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Worth to go.. I spent $ 2xxx for a night in 5 stars hotel and two meals... love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jaime Wayne · 30/03/2021

Very satisfied, good service, but the quality of the food is not as good as expected

chung man · 25/03/2021

The quality of the in-room dining was high. I recommend the set dinner from Fish Bar. However, the room was small and old. It was really bad to force people to have breakfast in two sessions (with the first session from 6:30am to 9am)! The quality of food served during the breakfast at JW Cafe as adequate but there could be a greater variety of food. Staff at the fitness centre made inappropraite political comment. BEWARE! Not my best staycation experience, but not the worst one, either.

Tsui Chi Gigi · 21/03/2021

We had eating staycation at thia hotel and the food was good. great breakfast and nice hotel room

Chi Ming · 20/03/2021

The room is clean, the service is very friendly, the food is plentiful, and the environment is beautiful

chi ho · 19/03/2021

Environmental hygiene ★★★✩✩ Staff attitude ★★★★★ Food quality ★★★★✩ Mainly because the hotel’s long history leads to dilapidation, it is not clear enough to affect the overall satisfaction. This trip

suet kei · 18/03/2021

The price of staying in the Golden Bells Three Treasures, plus the package of dine in dinner and celebration cakes, is really amazing. Recommend!

Ping Ping · 07/03/2021

Very good, it is worth staying, the hotel’s food and service are very good, you can give full marks

yu chi · 05/03/2021


Chi Man · 04/03/2021

JW is famous as a brand-name high-end hotel, the service level is really not lost. This time I celebrated my boyfriend's birthday with my boyfriend. I emailed the hotel early in the morning and prepared cakes. But I emailed it later. If you arrive a week in advance, you can arrange the room layout. ?? During the check-in, both the front desk staff and I went to take a lift. The hotel had a small error, but the hotel solved the problem quickly and promised to have dinner in the room after half an hour, and because of it A small mistake, the hotel manager gave me a bottle of red wine for me ?? For dinner, I chose the three-star Michelin restaurant (Marriott Palace) in the left channel. However, it is not special and the breakfast of the first restaurant is a buffet breakfast. It's all normal, but the service is really good?

Pui Shan · 27/02/2021

The overall experience is great. For dinner, we chose a western steak set. The steak was delicious and generous, and the dessert banana white chocolate was also very sweet. Because it was to celebrate our anniversary, the hotel was very considerate to present handwritten cards and chocolates. There are many choices for breakfast the next day. The rooms are also comfortable and clean. The service staff are also very polite. Highly recommended to people who are considering staycation.

yali · 20/02/2021

The front desk explained it in detail, and it was delivered to the mouth. The pork chops and steaks delivered to the room were of high quality (it needs to be less frozen), but it was very refreshing. I will come again next time

CHI WING · 19/02/2021

The room is comfortable, including dinner, you can choose Chinese and Western food, the food is rich, the hotel service is first-rate, it is worth recommending?

kitsum · 17/02/2021

Optional dinner and buffet breakfast are very good quality, the room environment is good and clean

Pak Ho · 15/02/2021

Beautiful sea view room, you will receive a surprise wedding anniversary gift in your room, Michelin lunch and dinner, rich buffet breakfast, in summary, it is a great value, every time you have to arrange Klook, you can rest assured and happy

bick wah · 15/02/2021

It’s a very nice hotel with good services. The dinner and breakfast are also very great. If you have time, you must try

Chun Wing · 14/02/2021

The environment is comfortable, check-in time is short, and dinner is abundant. The breakfast buffet has many choices.

Nga Ting · 12/02/2021

5-star hotel standard. pretty decent. staff are helpful and thoughtful. we stayed on new year eve and they got a lot of guests. as a result, we had to wait a bit for a table for breakfast. the staff are very professional even when they were full.

Ting Leong · 06/01/2021

The food and service are very good, the room is a bit small and old, but the price on New Year's Eve feels very favorable!

HOI MAN · 05/01/2021

The service is perfect. The room is not wrong but it has the old feeling. The food quality is not wrong for the afternoon tea buffet, but the style is not too much. The breakfast is of good quality. The same style is not too much, but it is a pity that the hotel is related to the epidemic. All close

CHUNG SANG · 26/12/2020

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