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Good experience. Stayed there at Valentines' day. Arrived hotel a bit earlier. speedy check-in since there were not much ppl at 1pm. Ordered in-room dinner and the food still warm when we got them. Satisfied with the food quality. Recommend to stay.

WING YEE · 31/03/2021

This time the house is really great value, the room is OK, and there is a bathtub, which is much better than expected. Several meals are of super standard, especially the buffet in the afternoon is super standard. I will definitely stay next time and try the buffet for dinner.

chui kuen · 29/03/2021

the room is clean, room service is excellent. it worth for this price. will definitely visit again

HUI YAN · 24/03/2021

The cleanliness of the room is better than expected. The most pleasant surprise is that the types of snacks and wines in the happy hour are better than expected. It would be better if the afternoon tea has more styles, but for those who want to relax and drink, the price/performance ratio is indeed quite high. The staff service is worthy of praise. Give this Staycation plan a 5-star praise. I hope that the standard can be maintained and give more Hong Kong people a choice to relax.

KUN HANG · 21/03/2021

The restaurant staff has excellent service, really praise! ! There are not many types of buffet food in the morning and evening, but the taste is good, the food quality is very good, the oysters are fresh and all you can eat, and there are red shrimp sashimi all you can eat, right! The most pleasant surprise is that there are a lot of durian food. There is Maoshan King Durian Panji that is ready on the spot, durian cake and ice cream?? The room is small, not worth mentioning, but it is clean at the price, the price is very good, absolutely Recommended!

Ka Man · 14/03/2021

Check in smooth, lounge service and food up to standard, front desk and guest relations staff friendly and understand clients needs.

King Hung Desmond · 04/03/2021

I surprised my boyfriend with this package and what an amazing experience we had with the customer service by Sanki, who was so lovely and super helpful, she decorated the room for my boyfriend's birthday! At check in she also gave us complimentry wine, which i thought it would just be 2 glasses of it, but what an amazing surprise when they bought it up to our room it was a whole bottle of red wine and a cake! The room is small but that didnt matter, the bed was comfortable and clean, i also requested for bath tub in advance which was included! Breakfast in the morning was...ok, i just wished they gave us fruit like everyone else got!! maybe they forgot!!... i did request for vegetarian. The breakfast could've been better with some baked beans or with some ketchup though! the only downside is the minibar!! There were only 3 cans of drink..... which was dissapointing.

Georgina · 28/02/2021

Nice minibar inside the room

Ho Man · 25/02/2021

Afternoon tea set is average but the Cocktail is good. Breakfast is good too. The toilet is nice and clean. Overall the room is ok. All the staff are polite and helpful.

Suk Yi Rosanna · 18/02/2021

High cost performance! The hotel staff are courteous and the rooms are clean and comfortable. The Thai dinner is delicious! Since our stay is Valentine's Day, we can enjoy the buffet breakfast the next day!

tan na · 17/02/2021

The hotel was very clean and staff were all friendly. They arranged an early check-in and late check-out for us so we could fully relax in the hotel for more than 24hrs for one night stay. The room was clean, beds were comfortable, amenities were very good and the afternoon tea and cocktail hour were both fun, too. With the semi-buffet breakfast included, I think it was a great deal and would love to do it again in the future.

Maho · 16/02/2021

The service has been awesome, nice room as well. Entire check in process has been smooth and it was a good experience to live in this hotel.

Ho Yin · 16/02/2021

You can check in earlier than 1:30. There are not many types of food during afternoon tea and cocktail hours, but the replenishment is fast, the food is also transferred, the dishes are collected quickly, and the service is quite good. Lounge seating arrangements have sufficient social distance and a comfortable environment.

Kin Yu · 06/02/2021

Dinner and breakfast were good, large portion, friendly staff.

YIM KEE · 04/02/2021


tin chu · 03/02/2021

Good value for the good foods and good service at this hotel! The location is also very good!

WAI LING EMILY · 01/02/2021

Nice room. Dinner and breakfast delivered to the room was very delicious and good enough for 2 people. The hotel has a good location with 7 eleven across the street and plenty of places to eat nearby.

