty dim sum at Jinghe Xuan, because it is a piglet-like barbecued pork bun, you must call in advance to order. I have eaten without a reservation. There are many free activities in the hotel. I made an appointment early in the morning to play badminton. It is a pity that the gym is not yet open.

Lai Kuen Dorothy · 21/02/2021

Disney Hotel

KKDay book is fun, fun, resistant, and enjoyable

Wei Jun Miyuka Li · 20/02/2021

There are surprises before the new year, with a subsidy of $400, which is great

Tsz Kwan · 10/02/2021

Come to Staycation before the new year, so there is an atmosphere!

Tsz Kwan · 10/02/2021

Great experience on customer service whenever I have queries on the order

Wai Ying · 30/01/2021

Under the epidemic, there are few people, and it is possible to enjoy the holiday in peace. The set meal includes 400 yuan Chinese food and the food is acceptable. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle, this is a good choice.

Wing Yan · 18/01/2021

When you enter the room, it is full of surprises: there are balloons, there are a lot of Disney Happybirthday cards, there are Happy birthday bath towels, and there are windowsills, you will hang Happy birthday, and you are ready to make cakes with towels. . During the check-in, there are also staff members who give away a large bag of party snacks. On that day, I went to Huat’s restaurant for afternoon tea, it’s best to have mixed berry meringue. At noon the next day, I went to Jinghe Xuan to eat dim sum. Three days ago, I had ordered a selection of recommended dim sum. It was the bag of the three-eyed boy and the bag when Donald Duck Daisy was buried. Let me know. It's really scary. On the second day, there was also a manager who helped me take a photo together. I think the most intimate people can also rent a broadgame to play and have free activities to participate in the hotel. The most fun is to explore Mickey. You can pick up Mickey while visiting, and we participate in hand-made Mickey.

shunwai · 14/01/2021

The kids like it so much. Everyone thinks it's freehand. It’s not troublesome to eat at night, and the service is first-rate

wing keung · 30/12/2020

Customer service of Klook is good. The overall arrangement is satisfactory. Thank you!

PIK SHAN · 27/12/2020

Although Disneyland is not open, but only in the hotel Hea is also very happy!

MAN LING · 23/12/2020

Thanks the Kingdom Club Team especially Kojam and the Housekeeping Team in preparing the in-room decorations for us. They are awesome! But it’s pity we could not enjoy all hotel facilities and walk around the other hotels due to the pandemic.

Wing Yan · 20/12/2020

Arrived! Stay in Yangtai room at a discounted price! Hotels are so hygienic!

Ching Yee Jenny · 17/12/2020

Excellent value and we were able to stay before Disneyland was ordered to close again. It was a Friday and we left our luggage at the front and went straight have lunch at Crystal Lotus with some fun and delicious dim sums. We then went to Disneyland, using the shuttle bus service which was a breeze and returned after dinner for a fuss free check-in. It was mostly peaceful at the hotel and service (including check-in and check-out) was excellent despite the weekend staycation crowds. The Xmas tree was already set up by mid November and Disney characters meet & greet (Mickey) at the hotel lobby is now ‘from a distance’ due to safety. Room was spacious and surprisingly new and clean even after 15 years. It was a very enjoyable stay.

Nga Chi Andrea · 10/12/2020

The epidemic suddenly reached the fourth wave, and the paradise did not open. Originally planned to reschedule, but later frightened it anyway. This time I’m going to change the left to our delicious food tour ?The first meal, Walter restaurant afternoon tea set (Walter full left, arrange left to sit in Enchanted Garden), and the second meal in Enchanted Garden dinner (without left half buffet), called The seafood tower on the left, Wagyu sirloin, Japanese-style sashimi/beef short ribs meal, at noon on the second day, I went to Bui Jinghe Xuan to drink tea, ordered the left half of a piece of duck and doll dim sum, the food in the three restaurants was better than expected, and The service is good, next time I live in Lebanon, I will book to return to Lebanon to eat? In addition, there will be activities during the epidemic, so be careful to return!

CHING YI · 09/12/2020

It is very convenient to redeem the afternoon tea by showing the qr code. After 3 o'clock, you can eat afternoon tea in the restaurant. The afternoon tea is exquisite and delicious. There is not much traffic on weekdays. There is also a Christmas song performance in the hotel in the afternoon.

Wai Yan · 01/12/2020

Good services and environment. A really good place to staycation

NGAI YAN · 01/12/2020

perfect! Check in on the day of your birthday, there is a small surprise gift? The sea view room has enough space, and the afternoon tea in the hotel restaurant is beautiful and delicious (reservation required). In the evening, the food at Jinghexuan was very good. I used the $400 dining credit of the klook package and made a total of $110. I ate a side dish, fried rice and scented tea. The hotel has activities to participate in, and borrow broad game.

WING YEE · 29/11/2020

A lot of things were cancelled due to the COVID but was generally still a good time. All the restaurants were fully booked so we could only order from waltz take out

Ying yee · 28/11/2020

Relaxing and fantastic environment. Convenient transportation. Like staying in a castle

Man Lai Mandy · 27/11/2020

Visiting Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel for the first time, using klook to buy it is very discounted. There are 400 mosquito crystal lotus dining coupons (the food is average). The surrounding environment is very holiday-like. All employees include the front desk, the room, the restaurant, and the shuttle bus. The staff are very kind, friendly and courteous, worthy of recommendation. ??

Tak Kwan · 26/11/2020

Great place for relaxation. Excellent service, tasty food, nice park to walk around, warm swimming pool.

roman · 26/11/2020

very enjoyable stay! much cheaper room rate here than in official website, with additional dining credit at the Chinese restaurant Crystal Lotus. Food is delicious in all hotel restaurants .

Man Nga · 23/11/2020

nice stay at the disneyland hotel! very clean room and swimming pool was disinfected every hour. food is delicious too!

Man Nga · 23/11/2020

Nice hotel but missing lot of Disney fun and laughter in pandemic.

SHUI MING · 22/11/2020

It’s great, great service, great food, great pool, great view

Pak Yin · 21/11/2020

The hotel still looks new after operating for 10+ years. The staff are nice and friendly. The hotel room is clean and tidy. We got HKD400 dining credit and the Chinese restaurant is a nice one. The food quality is high. The only issue is soundproofing. We can hear people speaking in the corridor and also whenever next room turn on the tap, we hear the water running through the tubes.

Chan · 19/11/2020

The first stay is a dream experience, and the rooms are so detailed. Unfortunately, there is no terrace, and the 6/F tree is too high to shade most of the landscape. In the free day, no one stays in the water and swims. It’s a good time to freeze the swimming pool before going to the warm water massage pool. The indoor heated swimming pool is only open on Saturdays and Sundays. Jinghexuan is delicious and the duffy dim sum is so cute, you must book it. Note that the buffet is closed. The park is not open every day. Looking for the hidden Mickey gave a postcard. Several sets of selected movies are shown in the room non-stop. Xiangyu comes with a bag and other bath products to take away. There are two bottles of 1.5L water. The shuttle bus runs every 15-20 minutes. 12 Registration~12:30 Drinking tea deduction $400~15:00 check in~12:00 check out~Go to the lobby shop for shopping (you can deduct the room and get a $10 coupon)

H · 14/11/2020


Ka Pak · 12/11/2020

Food quality is ok. A bit overpriced.

Kei · 12/11/2020

Very good deal! We had such a good time, cannot believe the deal Klook offered.

shuang · 06/11/2020

I spend one night there, it was super nice, except the restaurant


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