Camille Karla · 07/01/2021

The staff is polite, the food is better than expected, but there are some wrong versions of the cakes~ The birthday cakes are all delicious, but the breakfast is numb. Overall a few satisfied.

Lok Yi Ruby · 06/01/2021

This hotel is my second time to choose a vacation place. Their service is very good, and the two of them have a lot of food. They even deliver meals on time. The most appreciated is the courtesy of the staff in the hotel. You Shan help. Even if I call for enquiries, I feel that they have a 100% customer service attitude. There are many places near the hotel. You can go from the hotel to the promenade on the Wan Chai Ferry Pier to the Central Ferry Pier, and walk along the roadside. There are many card slots for two people or a family.

Po Ying · 03/01/2021

really nice location in city center surrounded.with supermarkets and convenience stores. the front desk staff was very helpful with kind attitude. the room was old and require renovation.

ho cheong · 30/12/2020

Great experience on 25/12. Seafood was perfect. Very fresh and tasty. High quality dinner Location of hotel was convenient. Good service. However, TV model was quite old. Marks deducted.

Hok Yin · 30/12/2020

Great package. The mini bar didn’t have as much as I thought they would. The dinner set was nice though, also have a red wine which was lovely for Christmas. Room was fine, nothing too special. A fine choice for a place to rewind and just chill with friends or love ones.

Hui Kiu Lucy · 28/12/2020

Hotel upgrade the left room, so happy, the price of staying on Christmas day is really good, wild food is not wrong, enough, birthday cakes, red wine and decoration, so satisfied.

Lau Yin · 26/12/2020

Overall good! The room is not big but clean, staff assists to change a room with bath tube cuz with baby. The location is great, can go TST by ferry!

Carlos · 17/12/2020

Buffet was acceptable but not good, a mosquito was seen on a cake Room was okay

King Yan Jessie · 09/12/2020

In front of the stage, the food delivery and housekeeping services are professional and in place. The food can be served hot and sashimi is fresh and tastes good! The upgraded room has a coffee machine to make coffee! You can also provide one more chair, thank you for your hospitality???

WAI LIN · 07/12/2020

The room is normal, the shower water is strong enough, but the toilet has a little smell, the TV Hong Kong channel looks like wireless jade and Viu, no J2/turn on the TV, and the window has no view, because the package is really flat, choose the left and add Qian has a buffet, D stabs are fresh with oysters, D is a few large shrimps, I have to go to the intestines by myself when I see other people’s comments, so I have to go to the intestines myself, and I always have only the original shrimps, and they will definitely have intestines. It’s normal if you stir yourself, and cooked food is just fine, but you can eat raw and wild food back to the original is ok, the house enterprise people eat a lot of long-legged crab feet, I see that the buffet is not too few people to eat, but the food is served quickly, and the residents seem to know Arranged for a buffet to isolate the steakhouse for food. I thought it was far away, but it turned out to be good. It is safe to separate people from outside the street. It feels safe, and the privacy is high. It is a good choice to eat in the wild.

SiuPik · 05/12/2020

overall nice staff attitude, allow early check in and arrange 22nd Floor accommodation, room dining service on time, would like to have one more seat for eating.

Wing See · 01/12/2020

Service was generally good. Food was sufficient and quality was good.

Man Yee Jennifer · 01/12/2020

Room was clean, facilities were comprehensive. Dinner buffet was satisfactory, but not great. Breakfast was very satisfying. Staff were very polite and helpful. Thank you for the birthday arrangements and the cake.

Marcus Shyam · 30/11/2020

Staff are all so friendly and helpful. Room was generally clean but the bathtub had some hair left from the last user. Dinner was great and the portion definitely can feed two people. Breakfast was fine.

WING YAN · 29/11/2020

Good place to enjoy with family

WING TAK · 29/11/2020

There are decorations and cakes for birthdays, and Upgrade left to the executive floor, there is a buried bathtub, very satisfied! The dinner buffet is not lost! The breakfast is enough, I don’t know that there are potato cakes, but there is no tomato juice, so I have to call to get it!

Pui Yee · 27/11/2020

It was a very nice staycation. The room was well-decorated as we have intended to book this staycation for the purpose of birthday celebration. The seafood bag in this staycation package tasted impressive and was unexpectedly quite filling as dinner for two. In-room breakfast was decent and overall we have enjoyed our stay very much.

YUEN TUNG AUBREY · 26/11/2020

OK. Very valuable at this price but dun expect high quality food and room condition.

Ngai Dick · 26/11/2020

The price is preferential. I used the double 11 coupon, and there was a buffet dinner for more than 500 yuan per person. The food was good, the seafood was delicious, the crab was delicious, and the prawns were large. The Chinese-style black-bone chicken in soup is good, and the breakfast is plenty. The rooms are slightly smaller, basically all, it's worth all in all!

Yuen Mei · 24/11/2020

Food is just normal. Lack of movie to watch or any other entertainment

shing yeung · 24/11/2020

High performance-price ratio, the buffet for two persons is usually the price, now it is included in the superior room for one night with meal and buffet dinner, including mini bar, coffee machine in the room, great value; breakfast is delivered to the room, there are three times to choose, it is a Western breakfast , Very rich, buffet dinner with oysters, tender and tender Wagyu beef, fresh sashimi, and more choices of desserts; Check in / Check out are quick and very polite. We arrived earlier than the scheduled check in time, but they were all before the room , Very satisfied; the only drawback is that there is no bathtub!

CHING HAN · 20/11/2020

Good food, nice room, overall good value. Service and amenities were also good!!

Krissie · 17/11/2020

Very good service & reactive , room is clean but a bit small . Food was just ok .

Kim dung · 15/11/2020

The room has a simple birthday decoration; the buffet dinner food selection is not particularly large, I recommend Gillette beef; when I return to the room after the meal, there is a cake to be delivered, but there is no wine; the breakfast is delivered to the room on time, and it is so rich and full!

WING MUI · 13/11/2020

Great location, walking distance to Wan Cha Station and close to tram line.

Wa Lon · 09/11/2020

This is the second time staycation because the discount is really good. It is the same as before. You can see far less sea view than the existing room. The checkin of the building opposite this time may require two high floors with two beds. I am very satisfied with the arrangement of both the bathtub and the room!! Tongmai has a surprise this time, there is no Japanese yukata in the book room last time, but I got a good surprise for this time!!!! For dinner, I feel that the food is less than the last time. The sashimi has a little bit of fish. The beef is not hot enough and hard, but the quality is about the same as the price. This time, I also have time to use it. It is a gym room, and it has been done for epidemic prevention. The swimming pools outside are considered to be large. In addition, because I stay in on weekdays, I have breakfast and breakfast. It is good and tastes good. In short, although the department felt that the food was a little regressed this time, it will still be the next time. Staying again, I hope I will have the same package again

Wai Lam · 07/11/2020

room is fine food is okay, but the beef is just like chewing gum.

chi hung · 03/11/2020

Hotel has been renovated with modern style. Look nice. Staff is average and need to be more attentive.

Wai Yin Steve · 28/10/2020

The suite was clean and spacious. The seafood was ok. The service was also ok.

Sze Ngan · 03/10/2020

A decent hotel with friendly staff and spacious gym room and facilities. Yummy food.

CHING Man · 03/10/2020

Although there were some problems with check-in when we first arrived. Tiffany and Assistant Manager Tim were very helpful in resolving the issues. Very impressed with their service. The pool was clean and there was a limit on the number of people allowed. The food was very delicious and the portions were very good. Would recommend this staycation.

Casey · 02/10/2020

The staff are friendly. The room is decent, neat and tidy. Nice gym room and swimming pool. Good food and a birthday cake for birthday girl.

CHING Man · 02/10/2020

The food is exceptionally good. However, the hotel does not require visitors to fill in health declaration form - not recommended during this period.

po ying · 25/07/2020

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